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Dying Intestate

Generally we deal with the estates of people who have died intestate which means they have not made a valid will. In such circumstances the law sets out who is entitled to inherit the assets of the deceased person. In February, when a person dies without having made a Will and leaving a surviving spouse, that […]

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Lasting Power of Attorney

We all hope that we will be able to make our own independent decisions in the future and whilst some of us will be able to others may find that they lose the mental capacity to make such decisions. If you make preparations for such a possibility perhaps you can ease your mind and help […]

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Probate Application Fees

Currently the application fee for a Grant of Probate for an estate is a flat fee of £215. There is no fee if the estate is under £5,000. The government are considering proposals for reforming the fee payable and a revised fee regime may be put in place where there would be banded fees that […]

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Free Wills Month!

October is Free Wills Month in England and Wales. The initiative brings together a number of well-respected charities and local solicitors who offer members of the public aged 55 and over the opportunity to have their simple Wills written or updated free of charge. There are several participating solicitors in selected locations around England and […]

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Wills & Probate Update

A disinherited daughter has won £164,000 challenging her mother’s will. Heather Ilott whose late mother left her whole estate to animal charities has won the six-figure payout in a decision legal experts have said could make wills more open to challenge. The money was awarded to Mrs Ilott by the Court of Appeal following a lengthy […]

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Rules of Intestacy

New provisions of the Inheritance and Trustees’ Powers Act 2014 come into force on the 1st October and they change the way in which a person’s estate is divided if they die without a valid will. If the deceased person has a spouse or civil partner but no children, their surviving partner will inherit everything. […]

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