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Wills & Probate Update

A disinherited daughter has won £164,000 challenging her mother’s will.

Heather Ilott whose late mother left her whole estate to animal charities has won the six-figure payout in a decision legal experts have said could make wills more open to challenge. The money was awarded to Mrs Ilott by the Court of Appeal following a lengthy legal battle following the death of her mother Melita Jackson 2004.

Mrs Jackson wished her estate of around £486,000 to be split between a number of charities and made no provision for her only child. The pair had been estranged for 26 years and a number of attempts at reconciliation had failed.

Law experts have warned that more wills could be challenged by surviving adult children following the ruling.

The case highlights why it is important to take professional advice when preparing your will. This will ensure that your estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes.

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