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The Heir Hunters®

Heir Hunter Fees

The Heir Hunters® offer a claims service where we aim to undercut the fees of other Heir Hunting firms and in recent years we have seen some established firms reduce their fees to remain competitive.

Unfortunately there are still firms charging fees of 25% and over. Perhaps it is time that the probate research companies that are looking to regulate the industry should agree to cap Heir Hunter Fees in the UK.

A recent case to come to our attention is a firm who are charging a fee of 25% plus VAT. They are also charging for disbursements, a £49 processing fee and they also charge for certificates. Solicitors fees may be payable on top of that.

No wonder their fee agreement states that their client can not approach any other organisation or legal entity during the claim process.

If you believe that you are entitled to a share of an unclaimed estate and you have been approached by Heir Hunters who are proposing to charge you a fee that you are unhappy with give us a ring for free on 0800 978 82 48 or email us at claims@theheirhunters.co.uk

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