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Probate Property Services

We offer solicitors a bespoke probate property service to assist them when they are dealing with the administration of a deceased person’s estate where an empty home or commercial property is involved.

A solicitor’s valuable time and effort can be saved if we are instructed to deal with the property valuation and house clearance on behalf of the estate. Beneficiaries waiting for the distribution of an estate’s assets can be frustrated when they see that the sale of a property is delaying the probate process.

Our probate property service compliments the legal work of the solicitor and accelerates the sales process in the eyes of the beneficiary.

Property sales can be arranged by way of private treaty or public auction using independent local estate agents. Alternatively we can arrange a private sale utilising our network of property investors.

Property management may be an issue prior to a sale and we can assist where property security is needed to deter squatters or where garden maintenance is required.

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