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Unclaimed Assets

There are millions of pounds of financial assets lying unclaimed in the UK and below are some useful websites that may allow you to track down your missing inheritance.

mylostaccount.org.uk – This website offers a free service for people looking to track down lost bank & building society accounts and national savings and investments.

uar.co.uk – The Unclaimed Asset Register offers to reunite consumers with their lost financial assets. They deal with insurers, pension providers and financial institutions and charge a £25 search fee.

direct.gov.uk – If you have lost the details of a pension The Pension Tracing Service may be able to assist by providing your pension scheme’s address.

If you believe you have shares in a company and can not find any share certificates, for a fee you can check by applying to the company registrars. There are three main share registrars:- Capita, EquinitiComputershare.