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Compare Heir Hunters Fees

In the 1940’s Charles Smith was described as an inquiry agent who specialises in tracing heirs to unclaimed fortunes. Charles would now be regarded as an Heir Hunter and he worked from large offices in Kensington, London. When Charles and his firm traced heirs they would charge them a fee of between twenty-five and thirty-three-percent […]

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Empty Homes Strategy

Local authorities in the UK have a number of long term empty homes that cause problems in that they can affect the appearance of a neighbourhood and the people living nearby. Generally it is people within the community that have to suffer the consequences if an empty home becomes derelict or is vandalised. Long term […]

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Heir Hunters ( Series 8 )

The latest series of Heir Hunters the TV programme is scheduled to hit our screens on Monday 3rd March 2014. The first episode is listed to start at 9.15am on BBC 1. There are 20 episodes in the new series although in the past not all episodes have been shown consecutively. If you miss out […]

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Hidden Heir Hunter Fees

It is widely accepted that Heir Hunters charge fees that are in the form of a percentage of any inheritance that is secured on behalf of a beneficiary. Whether the beneficiary signs an agreement with an Heir Hunter for 5% or 40% fee it is clear to the beneficiary what they have signed up for…. […]

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BBC Heir Hunters

We hope everyone has had a Great Christmas and best wishes to you and your family for the New Year. If you are a fan of the Heir Hunters TV programme the eighth series is scheduled to hit our screens early in the year. Other programmes that may be of interest next year include ITV’s […]

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Heir Hunters – Scam emails

We would like to thank Chris from South Africa for bringing to our attention that an old Heir Hunters scam email is again circulating. Details of the email are shown below:- ” I am writing you from Heir Hunters Company in the United kingdom, Heir Hunters probate detectives looking for distant relatives of people who […]

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40% Heir Hunters Fee – Fact or Fiction?

In July 2011 an article written by Cathy Hudson was published in ‘Which’ magazine that mentioned a firm of Heir Hunters charging a fee of 40% + VAT. On the ‘Which’ website the article generated a number of comments from representatives of some of the established heir hunting firms although everyone distanced themselves from the […]

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Could you be entitled to claim an inheritance?

The Treasury takes in millions of pounds each year from unclaimed estates and some of the cash could be yours! – Anyone in England and Wales who dies without making a will is said to have died intestate and if they are without known kin their estate is passed to the Treasury Solicitors Department. Check the […]

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