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Fraser and Fraser, one of the largest Heir Hunters firms in the UK may face legal costs after they failed to acknowledge the Will of a deceased pensioner on a case that they worked on.

Andrew Fraser, partner in the firm was involved in the investigation of the £600,000 estate of 1930s model, Tessa Amstell. His team found around thirty potential heirs that could benefit from the fortune and took control of the estate on behalf of relatives although in actual fact, Tessa Amstell had written a Will that left her property to her nephew, Martin Amstell and over £122,000 worth of shares to a number of charities.

Fraser & Fraser’s proposed course of action would have earned them a substantial commission if the court had not stepped in and ordered that Martin Amstell and the charities receive their inheritance.

Andrew Fraser is a member of the Association of Probate Researchers who have not commented on the matter.

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