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Legal Services Regulation

Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation

The interim report of the Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation, conducted by Stephen Mayson identifies a mismatch between consumer expectations of regulation and protection, and the current structure.

In particular, the review questions the continuing need for ‘reserved’ legal activities that exclude providers outside the existing framework. The report says that ‘The justification for the reservation of the current legal activities is stronger in some cases (such as rights of audience and the conduct of litigation) than it is in others (such as the narrowly defined probate activity or the administration of oaths)’

Mayson proposes that the application of regulatory requirements could be supported by a public register listing who is regulated and for what.

Perhaps there is already such a model in place in that the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR) is a voluntary registered scheme to promote professional paralegals as a recognised fourth arm of the legal profession.

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