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Empty Homes Strategy

Local authorities in the UK have a number of long term empty homes that cause problems in that they can affect the appearance of a neighbourhood and the people living nearby.

Generally it is people within the community that have to suffer the consequences if an empty home becomes derelict or is vandalised.

Long term empty homes are now seen as a wasted resource and returning them back into use is a priority for many local authorities who will look to identify ownership in relation to the empty homes. They will then try to engage with the owners of the property with a view to bringing empty homes back into use however tracking down missing owners can be a key concern for both the authority and local residents.

We are often available to assist with privately owned property where relatives of a deceased property owner are unknown or where there are missing beneficiaries listed in a will or other legal document.

If you think that we may be able to help you call us for free on 0800 978 83 48

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