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The Heir Hunters®

Heir Hunter Fees

Anyone in England and Wales who dies without making a will is said to have died intestate and if they are without known kin their estate is handled by the Treasury. Specialist firms known as Heir Hunters try to trace blood relatives of such persons with a view to making a claim to the Treasury on their behalf.

Generally these Heir Hunting firms require you to sign up to a contract before releasing details of the deceased and they can charge fees of upto 40% of your inheritance + VAT.

We offer a claims service where we aim to undercut the fees of any of the recognised Heir Hunting firms in the UK and our standard fee is generally 10%.

Our clients may also be entitled to FREE legal services for dealing with the administration of an estate and for property conveyancing.

Call us on 0191 4066196 for a free no obligation quotation.

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