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The Heir Hunters®

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Heir Hunters Associations

The original Heir Hunters Association was founded in 2009 and they said that they were unbiased and not Heir Hunters nor were they connected with any Heir Hunting firm. They described themselves as a unique independent body designed to create greater awareness of the role and importance of Heir Hunters in modern society. The family […]

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The Heir Hunters Association

The Heir Hunters Association have announced that their membership scheme is being phased out following the sale of the operation for an undisclosed sum. The family behind the Heir Hunters Association now intend to operate as a commercial enterprise under the name of Heir Hunters Researchers Ltd. It is said that the companies busy own […]

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Heir Hunters Jobs

Here at The Heir Hunters® we work with independent genealogists who earn a fee for any research submitted to us that results in a successful Bona Vacantia claim. The work of an Heir Hunter can at times be bureaucratic and time consuming. We have found that a number of experienced researchers have no interest in […]

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Heir Hunters – Code of Conduct

Police from Cheshire Constabulary contacted us recently as they were investigating a case where someone claiming to be an Heir Hunter had been very aggressive toward a member of the public. The Heir Hunters® do not make unsolicited telephone calls to members of the public. We are aware that some of the other probate research […]

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