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Judge rules in favour of squatter

Several newspapers and online news agencies are reporting on a High Court decision to hand a £400,000 house in Ilford to a squatter.

The house belonged to a Doris May Curtis who died in 1988. Although Mrs Curtis has a son he has had little involvement with the property in recent years. Redbridge Council who have an empty property initiative are said to have known of the son’s interest in the house.

Land Registry have involvement with the case and they have said that enquiries were made in relation to Mrs Curtis’s estate but nothing was apparently revealed.

Reports suggest that angry residents in the Ilford area are said to have been outraged by the High Court decision.

If only the residents, Land Registry or the local authority had contacted The Heir Hunters® we could have resolved this matter long before it ever got to court.

We would encourage residents and local authorities to report the location of empty private homes to us and we will assist to bring them back into use.

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