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The Heir Hunters®

Scam Emails – Inheritance

There are a number of Heir Hunter scam emails circulating that suggest you are entitled to a huge inheritance. In the case of the below example when someone responded to the email they were asked for 3,500 dollars to release the funds. The emails do not originate from The Heir Hunters® and we advise you not to follow them up.

“We wish to notify you again that your name was mentioned as heir to the sum of 750,000.00 sterling pounds. In the last testament of our deceased client name now withed.I and my team of the Heir Hunters Company in the United Kingdom are detectives assisting distant relatives of people who have died with or without making any official will.

As the heir hunter’s team of detective, the race is now on for us to track down the often distant relatives in line for a windfall. We came across your profile and email while searching through genealogy database.Note as the heir hunters our aim is to assist people claim there lost relative fortune instead of the government or Bank MDS to use the money to in reach their treasury.Please send an acknowledgment email to enable us process your
inheritance with all due verification process.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Telephone: ++44-793-701-1090
JAMES Alexander

If you receive a scam inheritance email we suggest that you report the matter to the police using the Action Fraud website.

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