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The Heir Hunters®


Generally Heir Hunters require you to sign some form of agreement or contract before they process a claim on your behalf and often this is before they release details of the person from whom you may inherit. There may be sound business reasons for doing this however the Heir Hunters should not rush you into signing any form of agreement without explaining the claims process fully. They should also offer you the opportunity to seek legal advice.

Claimants are advised to take time to consider both the contract that the Heir Hunters require you to sign and any offers that they may get from other firms who may approach them. Most of the big guys in the industry will advise you that you have a cooling off period after signing the contract however many of the Heir Hunters will not. They may also not advise you that you may require the services of a solicitor following a successful claim.

Here at The Heir Hunters we offer:

  • A No Win No Fee claims service where we will aim to undercut the fees of any of the recognised Heir Hunting firms in the UK.
  • Discounted or FREE legal services for estate administration and you may also be entitled to FREE legal fees for conveyancing.

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