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The Heir Hunters®

BBC Heir Hunters

The Heir Hunters TV programme is scheduled to start on BBC 1 this week. It features several episodes that are Series 10 Reversions. You can catch the programme every weekday morning for the next couple of weeks at 11.45 am.

The first episode involves heir hunters trying to trace the family of a reclusive printer and discover that the deceased’s grandmothers was a dressmaker with a successful career in north London.

In another case in north London a granddaughter is contacted by heir hunters and she realises that her long-lost family could have been living around the corner all along.

Below is a clip from Series 9 of Heir Hunters where there is a surprise when it comes to arranging a house clearance of the deceased’s empty home.

You may be entitled to a financial reward if you report an empty privately owned home to us and we are successful in tracing a rightful owner to the property

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