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40% Heir Hunters Fee – Fact or Fiction?

In July 2011 an article written by Cathy Hudson was published in ‘Which’ magazine that mentioned a firm of Heir Hunters charging a fee of 40% + VAT.

On the ‘Which’ website the article generated a number of comments from representatives of some of the established heir hunting firms although everyone distanced themselves from the 40% fee. At that time some of those same firms were quite happy to charge clients a fee that resulted in beneficiaries paying out a third of their entitlement + VAT. This would equate to 40% of their inheritance.

After over two years the thread for Cathy Hudson’s article is still drawing responses from Heir Hunters however it would be interesting to find out from members of the public if the 40% fee is now a thing of the past.

Feel free to contact us if you have been approached by Heir Hunters who propose to charge you an inappropriate fee.