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The Heir Hunters®

Compare Heir Hunters Fees

In the 1940’s Charles Smith was described as an inquiry agent who specialises in tracing heirs to unclaimed fortunes.

Charles would now be regarded as an Heir Hunter and he worked from large offices in Kensington, London. When Charles and his firm traced heirs they would charge them a fee of between twenty-five and thirty-three-percent of their inheritance.

Heir Hunters firms in London still charge such fees despite their work being a lot easier than it was in Charles’s day.

The Heir Hunters Association suggest that fees of 20-25% are acceptable however here at The Heir Hunters® we do not. We offer a claims service where we aim to undercut the fees of any of the recognised Heir Hunters firms who are based in the UK.

It is common practice these days to compare charges for insurance products and utility services. We suggest it may be wise to compare fees and services provided by Heir Hunters if they come knocking on your door.