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Heir Hunters ( Series 8 )

The latest series of Heir Hunters the TV programme is scheduled to hit our screens on Monday 3rd March 2014. The first episode is listed to start at 9.15am on BBC 1.

There are 20 episodes in the new series although in the past not all episodes have been shown consecutively. If you miss out on an episode you may be able to catch up with it on the BBC website.

The episode on Monday uncovers the story of the perfume history in Croydon as heir hunters try to trace relatives of a lady who died in Poole. The show will also give details of unclaimed estates from a list however some of them may have already been claimed.

If you recognise a name on the programme it may be worth checking the current list of names on our website. Alternatively give us a ring and we will check the lists for you.

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