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Unclaimed Estates – Values

When someone dies with no will or known family, their property passes to the Crown as ownerless property (or ‘bona vacantia’). It can be any kind of property, like buildings, money or personal possessions. We would generally refer to this as the deceased person’s estate although the net value of the estate may only be […]

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Unclaimed Assets – USA

There are billions of unclaimed dollars in the United States of America and some of the cash could be yours! In the USA unclaimed assets are held by individual states however you can conduct a free multi-state search using the NAUPA Missing Money search engine. NAUPA also have an interactive map where you can search state-by-state. […]

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Unclaimed Assets – Australia

There is around $1 billion worth of unclaimed financial assets lying in Australia and some of the cash could be yours! Unclaimed money from lost bank accounts, shares, investments and life insurance policies are deposited with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The Commission are Australia’s financial services regulator and they hold the unclaimed assets […]

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Unclaimed Assets – Europe

There are millions of pounds worth of unclaimed financial assets lying in Europe that UK investors and shareholders know very little about. Perhaps you have discovered an old share certificate for Rothmans cigarettes or Douwe Egberts coffee. Unclaimed funds for these companies are held in Europe and the authorities make no effort to trace potential shareholders […]

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