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The Treasury takes in millions of pounds each year from unclaimed estates and some of the cash could be yours! Check the list of estates published by the UK Treasury this week and contact us to claim your inheritance.


Reference Publication Forename Surname Date of Death Place of Death
BV Reference Date of Publication Forename Surname Date of Death Place of Death
BV930893/1 Historic Samuel Abberey 25/10/1992 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV21104120/1 Historic Derek John Abbott 26/05/2010 Redditch Worcestershire
BV930154/1 Historic Doris Muriel Abbott 08/03/1990 Cricklewood London NW2
BV993978/1 Historic George Abbott 18/03/1999 Ashby de la Zouch Leicestershire
BV901049/1 Historic Hilda May Abbott 08/02/1990 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2032631/1 Historic Myrtle Abdool 13/09/2001 Forest Gate London E7
BV2011171/1 Historic Mary Abdullah 26/08/2000 Finchley London N12
BV984930/1 Historic Allotta Abouarh 05/02/1998 Chiswick London W4
BV21306951/1 27/08/2013 Samuel Abraham 21/04/2012 Westminster London
BV953622/1 Historic John Abrahams 29/07/1995 Highgate London N6
BV21009479/1 Historic Mercedes Acosta 04/12/2003 Hampstead London NW3
BV983561/1 Historic Margaret Jane Adams 29/04/1998 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV970750/1 Historic Arthur William Adams 14/10/1996 Edmonton London N9
BV2001559/1 Historic Charles Adams 22/04/1997
BV2022729/1 Historic Elsie Winifred Adams 24/02/2002 Finchley London
BV2081179/1 Historic Eric Adams 11/01/2008 WhitechapelLondon E1
BV21003764/1 Historic Frank Garbutt Sherwood Adams 29/12/2008 Middlesborough North Yorkshire
BV2013152/1 Historic George Albert Adams 24/01/2001 Muswell Hill London N10
BV982594/1 Historic Ivy Adams 08/03/1998 Muswell Hill London N10
BV2032053/1 Historic Jack Adams 26/01/2003 Leytonstone London E11
BV21401295/1 31/03/2014 James Emmanuel Adams 26/10/2013 Hammersmith London W6
BV2013748/1 Historic John Charles Adams 18/03/2001 North Kensington London W10
BV2082513/1 Historic Phillip Charles Adams 31/08/2007 Yelverton Devon
BV21210734/1 Historic Robert Adams 11/06/2012 Stevenage Hertfordshire
BV933438/1 Historic Vera May Adams 18/12/1992 Birmingham
BV21003032/1 Historic Adenike Adebiyi 05/10/2004 Islington London N1
BV2030143/1 Historic Rachel Ena Ades 28/11/2002 Carshalton Surrey
BV21401101/1 03/03/2014 Richard Adesanya 18/11/2011 Hackney London E9
BV2021271/1 Historic Dorothy Rita Adie 10/02/2000 Chichester West Sussex
BV21304418/1 24/04/2013 Isaac Ademola Adio 17/08/2012 Harrow London
BV2048165/1 Historic Ronald Adkins 22/02/2004 Dover Kent
BV2002018/1 Historic Frederick John Adrian 10/01/2000 Ashford Middlesex
BV860313/1 Historic Gladys Alice Agnew 31/12/1985 Brighton East Sussex
BV2065694/1 Historic Paula Agostinho 03/05/2006 Willesden London NW10
BV2030994/1 Historic Mary Ahern 18/10/2002 Hampstead London NW3
BV2031646/1 Historic Thomas Ahern 11/02/2003 Coventry West Midlands
BV21012293/1 Historic Thomas Aherne 12/06/2010 Leicester Leics
BV21300119/1 24/05/2013 Rashid Ahmad 15/09/2012 Lewisham London SE13
BV941252/1 Historic Desmond Ahmed 24/02/1994 Newport Gwent
BV2087139/1 Historic Iqbal Ahmed 10/10/2007 Camden London NW1
BV21205427/1 Historic Mahmood Ahmed 09/04/2012 Hammersmith London
BV21401243/1 12/02/2014 Edmund Aidoo 11/11/2013 Wallington Surrey
BV2005614/3/1 Historic Janet Aiken 28/07/2000 South Shields Tyne & Wear
BV2014004/1 Historic Doreen Ainsley 22/05/2001 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV963915/1 Historic Agnes Aitken 24/06/1996 Epsom Surrey
BV2097929/1 Historic Julius Ajidahuan 11/06/2009 Ilford Essex
BV960071/1 Historic Julius Akineye 19/07/1995 Derby Derbyshire
BV2064136/1 Historic Lasisi Akinrinoye 19/04/2006 Camden London WC1N
BV2054521/1 Historic Pauline Albans 02/04/2005 Fishguard Pembrokeshire
BV2082587/1 Historic Michael Rowland Alder 31/12/2007 Leicester Leicestershire
BV943059/1 Historic Walter Alderdice 05/05/1994 Weymouth Dorset
BV950936/1 Historic Margaret A Alderman 01/12/1994 Aldershot Hampshire
BV21104894/1 Historic Albert Alders 01/01/2011 Bristol South Gloucestershire
BV983131/1 Historic Violet Alderton 23/03/1998 Chelsea London SW6
BV94729/1 Historic Gwyn Warwick Aldred 03/02/1994 Thornton Heath Surrey
BV21304241/1 06/06/2013 Frasier Alegbeh 24/12/2012 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV2024443/1 Historic Gerald Alexander 02/06/1998 Margate Kent
BV21008786/1 Historic Oscar Gorden Alexander 10/11/2008 Holloway London N19
BV2031194/1 Historic Rosemary Lisbeth Alexander 12/08/1999 Taunton Somerset
BV994450/1 Historic John Charles Alexander Alford 27/06/1992
BV951278/1 Historic Winifred Mary Algar 05/06/1993 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2012811/1 Historic Ahmed Nasser Ali 18/08/2000 Swansea West Glamorgan
BV2013431/1 Historic Ashgar Ali 28/09/2000 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21306422/1 04/06/2013 Ishak Ali 17/05/2013 Cardiff
BV990535/1 Historic Reza Ali 08/07/1997 Walworth London SE17
BV21213123/1 Historic Marie Antoinette Alias 12/04/2012 Hove East Sussex
BV2074716/1 Historic Mohammed Ali-Bin-Ali 23/04/2007 Sheffield Sotuh Yorkshire
BV2053710/1 Historic Mubarik Ali-Khan 30/03/2005 Kensington London W2
BV21213206/1 Historic Charles Ayodele Aliu 31/03/2011 Solihull West Midlands
BV21207993/1 Historic Mohammad Allah 19/06/2011 Hammersmith London W6
BV965353/1 Historic Ralph Allan 22/06/1996 Leytonstone London E11
BV21306072/1 07/06/2013 Tom Allan 06/05/2005 Havant Hampshire
BV2023551/1 Historic Kate Allard 01/06/2002 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV992230/1 Historic William Allchurch 03/01/1995 Blackheath London
BV2080128/1 Historic Nellie Alldridge 01/09/2007 Wandsowrth London SW18
BV991206/1 Historic Alan Allen 06/01/1999 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV982028/1 Historic Alfred Leonard Allen 27/12/1992 Camden London NW1
BV2056788/1 Historic Annie Allen 22/11/2003 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV942985/1 Historic Cissie Gertrude Allen 23/04/1994 Worcester Worcestershire
BV975120/1 Historic Claude Allen 13/07/1997 Daventry Northamptonshire
BV21401301/1 17/03/2014 Daisy Allen 31/12/2013 Guildford Surrey
BV21211167/1 Historic David Allen 18/06/2012 Camden London NW3
BV2021019/1 Historic Doreen Evelyn Allen 17/01/2002 Brighton East Sussex
BV965812/1 Historic Frank Allen 11/02/1995 Hampstead London NW3
BV2092117/1 Historic Harold Allen 08/02/2009 Hampstead London NW3
BV973317/1 Historic James Allen 03/04/1997 Farnborough Kent
BV2050348/1 Historic Jane Allen 17/10/2004 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2086911/1 Historic John Thomas Allen 10/05/2008 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2023242/1 Historic Kenneth Allen 19/04/2002 Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire
BV965781/1 Historic Kenneth Allen 06/09/1995 Peterlee Co.Durham
BV20911742/1 Historic Leslie James Allen 01/09/2009 Southend-on-Sea Essex
BV991768/1 Historic Owen Allen 07/01/1999 Braunstone
BV2045199/1 Historic Pauline Allen 03/07/2004 Harrow Middlesex
BV951515/1 Historic Peter Joseph Allen 23/01/1995 Benfleet Essex
BV2014570/1 Historic Raymond Allen 15/09/2001 Watford Hertfordshire
BV21105922/1 Historic Richard Allen 06/09/2010 Kingston Surrey
BV990265/1 Historic Robert James Allen 23/09/1998 Frodsham Cheshire
BV21307580/1 22/07/2013 Vera May Allen 06/06/2010 Croydon Surrey
BV2003612/1 Historic Walter Allen 22/06/2000
BV961435/1 Historic Walter Sydney Allen 10/10/1995 Shaftesbury Dorset
BV21109842/1 16/05/2013 Patricia Elizabeth Allin 27/04/2011 Lee on Solent Hampshire
BV2014147/1 Historic Frank Allison 07/06/2001 Nuneaton Warwickshire
BV953861/1 Historic Jessamy Allison 11/05/1995 Kentish Town London NW5
BV954062/1 Historic Robert Alliston 27/08/1995 Surbiton Surrey
BV2086716/1 Historic Gladys Margaret Allum 02/09/2008 Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire
BV2023401/1 Historic Abdul Jabbar Othman Al-Rawendouzi 05/06/2002 Hatfield Hertfordshire
BV976067/1 Historic Zara Marion Josephine Alvarez 03/07/1994 Havant Hampshire
BV2070227/1 Historic James Alvey 05/02/2005 Bristol Avon
BV21403556/1 09/04/2014 Roberto Ameri 17/08/2013 Lambeth London SE1
BV21201766/1 Historic Carla Ames 30/05/2010 Kensington London W10
BV2000454/1 Historic Frank Ames 29/10/1999 Lewisham London SE13
BV21315885/1 14/11/2013 Teresa Ames 15/07/2013 Stevenage Hertfordshire
BV21306149/1 10/06/2013 Robert John Stanley Amor 27/04/2008 Southampton Hampshire
BV21014688/1 Historic Randhir Kaur Anand 29/06/2010 Southall Middlesex
BV21303105/1 11/04/2013 John Anders 27/12/2012 Upton Wirral
BV2073599/1 Historic Agnes Anderson 02/01/2007 Southampton Hampshire
BV990337/1 Historic Alan Anderson 23/10/1998 Westcliff-on-Sea Essex
BV21113710/1 Historic Alan Frank Anderson 01/10/2010 Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey
BV21205966/1 Historic Augusta Margarete Gisela Anderson 25/07/2011 Whitechapel London E1
BV933160/1 Historic Betty Edith Anderson 26/11/1991 Southall Middlesex
BV2086658/1 Historic Charles Anderson 19/08/2008 Southampton Hampshire
BV992476/1 Historic Eileen Marie Anderson 26/01/1999 Exeter Devon
BV2051241/1 Historic Grace Mary Anderson 14/12/2004 Woodford Green Essex
BV21205336/1 Historic Gregory Anderson 05/01/2012 Leeds
BV2077727/1 Historic James Anderson 01/04/2007 Hammersmith London W6
BV21112546/1 Historic John Anderson 22/05/2011 Surbiton Surrey
BV994274/1 Historic John William Anderson 09/02/1998 Brighton East Sussex
BV2036853/1 Historic Leslie Anderson 21/08/2003 Cannock Staffordshire
BV2014165/1 Historic Margaret Anderson 12/03/2001 Fulham London SW6
BV2076603/1 Historic Michael Anderson 17/03/2002 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV21303986/1 14/05/2013 Thomas Anderson 20/06/2009 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV21014266/1 Historic William John Frederick Anderson 14/10/2010 Leicester Leicestershire
BV980356/1 Historic Alfred Francis Claude Anderton 02/10/1997 Norwich Norfolk
BV960740/1 Historic Luisa Andjelic 17/12/1995 Otley West Yorkshire
BV2031542/1 Historic Betty Andre 07/11/2002 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV993349/1 Historic Joseph Andre 28/02/1999 Westminster London SW1
BV964782/1 Historic Lynston Andrew 28/07/1996 Moretonhampstead Devon
BV963494/1 Historic Mabel Andrew 21/02/1996 Basingstoke Hampshire
BV976048/1 Historic Sebastian Andrew 30/09/1997 North Kensignton London W10
BV2022131/1 Historic Alan Andrews 19/08/2001 Tunbridge Wells Kent
BV984718/1 Historic Doris Andrews 24/12/1997 Worcester Worcestershire
BV2000143/1 Historic Dorothy Andrews 07/11/1998 Weston Super Mare Somerset
BV2023407/1 Historic Ethel Andrews 19/11/2001 Southampton Hampshire
BV21304630/1 24/02/2014 Jacqueline Andrews 17/10/2012 Swindon Wiltshire
BV21111593/1 Historic Joanna Andrews 10/07/2011 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV2025571/1 Historic Lucy Andrews 09/01/1999 Spalding Lincolnshire
BV974677/1 Historic Maurice Clyde Andrews 22/06/1997 Durham Co Durham
BV990463/1 Historic Thomas Andrews 28/08/1991
BV2062927/1 Historic Hendrik Andrzejewski 08/02/2006 Bayswater London W2
BV976995/1 Historic Rose Lilian Angel 05/11/1997 Hammersmith London W6
BV2045204/1 Historic George Angell 02/04/2000 Bristol North East Somerset
BV2086489/1 Historic Sadikali Anjaria 14/08/1997 Camden London NW1
BV2062503/1 Historic Gwendoline May Maud Annesley 31/05/2005 Streatham London SW16
BV2085577/1 Historic Bryan Annison 14/08/2006 Poytnon Cheshire
BV21305926/1 04/06/2013 Richard Anthony Anscombe 30/03/2013 Devon
BV21303331/1 05/04/2013 Alan Anson 23/12/2012 Leytonstone London E11
BV2072964/1 Historic Annie Anthony 17/09/2006 Llanelli Carmarthenshire
BV951106/1 Historic Doris Anthony 14/01/1995 Wormley Surrey
BV2070599/1 Historic Patrickson Anthony 31/12/2006 Penarth Vale of Glamorgan
BV965805/1 Historic Thomas Anthony 07/04/1996 Camden London NW1
BV21318283/1 10/01/2014 George Gregori Hrihorij Antonenko 30/08/2013 Keighley West Yorkshire
BV975340/1 Historic Eleftheria Antoniou 25/12/1994 Highgate London N19
BV21014746/1 Historic Frederick Johnson Antwi-Buasiakoh 24/06/2010 Hornsey London N8
BV2079676/1 Historic Angelos Apostolou 08/07/2007 Tooting London SW17
BV21312920/1 09/10/2013 Christopher Appleby 17/03/2009 Lambeth London SW2
BV952945/1 Historic Queenie Elizabeth Appleton 06/02/1995 Robertsbridge East Sussex
BV991452/1 Historic Zable Arabian 09/08/1996 Barnes London SW14
BV953725/1 Historic Saber Saleh Arafat 30/08/1995 Gravesend Kent
BV2012219/1 Historic Alma Archer 16/04/2000 Brigg North Lincolnshire
BV2005183/1 Historic Annie Archer 06/06/1994 Darlington Co Durham
BV976953/1 Historic Gwyneth May Archer 05/05/1997 Tividale West Midlands
BV932878/1 Historic Ivy Alice Archer 17/08/1993 Lambeth London SW3
BV2091254/1 Historic Reginald Archer 01/05/1997 Greenwich London SE18
BV2046106/1 Historic Benjamin Archibald 29/03/2004 Camberwell London SE5
BV2026061/1 Historic Peter Ifeanyi Arinze 23/03/2000 Camberwell London SE5
BV2093270/1 Historic May Armitage 27/02/2009 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV21007409/1 Historic Arthur Armstrong 06/12/2004 Bishop Auckland Co Durham
BV965669/1 Historic Elsie Armstrong 21/03/1996 Gateshead Tyne and Wear
BV2010019/1 Historic Gordon Seymour Armstrong 10/10/2000 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV21306724/1 04/07/2013 Jacqueline Margaret Armstrong 25/12/2007 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21314524/1 07/11/2013 Leslie Armstrong 11/01/2013 Camden London NW3
BV902999/1 Historic Leslie Barrington Armstrong 03/02/1990 Corby Northamptonshire
BV2015762/1 Historic Marion Armstrong 22/09/2001 Cumbria
BV2011768/1 Historic Patrick Armstrong 25/02/2001 Maida Vale London W9
BV2002109/1 Historic Bernard Arnold 09/03/2000 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2091999/1 Historic Frederick Lawrence Arnold 14/10/2008 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2011124/1 Historic John Arnold 20/11/2000 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2066351/1 Historic Michael Kenneth Arnold 24/07/2006 Lewisham London SE13
BV981567/1 Historic Olive Arnold 04/02/1998 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV2072609/1 Historic Josephine Arundell 01/03/2007 Paddington London W2
BV980655/1 Historic Vasyl Asafat 18/10/1997 Nottingham Notts
BV2021425/1 Historic Prokop Asaul 06/09/2001 Camden LondonWC1
BV2094919/1 Historic John Ash 15/11/2008 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV21012745/1 Historic Lawrence Walter Ash 21/10/2009 Llandovery Carmathenshire
BV2082987/1 Historic Derek Ashby 24/07/2006 Westminster London SW1
BV21312801/1 08/11/2013 Roy Ashby 24/05/2013 Canning Town London E16
BV21008585/1 Historic Kay Ellenore Ashford 16/05/2010 Thornton Heath Surrey
BV971639/1 Historic Kathleen May Ashlee 18/01/1997 Croydon Surrey
BV2052670/1 Historic Arthur William Ashley 27/03/2004
BV966621/1 Historic Douglas Ashley 27/11/1995 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV21005495/1 Historic Kathleen Ashley 23/10/2008 Mansfield Nottinghamshire
BV995635/1 Historic David Ashman-Wilkins 19/06/1999 Barnet Herts
BV21010013/1 Historic John Ashmead 09/11/2009 Tuffley Gloucestershire
BV21306256/1 18/06/2013 Sheila Grace Ashmore 11/01/2011 Stourbridge West Midlands
BV2063229/1 Historic Eileen Joan Ashton 01/12/1999 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2041731/1 Historic George Ashton 01/09/2003 Knutsford Cheshire
BV2047543/1 Historic Wilfred Ashton 20/10/2004 Clacton on Sea Essex
BV2099846/1 Historic Anastasia Ashton-Jones 22/06/2009 Kensington London W10
BV21317244/1 10/12/2013 James Edward Ashworth 16/10/2013 Polegate East Sussex
BV2087057/1 Historic Kenneth Ashworth 07/09/2008 Lincoln Lincolnshire
BV2087886/1 Historic Amelia Asiedu 17/10/2008 Northwood Middlesex
BV21304096/1 06/06/2013 Kwame Asoma 25/12/2009 Hackney London E8
BV2031607/1 Historic Preciosa Da Assuncao 27/12/2002 Colchester Essex
BV2001917/1 Historic Raymond Ezra Astill 13/11/1999 Leciester Leicestershire
BV2050245/1 Historic J Astle Burton on Trent Staffordshire
BV2057385/1 Historic Jill Frances Aston 23/07/2005 Wednesbury West Midlands
BV21007979/1 Historic Ayikie Atayi 15/11/2006 Southwark London SE1
BV21202969/1 Historic Mary Athanassiades 29/01/2012 Lymington
BV2037456/1 Historic Eric Atkin 11/11/2003 Park Royal London NW10
BV992943/1 Historic Edith Mary Atkins 26/10/1994 London SW16
BV995548/1 Historic James Atkins 05/10/1999
BV2059226/1 Historic Keith Atkins 17/12/2004 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV2080188/1 Historic Leslie Atkins 01/12/2007 Derby Derbyshire
BV2054093/1 Historic George Douglas Atkinson 04/02/2005 Rotherham South Yorkshire
BV2013830/1 Historic John Atkinson 05/12/2000 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2015805/1 Historic Joseph Atkinson 01/10/2001 Basildon Essex
BV21303014/1 29/04/2013 Myra Atkinson 05/11/2012 Wootton Bridge Isle of Wight
BV2042128/1 Historic Brian Jeffrey Atlas 01/02/2004 Leytonstone London E10
BV2059407/1 Historic Kitty Attwood
BV963200/1 Historic William Henry Attwood 25/03/1996 Derby East Midlands
BV981987/1 Historic Mieczyslaw Audziejczyk 07/03/1998 Fulham London W6
BV933386/1 Historic Annie Austin 22/03/1993 Stockwell London SW9
BV992723/1 Historic Cecil Frederick Austin 02/04/1999 Walthamstow London E17
BV952752/1 Historic Gladys Winifred Austin 13/05/1995 Willesden London NW10
BV983127/1 Historic Gordon Henry Austin 15/06/1997
BV2011285/1 Historic Ivy Austin 25/11/1999 Westcliff on Sea Essex
BV984533/1 Historic John Fredrick Austin 24/05/1998 Staplehurst Kent
BV20510157/1 Historic Michael John Austin 03/03/2005 Brighton East Sussex
BV2030902/1 Historic Nellie Austin 09/12/1998
BV2063212/1 Historic Raymond Austin 31/05/2005 Maida Vale London W9
BV881260/1 Historic Dorothy Avery 03/04/1988 Friern Barnet London N11
BV21110146/1 Historic Gladys Avery 21/04/2003 Upminster Essex
BV966810/1 Historic Kenneth Avery 14/01/1996 West Norwood London SE27
BV21108298/1 Historic Winifred Mary Avery 04/06/2011 Hammersmith London W6
BV942006/1 Historic Frederick Eric Aves 28/12/1993 Radlett Herts
BV2037690/1 Historic Folayele Festus Awosika 01/03/2001 Hammersmith London W6
BV2002785/1 Historic Nettie Axen 21/04/1999 Homerton London E9
BV2066049/1 Historic Etemongha Ayebinimigha 16/03/2006 Muswell Hill London N10
BV2055463/1 Historic Winifred Ayers 30/04/2005 Croydon Surrey
BV974293/1 Historic Olajide Ayinde 25/04/1997 Hackney London E9
BV2015243/1 Historic Violet Ayres 09/08/2001 Bridgend South Wales
BV21306906/1 18/09/2013 Abdul Aziz 30/04/2013 Shepherds Bush London W12
BV21006382/1 Historic Dominic Azzopardi 23/01/2010 Lambeth London SE1
BV21313332/1 17/10/2013 Dorothy May Babb 27/03/2013 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV965345/1 Historic Muriel Agnes Baber 14/07/1996 Torquay Devon
BV950178/1 Historic Fred Bacon 30/12/1994 Hady Chesterfield
BV2026134/1 Historic Michael Bacon 12/09/2002 Colchester Essex
BV2086155/1 Historic Jeno Badics 29/07/2008 Chelsea London SW10
BV2082542/1 Historic Eqbal Badie 28/03/2005 Hammersmith & Fulham London
BV2085385/1 Historic Mary Bagguley 12/11/2007 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV923314/1 Historic Anneliese Emma Marie Bagnall 18/10/1992 Clymd Cymru Flintshire
BV21312101/1 01/10/2013 William Bagnell 24/04/2013 Ware Hertfordshire
BV994982/1 Historic Pauline Alice Bailat 25/06/1999 New Jersey USA
BV2021061/1 Historic Albert Bailey 09/12/2001 Didcot Oxfordshire
BV954333/1 Historic Albert Edward Bailey 31/01/1995 Stafford Staffs
BV2003609/1 Historic Elsie Bailey 27/05/2000 Bilston Wolverhampton
BV21301325/1 03/05/2013 Eric Bailey 09/11/2011 Ashford Kent
BV2023289/1 Historic Frank Bailey 25/02/2001 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2084702/1 Historic John Bailey 22/06/2008 Dolywern Llangollen
BV966767/1 Historic John Bailey 26/03/1996 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2063543/1 Historic Neville Bailey 28/02/2005 Camden London NW1
BV972215/1 Historic Peter J Bailey 03/04/1997
BV21306251/1 07/06/2013 Roger Bailey 04/03/2011 Swindon Wiltshire
BV2075818/1 Historic Rose Matilda Bailey 04/04/1997 Highgate London N6
BV2031208/1 Historic Sidney Ernest Bailey 30/12/2002 Chepstow Monmouthshire
BV21400925/1 12/02/2014 Susan Elizabeth Bailey 13/08/2013 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV21304355/1 01/08/2013 Trevor Bailey 05/12/2011 Barnham West Sussex
BV2003722/1 Historic William Ernest Bailey 19/04/1999
BV21011891/1 Historic Valerie Thornton Bain 06/05/2010 Cheltenham Glos
BV2020018/1 Historic Alistair Baines 31/07/2001 Harrow Middlesex
BV2085756/1 Historic Dorothy Baines 29/10/2007 Selly Oak Birmingham
BV2003491/1 Historic John Patchett Baines 19/08/1999 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2083311/1 Historic Mabel Baines 05/09/2007 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2062559/1 Historic Maria Baines 19/08/2004 Hammersmith London W6
BV2063816/1 Historic Harry Baird 13/02/2005 Hammersmith London W6
BV2081524/1 Historic Alice Baker 18/02/2004 Cooden East Sussex
BV2055151/1 Historic Annie Baker 27/06/2001 Hackney London E8
BV2085993/1 Historic Barbara Baker 30/07/2008 Brighton Sussex
BV2064823/1 Historic Barrie Albert Joseph Baker 28/08/2005 Dudley West Midlands
BV2037303/1 Historic Charles William Baker 31/03/1999 Lambeth London SW9
BV975800/1 Historic Charlotte Baker 23/08/1997 Wembley Middlesex
BV2074550/1 Historic Edith Baker 06/07/2004 Thamesmead London
BV2056502/1 Historic Eileen Baker 08/07/2005 Swanage Dorset
BV984099/1 Historic Frederick Ronald George Baker 21/04/1998 Ashford Middlesex
BV960924/1 Historic George Baker 25/01/1995 Tooting London SE17
BV892359/1 Historic George William Baker 20/08/1989 Wellingborough Northamptonshire
BV2020073/1 Historic Georgine Lyndall Baker 31/05/2001 Rotherhithe London SE16
BV21402937/1 25/03/2014 Gillian Baker 29/05/2013 Swansea
BV2098034/1 Historic Harold Baker 31/08/2009 West Brompton London SW10
BV2040138/1 Historic Hilda Joan Baker 06/11/2003 Minehead Somerset
BV2063790/1 Historic Hilda Mary Baker 30/04/2006 Wakefield West Yorkshire
BV2041775/1 Historic Jacqueline Ray Baker 09/09/2003 Southampton Hampshire
BV21100698/1 Historic James Ernest Baker 27/10/2010 South Shields Tyne & Wear
BV21404471/1 09/04/2014 John Harold Baker 13/01/2014 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2010645/1 Historic John Sydney Baker 30/10/2000 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2065392/1 Historic Kenneth Gladstone Baker 05/12/2005 Wembley Middlesex
BV21106190/1 Historic Leonard Baker 10/04/2011 Grangetown Cardiff
BV21001656/1 Historic Peter Arthur Baker 09/10/2009 Lindley Huddersfield
BV21007838/1 Historic Peter John Baker 26/09/2009 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2000237/1 Historic Phyllis Baker 26/11/1999 Billericay Essex
BV21105606/1 Historic Richard Baker 17/04/2011 Middlesbrough North Yorkshire
BV21313142/1 08/10/2013 Ronald Baker 26/03/2013 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV21204124/1 Historic Stuart Gordon Baker 07/12/2009 Romford Essex
BV2032298/1 Historic Thomas Anthony Baker 12/03/2003 Winchester Hampshire
BV923615/1 Historic Violet May Balding 13/10/1992 Chingford London E4
BV21008938/1 Historic David William Baldwin 17/03/2010 Yeovil Somerset
BV21013891/1 Historic Norman Baldwin 28/10/2007 Hollowy London N19
BV2035773/1 Historic Stanley George Baldwin 27/06/1997 Westminster London SW1
BV21206123/1 Historic Adrian Balik 27/04/2012 Brighton East Sussex
BV870012/1 Historic Josef Balint 20/11/1986 Bristol
BV2042429/1 Historic Albert Ball 12/01/2004 Frimley Surrey
BV21400418/1 04/02/2014 David John Ball 29/08/2013 Leicester Leicestershire
BV21306207/1 10/06/2013 Edgar Ball 05/11/1999 Isle of Sheppey Kent
BV2064905/1 Historic Joseph Graham Ball 12/03/2006 Gillingham Kent
BV2014974/1 Historic Peter James Ball 13/05/2001 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV981298/1 Historic Roy John Ball 12/01/1998 Letchworth HERTS
BV985468/1 Historic Salam Khatoo Ball 11/11/1998 Isle of Wight Hants
BV2067769/1 Historic Vincent Ball 29/05/2006 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2033286/1 Historic John Russell Ballantyne 03/03/2003 Camberwell London SE5
BV2060716/1 Historic Winifred Balli 28/05/2003 Catford London SE6
BV954332/1 Historic Jonas Balnus 26/11/1995 Whitechapel London E1
BV2084437/1 Historic Matthew Balogun 31/12/2005 Clapham London SW4
BV964042/1 Historic Peter Balun 14/05/1996 Alylesbury Buckinghamshire
BV2003446/1 Historic Evelyn Bamberger 09/07/2000 Paddington London W2
BV2083256/1 Historic Herbert Bament 13/01/2008 Barnstaple Devon
BV2012678/1 Historic James Arthur Bamford 01/02/2001 Bracknell Berkshire
BV2098354/1 Historic Helena Banas 13/07/2008 Hereford Herefordshire
BV21208758/1 Historic Margaret Bandy 25/07/2011 Titchfield Fareham
BV21007598/1 Historic Marie Bangerter 24/08/2009 Worthing West Sussex
BV922714/1 Historic Derek Malcolm Bangle 20/08/1992 Southall Middlesex
BV974623/1 Historic Ivor Bangs 07/05/1997 Croydon Surrey
BV2074183/1 Historic Henry Banjoko 11/04/2007 Hampstead London NW3
BV21105049/1 Historic John Olaolu Bankole 27/04/2010 London EC1V
BV982801/1 Historic Benjamin Banks 04/07/1997 Romford Essex
BV21104355/1 Historic Bernard Banks 27/12/2010 Wolverhampton
BV952020/1 Historic Derek Arthur Banks 01/01/1995 Penge London SE20
BV960784/1 Historic Frederick Donald Banks 30/08/1995 Homerton London E9
BV990110/1 Historic Sheila Cecily Banks 30/12/1998 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2003118/1 Historic Charles Arthur Bannister 31/01/2000
BV951749/1 Historic James William Bannister 31/03/1995 St Leonards-on-Sea East Sussex
BV2023779/1 Historic James Bannon 31/12/1997 Shardlow Derby
BV2050866/1 Historic Leroy Banton 07/09/2004 Homerton London E9
BV910655/1 Historic Wasyl Baran 31/01/1991 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV952987/1 Historic Albert Robson Baraugh 31/07/1995 Harrogate Yorkshire
BV930540/1 Historic Cecil Julius Barber 13/06/1992 Windsor Berkshire
BV2058030/1 Historic Gerald Barber 14/08/2004 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV2031450/1 Historic Joyce Molly Barber 21/10/2001 Pontefract Yorkshire
BV2022130/1 Historic Philip Barber 03/08/2001
BV966168/1 Historic Elizabeth Barclay 27/05/1996 Wandsworth London SW18
BV2021789/1 Historic William Barclay 13/03/2002 Littlehampton West Sussex
BV2095285/1 Historic Brian Barker 20/05/2009 Leicestershire
BV2022352/1 Historic Cyril Joseph Charles Barker 26/12/2001 Exeter
BV951931/1 Historic Frank Barker 15/04/1995 London EC1
BV21306287/1 19/07/2013 Jean Barker 23/08/2007 Birkenhead Merseyside
BV951037/1 Historic Joan Rosalind Barker 19/02/1995 Chingford London E4
BV2056883/1 Historic John William Barker 15/01/2005 Hornsey London N7
BV21112648/1 Historic Walter Barker 26/10/2010 Leeds Yorkshire
BV2035653/1 Historic John Barley 11/09/2001 Dunstable Bedfordshire
BV2057227/1 Historic Constance Barlow 12/02/2003 Selly Oak Birmingham
BV2001038/1 Historic Harry Barlow 10/09/1999 Finsbury Park London N4
BV2000923/1 Historic William Henry Barnacle 06/01/2000 Sutton Surrey
BV2034474/1 Historic Philip Charles Barnard 02/05/2002 Boournemouth
BV2032998/1 Historic William Barnard 20/07/2002 Bridgwater Somerset
BV985719/1 Historic Paula Barnby 06/12/1998 Grasmere Cumbria
BV2013114/1 Historic Catherine Barnes 29/09/1998 Blyth Northumberland
BV21303088/1 26/04/2013 Charles Arthur Albourne Barnes 11/02/2013 Bath Somerset
on holds a copy of the deceased’s marriage certificate in the name of Charles Arthur Albourne Barnes and Hazel Pauline Card. The event took place on 8 September 1979 in Tonbridge Kent. Bath & North East Somerset Council
BV2066020/1 Historic Constance Alice Barnes 23/12/2005 Leytonstone London E11
BV980645/1 Historic Derek Barnes 25/10/1997 Greenwich London SE10
BV992355/1 Historic Douglas Barnes 04/11/1998
BV2013601/1 Historic Edward George Barnes 30/04/1998 Northwich Cheshire
BV2079200/1 Historic Edward Reginald Barnes 18/08/1998 Locks Heath Hampshire
BV2032317/1 Historic Ivy Mary Barnes 23/01/2002 Willesden London NW10
BV2000649/1 Historic Kenneth Barnes 01/12/1999 Macclesfield Cheshire
BV2086502/1 Historic Mary Barnes 14/08/2008 Blackheath London SE3
BV2072251/1 Historic Peter John Barnes 15/06/2005 Carshalton Surrey
BV2005581/1 Historic Richard Barnes 01/01/2000 Lambeth London SE1
BV942758/1 Historic William Barnes 19/08/1991 Thamesmead London SE28
BV952081/1 Historic William Sydney Barnes 16/04/1995 Macclesfield Cheshire
BV21308754/1 17/09/2013 Eileen Violet Barnett 26/05/1997 Muswell Hill London N10
BV2001357/1 Historic Harry Barnett 29/11/1999 Cheam Surrey
BV2056935/1 Historic Jack Barnett 15/05/2005 Brighton East Sussex
BV21004553/1 Historic James Henry Barnett 30/05/2002 Bridlington Yorkshire
BV2074711/1 Historic John William Barnett 29/10/2005 Canterbury Kent
BV2032453/1 Historic Jonas Barnett 23/11/2002 Reading
BV963451/1 Historic Thomas Barnett 13/12/1995 Highbury London N5
BV2092054/1 Historic Tina Kim Barnett 17/12/2007 Isleworth Middlesex
BV892822/1 Historic Alan Barney 22/09/1989 Dover Kent
BV2033133/1 Historic Florent Baron 13/09/2002
BV931133/1 Historic Franchesca Shelleta Baron 27/01/1993 Louth Leicestershire
BV2060107/1 Historic Arthur Barossa 20/04/2000 Ealing London W5
BV2092063/1 Historic Michael Barovitch 06/12/2008 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2035567/1 Historic George Barr 17/05/2002
BV2032294/1 Historic James Barr 28/11/2002 Norwich Norfolk
BV21202976/1 Historic Thomas Barrall 25/03/2010 Goodmayes Essex
BV952385/1 Historic Helena Barrett 01/06/1993 Weymouth Dorset
BV2070857/1 Historic Herbert Leroy Barrett 01/12/2006 Basildon Essex
BV965158/1 Historic John Barrett 06/04/1996 Wembley Middlesex
BV21315084/1 06/11/2013 Leaford George Barrett 24/02/2013 Hackney London
BV2059260/1 Historic Margaret Barrett 05/04/2005
BV2064900/1 Historic Michael Robert Barrett 01/07/2004 Lincoln lincolnshire
BV2034407/1 Historic William Henry Barrett 19/06/2003 Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
BV2087212/1 Historic Anthony Barry 28/01/2008 Kentish Town London NW5
BV991575/1 Historic Audrey Barry 16/03/1999 Hampstead London NW3
BV2045567/1 Historic Daphne Evelyn Barry 21/03/2002 Sutton Surrey
BV951160/1 Historic Elsie May Barry 09/09/1994 Upper Norwood London SE19
BV2099234/1 Historic George Barry 03/07/2007 Leytonstone Waltham Forest
BV961357/1 Historic Gerald Barry 20/08/1992 Stevanage Hertfordshire
BV2072623/1 Historic James Barry 26/01/2007 Hammersmith London W6
BV21007711/1 Historic John Joseph Barry 18/03/2009 Westminster London W9
BV2032705/1 Historic Peter James Barry 12/09/2002
BV2015291/1 Historic Ann Bartlett 12/08/2001 Westminster London SW1
BV2012568/1 Historic Anthony Bartlett 12/04/2001 Gosport Hampshire
BV2005325/1 Historic Ethel Violet Bartlett 19/01/1992 Acton London W3
BV21315123/1 15/11/2013 Ivor Bartlett 18/07/2013 Bristol
BV2087482/1 Historic Kathleen Mary Bartlett 19/05/2008 Battersea London SW11
BV21113386/1 Historic Pauline Bartlett 29/04/2011 Great Yarmouth Norfolk
BV954515/1 Historic Francis Zek Bartman 08/11/1995 Bloxwich West Midlands
BV2066920/1 Historic Bernard Edward Barton 05/09/2006 Colchester Essex
BV993055/1 Historic Charles Ashton Barton 15/02/1999 Meriden Coventry
BV2010616/1 Historic Ivy Edith Barton 07/09/2000 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV911465/1 Historic Victor Thomas Barton 10/04/1991
BV900500/1 Historic Karol Bartosz 06/12/1989 Derby Derbyshire
BV2023229/1 Historic William Bashford 19/05/2002 Tooting London SW17
BV21302000/1 12/03/2013 Keith Bassett 06/09/2012 St Leonards-on-Sea East Sussex
BV961469/1 Historic Edith Bertha Bastide 16/02/1996 Hornsey London N8
BV2051755/1 Historic John Thomas Bastow 19/12/2003
BV973913/1 Historic Helena Bata 16/02/1997 Hammersmith London W6
BV2033252/1 Historic Donald Jasper Batchelor 07/06/2002 ExeterDevon
BV983860/1 Historic Dora Bate 29/01/1997 Dudley West Midlands
BV2000230/1 Historic Dorothy Bateman 26/12/1999 Bridport Dorset
BV2044112/1 Historic Margery Junita Olsen Bateman 15/05/2004 Bognor Regis West Sussex
BV2012711/1 Historic William Bateman 15/01/2001 Blackheath London SE3
BV954331/1 Historic Alicia Bates 16/07/1993 Mill Hill London NW7
BV2032070/1 Historic Charles Kenneth Bates 23/02/2003 Kingston Surrey
BV2033424/1 Historic Geoffrey Bates 01/06/2002 West Haddon Northants
BV2070708/1 Historic Lily Bates 06/11/1999 Salisbury Wiltshire
BV980276/1 Historic Margaret Noel Bates 13/10/1997 Worcester Worcestershire
BV950760/1 Historic Catherine Elizabeth Batey 29/01/1995 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland
BV2045201/1 Historic George Batho 11/07/2004 Macclesfield Cheshire
BV930983/1 Historic Geoffrey Batley 19/07/1992 Batley West Yorkshire
BV2083204/1 Historic James Michael Horwood Batten 11/04/2008 Newport Isle of Wight
BV995666/1 Historic Ena Battersby 18/10/1999 Riseholme Lincolnshire
BV2042559/1 Historic Theresa Battersby 01/04/2002 East Dulwich London SE22
BV21400967/1 12/02/2014 Derek Batty 09/10/2013 Redhill Surrey
BV2033122/1 Historic Eliza Illingworth Milne Batty 18/02/2003 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2066016/1 Historic Florence Batty 06/03/2006 Worthing West Sussex
BV933494/1 Historic Jessie Batty 19/08/1993 Stonebroom North East Derbyshire
BV2086207/1 Historic Sarah Margaret Batty 21/04/2008 Rhyl Denbighshire
BV2064607/1 Historic Erika Baumgartner 12/09/2005 Haslemere Surrey
BV951311/1 Historic Grace Baxby 02/09/1994 Easingwold North Yorkshire
BV941434/1 Historic Ada Baxter 24/02/1994 Oxon Oxford
BV21313141/1 22/10/2013 Alan George Baxter 22/04/2013 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV20910957/1 Historic Brian E Baxter 17/09/1991 Finchampstead Berkshire
BV965075/1 Historic Christopher Baxter 10/07/1996
BV2099032/1 Historic David Baxter 23/09/2009 Bournemouth Dorset
BV974096/1 Historic Edward Baxter 31/03/1997 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2001056/1 Historic Gordon Baxter 13/12/1999 Chadwell Heath Essex
BV994759/1 Historic Ivy Clara Baxter 19/06/1999 Broomfield Essex
BV21214423/1 Historic John Henry Baxter 01/05/2012 Caterham Surrey
BV2056892/1 Historic Stephen George Baxter 23/06/2005 Warrington Cheshire
BV21111833/1 Historic Susan Elizabeth Baxter 17/03/2010 London SE22
BV2060778/1 Historic Thomas Baxter 25/02/2000 Denamrk Hill London SE5
BV965076/1 Historic Vera Baxter 03/06/1996 Hackney London E5
BV965499/1 Historic George Bayles 11/07/1996 Holloway London N7
BV2075265/1 Historic James Bayliss 16/02/2007 Birmingham
BV2023739/1 Historic Patricia Bayliss 27/10/2001 Stechford Birmingham
BV21002886/1 Historic Sydney Bayliss 28/10/2009 Lewisham London SE13
BV2092599/1 Historic John Bayne 22/01/2009 Gillingham Kent
BV964707/1 Historic Hannah Beale 24/06/1996 Newton Aycliffe County Durham
BV21316428/1 11/12/2013 Reginald Raymond Beale 13/04/2013 Dudley West Midlands
BV2011456/1 Historic John Stuart Beales 16/03/2001 Watford Hertfordshire
BV971507/1 Historic Cecil Alan Bealing 13/02/1997 Southampton Hants
BV974228/1 Historic Percival Beall 28/12/1994 Southwark London SE1
BV2050220/1 Historic Constance Beard 19/07/2003 Worthing Sussex
BV951097/1 Historic Ian Nigel Beard 11/03/1995 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV2001124/1 Historic Keith Beard 06/01/2000
BV870810/1 Historic Peter Haddon Beard 03/02/1987 Bromsgrove Worcestershire
BV21304721/1 21/08/2013 William Henry Beard 11/01/2010 Chelmsford Essex
BV2004465/1 Historic Doris May Beardsmore 23/11/1999 Stafford Staffordshire
BV21317598/1 06/02/2014 William Beaton 03/08/2011 Lambeth London SE1
BV2063089/1 Historic Maurice Raymond Beaumont 07/03/2006 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV923159/1 Historic Olga Beaumont 18/10/1992 Bournemouth Dorset
BV21311496/1 01/10/2013 Jack Maurice Beausire 23/08/2003 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
BV21210332/1 Historic Arthur Beavis 22/05/2012 Wembley Middlesex
BV2010103/1 Historic Allan Beck 13/12/2000 Desford Leicester
BV966258/1 Historic Charles Beck 30/09/1996 Southall Middlesex
BV2090796/1 Historic David Patrick Howard Beck 01/01/2009 Margate Kent
BV21001980/1 Historic Friedreich Beck 03/12/2009 Lockwood Huddersfield
BV21110974/1 Historic David Becker 21/06/2011 Kensington London
BV2030537/1 Historic Louise Becker 03/10/2002 Baldock Hertfordshire
BV21001182/1 Historic Dorothy Beatrice M Beckett 04/11/2009 Maldon Essex
BV21004074/1 Historic Rose Irene Beckwith 11/01/2010 Saltburn by the Sea
BV21207332/1 Historic Carol Jean Bedford 16/02/2012 Kingston-Upon-Thames Surrey
BV992221/1 Historic Harry Bedford 11/01/1998 Nottingham Notts
BV2044512/1 Historic Ronald Charles Bedford 04/12/2003 Eye Peterborough
BV21309426/1 14/11/2013 Ronald Frank Bedford 04/05/2012 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV944632/1 Historic Peter Bednarczyk 01/11/1991 Swindon Wiltshire
BV2015448/1 Historic Eric Vincent Bedward 27/10/2000 Peckham London SE15
BV21401576/1 26/02/2014 Irene Marjorie Bedworth 19/10/2013 Rhyl Denbighshire
BV944427/1 Historic Arthur Edward Beech 13/07/1994 Charlton London SE7
BV21009370/1 Historic George Beech 24/12/2003 Cobridge Stoke-on-Trent
BV20510127/1 Historic Grace Beech 03/11/2005 Streatham London SW2
BV862154/1 Historic Edith Elizabeth Beesley 27/05/1986 Islington London N19
BV21201275/1 Historic John Beesley 27/10/2011 Warwick Warwickshire
BV21313992/1 24/10/2013 John Beezer 24/10/2012 Fenhurst West Sussex
BV2021329/1 Historic Gennet Behre 14/04/2001 Westminstere London W1
BV21011970/1 Historic Michael Beirne 14/08/2010 Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
BV2011250/1 Historic Georg Belaj 18/07/2000 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21402004/1 31/03/2014 Margaret Belcher 27/05/2003 Rotherham South Yorkshire
BV21104128/1 Historic Anne Bell 01/01/2011 Winchester Hants
BV2036276/1 Historic Betty Bell 17/06/2001 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2010320/1 Historic Edith Brenda Bell 23/07/2000 Horley Surrey
BV994900/1 Historic Elizabeth Bell 08/05/1999 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV952839/1 Historic Enid Gwendoline Bell 24/05/1995 Ellesmere Port Cheshire
BV21003766/1 Historic George Campbell Bell 14/12/2009 Isleworth Middlesex
BV2075185/1 Historic Gladys May Bell 03/04/2007 Wolverhampton
BV953400/1 Historic Harold George Bell 10/03/1992 Norwood London SE27
BV2065336/1 Historic Hugh Bell 06/11/1999 Birmingham
BV2065994/1 Historic James W Bell 28/05/2004 Southwark London SE1
BV2055111/1 Historic Margaret Bell 25/03/2005 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV995513/1 Historic Marjorie Bell 11/09/1999 Leicester Leics
BV922895/1 Historic Muriel Constance Bell 17/07/1992 Stockport Cheshire
BV2062348/1 Historic Raymond Bell 20/11/2005 Beeston Nottingham
BV2012884/1 Historic Robert Bell 15/12/2000 Muswell Hill London
BV2045551/1 Historic Ronald Bell 12/06/2003 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV941441/1 Historic Rose Lilian Bell 17/07/1993 Hackney London E9
BV21308366/1 09/08/2013 William Edward Bell 15/12/2012 Camden London NW1
BV982246/1 Historic Yan Josef Bellamacina 10/03/1998 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV2013062/1 Historic Joan Bellamy 23/02/2000 Kinsthorpe Northampton
BV2025374/1 Historic Kenneth Bellis 18/09/2000 Bodelwyddan Denbighshire
BV975951/1 Historic Elsie Florence Bellman 12/05/1997 Camberwell London SE5
BV2051782/1 Historic Tessi Bello 15/10/2003 Camden London NW3
BV2072398/1 Historic Ruth Alice Belshaw 31/03/1988 Rye East Sussex
BV993779/1 Historic Frances May Bendall 31/12/1993
BV21000359/1 Historic John Benford 25/09/2008 Bedford
BV21315925/1 09/12/2013 Martha Beniams 05/02/1997 Croydon Surrey
BV2080098/1 Historic Leonard Reginald Benjamin 18/10/2007 Tooting London SW17
BV2032005/1 Historic Sidney Benjamin 02/01/2001 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21307757/1 18/09/2013 Yamna Benjeddi Driouch 21/09/2008 Maida Vale London W9
BV21105688/1 Historic Jill Patricia Benner 30/03/2011 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2043206/1 Historic Charles Bennett 06/04/2004 Ipswich Suffolk
BV2048052/1 Historic Derek John Bennett 23/09/2004 Woolwich London SE18
BV2035319/1 Historic Doris Maud Bennett 25/12/1999 Muswell Hill London N10
BV2072120/1 Historic Eileen Bennett 26/10/2006 Clacton-on-Sea Essex
BV954674/1 Historic Evangeline Bennett 22/11/1995
BV852342/1 Historic Harry Bennett 23/09/1985 Islington London N16
BV942953/1 Historic Harry Bennett 22/06/1994
BV21214265/1 Historic John Bennett 27/05/2012 Putney London SW15
BV982979/1 Historic Mary Winifred Bennett 01/06/1998 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV971397/1 Historic Peggy Blackmore Bennett 26/01/1997 Huntingdon Cambridgeshire
BV2033172/1 Historic Raymond William Bennett 13/05/2003 Crediton Devon
BV943118/1 Historic Reginald Victor Bennett 17/02/1994 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2045854/1 Historic Robert Bennett 28/07/2004 Littlehampton West Sussex
BV2001376/1 Historic Robert Bertie Bennett 08/07/1999 Hackney London E9
BV2011173/1 Historic Thomas Bennett 25/11/1999 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2090481/1 Historic William Bennett 09/10/2008 Weston-super-Mare North Somerset
BV2073733/1 Historic Dorothy Benson 15/03/2007 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2033160/1 Historic Mary Benson 09/05/2003 Croydon Surrey
BV2084049/1 Historic Ronald Charles Benson 28/03/1993 Eltham Greenwich
BV2020646/1 Historic Doreen Benstock 25/12/1999 Romford Greater London RM3
BV990735/1 Historic Elaine Bentley 01/01/1999 dewsbury West Yorkshire
BV950686/1 Historic Fred Bentley 24/11/1992 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2083430/1 Historic George Ronald Bentley 14/02/2008 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2064333/1 Historic Roy Bentley 28/11/2005 Lincoln Lincolnshire
BV965159/1 Historic Serge Charles Bentley 20/12/1995 St. Johns Wood London NW8
BV2054598/1 Historic Eric Benton 13/11/1998 Isleworth Middlesex
BV950083/1 Historic Thomas Michael Bent-Wilson 18/12/1994 Bedford Bedfordhsire
BV21012081/1 Historic Samir Regis Berchi 10/10/1996 Vauxhall London SW8
BV982654/1 Historic Frederick Beresford 13/05/1998 Newport South Wales
BV2023313/1 Historic Gertrude Meta Beresford 07/10/1997 Stanwell Middlesex TW15
BV963702/1 Historic Bronislawa Bereznowski 08/04/1996 Kineton Warwickshire
BV21402744/1 03/03/2014 Pelle Anthony Bergwall 04/02/2014 Reading Berkshire
BV992643/1 Historic Lina Berkovich 19/01/1999 Harrow Middlesex HA1
BV2087609/1 Historic Paul Bernard 12/10/2008 Camden London NW1
BV20910384/1 Historic Beatrice Berry 04/08/2008 Lambeth London SW16
BV2000835/1 Historic Betty Elsie Berry 24/01/1996 West Norwood London SE27
BV2001552/1 Historic Charles Berry 19/01/2000 Sheffield South Yorks
BV952085/1 Historic Ethel Berry 26/03/1995 Lincoln Lincolnshire
BV962202/1 Historic Florence Elizabeth Berry 23/02/1996 Hackney London E5
BV21204903/1 Historic John Berry 20/02/2012 Binley Coventry
BV2024465/1 Historic May Berry 23/06/2002 Enfield Hertfordshire
BV2011286/1 Historic Michael Charles Berry 08/11/2000 Weston Super-Mare North Somerset
BV2058491/1 Historic Lina Berte 06/06/2005 Camden London NW1
BV2035247/1 Historic Herman Horatius Bertrand 20/04/2001 Battersea London SW11
BV2075150/1 Historic Zelma Berzins 03/06/2007 Derby Derbyshire
BV2023973/1 Historic Ada Best 22/05/2002 Kenley Surrey
BV21315907/1 14/11/2013 George Best 28/01/2012 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV975623/1 Historic Henry Best 06/10/1997 Bognor Regis West Sussex
BV965471/1 Historic Kathleen Dora Best 01/06/1996
BV2014846/1 Historic McDonald Best 17/04/2001 Westminster London NW8
BV923404/1 Historic Wilfred James Best 01/07/1990 Bath Somerset
BV21305911/1 24/10/2013 William Bestwick 15/06/2012 Leicester
BV952170/1 Historic Gertrude Liesbeth Margarete Bethell 26/01/1995
BV2024578/1 Historic Ronald Alexander Beverland 17/07/2002 Coventry West Midlands
BV931760/1 Historic Leonard Arthur Bevis 06/02/1993
BV21213046/1 17/05/2013 Kamal Bhan 26/04/2011 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV21305752/1 24/07/2013 Raj Nath Bharadwaj 11/11/2000 Camden London NW3
BV982723/1 Historic Ishverlal Durjashanker Bhatt 15/02/1998 Tooting London SW17
BV2024096/1 Historic Wlodzimierz Biba 04/05/2002 High Wycombe Buckinghamshire
BV2097949/1 Historic Peter Biddis 16/01/2007 Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
BV21010354/1 Historic Albert Bidjikian 04/12/2002 Redcliffe Bristol
BV21115654/1 Historic Eugene Bidum 05/01/2002 Middlesborough Cleveland
BV2047511/1 Historic Erna Biernert 22/01/2002 Barnet London N12
BV2011169/1 Historic Emanuel Bigeni 20/06/2000 Heath Park Cardiff
BV2015025/1 Historic Ernest Hugh Biggs 29/07/2001 Hillingdon London UB10
BV2054566/1 Historic Frederick Josef Biggs 18/04/2005 Basingstoke Hampshire
BV2061678/1 Historic Irene Biggs 23/05/2005 Hackney London E9
BV954009/1 Historic Mary Biggs 31/07/1995 Birmingham West Midlands
BV951162/1 Historic Joan Muriel Billing 25/05/1994 Chigwell Essex
BV2053129/1 Historic Hessie Billingham 26/11/2004 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2058227/1 Historic Cynthia Helen Billings 06/07/2004
BV21211190/1 Historic Peter Billington 03/05/2012 Whitechapel London E1
BV2020298/1 Historic William Victor Bills 06/10/2001 Wrexham Wales
BV2060619/1 Historic Florence Bilson 25/11/2005 Mackworth Derby
BV2047565/1 Historic Archibald Augustus Binns 30/05/2004 South Norwood London
BV994703/1 Historic Eric Binns 30/08/1999 Paddington Westminster W2
BV963608/1 Historic Andrzej Birar 09/12/1991 Devon Somerset
BV21200207/1 Historic Anne Birch 15/09/2010 Peckham London SE15
BV963785/1 Historic John Thomas Roland Birch 14/03/1995 Wooler Northumberland
BV980497/1 Historic Kenneth Birchell 02/09/1997 Hammersmith London W6
BV21113100/1 Historic Annette Leona Bird 13/01/2011 Brighton East Sussex
BV2075322/1 Historic Beatrice Bird 24/04/2007 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
BV2011217/1 Historic Ethel Bird 20/08/2000 Southall Middlesex
BV964872/1 Historic Eva Bird 03/11/1995 Muswell Hill London N10
BV21115299/1 Historic Margaret Bird 01/08/2011 Leicester
BV990589/1 Historic Michael Birkby 29/11/1998 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV2073780/1 Historic Nora Ava Birkett 16/09/1997 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21114413/1 Historic Ralph Derek Birkett 23/04/2011 Sholing Southampton
BV2042612/1 Historic Kostas Bisarenka 08/08/2002 Mexborough Doncaster
BV21306548/1 15/07/2013 Faye Bishop 28/02/2013 Hackney London E8
BV921525/1 Historic Muriel Bishop 21/05/1992 Netherne Hospital
BV2097928/1 Historic William Bishop 08/12/2006 Woolwich London SE18
BV2064391/1 Historic Alexander Black 07/05/2006 Fulham London
BV2081876/1 Historic Alexander Iain Black 27/11/2007 Margate Kent
BV2037515/1 Historic Cecily Joyce Black 20/11/2003 Worthing East Sussex
BV2036583/1 Historic James Smith Black 28/02/1999
BV21304061/1 24/05/2013 Pamela Black 20/02/2013 Southampton Hampshire
BV2070337/1 Historic Robert Lewis Blackburn 29/08/2006 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV2071412/1 Historic William Blackburn 29/11/2006 Kings Norton Birmingham
BV2011048/1 Historic William Robert Blackburn 25/10/2000 Tunbridge Wells Kent
BV2024876/1 Historic Arthur Blackman 16/07/2002 Folkestone Kent
BV984273/1 Historic Matthew Blackman 18/07/1998 Stowmarket Suffolk
BV2043211/1 Historic Olive Ethel Blackman 21/02/2004 Croydon Surrey
BV931028/1 Historic Terence Archibald Blackman 01/02/1993 Fulbourn Cambridge
BV2022584/1 Historic Dorothy Helen Blackmore 18/04/2002 Wimbledon London Sw19
BV982472/1 Historic Elizabeth Margaret Blackmore 04/05/1998 Godalming Surrey
BV21104507/1 Historic Evelyn Joan Blackmore 02/03/2011 Northumberland
BV2000816/1 Historic Phyllis Valerie Blackmore 13/12/1999 L B of Richmond on Thames
BV21306387/1 18/06/2013 Herbert Blackwell 15/12/2007 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2010578/1 Historic Lillian Blackwell 04/01/1996
BV21001319/1 Historic Florence Bladon 18/09/2007 Wythenshawe Manchester
BV21301351/1 06/03/2013 David Blair 29/09/2010 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21300116/1 05/04/2013 Neville Blair 06/06/2012 Camden London NW5
BV2002141/1 Historic Edith Irene Blake 17/04/2000 Whitstable Kent
BV2043997/1 Historic John Robert Blake 14/01/2004 Cockfosters London N7
BV2085776/1 Historic Lynne Blake 29/05/2008 Carshalton Surrey
BV21306392/1 20/06/2013 Michael Blake 09/09/2011 Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire
BV2064545/1 Historic Pamela Blake 02/04/2006 Fareham Hampshire
BV21302030/1 06/06/2013 Violet Blake 13/07/2012 Plaistow London E13
BV21207860/1 Historic Joyce Anita Yvonne Blake-Fowler 21/01/2012 Southall Middlesex
BV2061528/1 Historic William Arthur Blakely 17/02/2005 Norwich Norfolk
BV984653/1 Historic Anthony Raymond Blakey 04/06/1998 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV2020825/1 Historic Leonard Blakiston 17/12/1999 Worthing West Sussex
BV2002324/1 Historic Alice Blampied 03/04/2000 Bristol
BV2040412/1 Historic David Blandord 23/10/2002 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2035941/1 Historic Kathleen Marguerite Blaney 13/08/2003 Tooting London SW17
BV21305805/1 17/06/2013 Stefania Blatnyk 13/11/2012 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV21403989/1 07/04/2014 Derek Amos Blewett 22/11/2013 Pontefract West Yorkshire
BV2093393/1 Historic John Mark Frith Blezard 20/04/2009 Workington Cumbria
BV912418/1 Historic Violet Vivienne Vera Viga Bliss 12/01/1991
BV20910931/1 Historic Catherine Block 08/10/1995 St John’s Wood London8
BV960700/1 Historic Marie Blockley 27/11/1995 Mansfield Nottinghamshire
BV21404464/1 10/04/2014 Raymond Blood 08/09/2013 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV2015137/1 Historic Margaret Bloomfield 28/11/2000 Clacton on Sea Essex
BV990625/1 Historic Nellie Rose Blowes 30/12/1998 Higham Kent
BV2083812/1 Historic John Bluitt 15/12/2007 Ashton-under-Lyne Lancashire
BV2080710/1 Historic Thomas Board 15/03/2002 Peckham London SE15
BV21000203/1 Historic Margaret Elizabeth Boardely 14/09/2009 Lincoln Lincolnshire
BV2061241/1 Historic Joseph Bobb 12/03/2005 Lambeth London SE1
BV2035518/1 Historic Mikolaj Karol Bobyk 02/05/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2046622/1 Historic Kate Bodenheim 30/06/2004 Camden London NW1
BV2011284/1 Historic Maria Bodor 10/01/2001 Leicester Leicestershire
BV944719/1 Historic Peter Alfred Body 11/11/1994
BV2045701/1 Historic Anton Bodyk 01/02/2004 Norwich Norfolk
BV21210414/1 Historic Inez M Bogle 04/08/2009 Edgware Middx.
BV21303143/1 17/05/2013 Maurice Boidin 14/12/2012 Merstham Surrey
BV21010705/1 Historic Peter Bolger 11/06/2009 Hampstead London NW3
BV990552/1 Historic Margaret Jean Antionette Bolland 26/09/1997 Swindon Wiltshire
BV921794/1 Historic Mabel Hilda Bolton 05/04/1992 Noriwch Norfolk
BV2099118/1 Historic Peter Bolton 24/05/2004 Worthing West Sussex
BV932683/1 Historic Ronald Bolton 23/02/1993 Ilkley West Yorkshire
BV20911685/1 Historic Vonnie Bolton 21/11/2009 Southwark London SE5
BV2045705/1 Historic Catherine Clark Bonar 13/06/2004 Northwood Middlesex
BV966027/1 Historic Edward Graffam Bond 04/10/1996 Slough Berkshire
BV2086714/1 Historic Noreen Helen Bond 04/10/1995
BV2024753/1 Historic Raymond Charles Bond 21/02/2001 Norwich Norfolk
BV976182/1 Historic Winifred Helen Bond 11/07/1997 Shepton Mallet Somerset
BV931976/1 Historic Jack Bone 17/04/1993 Leytonstone London E11
BV2002096/1 Historic Kathleen Mary Bonfield 29/12/1999 Finchley London N2
BV2095072/1 Historic Wayne Boni 28/12/2008
BV2002374/1 Historic Cecil Bartholomew Paul Bonner 07/03/1999 London BridgeLondonSE1
BV21102623/1 Historic Mary Bonney 17/04/2010 Lambeth London SE1
BV21318383/1 07/01/2014 Patricia Booker 23/12/2012 Bromley Kent
BV990198/1 Historic Gulzar Boota 22/11/1998 Westminster London W1
BV965638/1 Historic Annie Booth 07/09/1996 Stansted Essex
BV943935/1 Historic Arthur Booth 17/04/1994 Basildon Essex
BV21210104/1 Historic Derek Thomas Booth 09/08/2011 Frodsham Cheshire
BV2061796/1 Historic Donald Booth 25/11/2005 Chapletown Leeds
BV21309427/1 17/09/2013 John Booth 23/10/2009 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2056669/1 Historic George Boothe 05/08/2003 Wembley Middlesex
BV2005275/1 Historic Miklos Borbely 02/11/2000 Isleworth Midddlesex
BV980334/1 Historic Henryk Borek 20/11/1997 The Hammersmith Hospital
BV21305085/1 21/05/2013 Sicilia Borgesse 09/02/2008 Paddington London W2
BV995019/1 Historic Paul Borney 16/06/1999 Paddington London W2
BV2060645/1 Historic Ian Borrowman 27/11/1998 Morpeth Northumberland
BV2080723/1 Historic Patrick Charles Borthwick 24/10/2007 Thornton Heath London CR7
BV2064077/1 Historic Stephen Bosch 24/02/2004 Lewisham London SE13
BV2088158/1 Historic Francis John Bosher 21/08/2008 Winchester Hampshire
BV942119/1 Historic Ying Boswell 09/05/1993
BV21313993/1 22/10/2013 Frank Botka 28/03/2012 Streatham London SW16
BV21110242/1 Historic Charles Bott 04/02/2011 Canterbury Kent
BV2087928/1 Historic William Alfred Bott 29/10/2008 Windsor Berkshire
BV21304624/1 11/07/2013 Alan Harry Bottomley 08/02/2013 Aberystwyth Ceredigion
BV944802/1 Historic Michael Francis Boudren 08/11/1994 Richmond Surrey
BV2032546/1 Historic Halina Anna Boughey 24/12/2002 Catford London SE6
BV21204904/1 Historic Donald Boulton 12/12/2011 Uttoxeter Staffordshire
BV902178/1 Historic Edith Alice Boulton 13/04/1990 Ashbourne Derbyshire
BV941648/1 Historic Leonard Edwin Ernest Boulton 18/03/1994 Lincoln Lincolnshire
BV21214653/1 21/02/2013 Keith Melvyn Bound 06/12/2012 Bishops Castle Shropshire
BV984954/1 Historic Robert Stanislaus Bovaird 22/09/1988 Wapping London
BV2060987/1 Historic Barbara Mary Bowden 05/06/2005 Slough
BV2053572/1 Historic Betty Bowden 21/02/2005 Taunton Somerset
BV21210548/1 Historic Daphne Joan Bowden 07/07/2012 St. Leonard’s-on-Sea East Sussex
BV2023698/1 Historic Marjorie Bowditch 29/01/2002 Thornton Heath Surrey
BV2055260/1 Historic Emily Eileen Bowen 01/04/2005 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21001217/1 Historic Janet Bowen 22/12/2009 Aylesford Kent
BV21200118/1 Historic Ronald Bowen 09/11/2010 Wednesbury West Midlands
BV950367/1 Historic Sally Bowen 06/06/1994 Shrewsbury Shropshire
BV965501/1 Historic Edgar William Wentworth Bower 15/02/1996 Wentworth Rotherham
BV2071413/1 Historic Edward Bower 01/01/2007 Peterbrough Cambridgeshire
BV951764/1 Historic Lilian Rosetta Bower 26/03/1991
BV21102808/1 Historic John Henry Bowers 14/02/2011 Southampton Hampshire
BV980861/1 Historic Kathleen Bowers 23/11/1997 Bromley Kent
BV993290/1 Historic Lillian Bowers 28/05/1999 Margate Kent
BV990266/1 Historic Thomas Bowker 19/03/1998 Whitechapel London E1
BV21306259/1 06/06/2013 Avis Bowlden 15/06/2010 Folkestone Kent
BV2034765/1 Historic Eilean Bowles 06/08/2002
BV993835/1 Historic Elizabeth Annie Bowley 24/07/1999 Golders Green London NW11
BV2060277/1 Historic John Arthur Bowyer 05/01/2005 Llantrisant Rhondda
BV2084940/1 Historic Francis Gerard Boyce 12/02/2008 Redhill Surrey
BV21306476/1 18/06/2013 Clive Richard Charles Boyd 30/12/2006 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21206511/1 Historic Vincent Boyd 01/12/2011 Willesden LB of Brent
BV2086273/1 Historic Stephen James Boyde 16/10/2006 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV2032880/1 Historic Edward Boyle 06/10/2002 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2032563/1 Historic Joseph Boyle 21/02/2003 Harrow Middlesex
BV21115707/1 Historic Loraine Mary Boyle 20/11/2003 Taunton
BV2005338/1 Historic Martin Boyle 19/10/1992 Kilburn London NW6
BV2013502/1 Historic Maureen Boyle 04/05/2001
BV950733/1 Historic Patrick Joseph Boyle 15/10/1994 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2087328/1 Historic William Boyle 16/09/2008 Derby Derbyshire
BV2064552/1 Historic Winifred Boyne 13/03/2006 Maids Moreton Buckinghamshire
BV21007206/1 Historic Kenneth James Brace 09/01/2010 Brentwood Essex
BV2042340/1 Historic Frederick Gerald Bracey 16/11/2003 Weston-super-Mare North Somerset
BV21006678/1 Historic Jean-Pierre Brachet 16/01/2010 Deptford London SE8
BV965347/1 Historic Bessie Alderson Bradbury 20/02/1996 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2062073/1 Historic Margaret Bradbury 29/01/2006 St. Albans Hertfordshire
BV2083634/1 Historic Thomas Michael Russell Bradbury 08/01/2008 Chester Cheshire
BV2099413/1 Historic Peter Bradd 26/02/2009 Ilford Essex
BV21000878/1 Historic Monaca Mary Bradfield 27/11/2009 Milford on Sea Hampshire
BV21000007/1 Historic Brian Bradley 24/03/2005 Gainsborough Lincolnshire
BV991425/1 Historic Christina Bradley 18/11/1997 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21305023/1 05/06/2013 Christopher John Bradley 20/02/2012 Congleton Cheshire
BV2062579/1 Historic Ellen Bradley 27/08/2005 Silloth Cumbria
BV984785/1 Historic Harold Bradley 26/08/1998 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21202977/1 Historic Hugh Bradley 03/12/2011 Fulham London W6
BV21213672/1 06/02/2014 Ian Hugh Bradley 28/09/2012 Northolt Middlesex
BV960789/1 Historic James David Bradley 10/05/1995 Plumstead London SE18
BV2003305/1 Historic Kathleen Mary Bradley 15/06/2000 Welshpool Powys
BV21304329/1 29/07/2013 Mary Bradley 01/01/2012 West Hagley West Midlands
BV995203/1 Historic May Bradley 30/10/1999 Macclesfield Cheshire
BV984989/1 Historic Thomas Herbert Bradley 07/07/1998 Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey
BV2040929/1 Historic William Bradley 08/11/2003 Watford Herts
BV2043165/1 Historic Donald Bradshaw 11/03/2004 Leicester Leicestershire
BV21004104/1 Historic Frank Bradshaw 28/01/2009 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV942558/1 Historic George Henry Bradshaw 18/02/1993
BV2033643/1 Historic John William Bradshaw 07/10/1999 Fulham London SW6
BV951745/1 Historic Kenneth Christopher James Bradshaw 10/04/1995
BV2067283/1 Historic Leslie Bradshaw 03/07/1999 Stafford Staffordshire
BV21213044/1 22/02/2013 Raymond Stevan Bradshaw 23/09/2012 Berwick Upon Tweed Northumberland
BV21103646/1 Historic Sylvia Bradshaw 07/03/2011 Poole Dorset
BV2035808/1 Historic Albert Brady 25/06/2003 Hammersmith London
BV963313/1 Historic Robert Brady 23/02/1996 Hamstead Heath London NW3
BV21007292/1 Historic Thomas Brady 12/04/2010 Lewisham London SE13
BV21301968/1 18/03/2013 Bobi Braganza-Evans 23/05/2012 Southwold Suffolk
BV21104484/1 Historic Pietro Brai 04/02/2011 Coventry West Midlands
BV2084780/1 Historic Frederick Clifford Brailsford 28/04/2008 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2066954/1 Historic Agnes Mary Brain 02/05/2000 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV973737/1 Historic George Ernest Brain 18/06/1997 Borehamwood Hertfordshire
BV2020858/1 Historic Joyce Brain 26/01/2002 Stockport< Manchester
BV2012605/1 Historic Fernande Louis Braisher 12/04/2001 Sutton Surrey
BV940128/1 Historic Dorothy Bramley 18/06/1991 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2073579/1 Historic Henry Seymour Bramley 30/12/2006 Grimsby N.E. Lincolnshire
BV971583/1 Historic Kathleen Minnie Bramwell 26/10/1997 Walsall West Midlands
BV2072676/1 Historic Thomas Bramwell 30/11/2006 Lambeth London SW2
BV940375/1 Historic Henry George Bramwells 08/12/1993 Chestfield Whitstable
BV944462/1 Historic Rosina Amelia Branch 18/07/1994 Epsom Surrey
BV2043797/1 Historic Jessica Henrietta Brand 02/01/2004 Colchester Essex
BV21303137/1 05/06/2013 Linda Joyce Margaret Brandenburg 26/09/2012 Hounslow Middlesex
BV21403532/1 10/04/2014 Frederick Brandes 15/12/2013 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV21308082/1 08/08/2013 Shirley Brandon 30/07/2012 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV981853/1 Historic Edith Brangan 21/12/1997 Luton Bedfordshire
BV2054520/1 Historic Marjorie Dorothy Brannen 18/10/2004 Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire
BV2012398/1 Historic Olga Katharina Martina Brantner 05/10/2000 Wallingford Oxfordshire
BV972422/1 Historic Charles William Branton 09/03/1997 Bridlington Yorkshire
BV941919/1 Historic Pauline Brassill 26/04/1994
BV2057650/1 Historic Evelyn Brassington 16/04/2005 Rossington Doncaster
BV2071030/1 Historic Rosina Bratley 12/01/2002 Swindon Wiltshire
BV21011411/1 Historic Sylvester Bravo 21/09/2010 Crewe Cheshire
BV983700/1 Historic Doris May Bray 06/04/1995 Leicester Leicestershire
BV990797/1 Historic Eliza Ann Bray 17/03/1998 Wakefield West Yorkshire
BV2033056/1 Historic Evelyn Bray 04/10/2002
BV964726/1 Historic Hilda Bray 27/04/1996 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV2095989/1 Historic Elizabeth Ann Braybrook 29/05/2009 Colchester Essex
BV2067009/1 Historic John Adrian Brazier 21/12/2005 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV2066550/1 Historic Michael Howard Brazier 14/04/2006 Toddington Bedfordshire
BV21213071/1 Historic Robert Brazil 05/02/2003 London
BV981396/1 Historic Thomas Patrick Brazil 26/11/1997 Sketty Park Swansea
BV2045548/1 Historic Francis Amelia Brearley 06/08/2003 Grimesthorpe Sheffield
BV933681/1 Historic Dorothy Bredin 13/04/1993
BV2093687/1 Historic John Breen 09/01/2009 Hailsham East Sussex
BV2062648/1 Historic Ethel Breeze 09/01/2006 Birmingham West Midlands
BV950351/1 Historic William Joseph Breeze 10/10/1994 East Gravesend Kent
BV20910299/1 Historic Ellen Breiden-Bach 01/09/2009 Edmonton London N18
BV2085233/1 Historic George Brennan 21/05/2008 Neath Glamorgan
BV2014332/1 Historic John Brennan 12/06/2001 Southall London UB1
BV2060825/1 Historic Michael Brennan 08/09/2000 Luton Bedfordshire
BV2092166/1 Historic Norman Brennan 05/01/2008 Southall London UB2
BV912607/1 Historic Richard Brennan 25/08/1991 St John’s Wood London NW8
BV2098730/1 Historic Paula Brenner 18/02/2009 Camden London
BV2010840/1 Historic Jim Brent 27/10/1998 King’s Lynn Norfolk
BV891648/1 Historic Robert Brent 15/05/1989
BV944700/1 Historic Jack Brereton 24/10/1994 Humberstone Leicester
BV952171/1 Historic Elizabeth Brett 15/02/1995 Welborne Norfolk
BV21111595/1 Historic Robert Brett 24/10/2010 Hungerford Berkshire
BV2059370/1 Historic Ruby Clare Brettell 01/11/2005 Merthyr Tydfill Glamorgan
BV2033496/1 Historic Albert William Brewer 28/05/2003 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV995075/1 Historic Alfred Brewer 25/02/1999 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV2066231/1 Historic Dorothy Rose Brewer 30/08/2006 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV985336/1 Historic Margaret Emma Breze 08/09/1998 London SE1
BV21315122/1 06/11/2013 Christine Briand 24/04/2012 Aldershot Hampshire
BV2034389/1 Historic Arthur Bridge 26/11/2000
BV991142/1 Historic Marjorie Frances Bridge 14/07/1997 Isleworth Middlesex
BV2014884/1 Historic A Bridgeman
BV972045/1 Historic Peter Ernest Bridger 21/03/1997 Marlborough Wiltshire
BV2060613/1 Historic Janet Bridges 10/10/2000 London SE26
BV2085774/1 Historic Lilian Brierley 09/10/2006 Birmingham
BV2095092/1 Historic Beatrice Mabel Briggs 27/03/2009 Lambeth London SE1
BV21002040/1 Historic Edith Briggs 25/11/1999 Gifford Oxfordshire
BV993082/1 Historic Evelyn Briggs 30/01/1999 Cardiff
BV2036768/1 Historic Lawrence Briggs 18/06/2003 Leeds
BV932266/1 Historic Lilly Dorothy Briggs 12/06/1993 Exeter Devon
BV2023179/1 Historic Mary Ann Briggs 25/10/2000 Workington Cumbria
BV990980/1 Historic Violet Mabel Briggs 22/11/1998 Lambeth London SE1
BV953495/1 Historic Albert Bright 04/04/1995 Farnham Common Buckinghamshire
BV2066170/1 Historic Janice Brimble 06/09/2005 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV976157/1 Historic James Brindley 27/02/1996 Harlow Essex
BV21401302/1 14/03/2014 Nigel Thomas Brine 28/02/2010 Burham on Crouch Essex
BV21404207/1 10/04/2014 Dorothy Brinkley 31/05/2012 Macclesfield Cheshire
BV21109347/1 Historic Maria Teresa Brinks 08/01/2011 Leicester Leicestershire
BV984721/1 Historic Frances Briody 05/03/1998 Lambeth London SE1
BV21009992/1 Historic Mary Briody 17/05/2009 Southall Middlesex
BV21010346/1 Historic Denis Kerr Villiers Briscoe 06/05/2010 London SW5
BV21003023/1 Historic Michael Briscoe 07/11/2009 Winson Green Birmingham
BV984575/1 Historic Eliza Bristow 15/05/1998 Cranleigh Surrey
BV2030289/1 Historic Gordon Harold Brittain 23/09/2000 West Bromwich West Midlands
BV21115706/1 Historic James Brittain 25/10/2011 Bournemouth Dorset
BV963197/1 Historic James Britten 25/02/1996 Bournemouth
BV21009682/1 Historic Christopher Britton 05/08/2010 Cottingham Yorkshire
BV2056504/1 Historic Jackie Britton 14/04/2003 Luton Bedfordshire
BV965914/1 Historic Lilian Grace Britton 09/09/1996 Hammersmith London W6
BV2094806/1 Historic Elsie Broadbelt 21/12/2008 Shipley West Yorkshire
BV2082558/1 Historic Margaret Broadhead 24/02/2008 Derby
BV971801/1 Historic Randolph Broadhead 25/01/1997 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2000837/1 Historic Arthur Broadley 18/10/1999 York
BV901205/1 Historic Donald Frederick Broadley 05/08/1988 Wimbledon London SW19
BV994007/1 Historic Elizabeth Clare Broadley 02/07/1997 Huddersfield
BV2097049/1 Historic Emily Broadway 08/03/1999 Hockley Birmingham
BV21211500/1 Historic Patrick Brock 26/10/2007 Tooting London SW17
BV2086920/1 Historic Margaret Brockie 08/01/2008 Nottingham
BV950623/1 Historic Ronald Brocklebank 24/01/1995 Mablethorpe Lincolnshire
BV2064492/1 Historic Fred Brocklehurst 23/06/2006 East Dulwich London SE22
BV2010640/1 Historic John William Brocklesby 10/12/2000 Wakefield West Yorkshire
BV2073058/1 Historic Elizabeth Brocksopp 01/05/2001 Stoke On Trent
BV21104245/1 Historic Marijan Brodschneider 03/01/2010 Croydon Surrey
BV2042739/1 Historic Christine Mary Brogan 18/03/2004 Sutton Surrey
BV2059967/1 Historic Herbert William Broich 17/11/2005 Worcester
BV21012886/1 Historic Margot Bronson 17/09/2010 Chelsea London SW3
BV2002943/1 Historic Elizabeth Violet Emily Brook 23/06/1999 Fulham London SW6
BV2014257/1 Historic Hilda May Brook 17/08/2001 Epsom Surrey
BV2001136/1 Historic Margaret Thelma Brook 20/03/1993 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV21306288/1 11/06/2013 Michael Stainton Brook 13/11/2008 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV21303991/1 17/05/2013 Sheila Brook 05/09/2011 Isleworth Middlesex
BV954255/1 Historic Jennie Brooke 18/08/1995 Brighton East Sussex
BV2063890/1 Historic Ronald Brooke 16/04/2006 Poole Dorset
BV963198/1 Historic James Brookes 12/12/1995 Edgbaston Birmingham West Midlands
BV990834/1 Historic Kenneth Roderick Brookes 29/01/1999 Bournemouth Dorset
BV942902/1 Historic Allan Alfred Brooks 27/05/1994 Wimbledon London SW19
BV2034929/1 Historic Florence Brooks 05/09/1999 Banstead Surrey
BV21307224/1 15/07/2013 Leonard Brooks 21/03/2013 Chingford London E4
BV942794/1 Historic Lilian May Brooks 20/02/1994 Leicester
BV2010753/1 Historic Martin Philip Brooks 17/12/2000 Islington London EC1
BV2058429/1 Historic Muriel Brooks 03/09/2005 Ipswich Suffolk
BV21300963/1 20/02/2013 Sheila Brooks 05/09/2011 Isleworth Middlesex
BV2078195/1 Historic Thomas Brooks 26/06/2007 Bognor Regis West sussex
BV973741/1 Historic Maureen Cecilia Broom 16/05/1997 Sidcup Kent
BV2048200/1 Historic Mary Ann Broome 01/06/2004
BV21107636/1 Historic Vera Broome 19/02/2011 Norwich Norfolk
BV2033352/1 Historic Reginald Broomfield 15/05/2002 Whitechapel London
BV2040822/1 Historic Adelaide Elizabeth Brown 06/03/1999 South Shields Tyne & Wear
BV2041635/1 Historic Adolphus Brown 27/12/2000 Bristol
BV2081239/1 Historic Albert Brown 30/08/2007 Rugby Warwickshire
BV976222/1 Historic Albert James Brown 10/09/1997 Poole Dorset
BV963703/1 Historic Albert William Brown 31/05/1996 Chelsea London SW3
BV2073169/1 Historic Alec James Brown 30/10/2006 Guilford Surrey
BV21212362/1 Historic Anthony Brown 16/02/2012 London SW1V
BV21104142/1 Historic Anthony Brown 04/02/2011 Solihull Birmingham
BV21114905/1 Historic Audrey Brown 19/08/2011 Clacton on Sea Essex
BV2075630/1 Historic Bert Brown 27/04/2007 Gillingham Kent
BV2066329/1 Historic Cecilia Rowena Brown 23/06/2006 Derby Derbyshire
BV992946/1 Historic Charles Edward Brown 13/03/1999 Plaistow London E16
BV2072827/1 Historic Christine Bend Brown 04/05/2006 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
BV2000317/1 Historic Clement Denis Brown 31/08/1994 Kensington London
BV21302905/1 25/03/2013 David Brown 07/02/2008 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2081620/1 Historic Dennis Kerr Brown 24/12/2007 Fulham London W6
BV2086705/1 Historic Derek Brown 18/08/2006 Crouch End London N8
BV2086490/1 Historic Devon Amaro Brown 15/10/2002 Fulham London SW6
BV985837/1 Historic Dora Brown 24/10/1998
BV2034681/1 Historic Dorothy Brown 25/07/2003 Worthing West Sussex
BV941330/1 Historic Dorothy Gladys Brown 04/03/1994 Birchington Kent
BV21303044/1 10/04/2013 Dorothy May Brown 04/02/2003 Plaistow London
BV21100381/1 Historic Douglas Peter Brown 05/10/2010 Harlow Essex
BV2005198/1 Historic Edward Brown 28/07/1997 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV2092501/1 Historic Edward Charles Brown 07/01/2009 Deptford London SE6
BV21208601/1 Historic Elsie Maud Brown 01/02/2012 Leytonstone London E11
BV991722/1 Historic Eric Brown 25/11/1998 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2020209/1 Historic Esther Brown 06/09/2001 Trimdon County Durham
BV991995/1 Historic Ethel Kathleen Brown 31/03/1998 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV932443/1 Historic Francis Patrick Brown 13/02/1993 Halesowen West Midlands
BV21307872/1 18/07/2013 Frank Brown 14/11/2012 Macclesfield Cheshire
BV2090020/1 Historic George Brown 12/11/2008 Ashtead Surrey
BV2046052/1 Historic George Henry Brown
BV2076031/1 Historic George Henry Brown 30/01/2007 Ealing London
BV965129/1 Historic Henderson Brown 30/04/1996 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV932877/1 Historic Hubert Arthur Brown 18/08/1993
BV2014908/1 Historic Ivy Kathleen Brown 04/04/2001 Hackney London E8
BV994758/1 Historic James Brown 06/04/1999 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV2047994/1 Historic James Alexander Brown 08/09/2004 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV2001428/1 Historic James Charles Brown 01/01/2000 Rugby Warwickshire
BV970819/1 Historic James Horatio Brown 13/11/1996 Walworth London SE17
BV974739/1 Historic James William Brown 16/06/1997 Camberwell London SE5
BV2046268/1 Historic Jennifer Anne Brown 29/11/2003 Whitechapel London E1
BV2080065/1 Historic John Brown 11/06/2007 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV967357/1 Historic John Brown 22/07/1996 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV965433/1 Historic John Kelly Brown 12/09/1996 Exeter Devon
BV20910383/1 Historic June Brown 19/10/2009 Greenford Middlesex UB6
BV21111383/1 Historic Kathie Brown 17/03/2009 Thatcham Berkshire
BV995048/1 Historic Kathleen Mary Brown 26/09/1999 Rugby Warwickshire
BV984185/1 Historic Loretta Brown 01/05/1998 Enfield London N21
BV21005402/1 Historic Margaret Brown 20/04/2010 Rotherham South Yorkshire
BV900313/1 Historic Margaret Kolm Brown 30/11/1989 Surrey Kent
BV2072254/1 Historic Margaret Rose Brown 13/02/2007 Chichester West Sussex
BV2065552/1 Historic Margaret Sarah Brown 12/04/2006 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2033934/1 Historic Marie Ada Brown 15/06/2003 St Leonards-on-Sea East Sussex
BV985838/1 Historic Marie L Brown 28/04/1998
BV21114360/1 Historic Marjorie Elizabeth Brown 24/08/2011 Hammersmith London W6
BV20911269/1 Historic Mary Brown 18/04/2009 Wythenshawe Manchester
BV2071419/1 Historic Mary Elaine Brown 25/04/2006 Surbiton Surrey
BV976313/1 Historic Mary Elizabeth Brown 20/12/1995 Chorley Cheshire
BV984465/1 Historic Mavis Ethel Brown 02/06/1998 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV943823/1 Historic May Brown 27/06/1994
BV2092976/1 Historic Michael Brown 23/12/2008 Gillingham Kent
BV995783/1 Historic Michael Richard Brown 12/10/1999 North KensingtonLondon W10
BV2045537/1 Historic Nellie Brown 27/08/2003 Rednall Worcestershire
BV2062492/1 Historic Nellie Brown 19/01/2006 Bognor Regis West Sussex
BV21111871/1 Historic Neville Richard Brown 04/10/2010 Leicester
BV940517/1 Historic Norman Leslie Brown 14/01/1994 Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyne & Wear
BV21311998/1 30/09/2013 Peter Brown 20/05/2013 Camden London NW3
BV2054524/1 Historic Peter John Brown 27/04/2005 West Smithfield London EC1A
BV2078718/1 Historic Raymond Brown 05/10/2007 Cottingham East Yorkshire
BV21006846/1 Historic Reginald Frederick Brown 25/08/2009 Chertsey Surrey
BV2085325/1 Historic Reginald Jack Brown 18/06/2008 Westcliff-on-Sea Southend-on-Sea
BV2004015/1 Historic Rhoda Brown 07/06/2000 Fulham London W6
BV2060282/1 Historic Rodney Thomas Brown 14/10/2005 Brighton East Sussex
BV21317759/1 17/12/2013 Ronald Brown 23/10/2013 Orpington Kent
BV985073/1 Historic Samuel Brown 21/10/1998 Acton London W3
BV994763/1 Historic Samuel Brown 25/08/1999 Barnsley South Yorkshire
BV990283/1 Historic Sidney Brown 07/08/1998 Stratton Swindon
BV2043775/1 Historic Stanley Brown 22/12/2003 Westminster London W9
BV2085348/1 Historic Sylvia Brown 15/05/2008 Northwood Middlesex HA6
BV980314/1 Historic Vera Brown 27/12/1997 Eastbourne
BV954218/1 Historic Vera Elizabeth Brown 07/04/1995
BV950953/1 Historic Vincent George Reid Brown 24/02/1995 Brockley London SE4
BV951837/1 Historic William Arthur Brown 06/01/1995
BV981031/1 Historic Winifred Maud Brown 13/01/1998 Eye Suffolk
BV21317587/1 17/12/2013 Anthony Browne 18/10/2013 Bournemouth Dorset
BV980654/1 Historic Aramita Browne 03/01/1997 Leytonstone London E11
BV2015203/1 Historic Claretta Theodora Browne 14/06/2001 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21107281/1 Historic Elvidge Robert Browne 29/04/2011 Stafford Staffordshire
BV2092423/1 Historic Gwendoline Marjorie Browne 26/01/2009 Leytonstone
BV2060396/1 Historic Kathleen Browne 12/12/2005 East Preston West Sussex
BV21112508/1 Historic Nicholas Browne 04/08/2011 Park Royal London NW10
BV2074067/1 Historic Patricia Browne 02/10/1993 Battersea London SW11
BV983202/1 Historic William James Browne 28/03/1998 Reading Berks
BV967186/1 Historic Margaret Browning 16/09/1996 Davenham Cheshire
BV966736/1 Historic May Browning 13/03/1995 Surbiton Surrey
BV2012469/1 Historic Valerie Doreen Browning 12/01/2001 Barnet Herts
BV2067381/1 Historic Vivian Michael Brownray 27/08/2005 Bangor Conwy
BV21107722/1 Historic David Bruce 14/12/2006 Newport Gwent
BV21003351/1 Historic Michael Norman Bruce 15/02/2010 Leatherhead Surrey
BV21315133/1 06/11/2013 Peter David Bruce 25/09/2013 Leytonstone London E11
BV2055562/1 Historic Patrick Bruen 27/07/2002
BV21306907/1 16/07/2013 Roberto Angel Brun 08/04/2013 Shepherds Bush London W12
BV984581/1 Historic Charles formerly Israel Brestoff Brunelle 16/09/1998 Whitechapel London E1
BV2000949/1 Historic George Brunt 11/12/1999 Cheddleton Staffordshire
BV2002430/1 Historic Peter J Brunton-Phillips 21/04/1996 Westminster London
BV21316309/1 29/11/2013 Alan Brushfield 15/08/2013 Bristol County of Bristol
BV2025165/1 Historic Kenneth Charles Bruty 16/09/2002 Grimsby North East Lincolnshire
BV960825/1 Historic Jerome Louis Raymond Hewett Bruylants 03/10/1995 Portsmouth Hants.
BV21103053/1 Historic Ceciline Elizabeth Bryan 24/06/2010 Plumstead London SE18
BV2012807/1 Historic Helen L Bryan 30/08/1986 Hackney London E5
BV21305424/1 14/05/2013 Mary Ellen Bryanston 18/01/2013 Epping Essex
BV2034758/1 Historic Desmond Bryant 18/10/2002
BV2092473/1 Historic George Bryant 08/11/2008 Southall Middlesex
BV21115290/1 Historic Stephen Harold Bryant 21/12/2010 Bradford Yorkshire
BV2005805/1 Historic Frank Bryanton 17/10/1999 Wembley London
BV21100733/1 Historic Bessie Bryce 31/12/2010 Abergele Conwy
BV2020332/1 Historic Stanislaw Bryczek 06/12/2001 Newton Abbot Devon
BV2030197/1 Historic Katherine Bryer 25/12/2002 Camden London NW3
BV2014071/1 Historic Henryk Bryll 02/08/1999 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV944679/1 Historic Lottie Bryson 10/03/1994 Sidcup Kent
BV2035812/1 Historic Hector Crawford Buchanan 27/03/2003 Hammersmith London W6
BV2010544/1 Historic Rita Buchler 21/12/2000 Welwyn Hertfordshire
BV2048375/1 Historic Erich Buchwald 29/07/2004 Wilmslow Cheshire
BV21004383/1 Historic Arthur Buck 02/03/2009 Birmingham
BV21307361/1 24/07/2013 John William Buck 09/08/2003 Brighton Brighton and Hove
BV21002361/1 Historic James Edward Buckham 04/12/2009 Southall Middlesex
BV2081244/1 Historic Mary Buckingham 09/12/2007 Newcastle-under-Lyme Staffs
BV2085850/1 Historic Ella Sophie Laura Buckland 05/10/2007 Bury St Edmonds Suffolk
BV2022135/1 Historic Enid Buckley 04/03/2002 Bristol Avon
BV965500/1 Historic Jack Adams Buckwell 06/06/1996 Hornchurch Essex
BV21202991/1 Historic Henrietta Amy Bucsanszky 28/10/2011 Leyton London E10
BV950952/1 Historic Kazys Budavicius 23/12/1994 Coventry West Midlands
BV2065457/1 Historic Ageton Buddo 01/06/2003 Whitechapel London E1
BV21402719/1 12/03/2014 David Edward Budner 23/10/2013 Romford Essex
BV2091276/1 Historic Elizabeth Dora Buffery 19/01/2009 Stevenage Hertfordshire
BV2060066/1 Historic Anna Buglar 27/11/2005 Gillingham Dorset
BV21306290/1 11/06/2013 Frank Bula 08/04/2006 Derby Derbyshire
BV980493/1 Historic Lynda Bull 14/01/1998 Basingstoke Haampshire
BV21115441/1 Historic John Trefer (Trevor) Bullen 22/10/2011 Exmouth Devon
BV981901/1 Historic Ethel Harold Bullock 05/01/1998 Newcastle on Tyne
BV982785/1 Historic Joseph Oddy Bulmer 20/10/1997 Bradford
BV2005910/1 Historic Linda Bulmer 31/05/2000 Consett Co. Durham
BV21404027/1 10/04/2014 Brian Bulson 18/02/2014 Westcliff-on-Sea Essex
BV2030578/1 Historic Gwendoline Bunday 07/06/2002 Southampton
BV21003421/1 Historic Donald Bundock 04/10/2009 Herne Bay Kent
BV990593/1 Historic Lily Bunker 22/11/1998 Wembley Middlesex
BV952963/1 Historic Hilda May Bunn 27/01/1995 Rochford Essex
BV2013994/1 Historic Joseph Bunna 12/06/2001 Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire
BV923641/1 Historic Albert Bunting 01/11/1991 Plaistow London E13
BV961903/1 Historic Albert Bunting 16/12/1993 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV2002075/1 Historic Douglas Bunting 18/12/1999 Sunderland
BV2086492/1 Historic Boonsa Buntoonchinda 06/12/2000 Kensington London W11
BV961862/1 Historic George Bunyan 17/02/1996 Westcliffe on Sea Essex
BV2043727/1 Historic Joseph William Burbridge 29/01/2004 Selly Oak Birmignham
BV932094/1 Historic Walter Burbridge 07/05/1993 Keysham Bristol
BV970004/1 Historic Isabella Burch 30/07/1996 Cambridge Cambridgershire
BV2086907/1 Historic Ellen Elizabeth Burchell 03/02/1997 Dudley West Midlands
BV994269/1 Historic Annie Burden 11/08/1992 Swindon Wiltshire
BV964628/1 Historic Joanna Burden 27/04/1996 West Brompton London SW10
BV2020014/1 Historic Julian Burdo 28/07/2001 Bordesley Green Birmingham
BV21004551/1 Historic Joan Burge 05/02/2007 East Riding of Yorkshire
BV2071192/1 Historic Alan Burgess 10/11/2006 Gillingham Kent
BV2075887/1 Historic Beatrice Burgess 04/01/2000 Islington London WC1X
BV2010536/1 Historic Dorothy Burgess 28/03/2000 Farnborough Hants
BV21103316/1 Historic Dorothy Burgess 01/05/2010 Enfield London N18
BV2058481/1 Historic Ellen Isabella Martha Burgess 16/07/2005 Dartford Kent
BV992944/1 Historic George William Albert Burgess 04/09/1990 Selsey West Sussex
BV21304634/1 12/12/2013 Gordon Charles Burgess 05/03/2012 Great Yarmouth Norfolk
BV2075148/1 Historic Henry Burgess 08/12/2006 Upper Edmonton London N18
BV963977/1 Historic Leslie James Burgess 15/05/1996 High Wycombe Buckinghamshire
BV21201294/1 Historic Marianne Janina Burgess 20/12/1991 Camden London NW1
BV2042443/1 Historic Violet Burgess 08/06/2003 Weston-super-Mare Somerset
BV21015241/1 Historic Anthony Daniel Burke 22/04/2010 Tottenham London
BV2080718/1 Historic James Vincent Burke 02/07/2007 Smethwick West Midlands
BV2020460/1 Historic John Burke 10/11/2000 Rainham Essex
BV2078374/1 Historic Martin Burke 26/10/2007 Redhill Surrey
BV2092156/1 Historic Mary Burke 27/01/2009 Fulham. London
BV2075099/1 Historic Michael William Burke 17/10/2006 Canterbury Kent
BV2080902/1 Historic Patrick Burke 28/06/2006 Leytonstone London E11
BV21015110/1 Historic Patrick Burke 22/10/2010 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV21305339/1 05/07/2013 Thomas Burke 08/04/2013 Chichester West Sussex
BV2011073/1 Historic Veronika Burke 05/01/2001 Hove East Sussex
BV2021876/1 Historic William Burke 14/03/2002 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2026065/1 Historic Rolf Burkhalter 06/11/2000 Paddington London W2
BV985903/1 Historic John Frank Burkitt 11/12/1998
BV995750/1 Historic Queenie Burlton 18/05/1999
BV2086576/1 Historic Florence Burnett 08/04/2007 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV2023040/1 Historic Joseph Burnett 18/06/2001 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland
BV2035767/1 Historic Lily Mary Burnett 21/05/2003 Goodmayes Essex
BV994572/1 Historic Ernestine Georgina Agnes Burnham 14/09/1999 Hatfield Hertfordshire
BV2011325/1 Historic George Burnhill 21/12/1999 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV965198/1 Historic Magda Burnhope 18/03/1996 Houghton le Spring Tyne and Wear
BV2065384/1 Historic Anna Burns 17/09/2003 Barnet Herts
BV2080259/1 Historic Dennis Burns 09/08/2007 Darlington Durham
BV2023093/1 Historic Irene Burns 23/05/2002 Halton Cheshire
BV981563/1 Historic James Burns 16/01/1997
BV21307963/1 15/07/2013 James Burns 30/04/2013 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV982527/1 Historic Jean Alma Burns 19/02/1998 Hartlepool Cleveland
BV2048763/1 Historic Joseph Burns 14/11/2004 Wolverhampton
BV2085108/1 Historic Marjorie D Burns 29/11/2003 East Dulwich London SE27
BV2063478/1 Historic Veronica Burns 21/01/2006 Dewsbury West Yorkshire
BV21110412/1 Historic David Burrows 03/05/2011 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2023953/1 Historic Edward Burrows 04/01/1997 Mansfield Notts.
BV2002762/1 Historic Eveline Burrows 18/03/2000 Norwich Norfolk
BV21315773/1 05/12/2013 Irene Burrows 21/12/2012 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
BV2022749/1 Historic John Burrows 08/08/1997 Highbury London N5
BV21308304/1 20/08/2013 Mirriam Burrows 31/10/2007 Westminster London NW6
BV2011287/1 Historic Nora Burrows 17/12/2000 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV912854/1 Historic Albert Leslie Burt 17/11/1984 Histon Cambridgeshire
BV2034114/1 Historic Catherine M Burt 15/04/2003 Torquay Deveon
BV981826/1 Historic Ronald Robert Burtenshaw 12/02/1998 Lewes East Sussex
BV970953/1 Historic Alexander John Burton 17/09/1996 High Kelling Norfolk
BV942411/1 Historic Amy Burton 25/01/1994 Beeston Nottinghamshire
BV2042321/1 Historic Annie Burton 30/10/2003 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2054010/1 Historic Ellen Burton 02/12/2002 Selly Oak Birmingham
BV2081178/1 Historic Ellen Anne Burton 02/09/2001 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21115305/1 Historic Jack Burton 07/04/2011 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV973556/1 Historic Marjorie Burton 05/12/1996 Mundesley Norfolk
BV2071181/1 Historic Michael Victor Burton 11/12/1993 Hackney London N16
BV21201677/1 Historic Richard Henry Burton 24/03/2000 London
BV2035067/1 Historic Roland Burton 18/12/2002 Leeds Yorkshire
BV2045846/1 Historic Tony Burton 09/08/2004 Bournemouth Dorset
BV21310725/1 02/12/2013 William Burton 09/09/2008 Bridgend Wales
BV2075621/1 Historic William Thomas Burton 07/05/2007 Margate Kent
BV2076684/1 Historic Vincent Bury 03/03/2007 Coventry West Midlands
BV970468/1 Historic Herbert Henry Busby 09/01/1997 Chatham Kent
BV2031188/1 Historic Albert Bush 10/09/2002 Homerton London E9
BV944413/1 Historic Alfred Henry Bush 27/06/1994 Homerton London E9
BV962999/1 Historic Keith Bush 18/01/1996 Guildford Surrey
BV976360/1 Historic Roy Herbert Bush 13/12/1997 Croydon Surrey
BV2090775/1 Historic Stanley Bush 20/09/2008 Dartford Kent
BV2032881/1 Historic Charles Bushe 29/01/2003 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV980041/1 Historic Doris Emily Bushell 04/12/1997 Croydon Surrey
BV943371/1 Historic Wilfred Walter Bushell 06/04/1994 Newport Isle of Wight
BV963930/1 Historic May Florence Bustard 19/09/1988 London W12
BV2003398/1 Historic Christopher Walter Buswell 16/04/2000 Redhill Surrey
BV21101018/1 Historic David John Butcher 11/11/2010 Newport Isle of Wight
BV2012375/1 Historic Doris Butcher 28/12/2000 Homerton London E9
BV21113061/1 Historic Doris Agnes Butcher 18/04/2011 Reading Berkshire
BV952348/1 Historic Dorothy Butcher 04/06/1994 Farnborough Hampshire
BV21105348/1 Historic Mary Butcher 08/11/2010 Tooting London SW17
BV2002327/1 Historic Mary Mildred Butcher 07/12/1999
BV2010973/1 Historic Nellie Marjorie Butcher 09/02/2001 Reigate Surrey
BV942947/1 Historic Marie Buterlewicz 18/03/1994 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV994035/1 Historic Joan Buteux 06/01/9910 Winchmore Hill London
BV21400938/1 11/02/2014 Alan Peter Butler 12/04/2009 Whetstone London N20
BV2003712/1 Historic Annie Butler 09/07/1997 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2047285/1 Historic Annie Butler 08/07/2004 West Bromwich West Midlands
BV2077092/1 Historic Annie Josephine Butler 26/05/2000 Chertsey Surrey
BV21211008/1 Historic Darrell Edward Butler 29/10/2011 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV2086493/1 Historic Edward Butler 28/06/2001 London N1
BV2015294/1 Historic George Butler 20/06/2001 London NW3
BV923343/1 Historic Gladys Butler 20/09/1992 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2061546/1 Historic Joyce Butler 16/02/2006 Broomfield Essex
BV2084514/1 Historic Kenneth Brian Butler 13/12/2007 Bicester Oxfordshire
BV21207536/1 Historic Marjorie Butler 20/08/2011 Conwy North Wales
BV991815/1 Historic Mary Butler 08/02/1999 Fitzrovia London W1
BV2090926/1 Historic Paul Frederick Butler 25/07/2008 Leytonstone London E11
BV2074071/1 Historic Vivian David Butler 27/03/2006 Bangor Gwynedd
BV892365/1 Historic William Douglas Butler 28/04/1989 Redditch Worcestershire
BV973421/1 Historic William Butters 01/01/1997 Rockferry Wirral
BV21103062/1 Historic Peter Walter Butterworth 18/01/2003 Todmorden West Yorkshire
BV2080803/1 Historic Nedjo Butulija 19/05/2005 Telford Shropshire
BV930372/1 Historic Richard Arthur Buxton 31/03/1992
BV2084639/1 Historic Maria Louisa Joanna Buys 18/12/2007 Weston-super-Mare Somerset
BV2066924/1 Historic Andrew Byard 18/04/1995 Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire
BV2013692/1 Historic Dennis Michael Bycroft 10/06/2001 Canterbury Kent
BV21306434/1 21/06/2013 Ling Mak Byerley 24/10/2011 Golders Green London NW11
BV2033178/1 Historic Edith Byfield 15/03/2003 Kentish Town London NW5
BV2014299/1 Historic Herbert Byfield 05/12/2000 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV2087500/1 Historic Sarah Jane Byford 22/10/2008 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV973003/1 Historic Violet Byner 09/01/1997 Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire
BV961367/1 Historic Catherine Grace Byrne 01/02/1995 Camden London
BV2033076/1 Historic Charles Byrne 04/09/2002 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21314525/1 29/10/2013 Jean Byrne 03/11/2012 Leytonstone London E11
BV931257/1 Historic Josephine Byrne 04/04/1993 Northampton Northamptonshire
BV2055795/1 Historic Michael Byrne 19/05/2002 Finsbury Parl London N4
BV2086580/1 Historic Michael Francis Byrne 22/08/2003 Camden London N1
BV2080374/2 05/04/2013 Patrick Byrne 27/03/2007 Roehampton London SW15
BV2003268/1 Historic Robert Norman Byrne 02/05/2000 Newport Gwent
BV995623/3/1 Historic Sarah Christine Byrne 12/09/1999 Lewisham
BV951936/1 Historic William Byron 22/02/1995 Paddington London W2
BV21209673/1 Historic Graham Caddick 14/02/2012 Derby Derbyshire
BV2086516/1 Historic Dorothy Cade 27/06/2007 Alfreton Derbyshire
BV2031882/1 Historic Peter Cadet 16/09/1989 Hampstead London NW3
BV980164/1 Historic Annette Regina Cadman-Clinton 20/12/1997 Ringwood Hampshire
BV2043698/1 Historic Margaret Cafferty 11/05/2004 Swindon Wiltshire
BV2003756/1 Historic Patricia Caffrey 17/04/2000 Swindon Wiltshire
BV21208311/1 Historic Irene Cage 27/12/2011
BV2063341/1 Historic Asenath Caiden 04/07/2001 Kensington London W10
BV970849/1 Historic Margaret Cain 10/07/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2092143/1 Historic Paul Cain 15/09/2006 Kensington London W11
BV964419/1 Historic Sarah Alice Caines 14/01/1996 North Shields Tyne & Wear
BV2034531/1 Historic Anne Cairns 23/05/2003 South Shields Tyne & Wear
BV21202238/1 Historic James Graham Cairns 10/01/2011 Birmingham West Midlands
BV954026/1 Historic Edith Rose Caladine 30/08/1995 Sutton Surrey
BV21204393/1 Historic Carl Brian Calder 09/02/2012 Basingstoke
BV993807/1 Historic Mary Maisie Cale 24/02/1999 Haringey London
BV2065934/1 Historic James Callaghan 19/08/2006 Hammersmith London W6
BV2015451/1 Historic Mary Callaghan 03/10/2001 Chelsea London W10
BV995755/1 Historic Patrick Callaghan 04/08/1999 Birmingham West Midlands
BV933061/1 Historic Robert Joseph Callahan 16/09/1993 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV21317556/1 18/12/2013 Dolores Callang 29/01/2013 Westminster London W2
BV21210434/1 16/01/2013 Gary Steven Callaway 04/01/2012 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV2002588/1 Historic Isabella Callender 17/07/1995 Prudhoe Northumberland
BV2070579/1 Historic Mary Calvaitis 16/07/2006 Southampton Hampshire
BV2005268/1 Historic Emily Calvert 17/08/2000 Sheerness Kent
BV21007599/1 Historic John Calvert 25/09/2009 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV2037033/1 Historic Ronald Calvert 08/07/2003 Hanworth Middlesex
BV2011426/1 Historic Desmond Leslie Cameron 22/02/2001 Minehead Somerset
BV2013343/1 Historic Gladstone Cameron 19/03/2001 Rugby Warwickshire
BV2064757/1 Historic Mary Cameron 12/02/2006 Orpington Kent
BV21202995/1 Historic Patricia Camilleri 11/07/2011 Hampstead London
BV21014838/1 Historic Carl Ainsley Campbell 10/09/2010 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2094205/1 Historic Colin Campbell 25/04/2009 Wigton Cumbria
BV21403992/1 09/04/2014 David Stuart Campbell 11/01/2014 Colchester Essex
BV21002362/1 Historic Eric Campbell 09/06/2009 Guildford Surrey
BV21000622/1 Historic George Campbell 01/11/2009 Bangor Gwynedd
BV2086616/1 Historic Gerald Campbell 18/06/2008 Reading Berkshire
BV2035534/1 Historic Gwendoline May Campbell 18/08/2003 Paddington London W2
BV2001889/1 Historic Henry St John Campbell 20/01/2000 Old Colwyn
BV2075278/1 Historic James Michael Campbell 11/08/2004 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV992234/1 Historic Jonathon Campbell 19/09/1996 Blackheath London SE5
BV2003867/1 Historic Lorraine Campbell 15/03/2000 London W1
BV964624/1 Historic Louis John Campbell 29/06/1996 Wellington Herefordshire
BV2044266/1 Historic Stanley Campbell 24/05/2003 Ilfracombe Devon
BV964303/1 Historic Terence Campbell 18/08/1996 Southampton Hampshire
BV2041025/1 Historic William Graham Campbell 13/01/2004 Romford Essex
BV2044275/1 Historic Patrick Canavan 22/10/2003 Cricklewood London NW2
BV970942/1 Historic Edna Cane 10/08/1994 Hextable Kent
BV21317632/1 09/01/2014 Peter John Canepe 10/06/2011 Swanton Novers Norfolk
BV21303430/1 23/04/2013 Maria Guiseppo Cannavo 01/01/2013 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2037930/1 Historic Harriett Cannell 14/07/2000 Hackney London E9
BV2003400/1 Historic Derek Cannon 11/05/2000 Derby Derbyshire
BV992528/1 Historic Patrick Canny 19/04/1999 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2002589/1 Historic Emily Bertha Cant 13/04/2000 Islington London N1
BV964072/1 Historic Hilary Cantor 20/01/1995 Knutsford Cheshire
BV2003077/1 Historic Cornelius Canty 01/07/1999
BV985523/1 Historic Carol Capel 20/08/1998 Edmonton London N9
BV2074078/1 Historic Kenneth Warren Capell 07/01/1980 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV942825/1 Historic Heather Caple 04/07/1994 Ystrad Meurig Dyfed
BV2021383/1 Historic Lilian Capon 21/12/2000 Margate Kent
BV21213438/1 Historic Louise Carby 11/05/2012 Hampstead London NW3
BV995634/1 Historic Lilian Carden 13/11/1998 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV20911708/1 Historic Michael Carey 17/08/2006 Crewe Cheshire
BV21306938/1 17/07/2013 Michael Joseph Carey 09/09/2003 Newmarket Suffolk
BV940562/1 Historic Timothy Carey 09/01/1994 Southwark London SE1
BV2036869/1 Historic Edward Carlisle 23/03/2003 Feltham Middlesex
BV994808/1 Historic Dennis Carlton 04/10/1999 Shipley West Yorkshire
BV2064010/1 Historic Susan Margaret Carmichael 24/04/2006 South Ruislip Middlesex
BV2021785/1 Historic Charles Carmody 23/04/2001 Lambeth London SE1
BV953338/1 Historic Hilde Henriette Ottilie Caro 19/06/1994 Southwark London SE1
BV971640/1 Historic Vincent Carolan 16/09/1996 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV21306168/1 07/06/2013 Dorothea Carpenter 14/01/2004 Towcester Northamptonshire
BV2088216/1 Historic Irene May Carpenter 05/10/2008 Weston-Super-Mare Somerset
BV20510006/1 Historic Lesley Denise Carpenter 25/11/2005 Basingstoke Hampshire
BV993038/1 Historic Sidney John Carpenter 26/06/1998 Pontyglun Mid Glamorgan
BV2080130/1 Historic Donald Carr 28/11/1991 Frimley Surrey
BV2063322/1 Historic Etta Carr 21/07/2005 Nutley East Sussex
BV990203/1 Historic James Carr 05/11/1998 Settle North Yorkshire
BV2053934/1 Historic Jean Carr 14/04/2005 Consett Co Durham
BV21000272/1 Historic John Carr 23/09/2009 Boston Lincolnshire
BV21402746/1 25/03/2014 Peter Carr 11/02/2014 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV21313119/1 10/10/2013 Neville Paul Francis Carrel 29/03/2013 Thamesmead London SE28
BV2040996/1 Historic Mary Carrol 27/11/2003 Bridgend
BV20510298/1 Historic Julia Carroll 18/11/2005 Salford Priors Worcestershire WR11
BV21106390/1 Historic Kevin Anthony Carroll 12/01/2011 Archway London N19
BV2080039/1 Historic Mary Carroll 12/09/2007 Whitley Bay Tyne & Wear
BV2004373/1 Historic Molly Carroll 30/07/2000 Liss Hampshire
BV21202925/1 Historic Monica Carroll 29/12/2011 Southall Middlesex
BV2041632/1 Historic William Carroll 22/12/2003 Kettering Northamptonshire
BV2012885/1 Historic John Carruthers 21/04/2001 Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire
BV991055/1 Historic Henry Carson 15/03/1998
BV2085692/1 Historic Alan Carter 03/07/2008 Torquay Devon
BV21010607/1 Historic Alan Carter 06/01/2008 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV980693/1 Historic Albert Carter 19/12/1996 Stockwell London SW9
BV963000/1 Historic Albert George Carter 12/04/1996 Weymouth Dorset
BV941272/1 Historic Arthur George Carter 17/04/1993 Camden London NW1
BV961937/1 Historic Arthur Henry Carter 08/03/1996 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV2026006/1 Historic Cynthia Jane Carter 12/11/2001 Basingstoke Hampshire
BV2001550/1 Historic David Charles Cecil Carter 13/08/1996 Frimley Surrey
BV2021994/1 Historic Douglas Edward Carter 23/02/2002 Strood Goucestershire
BV21003341/1 Historic Edward James Carter 25/12/2008 Lowestoft Suffolk
BV975602/1 Historic Edwin Carter 22/07/1997 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV976478/1 Historic Florrie Carter 16/11/1996 Batley West Yorkshire
BV981370/1 Historic Francis Carter 30/09/1994 Bristol Somerset
BV21005065/1 Historic George Nathaniel Carter 23/04/2010 Reading Berkshire
BV21316255/1 25/03/2014 Hazel Carter 03/02/2011 Watford Hertfordshire
BV960725/1 Historic Ivy Mary Carter 13/07/1995 Hornsey London N8
BV2065798/1 Historic John Edward Carter 07/08/2006 West Smithfield London EC1
BV2084272/1 Historic John Reginald Carter 06/06/2008 Battersea London SW11
BV2086926/1 Historic Joyce Alice Carter 20/08/2008 Lewisham London SE13
BV985553/1 Historic Joyce Ena Carter 10/11/1998 Wickford Essex
BV2023589/1 Historic Miriam Carter 29/05/1998 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2004555/1 Historic Muriel Carter 04/08/2000 Eastbourne Dorset
BV2003656/1 Historic Nanette Dorothy Carter 27/04/1999 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2013292/1 Historic Raymond Thomas Carter 11/02/2000 Chelsea London SW3
BV21010724/1 Historic Roy Andrew Thomas Carter 15/11/2009 Bristol Somerset
BV2098105/1 Historic William Carter 24/01/2005 Leytonstone London E11
BV960823/1 Historic Una Pearl Cartlidge 05/12/1995 Plymouth Devon
BV21006048/1 Historic Lawrence Cartmer 10/10/2009 Worthing West Sussex
BV2041721/1 Historic Hilda Cartwright 15/09/2003 Ilford Essex
BV952312/1 Historic Irene Mary Cartwright 14/04/1995 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2010676/1 Historic Lois Evelyn Cartwright 12/12/2000 Streatham London SW2
BV993001/1 Historic Sidney Cartwright 21/04/1999 North Shields Tyne & Wear
BV2066358/1 Historic Michael Carty 27/07/1996 Southwarl London SE1
BV2078946/1 Historic Celia Casey 14/10/2007 Southall Middlesex
BV974208/1 Historic Edward Casey 19/06/1997 Addiscombe Croydon
BV2032345/1 Historic Michael Casey 15/12/2002 Stafford Staffordshire
BV2085826/1 Historic Linda Cashman 17/05/2008 Brentford Middlesex
BV21110059/1 Historic Cameron Cassidy 02/08/2010 Cardiff
BV21006765/1 Historic John Cassidy 21/02/2010 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2005620/1 Historic Mary Margaret Cassidy 11/01/2000 Arnside Cumbria
BV21204825/1 Historic Alan James Casson 29/07/2011 Lambeth London SE1
BV2020506/1 Historic Aldo Castignetti 23/01/2002 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV2000731/1 Historic Ada Castle 03/12/1999 Sidcup Kent
BV2090024/1 Historic Ernest Castle 11/11/2005 Dudley West Midlands
BV974894/1 Historic Minnie Edith Gwendoline Castle 15/04/1995 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV21007405/1 Historic Peter Castle 17/03/2010 Sandwich Kent
BV912586/1 Historic Sheila Castle 08/09/1991
BV21300268/1 06/02/2013 Geoffrey William Herbert Castledene 14/12/2012 Torquay Devon
BV2003549/1 Historic John Henry Cavender 26/10/1999 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2077868/1 Historic Jean Ada Caygill 26/07/2007 Lewisham London SE13
BV2061318/1 Historic Phillipa Ceasari 07/12/2005 Margate Kent
BV972483/1 Historic Sylvio Pietro Cecchini 04/01/1997 Carlisle Cumbria
BV2025354/1 Historic Boris Cepuritis 22/12/1997 Lewisham London SE13
BV2085383/1 Historic Alfred Thomas Chadwick 17/07/2008 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV20910044/1 Historic Elizabeth Chadwick 25/10/2007 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV21207228/1 Historic Lilly Chainey 08/10/2011 Deverill Wiltshire
BV2054723/1 Historic Thelma Chalk 26/10/2004 Worthing West Sussex
BV2098952/1 Historic Rosemary Challiner 05/01/2008 Christchurch Dorset
BV991517/1 Historic Mary Challinor 29/08/1998 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV21108057/1 Historic Paul Challinor 29/12/2010 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
BV952341/1 Historic Reginald Challinor 09/02/1995 Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire
BV21308019/1 29/07/2013 David Chalmers 19/04/2013 Headingley Leeds
BV21306073/1 10/06/2013 George Chamberlain 09/04/2010 Brighton East Sussex
BV2000663/1 Historic Arthur Chambers 25/11/1999 Reading Berkshire
BV2054481/1 Historic Maurice John Chambers 14/03/2005 Swindon Wiltshire
BV2077483/1 Historic Phyllis Chambers 12/07/2007 Birkenhead Merseyside
BV2034573/1 Historic Ilene Riding Chamley 27/12/2002 Camden London N6
BV21201818/1 Historic Yuk Kong Chan 13/11/2011 Greenwich London SE2
BV961458/1 Historic Frederick William Chandler 16/02/1996 Battersea London SW11
BV2003106/1 Historic Gordon Chandler 12/12/1998 Shirley Surrey
BV2021832/1 Historic Henry Chandler 10/11/2001 Reading Berkshire
BV2004984/1 Historic Perrine Chandler 23/12/1998 Brentwood Essex
BV2021901/1 Historic Alfred Chapman 14/11/1993 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2063025/1 Historic Arthur Stephen Chapman 08/02/2005 Camberwell Green London SE5
BV2030393/1 Historic Bernard John Chapman 01/12/2002 Boston Lincolnshire
BV982469/1 Historic Catherine Chapman 15/01/1998 Hove East Sussex
BV982832/1 Historic Dennis Chapman 04/12/1997 Chingford London E4
BV2078727/1 Historic Edward Krishna Chapman 22/04/2007 Tooting London SW17
BV962165/1 Historic Emily Chapman 25/02/1996 Wimbledon London SW19
BV932185/1 Historic Eva Laurie Chapman 29/11/1991 Tower Hamlets London E2
BV963783/1 Historic Eveline Chapman 26/02/1996 Richmond North Yorkshire
BV862336/1 Historic Julia Chapman 03/06/1985 Shoreditch London N1
BV2058744/1 Historic Marjorie Chapman 18/12/2003 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV20911986/1 Historic Marjorie Ruth Chapman 20/08/2009 Hornchurch Essex
BV972553/1 Historic Philip Chapman 16/09/1996
BV2034675/1 Historic Phyllis Dare Chapman 28/07/2003 Woking Surrey
BV21301932/1 05/06/2013 Ronald Chapman 22/07/2011 Chesterfield Derbyshire
BV2086494/1 Historic Ruby Chapman 06/04/2001 Gorleston Norfolk
BV2004086/1 Historic Yvonne Jacqueline Chapman 22/04/2000 London Sw8
BV974977/1 Historic Ilia Chapnik 08/07/1997 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV952024/1 Historic Madeline Edith Chappell 24/11/1994 Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire
BV2047087/1 Historic Phyllis Chappell 05/03/2003 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21304332/1 26/07/2013 William Chappell 19/02/2005 Derby Derbyshire
BV970426/1 Historic Stavros Charalambous 19/12/1996 Carshalton Surrey
BV2067069/1 Historic Wasil Charitonsouk 28/04/2005 Luton Bedfordshire
BV932034/1 Historic Francis Harry Charles 29/05/1993
BV2052372/1 Historic John Henry Charles 21/10/2003
BV2065365/1 Historic Leonard Charles 23/10/2004 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2086495/1 Historic Urick Sylvester Charles 20/03/1998 Clapham London SW4
BV2033049/1 Historic John Charlesworth 23/04/2003 Bristol Somerset
BV2084701/1 Historic Sylvia Charley 11/04/2008 Walsall West Midlands
BV2060076/1 Historic Lawrence Charlick 11/04/2004 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
BV2087825/1 Historic Gay Charlton 04/04/2006 Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire
BV21106805/1 Historic John Charlton 05/04/2011 Rhyl Denbighshire
BV2083091/1 Historic Margaret Charlton 08/04/2008 Ashington Northumberland
BV2098774/1 Historic Michael Alfred Charman 23/08/2007 Chichester West Sussex
BV973669/1 Historic George William Charnock 20/06/1997 Frimley Surrey
BV21310557/1 03/09/2013 Prodyot Kumar Chatterjee 27/04/2013 Harrow Middlesex
BV2025247/1 Historic Robert Chatterton 03/06/2001 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2045434/1 Historic Ajit Singh Chauhan 30/01/2004 Rochester Kent
BV2063887/1 Historic Lalitaben Hargovind Chauhan 15/08/2002 Walsall West Midlands
BV2012116/1 Historic Claudio Checchi 07/02/2001 Chelsea London SW3
BV2021334/1 Historic Grace Ann Cheek 08/02/2002 Carshalton Surrey
BV2063422/1 Historic Stanley Arthur Cheeseman 11/05/2004 Leytonstone London E11
BV2030455/1 Historic Herbert Cheetham 25/09/2002 Whitechapel London E1
BV21300624/1 28/01/2013 Benjamin Mohammed Chentouf 13/08/2012 Abbey Wood London SE2
BV2086497/1 Historic Alexander Chermaniuk 10/04/2002 Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire
BV2070081/1 Historic Raymond Chester 03/01/1992 St Albans Hertfordshire
BV2048802/1 Historic Roy Chester 23/02/1998 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2085346/1 Historic Taki Sing Cheung 06/12/2007 Chelsea London SW3
BV2015667/1 Historic Harold Chevalier 13/11/2001 Westminster London SW1
BV2099962/1 Historic Gustave Romeo Chevreau 29/05/2007 Carshalton Surrey
BV2093447/1 Historic Frank Chick 18/02/2009 Margate Kent
BV2070476/1 Historic Alexander Chilko 10/09/2006 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2090997/1 Historic Lawreen Elizabeth Chipperfield 04/12/2008 Maidstone Kent
BV2012814/1 Historic Mary Chipping 30/05/1999
BV985732/1 Historic Kazimerz Cholodowski 04/09/1998 Derby Derbyshire
BV922935/1 Historic Jan Cholody 25/09/1992 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21108759/1 Historic Brian John Chorley 30/12/2002 Taunton Somerset
BV2030332/1 Historic Kaj Erik Christensen 30/12/2001 Grimsby North East Lincolnshire
BV2080721/1 Historic Frances Anselm Christie 18/12/2007 Edgware Middlesex HA8
BV954467/1 Historic William Christie 01/11/1995 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV983430/1 Historic Benjamin Christopher 15/06/1998 Bloomsbury London WC1
BV2073623/1 Historic Thomas Christopher 02/05/2007 Romford Essex
BV21111138/1 Historic Stavroulla Christou 08/04/2011 Camden London NW1
BV21201209/1 Historic Samuel Emeka Chude 05/10/2011 Birmingham
BV2080565/1 Historic Michael Church 26/08/1991 Stanmore Middlesex
BV2074034/1 Historic Joseph Churchill 10/03/2006 Enfield Middlesex
BV2085081/1 Historic Nellie Churchill 13/02/2008 Redhill Surrey
BV991538/1 Historic Charles Churchman 30/01/1999 North Kensington London W10
BV2060355/1 Historic Aino Cirponis 14/11/2005 Irchester Northamptonshire
BV21105986/1 Historic Peter Claite 02/07/2009 Whitechapel London E1
BV962675/1 Historic Marguerite Marie Clamp 21/07/1995 Pamer’s Green London N13
BV983355/1 Historic Joseph Kevin Clancy 17/05/1998 Homerton London E9
BV21014564/1 Historic Kevin Martin Clancy 15/10/2010 Dorchester Dorset
BV2053938/1 Historic Michael Clancy 09/04/2005 Croydon Surrey
BV966962/1 Historic Alfred Clansey 28/11/1996 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV2012298/1 Historic Desmond Michael Clare 21/08/1996 Canterbury Kent
BV2065361/1 Historic Leonard Clare 19/11/2004 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2003376/1 Historic Doris Georgina Claridge 28/01/2000 Harlow Essex
BV21110676/1 Historic Emily Claridge 05/04/2011 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV2023780/1 Historic Albert William Clark 21/12/1998 Stanwell Middlesex
BV945077/1 Historic Alice Cecilia Clark 08/11/1994 Wimbledon London SW19
BV961173/1 Historic Beatrice Clark 07/10/1995 Walsoken Cambridgeshire
BV2020199/1 Historic Brian Clark 24/11/2001 Worthing West Sussex
BV974117/1 Historic Bryan Clark 27/09/1996 Tunbridge Wells Kent
BV2021558/1 Historic Charles Clark 18/12/2000 Ilfracombe Devon
BV982974/1 Historic Chrissy Mary Clark 23/01/1998 Rickmansworth Hertfordshire
BV21011405/1 Historic David Bate Taylor Clark 01/02/1993 Harlow Essex
BV2033574/1 Historic Edward Clark 15/04/2003 Harrow Middlesex
BV2010639/1 Historic Frederick George Clark 13/12/2000 Croydon Surrey
BV991198/1 Historic Gaenor Clark 10/06/1996 Croydon Surrey
BV2000896/1 Historic Harry Clark 13/01/1998 Newcastle-upon-Tyne Northumberland
BV2057733/1 Historic Hilda Florence Clark 28/04/2005 Chelsea London SW3
BV21305929/1 30/08/2013 Hubert James Clark 08/05/2010 Camberwell London SE5
BV2065993/1 Historic Irene Clark 08/08/2006 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV21105381/1 Historic James Clark 14/03/2011 Bristol
BV2082477/1 Historic John Clark 04/03/2008 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2074897/1 Historic John Edward Clark 28/05/2007 Minehead Somerset
BV992044/1 Historic Lena Alberta Swinnon Clark 07/02/1999 Ascot Berkshire
BV2002734/1 Historic Lucy Clara Clark 13/10/1999 Staplehurst Kent
BV2021781/1 Historic Mary Clark 21/02/2002 Ladbroke Grove London W10
BV971917/1 Historic Peace Lillian Clark 02/02/1997 Trowbridge Wiltshire
BV951674/1 Historic Raymond Clark 22/03/1995 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland
BV2023340/1 Historic Reginald Leonard Clark 16/05/2002 Ashford Kent
BV21111590/1 Historic Ronald Ernest Clark 24/08/2011 Hampstead London NW3
BV2013322/1 Historic Rosemarie Ann Clark 24/04/2001 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2051749/1 Historic Thomas Joseph Clark 13/11/2004 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2031197/1 Historic William Clarence Clark 15/10/2001 New Cross London SE14
BV933687/1 Historic Alice Maude Clarke 14/09/1993
BV2084750/1 Historic Anthony Clarke 21/09/2006 Peterlee County Durham
BV21108926/1 Historic Barbara Clarke 20/07/2009 Ipswich Suffolk
BV2031263/1 Historic Bridget Clarke 04/08/1999 Reading Berkshire
BV931725/1 Historic Dennis Anthony Clarke 22/05/1993 Llanelli Dyfed
BV21206070/1 Historic Donald Clarke 20/03/2012 Kirkcaldy Fife
BV2010961/1 Historic Doris Clarke 05/10/2000 Guildford Surrey
BV2073576/1 Historic Florence Clarke 25/12/2003 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV2034794/1 Historic Frederick Clarke 08/05/2003 Portslade East Sussex
BV931887/1 Historic Geoffrey Herbert Clarke 05/01/1993
BV2001485/1 Historic Hector Clarke Birmingham West Midlands
BV933863/1 Historic Henry John Clarke 16/01/1993 Enfield Middlesex
BV2023225/1 Historic Hilda Clarke 13/03/2000 Brighton East Sussex
BV21307433/1 12/07/2013 Irmgard Elfriede Clarke 09/04/2013 Basingstoke Hampshire
BV960853/1 Historic Ivy Clarke 04/11/1995 Swansea South Glamorgan
BV2061488/1 Historic John Robert Clarke 07/05/2005 Loughborough Leicestershire
BV2066526/1 Historic Joseph Clarke 29/09/2006 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV2045720/1 Historic Kathleen Mary Clarke 17/02/2004 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2000161/1 Historic Keith Clarke 28/05/1999 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21304357/1 25/06/2013 Lawrence Roland Clarke 01/04/2006 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV20910949/1 Historic Matthew Clarke 25/11/1998 Camden London N1
BV21005399/1 Historic May Grace Clarke 22/01/2010 Lewisham London SE13
BV951670/1 Historic Minnie Philomenia Clarke 11/07/1994 Birmingham West Midlands
BV983512/1 Historic Muriel Anne Clarke 07/05/1998 Chesterfield Derbyshire
BV2034201/1 Historic Robert Clarke 21/05/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV971969/1 Historic Robert Clarke 17/02/1997 Forest Hill London SE23
BV2080129/1 Historic William Clarke 02/09/2007 Birkenhead Wirral
BV2073195/1 Historic William George Clarke 03/02/2007 Roxton Bedfordshire
BV2070710/1 Historic William Robert Guy Clarke 15/06/2006 Hounslow Middlesex
BV2062228/1 Historic John Clarkson 08/05/2002 Whitechapel London E1
BV2014076/1 Historic Raymond Clarkson 17/01/2001 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21308079/1 08/08/2013 Robin John Clarkson 04/05/2013 Braintree Essex
BV21315128/1 06/11/2013 Erlinda Claros 03/08/2013 Rochester Kent
BV2011422/1 Historic Brian Claxton 20/10/2000 Solihull West Midlands
BV992640/1 Historic Donald James Clay 27/03/1999 Skipton North Yorkshire
BV923349/1 Historic Edith Clay 25/02/1987 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2062099/1 Historic Joan Marion Clay 08/08/2005 Leek Staffordshire
BV953540/1 Historic Mary Margaret Clay 16/08/1995 Isleworth Middlesex
BV942559/1 Historic Paula Clay 14/04/1994 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
BV964418/1 Historic Phoebe Clay 07/03/1995 Walworth London SE17
BV2054554/1 Historic Geoffrey Ronald Claydon 19/09/2004 Homerton London E9
BV983223/1 Historic Alfred Thomas Clayton 14/06/1998 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2072682/1 Historic Evelyn May Clayton 24/01/2007 East Retford Nottinghamshire
BV982368/1 Historic Joan Clayton 21/03/1998 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV21002948/1 Historic John Alfred Clayton 23/01/1999 Plymouth Devon
BV2083942/1 Historic Lily Clayton 18/04/2008 Stalybridge Cheshire
BV967203/1 Historic Muriel May Clayton 08/07/1994 Clwyd
BV21003732/1 Historic Michael Patrick Clear 17/10/2009 Hereford Herefordshire
BV2057842/1 Historic Michael Charles Cleare 22/07/2005 Lowestoft Suffolk
BV2074685/1 Historic Francis Gerald Cleary 19/07/2005 Camden London NW1
BV2022234/1 Historic James Raymond Cleary 19/07/2001 Ealing London W5
BV933751/1 Historic Daisy Adelaide Cleaver 31/08/1993 Brighton East Sussex
BV985748/1 Historic William Edward Cleaver 04/04/1995 Llandeilo Carmarthenshire
BV21212122/1 Historic Richard Francis Cleghorn 10/10/2012 Stoke Bishop Bristol
BV950171/1 Historic Catherine Clements 06/10/1994 Weymouth Dorset
BV995153/1 Historic Clarice May Clements 09/10/1998
BV2086921/1 Historic Dorothea Clements 14/01/2006 High Wycombe Buckinghamshire
BV2001453/1 Historic Ethel Clements 09/07/1997 Cheam Surrey
BV2052378/1 Historic Richard Thomas Clements 03/01/2005 Bristol NE Somerset
BV954003/1 Historic Margaret Cleminson 31/05/1995 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV21211254/1 Historic Derlene Clems 24/04/2012 Forest Gate London
BV961912/1 Historic John Alfred Clent 07/03/1996 Crawley West Sussex
BV892015/1 Historic Arthur John Cyril Clifford 27/08/1989 Plymouth Devon
BV2031753/1 Historic Hilda Clifford 17/07/2002 Battersea London SW1
BV2023699/1 Historic John Clifford 26/06/2002 StourbridgeWest Midlands
BV21306408/1 10/06/2013 Victor Clifton 02/10/2008 Derby Derbyshire
BV21403986/1 28/03/2014 Douglas Clinker 17/11/2013 Gateshead
BV980417/1 Historic Joan Clinton 03/09/1997 Epsom Surrey
BV922248/1 Historic Sarah Clinton 15/10/1991
BV960673/1 Historic Emily Clissold 17/09/1995 Walsall West Midlands
BV981066/1 Historic Elizabeth Henrietta Clive 29/08/1997 Richmond Surrey
BV990131/1 Historic Charles Cloney 27/12/1998 Bloomsbury London WC1
BV963384/1 Historic Michael Cloran 18/10/1995 Lambeth LondonSE1
BV2048244/1 Historic Irene Close 08/02/2003 Calderdale West Yorkshire
BV2051831/1 Historic Peter Closkey 31/01/2005
BV980155/1 Historic Harold Clough 10/04/1994 Worthing West Sussex
BV953023/1 Historic Frederick Coates 27/04/1995 Billingham Cleveland
BV21110124/1 Historic John Coates 09/08/2010 Newcastle Upon Tyne Northumberland
BV992339/1 Historic Olive May Coates 11/01/1995 Blackheath London SE3
BV995454/1 Historic Peter John Coates 19/07/1999
BV952456/1 Historic Harry Hedley Coatsworth 08/11/1994 Barnard Castle Co Durham
BV2075279/1 Historic Eric Samuel Cobb 30/03/2007 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2087959/1 Historic Sheila Mabel Agnes Cobb 20/07/2008 Moseley West Midlands
BV2022287/1 Historic Robert Cochrane 11/04/2002 Southampton Hampshire
BV912999/1 Historic Evelyn Cockayne 01/09/1991 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV981035/1 Historic Elizabeth Cockburn 12/11/1985 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV21108656/1 Historic Harry Cocker 27/04/2011 York North Yorkshire
BV2046110/1 Historic Joan Florence Cockerton 12/05/2004 Folkestone Kent
BV2021770/1 Historic Dorothy Miriam Cocks 10/04/2002 Bristol NE Somerset
BV881408/1 Historic Eleanor Lucy Coffey 12/05/1988 Brighton East Sussex
BV2071568/1 Historic Thomas Gerard Coffey 07/06/2006 Swindon Wiltshire
BV2014795/1 Historic Minnie Cogan 13/02/1996 Hayes Middlesex
BV2030876/1 Historic Bella Cohen 10/12/2002 Middlesborough Cleveland
BV2075109/1 Historic Leonard Cohen 02/06/2007 Whitechapel London E1
BV21008907/1 Historic Simon Cohen 16/01/2010 Plymouth Devon
BV2050303/1 Historic Hans Cohn 02/09/2004 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV21401884/1 13/03/2014 Anna Colclough 28/09/2013 Epsom Surrey
BV2044906/1 Historic Audrey Elsie Cole 30/06/2004 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV21403324/1 03/04/2014 Brian Geoffrey Cole 20/03/2013 Chertsey Surrey
BV2004641/1 Historic Dolly Cole 28/12/1999 Chatham Kent
BV21015079/1 Historic George James Cole 04/06/2009 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2059997/1 Historic Haydn Cole 28/10/2005 Swansea Glamorgan
BV2052058/1 Historic Jean Cole 16/03/2001 Wembley Middlesex
BV992463/1 Historic Pauline Mabel Cole 15/02/1999 Paddington London W2
BV2043525/1 Historic Silwen Cole 15/04/2004 London SE1
BV2021399/1 Historic Rosemary Beatrice Jacoba Coleby 09/02/2002 Witham Essex
BV2044062/1 Historic Christine Coleman 08/04/2004 Harrow Middlesex
BV21306262/1 25/06/2013 Edna May Coleman 06/10/2012 Streatham London SW16
BV933737/1 Historic Josephine Kate Coleman 02/11/1993 Bath Somerset
BV990097/1 Historic June Elizabeth Coleman 03/12/1998 Chertsey Surrey
BV2079526/1 Historic Margaret Mary Coleman 13/09/2007 Romford Essex
BV2036944/1 Historic Maud Isabel Coleman 21/08/2003 Rochford Essex
BV2059490/1 Historic Peter Allan Coleman 13/09/2005 Fulham London W6
BV2065332/1 Historic Florence Emily Coles 13/03/2006 Kettering Northamptonshire
BV2052162/1 Historic Fred Coles 25/12/2004
BV2048199/1 Historic Iris Muriel Jessica Coles 29/09/2003 Great Coates Lincolnshire
BV910910/1 Historic Lilian Coles 03/02/1991 Torquay Devon
BV944896/1 Historic Lilian Coles 04/03/1994 Stockport Cheshire
BV992301/1 Historic Sally Coles 22/12/1998 Bristol NE Somerset
BV973496/1 Historic Lilian Collard 28/12/1996
BV943688/1 Historic William Colleran 20/10/1989 Cricklewood London NW2
BV990777/1 Historic Ellen Collery 07/03/1998 Mitcham Surrey
BV21307073/1 30/07/2013 Frank Collett 24/03/2013 Lambeth London SE1
BV2005224/1 Historic William Frederick Collett 15/12/1999 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV21112668/1 Historic Richard Arthur Colley 05/06/2007 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV21112108/1 Historic Patricia Collier 25/04/2007 Islington London N7
BV2060605/1 Historic Rose Collings 04/12/2005 Westcliffe on Sea Essex
BV992090/1 Historic Mary Collingwood 17/01/1999 Newport Pagnell Buckinghamshire
BV2003277/1 Historic Amy Collins 02/05/2000
BV992183/1 Historic Brian Collins 05/03/1999 Forest Hill London SE23
BV991094/1 Historic Charles William Collins 22/08/1998 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV2023588/1 Historic Daphne Molly Collins 05/03/2002 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV21005060/1 Historic David Edwards Collins 14/02/2008 Thames Ditton Surrey
BV945205/1 Historic Edmund Collins 03/04/1991
BV940123/1 Historic Fanny Clarice Althea Collins 02/12/1987 Bombay India
BV952964/1 Historic Frederick James Collins 13/07/1995 Torquay Devon
BV2045718/1 Historic George James Collins 25/03/2004 Moseley West Midlands
BV2037551/1 Historic Gerard Collins 08/07/2003 Hillingdon Middlesex
BV994105/1 Historic Jack Robert Collins 19/01/1999 Bournemouth Dorset
BV21306354/1 03/07/2013 James Collins 04/04/2013 Ilkley Bradford
BV2076872/1 Historic John Collins 31/07/2007 Norwich Norfolk
BV985327/1 Historic John Collins 14/12/1996 Ilford Essex
BV2044412/1 Historic John Henry Collins 10/06/2004 Bristol NE Somerset
BV2072214/1 Historic John Joseph Collins 25/10/1995
BV2077058/1 Historic John Laurence Collins 01/05/2007 Lewisham London SE13
BV2023146/1 Historic John William Peter Collins 11/02/2002 Exeter Devon
BV2047805/1 Historic Lucy Ann Collins 26/07/2004 Woolwich London SE16
BV2000047/1 Historic Margaret Collins 07/07/1988 Clerkenwell London EC1
BV20910085/1 Historic Margaret Louisa Eliza Collins 04/06/2007 Kettering Northamptonshire
BV2098193/1 Historic Peter Collins 29/06/2009 Romford Essex
BV21015258/1 Historic Phyllis Nena Collins 26/12/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2094477/1 Historic Susan Collins 28/09/2008 Newark Nottinghamshire
BV990725/1 Historic Terence John Collins 24/03/1998 Swindon Wiltshire
BV974630/1 Historic Trevor Collins 25/07/1997 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV2030689/1 Historic Walter Matthew Collins 17/10/2002 Croydon Surrey
BV2010055/1 Historic Doris Eileen Collinson 24/11/2000 Ferryhill County Durham
BV984583/1 Historic Frederick George Collis 18/04/1998 Leytonstone London E11
BV2040329/1 Historic Katherine May Collison 31/01/2002 Norwich Norfolk
BV21316421/1 03/12/2013 Sean Anthony Collopy 16/04/2009 Tunbridge Kent
BV2086498/1 Historic Sidney Collyer 01/05/1997 Notting Hill London W11
BV21306916/1 12/07/2013 Maria Colombotti 04/10/2011 Thornton Heath Surrey
BV2035832/1 Historic Janet Evelyn Colville 03/11/2001 Buckinghamshire
BV943429/1 Historic Joyce Loise Colville 29/06/1994
BV21308581/1 13/08/2013 Anthony Combe 10/09/2012 Hackney London E8
BV21100994/1 Historic George Combe 14/12/1997 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
BV21105349/1 Historic David Comerford 18/01/2010 Winchester Hampshire
BV975513/1 Historic Happiness Melody Comfort 28/08/1997 Paddington London W2
BV2066734/1 Historic Angela Maria Comi 25/07/2006 Colchester Essex
BV2004051/1 Historic Stanley Comins 09/05/2000 Scunthorpe Lincolnshire
BV2020318/1 Historic Philip Hanbury Comley 17/12/2001 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21010913/1 Historic Kensil Benjamin Compton 18/06/2007 Tottenham London N15
BV975527/1 Historic Patrick Joseph Conaghan 18/06/1997 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV933474/1 Historic Partick Conaire 29/05/1992 Kennington London SE11
BV993554/1 Historic Anthony Conboy 05/08/1998 Paddington London W2
BV944144/1 Historic Oliver William Condell 27/07/1994 Charlton London SE7
BV2097874/1 Historic John Joseph Condon 13/06/2009 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2032914/1 Historic Thomas Condon 11/03/2003 Camberley Surrey
BV21009476/1 Historic James Conlon 23/11/2004 Camden London N1
BV2004738/1 Historic Rose Conlon 14/10/1999 Sedgefield Co Durham
BV2024176/1 Historic Evelyn Margaret Connell 01/08/2000 Twickeham Middlesex
BV2071067/1 Historic Leila Connell 05/05/2005 Brighton East Sussex
BV21003388/1 Historic Anthony Joseph Connelly 05/02/2010 Cambridge
BV2091111/1 Historic Arthur Connelly 12/01/2009 Stockport Cheshire
BV954190/1 Historic Francis John Connelly 16/08/1995 Walsall West Midlands
BV974378/1 Historic James Connelly 13/04/1996 Barnet
BV2051003/1 Historic Jeffrey Connelly 31/12/2004 Margate Kent
BV2076412/1 Historic Michael Joseph Connern 13/10/2006 Streatham London SW16
BV995215/1 Historic Florence Connington 03/12/1998 Chelsea London SW10
BV2025718/1 Historic Edward Stephen Connolley 12/09/2002 Leicester Leicestershire
BV21208353/1 Historic Antonia Helen Connolly 16/02/2012 Stepney Green London E1
BV2082408/1 Historic Bridget Connolly 17/02/2008 Paddington London W2
BV2005454/1 Historic Charlotte Connolly 29/09/2000 Derby Derbyshire
BV2014953/1 Historic Thomas Connolly 03/02/2001 Hampstead London NW3
BV2055379/1 Historic Thomas Connolly 13/05/2005 Park Royal London
BV2077870/1 Historic James Connon 06/01/2005 Charlton London SE7
BV965304/1 Historic Christopher Paul Connor 23/06/1996 Bloomsbury London W1
BV2087966/1 Historic Conrad Connor 07/11/2008 Bristol NE Somerset
BV2003220/1 Historic John Connor 29/11/1999 Lambeth London Se1
BV2005626/1 Historic Mary Connor 18/12/1995 Stockwell London SW9
BV2043749/1 Historic Owen Connor 10/09/2002 Glossop Derbyshire
BV2066045/1 Historic Cecil Connors 22/07/2006 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
BV2025144/1 Historic John Francis Conran 29/12/2000 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2022074/1 Historic Michael Conroy 29/04/1998 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21001699/1 Historic Terence Conroy 05/10/2009 Chiswick London W4
BV951333/1 Historic Georgina Constantinou 03/01/1995 Benfleet Essex
BV951767/1 Historic Linda Conway 23/02/1995 Shoeburyness Essex
BV21200835/1 Historic Myra Conway 26/06/2007 Heaton Grange
BV2020522/1 Historic Olive Conway 29/10/2001 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV940322/1 Historic Philip Conway 22/11/1993
BV974816/1 Historic Margaret Mary Conyers 31/05/1997 Dartford Kent
BV2032290/1 Historic Terrence Coode 17/11/2002 Bath Somerset
BV2047847/1 Historic Albert Cook 12/08/2001
BV980556/1 Historic Albert Cook 11/02/1996 Dagenham Essex
BV2005610/1 Historic Claude Ivan Cook 06/10/2000 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2001452/1 Historic Colin Robert Cook 23/04/1999 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2084947/1 Historic Daphne Winifred Cook 27/04/2008 Westcliffe on Sea Essex
BV2093262/1 Historic David Cook 17/12/2008 Balham London SW12
BV971916/1 Historic Doris Cook 16/06/1994 Southall Middlesex
BV2063190/1 Historic Dorothy Cook 11/03/1998 Swindon Wiltshire
BV984605/1 Historic Eric Cook 29/03/1998 York North Yorkshire
BV2066451/1 Historic Frederick Cook 17/07/2006 Sydenham London SE26
BV2083404/1 Historic Frederick Leef Cook 31/03/2008 Hitchin Hertfordshire
BV970226/1 Historic Gladys Winifred Cook 25/10/1996 Reading Berkshire
BV2058436/1 Historic Louisa Cook 29/04/2003 Ealing London W5
BV21013472/1 Historic Maria Marguerita Cook 15/08/2010 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2053037/1 Historic Myra Betty Cook 03/03/2005 Southsea Hampshire
BV2079420/1 Historic Ronald Sidney Cook 24/11/2007 Devizes Wiltshire
BV941147/1 Historic Stanley Leonard Cook 10/01/1993 Southampton Hampshire
BV21304330/1 01/05/2013 Stephen Kenneth Cook 14/01/2013 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV2023342/1 Historic Susan Ann Cook 24/05/2002 Leigh on Sea Essex
BV966545/1 Historic Thomas Cook 19/02/1996 Hornchurch Essex
BV2042319/1 Historic Thomas Henry Cook 20/01/2001 Ipswich Suffolk
BV2011444/1 Historic Albert Victor Cooke 29/09/2000 Eye Suffolk
BV2036806/1 Historic Charles Cooke 21/11/2000 Lincoln Lincolnshire
BV21201683/1 Historic David Leslie Cooke 31/12/2011 Worthing West Sussex
BV21004706/1 Historic Derek Cooke 20/10/2009 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV21315082/1 07/11/2013 Derek Cooke 24/05/2012 Gosforth Newcastle Upon Tyne
BV2023035/1 Historic Doris Cooke 01/05/2002 Ashtead Surrey
BV2003454/1 Historic Dorothy Phyliss Cooke 27/06/1993 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV943050/1 Historic Elsie Mary Cooke 22/06/1994 Nuneaton Warwickshire
BV2055544/1 Historic Gladys May Cooke 08/11/2001 Highgate Hill London N19
BV2052333/1 Historic Ida Inga Cooke 23/12/2003 Leeds West Yorskhire
BV2034134/1 Historic James Edward Cooke 27/06/2003 Ockley Surrey
BV2065451/1 Historic June Cooke 24/03/2006 Ellesmere Port Cheshire
BV952921/1 Historic Michael Cooke 09/04/1995 Coventry West Midlands
BV2043724/1 Historic Michael Cooksley 16/05/2004 Bristol NE Somerset
BV982976/1 Historic Ernest Edward Cookson 08/11/1997
BV943057/1 Historic Valerie Patricia Cookson 09/06/1993 Crouch End London N8
BV2043774/1 Historic Adolf Cooley 05/04/2004 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2044417/1 Historic Robina Christina Cooling 29/04/1995 Chiswich London W4
BV2035254/1 Historic Irene Doris Coombes 05/11/2001 Worthing West Sussex
BV21302912/1 25/03/2013 James Coombes 22/01/2008 Peckham London SE15
BV994672/1 Historic Marjory Coombes 26/05/1999 Notting Hill London W11
BV2081822/1 Historic Richard Lane Coombes 21/01/2008 Bishop’s Stortford Hertfordshire
BV2025148/1 Historic Trevor Coombes 23/08/2002 Vale of Glamorgan
BV2043530/1 Historic Donald Alfred John Coombs 02/04/2004 Croydon Surrey
BV2061239/1 Historic Elsie Coombs 26/10/2005 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV2065199/1 Historic Kathleen Marian Coomer 04/02/2006 Dartmouth Devon
BV965784/1 Historic Agnes Cooney 07/09/1996 Cricklewood London NW2
BV21202924/1 Historic Michael Senon Cooney 19/11/2011 Uxbridge Middlesex
BV2012504/1 Historic Alan Cooper 15/04/2001 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2065149/1 Historic Albert Cooper 29/09/2005 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2026004/1 Historic Arthur Cooper 18/10/2002 Luton Bedfordshire
BV995551/1 Historic Arthur Derek Cooper 10/08/1999 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV2091618/1 Historic Arthur Henry Cooper 19/11/2008 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2074815/1 Historic Audrey Cooper 09/09/2005 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2067382/1 Historic Beatrice Cooper 10/05/2002 Forest Gate London E7
BV933015/1 Historic Charles Cecil Cooper 12/01/1993 Reigate Surrey
BV2000142/1 Historic Charles Cyril Cooper 09/12/1999 Narborough Leicestershire
BV2012050/1 Historic David John Cooper 24/01/2001 Taunton Somerset
BV2023736/1 Historic Dorothy Cooper 24/07/2002 Driffield East Riding of Yorkshire
BV2035974/1 Historic Edith Mary Cooper 30/08/2003 Ipswich Suffolk
BV2060617/1 Historic Eric Cooper 26/12/2005 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV2031103/1 Historic Erika Gretel Cooper 14/11/2002 Nutley East Sussex
BV2031883/1 Historic Frank Thomas Cooper 04/01/2003 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV991445/1 Historic Gladys Mabel Cooper 11/02/1999
BV953101/1 Historic Harry Cooper 13/07/1995 Ilkley West Yorkshire
BV2078061/1 Historic Helen Cooper 03/06/2007 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2074790/1 Historic Irene Cooper 12/12/2006 Kingston Upon Thames Surrey
BV981676/1 Historic Ivy Alma Cooper 14/03/1998 Kingston Upon Thames Surrey
BV2085632/1 Historic James Herbert Cooper 14/07/2008 Gillingham Kent
BV21109345/1 Historic Joan Cooper 18/09/2009 Banbury Oxfordshire
BV2012576/1 Historic Julie Cooper 07/10/1998
BV2060682/1 Historic May Cooper 29/04/2004
BV21009758/1 Historic Michael Cooper 26/10/2009 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2030921/1 Historic Mildred Cooper 20/11/2002 Coventry West Midlands
BV921140/1 Historic Norah Elizabeth Cooper 28/11/1990 Wandsworth London SW18
BV973506/1 Historic Norah Frances Cooper 21/10/1996 Tewkesbury Gloucestershire
BV21400260/1 05/02/2014 Roger Ashleigh Cooper 02/03/2013 Plymouth Devon
BV2033161/1 Historic Ronald Cooper 01/02/2003 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2044333/1 Historic Ronald Cooper 03/01/2004 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV951330/1 Historic William Joseph Cooper 27/02/1995 Malmesbury Wiltshire
BV130389/1 Historic Arthur Leslie Coote 18/05/1989 Southwark London SE1
BV965782/1 Historic Rosemary Frances Coote 03/06/1996 Lambeth London SE1
BV2052071/1 Historic Charles Cope 07/11/2001 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV2020316/1 Historic Edward Cope 31/12/2001 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2022977/1 Historic Edith Copeland 15/04/2002 Wimbledon London SW19
BV2003733/1 Historic Ronald Copland 11/04/1999 Highgate London N6
BV2050839/1 Historic Alfred Henry Copley 20/08/2004 Holloway London N7
BV2054225/1 Historic Elsie Coppin 06/05/2005 Isleworth Middlesex
BV21316585/1 10/12/2013 Thomas Joseph Coppins 30/04/2013 Taunton Somerset
BV2097932/1 Historic Dorothy Coram 06/05/2008 Plaistow London E13
BV981639/1 Historic Dorothy Hambler Corbett 19/02/1998 Leamington Spa Warwickshire
BV981054/1 Historic Mary Bridget Corbett 21/05/1987 Ashford Kent
BV2074953/1 Historic Johanna Corke 21/04/2005 Newham London E12
BV2046642/1 Historic Brigit Teresa Corkery 06/02/2004 Holborn London WC1
BV2022755/1 Historic Annie Joan Cornell 25/04/2002 Tooting London SW17
BV2044649/1 Historic Victor Cornell 28/10/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV951831/1 Historic Betty Corner 05/04/1995
BV2083403/1 Historic Martha Corner 16/02/2008 Palmers Green London N13
BV2003399/1 Historic Uxitur Mary Hope Corner 06/05/2000 Barrow in Furness Cumbria
BV21211448/1 Historic Eileen Margery Cornwall 10/04/2012 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire
BV2050627/1 Historic Edward Corono 26/11/2003 Weston Super Mare Somerset
BV2023178/1 Historic John James Corrigan 02/01/1997 Southampton Hampshire
BV2023813/1 Historic Robert Ivor Corrigan 25/06/2002 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV942305/1 Historic Vincent Corrigan 16/05/1994 Grays Essex
BV2081054/1 Historic Robert Cosgrove 02/01/2007 Tadly Hampshire
BV902893/1 Historic Nellie Costa 05/10/1989 Forest gate London E7
BV2060149/1 Historic Vincent Costa 16/07/2003 Willesden London NW10
BV2015018/1 Historic Ronald Costello 27/09/2001 Barlaston Staffordshire
BV2012506/1 Historic Francis Coster 10/03/2000 Hounslow Middlesex
BV21402218/1 11/03/2014 Dorothy Ann Cotterill 04/02/2014 Rugeley Staffordshire
BV2002927/1 Historic Joan Elizabeth Cotterill 30/08/1999 Stockton on Tees Cleveland
BV21009988/1 Historic Stanley Reginald Cotton 19/09/2009 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV963548/1 Historic Clarice May Cottrell 08/02/1996 Lewes East Sussex
BV2071606/1 Historic John Coulson 01/11/2006 Cudham Kent
BV2002072/1 Historic Kate Coulson 02/12/1999 Wimbledon London SW19
BV2004061/1 Historic Margarita Coulson 04/04/2000 Ashford Middlesex
BV990616/1 Historic Peggy Coulson 25/01/1999 Solihull West Midlands
BV2025620/1 Historic Bernard Brendan Coulston 09/09/2002 Bristol Somerset
BV972562/1 Historic Ernest Philip Coult 02/01/1997 Brighton East Sussex
BV2074074/1 Historic Clare Coulter 29/04/1992 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
BV2040495/1 Historic Evelyn Couniham 27/12/2003 Norwich Norfolk
BV21005648/1 Historic David Counter 15/08/2009 Colchester Essex
BV21201575/1 Historic Maurice Court 14/12/2007 Chelsea London SW10
BV2013874/1 Historic Robert Courteen 08/09/2000
BV2000160/1 Historic Margaret Courtney 23/11/1999 Birkenhead Merseyside
BV2015183/1 Historic Samuel Courtney 20/01/2001 Copnor Portsmouth
BV21109373/1 Historic William John Cousins 08/10/2010 Worthing West Sussex
BV2098723/1 Historic David Stewart Coutts 05/06/2008 Frimley Surrey
BV2043070/1 Historic Mary Annette Lorraine Couture 08/04/2004 Beckenham Kent
BV2024290/1 Historic Allan Coverdale 21/06/2002 Consett Co Durham
BV985570/1 Historic Daisy Cowan 24/09/1998 Lincoln Loncolnshire
BV950244/1 Historic Elsie Coward 06/06/1994 London E2
BV2003721/1 Historic Elizabeth Cowell 01/06/1998 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21012785/1 Historic Athol Ernest Cowen 04/10/2010 Wrexham Clwyd
BV2014545/1 Historic Lucy Jean Cowie 14/09/2001 Canterbury Kent
BV2041092/1 Historic Alexander Cowley 03/05/2001 Carshalton Surrey
BV2010649/1 Historic Lucy Cowley 07/02/1996 Shedfield Hampshire
BV982174/1 Historic Giaconda Francesca Cowling 23/03/1998 Hove East Sussex
BV2013293/1 Historic Gerald John Cowlishaw 20/01/2000 Bracknell Berkshire
BV871621/1 Historic Alan Cox 23/03/1987 Middlesborough
BV2010944/1 Historic Arthur Cox 22/01/2001 Shoeburyness Essex
BV2095421/1 Historic Arthur Tompkins Cox 22/07/2008 Edmonton London N18
BV2031144/1 Historic Bertie Frank Cox 12/02/2003 King’s Lynn Norfolk
BV912057/1 Historic Bridget Cox 23/03/1990 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2066320/1 Historic Claire Cox 12/07/1994 Lambeth London
BV2099021/1 Historic David Edward Cox 20/06/2009 Sleaford Lincolnshire
BV2062958/1 Historic Dorothy Lilian Cox 11/10/2005 Farringdon Oxfordshire
BV2014456/1 Historic Florence Mary Cox 11/02/1992 Talgarth Powys
BV2004985/1 Historic Frances Vera Cox 09/10/2000 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV2081617/1 Historic Frederick Cox 06/06/2007 Farnborough Hampshire
BV21317551/1 11/12/2013 Geoffrey Cox 16/03/2012 Dudley West Midlands
BV2062558/1 Historic Hella Anita Hiltraud Cox 12/01/2006 Romford Essex
BV2011025/1 Historic Joan Cox 18/07/1999 Isleworth Middlesex
BV21306605/1 20/08/2013 John Cox 14/03/2013 Dulwich London SE21
BV2002911/1 Historic Joyce Cox 10/05/2000
BV21312926/1 08/10/2013 Kathleen Joan Cox 05/02/2009 Clapham London SW4
BV2013924/1 Historic Kathleen Mary Cox 06/04/2001 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV21011050/1 Historic Kenneth Edward Cox 29/03/2010 Golders Green London NW11
BV994711/1 Historic Leslie Harold Cox 22/11/1998 Clevedon North Somerset
BV21002237/1 Historic Linda Cox 29/01/2010 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV2037172/1 Historic Patricia Cox 07/12/2000 Highgate London N19
BV21106451/1 Historic Roy Cox 17/12/2009 Redhill Surrey
BV983421/1 Historic Gordon Alexander Herbert Coxon 04/04/1998 Dereham Norfolk
BV21304674/1 28/06/2013 Thomas Coxon 03/01/2004 Epsom Surrey
BV2056831/1 Historic J Coyne
BV2063934/1 Historic William Thomas Cozens 24/03/2006 Bedworth Warwickshire
BV2000926/1 Historic Jessie Craddock 25/12/1999 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2010256/1 Historic John Walter Vallins Craggs 17/11/2000 Croydon Surrey
BV2001175/1 Historic David Craig 13/01/2000 Birkenhead Merseyside
BV2013411/1 Historic George Craig 08/12/2000 Bentonm Newcastle-upon-Tyne
BV966378/1 Historic Ivy Craig 05/06/1996 Byker Newcastle-upon-Tyne
BV2026009/1 Historic James Craig 04/06/2002 Southsea Hampshire
BV2012468/1 Historic Joseph Craig 12/05/2000 York
BV21401306/1 12/02/2014 Lucy May Craig 31/10/2013 Reigate Surrey
BV971406/1 Historic Morlais Craig 18/12/1996 Edmonton London N9
BV2024736/1 Historic Samuel Craig 06/09/2002 Westgate-on-Sea Kent
BV2092035/1 Historic Doreen Craswell 05/01/2009 Margate Kent
BV2084275/1 Historic Charles Robert Crawford 25/08/2007 Lewes East Sussex
BV2087529/1 Historic George Crawford 10/08/2008 Camden London NW5
BV2047320/1 Historic Royston Dennis Crawford 19/09/2004 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV2055826/1 Historic Ruth Crawford 31/05/2002 Romford Essex
BV2025487/1 Historic Peter Crawley 24/07/2002 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2005830/1 Historic Joseph Peter Crean 06/07/2000 Camden London NW1
BV2003340/1 Historic Dorothy Creasey 02/07/2000 Ryde Isle of Wight
BV930048/1 Historic Lilian Marion Cregan 29/11/1992 Stratford London E15
BV2092432/1 Historic Ian George Creighton 27/10/2005 Farnborough Hampshire
BV2062216/1 Historic Kathleen Patricia Creighton 25/10/2005 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV982823/1 Historic Patrick Joseph Creighton 23/11/1994 West Bromwich West Midlands
BV2070232/1 Historic Barrie Gerard Cresswell 13/09/2006 Croydon Surrey
BV2098435/1 Historic Eliza Cresswell 09/02/2009 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV21306173/1 07/06/2013 William Cresswell 20/12/1991 Islington London N7
BV2048579/1 Historic Gillian Ann Crew 21/09/2004 Leicester Leicestershire
BV21402161/1 11/03/2014 Frederick John Crick 06/12/2013 Leytonstone London E11
BV21015273/1 Historic Phillip Charles Crisp 26/09/2010 Brighton East Sussex
BV973606/1 Historic Pauline Crockford 06/06/1997 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
BV985383/1 Historic Alfred Croft 19/10/1998 Ipswich Suffolk
BV2010467/1 Historic Peter Croft 20/11/2000 Chester Lancashire
BV2056948/1 Historic Daniel Crofton 25/06/2005 Gillingham Kent
BV974641/1 Historic Oswald Matthewson Crompton 24/05/1997 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2034395/1 Historic Geoffrey Cronin 04/01/2003 Paddington London W2
BV21307568/1 31/07/2013 Jimmy Cronin 17/02/2004 Tooting London SW17
BV2002910/1 Historic Leonard Crooks 03/11/1998 Mansfield Nottinghamshire
BV21303277/1 05/04/2013 Richard Henry Croome 31/01/2013 St. Albans Herts
BV922803/1 Historic Doris louise Crosland 20/07/1992
BV2055803/1 Historic Alan Cross 10/03/2005 BarnetHertfordshire
BV2051961/1 Historic Charles Michael Cross 07/04/1997 Salisbury Wiltshire
BV2070838/1 Historic Dora Cross 02/12/2006 Burton upon Trent Staffordshire
BV2084659/1 Historic Elizabeth Cross 05/09/2007 Leytonstone London E11
BV21002101/1 Historic Eric James Cross 18/01/2010 Richmond Surrey
BV21306244/1 10/06/2013 George Cross 27/12/2006 Boston Lincolnshire
BV2004080/1 Historic June Maureen Cross 19/05/2000 Dewsbury West Yorkshire
BV976366/1 Historic Richard Cross 20/08/1997 Bournemouth Dorset
BV951293/1 Historic Ronald Cross 18/02/1995 Islington London N7
BV2090851/1 Historic Sheila Ann Cross 17/12/2008 New Haven East Sussex
BV21206457/1 Historic William Theophilus Cross 26/01/2008 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV2023740/1 Historic Ada Crossley 21/07/2002 Hammersmith London W6
BV21002944/1 Historic William Crossman 11/03/2008 Hackney London E8
BV2044439/1 Historic Charles Crothers 04/04/2004 Streatham London SW16
BV21211515/1 Historic Mary Crotty 14/03/2009 Smethwick West Midlands
BV951166/1 Historic Edna Croucher 15/11/1994 Hackney London E8
BV942736/1 Historic Frank Crow 28/02/1994 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV950732/1 Historic Martin Crowe 15/02/1995 Scunthorpe South Humberside
BV2061709/1 Historic Helena Crowley 22/08/2004 Edgware Middlesex
BV971273/1 Historic James Francis Crowley 30/03/1996 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2078629/1 Historic Barbara Crowther 31/03/2007 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2056596/1 Historic Edith Crowther 25/12/2004 Teignbridge Devon
BV2083045/1 Historic Stanley Crowther 24/11/2007 Muswell Hill London N10
BV2080182/1 Historic Edith Katherine Crumbleholme 27/01/2005 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV21114046/1 Historic Edward Crumm 25/04/2011 Coventry Warwickshire
BV2003466/1 Historic Monica Crumpton 09/08/1999 Mortlake London SW14
BV21100335/1 Historic James Cunningham Cryan 10/09/2010 Peckham London SE15
BV21015250/1 Historic Mary Elizabeth Cryer 04/10/2010 Lambeth London SW8
BV2013728/1 Historic Janos Csizmadia 09/01/2001 Darlington Durham
BV2002641/1 Historic Josef Cuber 27/03/2000 Stafford Staffordshire
BV971396/1 Historic Lilian Jane Cucksey 29/01/1988 Anerley London SE20
BV982822/1 Historic Joseph Culkeen 09/03/1998 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
BV2050605/1 Historic James Cullen 10/12/2003 Darlington Co. Durham
BV21310848/1 10/09/2013 John Cullen 02/03/2012 Camden London NW5
BV972186/1 Historic Karen Cullen 10/01/1995 Hartlepool Co. Durham
BV980034/1 Historic Terence Joseph Cullen 17/09/1997 Swindon Wiltshire
BV992223/1 Historic Olive Culley 17/03/1999 St. Ann’s Nottinghamshire
BV2004301/1 Historic John Culligan 05/09/2000 Amesbury Wiltshire
BV964251/1 Historic Ada Beatrice Cully 05/04/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
BV981067/1 Historic Lawrence David Cumiskey 01/01/1998 New MaldenSurrey
BV973544/1 Historic Doris Cummings 11/06/1996 Dorking Surrey
BV994604/1 Historic Mary Cummings 26/10/1997 Bristol
BV2065772/1 Historic Agnes Cunningham 15/12/2005 Camberwell London SE5
BV21210744/1 Historic Isola Cunningham 02/11/2001 Stockwell London SW9
BV2013444/1 Historic Jonathan Benidict Cunningham 30/06/2001 Enfield Middlesex
BV2060426/1 Historic Patrick Cunningham 27/08/2005 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21011377/1 Historic John Joseph Curling 25/07/2010 Margate Kent
BV943424/1 Historic Marjorie Curram 12/05/1994 Northampton Northamptonshire
BV2065616/1 Historic Mary Elizabeth Geraldine Curran 21/08/2003 Rugby Warwickshire
BV2003559/1 Historic Michael Curran 04/01/2000 Acton London W3
BV942625/1 Historic Patrick Curran 23/06/1994
BV2001888/1 Historic Ronald Joseph Curran 19/03/2000 Poole Dorset
BV21310561/1 03/09/2013 Rupert Curry 09/07/2013 Ipswich Suffolk
BV21211470/1 Historic Roger Barry Curson 16/04/2007 Norwich Norfolk
BV2004322/1 Historic Anne Curtis 15/08/2000 Dorset
BV2010836/1 Historic Arthur Curtis 20/10/2000 Folkestone Kent
BV21214680/1 10/06/2013 Frank Curtis 11/06/2012 Hillingdon Middlesex
BV2035710/1 Historic Harry Curtis 26/06/2003 Chertsey Surrey
BV2087214/1 Historic John William Curtis 02/09/2008 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV950097/1 Historic Kathleen Margaret Curtis 16/09/1994 Westminster London SW1
BV2002555/1 Historic Mabel Curtis 08/03/2000 Hartlepool Co. Durham
BV21115496/1 Historic Thomas Curtis 15/02/2005 Hull
BV2065553/1 Historic Norah Cushion 19/07/2006 Norwich Norfolk
BV2003107/1 Historic Annie Cuthbert 18/06/2000 Pontefract West Yorkshire
BV2084237/1 Historic Douglas John Cutland 04/06/2008 Tavistock Devon
BV21315914/1 14/11/2013 Barbara Cutler 19/01/2013 Brighton East Sussex
BV2003149/1 Historic Jan Czaban 21/12/1998 Woodford Green Eessex
BV2071515/1 Historic Joseph Czagany 27/09/2005 South Norwood London SE25
BV990859/1 Historic Stanislaw Czarnogas 26/11/1998 Romford Essex
BV2042442/1 Historic Ivan Czernyszenko 26/04/2002 Guildford Surrey
BV2065800/1 Historic Jozef Czerwinski 13/05/2006 Ashford Kent
BV2074865/1 Historic Ivan Czorneha 30/09/2005 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2023585/1 Historic Jan Czyz 08/04/2002 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2012420/1 Historic Margaret Dabanli 15/07/1999 Poplar London E14
BV922321/1 Historic Annie Dabbs 15/01/1991 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2040469/1 Historic Ursula Ida Emma Dace 12/11/2003 Dacorum Hertfordshire
BV2070575/1 Historic Narcisa Dadam 23/06/2006 Islington London N1
BV2035399/1 Historic Peter Dadd 05/08/2003 Kent
BV2058490/1 Historic Constance Dagnall 11/09/2005 Swansea Glamorgan
BV952218/1 Historic Winifred Dakin 26/12/1994 Teignbridge Devon
BV963926/1 Historic Graham Ruffell Dalby 26/11/1995 Hove East Sussex
BV965317/1 Historic Edith Evelyn Dale 02/03/1996 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
BV2020826/1 Historic Gillian Ann Dale 03/02/2001 Solihull West Midlands
BV2065999/1 Historic Gordon Harry Dale 25/12/2003 Bournemouth Dorset
BV21003801/1 Historic Hazlet Dale 31/01/2010 Burham on Sea Somerset
BV2004730/1 Historic Lilian Margaret Dale 17/02/1998 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
BV21101435/1 Historic Thomas Dale 24/04/2010 Lambeth London SE1
BV21303140/1 14/06/2013 Marion Daley 12/12/2008 Brixton London SW2
BV21201237/1 Historic Walter Daley 17/10/2009 Richmond North Yorkshire
BV2052669/1 Historic Lucy Dalgarno 19/09/2004 Croydon Surrey
BV990102/1 Historic Andrew Dalgleish 28/11/1998 Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne and Wear
BV2033374/1 Historic Brian Dalton 24/02/2003 Cardiff
BV2013795/1 Historic Jack Dalton 24/08/2000 Wakefield West Yorkshire
BV2036054/1 Historic Julia Dalton 17/07/2003 Harlow Essex
BV2094253/1 Historic Kathleen Dalton 16/03/2009 Reading Berkshire
BV973505/1 Historic Lottie Dalton 22/03/1997 Barking Essex
BV994186/1 Historic Peter Dalton 31/03/1998 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21215110/1 14/06/2013 Anthony Michael George Daly 28/11/2011 Harlow Essex
BV2075186/1 Historic Daniel Francis Daly 02/04/2007 Birmingham West Midlands
BV942485/1 Historic Edmond John Daly 12/01/1993 Bow London E3
BV2021381/1 Historic Margaret Mary Daly 13/11/1992 Hove East Sussex
BV985555/1 Historic Marion Daly 24/12/1997 Brighton East Sussex
BV20510317/1 Historic William Daly 04/12/2004 Upper Holloway London N19
BV932285/1 Historic Ethel Danbury 15/04/1993 Reading Berkshire
BV21001674/1 Historic Geoffrey Dance 07/07/2009 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV980315/1 Historic Richard Henry Danger 01/12/1997 Kensington London W8
BV2013312/1 Historic Kathleen Edith Daniel 29/04/2001 Denbeigh Denbeighshire
BV21306181/1 06/06/2013 Maria Danielewicz 12/06/2004 Mansfield Nottinghamshire
BV941192/1 Historic Annie Daniels 22/03/1994 York North Yorkshire
BV2092426/1 Historic Anthony Paul Daniels 20/10/1986 Brighton East Sussex
BV21009128/1 Historic David Daniels 11/09/2007 Hampstead London NW3
BV964305/1 Historic Frederick Daniels 05/07/1995 Poole Dorset
BV962484/1 Historic George Daniels 18/03/1996 Hackney London E8
BV2092221/1 Historic John Stephen Daniels 02/09/2008 Kingston
BV2040896/1 Historic Kenneth Gwyn Daniels 26/10/2003 Cardiff
BV2046231/1 Historic William Colin Daniels 17/05/2004 Brighton East Sussex
BV21404646/1 14/04/2014 Lillian Danks 14/04/2013 Hereford
BV21004071/1 Historic Grace Danks 01/08/2009 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2070563/1 Historic Jozseph Danyi 14/12/2004 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV21401623/1 07/03/2014 Barabra Darabsett 17/06/2013 Putney London SW15
BV2077255/1 Historic John Darby 22/07/2007 Norwich Norfolk
BV2088170/1 Historic Mabel Darby 06/09/2006 Camden London NW1
BV2035913/1 Historic Sidney Bert Darby 13/09/2003 Worcester Worcestershire
BV972557/1 Historic Agnes D’Arcy 31/01/1997 Blackheath London SE3
BV2042759/1 Historic Jan Darczyc 01/02/2003 Kingham Oxfordshire
BV953429/1 Historic Marion Dare 08/03/1995 Oswestry Shropshire
BV2070943/1 Historic Timothy Darker 16/09/2006 Coventry West Midlands
BV2062076/1 Historic Jean Darling 21/10/2005 Lambeth London SE1
BV2075284/1 Historic Peter Darling 03/05/2005 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21401304/1 26/02/2014 Thomas Darnell 02/06/2004 Camden London NW3
BV21306186/1 10/06/2013 Asapi Pestonji Daruvala 23/11/2009 London Woolwich SE18
BV2015259/1 Historic Biswanath Das 30/07/2001 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV962571/1 Historic Joan Daubney 24/11/1993 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2023867/1 Historic Mabel Daubney 21/09/1996 Woodborough Nottinghamshire
BV2025016/1 Historic Dorothy Daughtry 25/05/1995 Rustington West Sussex
BV2081559/1 Historic June Pamela Daunt 11/11/2001 Worthing West Sussex
BV992482/1 Historic Patrick Charles O’Brien Daunt 29/01/1999 Isleworth Middlesex
BV2005847/1 Historic Bogac Davaz 06/08/2000 Lambeth London SE1
BV960729/1 Historic Denise Anne Louise Daveluy 16/04/1995 Bromley Kent
BV942790/1 Historic Gertrude Davenport 01/06/1994
BV21317396/1 03/01/2014 Henry Davenport 23/01/2006 Canning Town London E16
BV964817/1 Historic Herbert Davenport 08/08/1995 Leamington Warwickshire
BV990886/1 Historic Richard James Davenport 13/05/1998 Birmingham West Midlands
BV941392/1 Historic Agnes Elizabeth Davey 22/01/1994 Wickford Essex
BV2074181/1 Historic Christine Davey 09/09/2006 Macclesfield Cheshire
BV2013779/1 Historic Dorothy Davey 28/03/2001 Orpington Kent
BV993210/1 Historic Gordon Stephen Davey 04/07/1999 Plymouth Devon
BV967250/1 Historic Henry Thomas Davey 21/08/1996 Woolwich London SE18
BV2041988/1 Historic James Robert Davey
BV2097434/1 Historic John Edward Davey 28/01/2003 Lambeth London SE1
BV21306164/1 05/06/2013 Leonard Davey 11/06/2007 Plymouth Devon
BV21211153/1 Historic Robert Basil Davey 11/05/2008 Plymouth Devon
BV2087994/1 Historic Peter David 22/10/2008 Leytonstone London E11
BV21103998/1 Historic Edna Mae Davidson 31/12/2010 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV21401880/1 13/03/2014 Eileen Davidson 14/10/2010 Brixton London SW2
BV2057884/1 Historic James William Davidson 02/08/2005 Newcastle-upon-Tyne Northumberland
BV2014256/1 Historic Robert Davidson 19/07/2001 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland
BV2096702/1 Historic Alfred Davies 07/03/2009 Streatham London SW16
BV941849/1 Historic Anne Davies 15/07/1993 Stoke on Trent Staffordshihre
BV2032822/1 Historic Annie Alice Davies 16/05/2002 North Kensington London W10
BV2054132/1 Historic Audrey May Davies 26/03/2005 Warminster Wiltshire
BV942734/1 Historic Bennett Poole Davies 17/03/1994 Rhyl Denbighshire
BV21110391/1 Historic Beryl Myfanwy Davies 23/01/2011 Gloucester
BV2086162/1 Historic Blodwen Davies 02/02/2008 Merthyr Tydfil
BV2001631/1 Historic Brian Davies 02/01/2000 Cardiff Wales
BV2082265/1 Historic David Davies 29/01/2008 Chester Cheshire
BV2002735/1 Historic David Andrews Davies 25/11/1999 Cardiff Wales
BV2041278/1 Historic David Douglas Davies 06/07/2000 Llanelli Carmarthenshire
BV2067964/1 Historic Dennis Davies 21/06/2006 Derby Derbyshire
BV960475/1 Historic Desmond Lloyd Davies 10/01/1995 Scunthorpe Lincolnshire
BV21212060/1 Historic Diana Ruth Davies 18/07/2012 Boston Lincolnshire
BV21404466/1 10/04/2014 Dilwyn Davies 25/06/2013 Clapton London E5
BV21308698/1 20/09/2013 Edward Peter Davies 24/10/2012 Ryhyl Denbighshire
BV2021432/1 Historic Elizabeth Davies 15/11/1993
BV944091/1 Historic Elizabeth Emily Davies 20/09/1992 Pontefract West Yorkshire
BV2086728/1 Historic Ernest Davies 15/04/2008 Burntwood Staffordshire
BV2004722/1 Historic Eve Davies 01/07/1999 Croydon Surrey
BV982091/1 Historic Evelyn Davies 19/12/1997
BV2065152/1 Historic Florence Gwendoline Davies 24/06/2006 Llandudno Powys
BV2055730/1 Historic Glyn Barry Davies 03/11/2004 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2011580/1 Historic Graham William Davies 16/11/2000 Yate South Gloucestershire
BV976010/1 Historic Gwendoline Davies 14/08/1997 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2040660/1 Historic Gwladys Davies 02/01/2004 Wrexham North Wales
BV962618/1 Historic Howard Merlin Peter Davies 12/04/1996 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2004222/1 Historic Hubert Thomas John Davies 14/07/2000 New Southgate London N11
BV2059784/1 Historic Idris Edward Davies 18/04/2005 Cliftonville Northampton
BV86/3237/1 Historic James Davies 19/02/1985
BV21307962/1 08/08/2013 John Andrew Davies 28/12/2012 Newton Aycliffe County Durham
BV2052261/1 Historic John Emlyn Davies 04/10/2004 Southwark London SE1
BV990458/1 Historic John Reginald Kinnest Davies 22/12/1998
BV972693/1 Historic Joyce Isobel Davies 29/02/1996
BV2061411/1 Historic Kenneth Walter Davies 30/11/2005 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2052023/1 Historic Marjorie Minnie Davies 26/07/2004 Macclesfield Cheshire
BV2025920/1 Historic Mary Violet Davies 05/10/2002 Hartcliffe Bristol
BV2065588/1 Historic Maxwell David Harris Davies 19/08/2005 Southmead Bristol
BV2083694/1 Historic Mervyn John Davies 28/10/2005 Basildon Essex
BV2014874/1 Historic Muriel Hilda Davies 22/08/2001 Putney London SW15
BV21211255/1 Historic Nathaniel Davies 07/04/2010 Clapton London E5
BV952082/1 Historic Noreen Davies 10/12/1991 Lambeth London SW8
BV21111378/1 Historic Olga Davies 27/06/2011 Hove
BV21306623/1 05/07/2013 Phillip Davies 23/03/2013 Pontypridd Rhondda Cynon Taff
BV2002757/1 Historic Rhys Emlyn Davies 06/06/2000 Winchmore Hill Enfield
BV2002644/1 Historic Rita Catherine Davies 20/12/1999 Cardiff Wales
BV2015411/1 Historic Sarah Davies 19/07/2001 Llanelli Carmarthenshire
BV21211474/1 09/05/2013 Souslik Davies 23/11/2008 London E8
BV21005292/1 Historic Stephen Davies 15/01/2010 Croydon Surrey
BV963710/1 Historic Thomas George Davies 10/04/1996 Holywell Clywd
BV976705/1 Historic William Morgan Davies 28/11/1997
BV941350/1 Historic Yvonne Davies 11/04/1993 Bognor Regis West Sussex
BV2062296/1 Historic Christine Ann Davis 13/03/2006 Southall Middlesex
BV953973/1 Historic David George Davis 19/09/1995 Hither GreenLondon SE13
BV2058018/1 Historic Derrick Davis 24/08/2005 Rowley Regis West Midlands
BV952759/1 Historic Dora Davis 05/10/1994 Westminster London SW1
BV2046193/1 Historic Edward Frederick Davis 25/11/2002 Kinmel Bay Conwy
BV21112719/1 Historic Edward M Davis 01/03/2011 Gravesend Kent
BV981229/1 Historic Eileen Mary Davis 16/02/1998 Leeds Yorkshire
BV2078721/1 Historic Frederick Davis 21/04/2007 Redhill Surrrey
BV984608/1 Historic Frederick Davis 16/01/1997 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV2052021/1 Historic Frederick William Davis 16/06/2004 Camden London NW3
BV991626/1 Historic Gertrude Davis 25/03/1999 Fitzrovia London W1
BV954520/1 Historic Harriet Davis 30/09/1995 Cholsey Berkshire
BV992178/1 Historic Helen Lily Davis 22/04/1999 Westcliffe on Sea Essex
BV21306165/1 06/06/2013 Henry William Davis 03/05/2009 Seaton Devon
BV2025793/1 Historic Ivy Lilian Davis 21/06/2002 Streatham London SW16
BV952814/1 Historic James Davis 04/09/1994 Archway London N19
BV21007203/1 Historic Jeanne Davis 31/05/2010 Ashford Kent
BV2058938/1 Historic John Davis 20/06/2004 Edmonton London N18
BV2082990/1 Historic John Davis 15/03/2000 Worthing West Sussex
BV995318/1 Historic Leslie Ernest Davis 15/05/1997 Mitcham Surrey
BV2059180/1 Historic Margaret Davis 17/10/2005 Neston Merseyside
BV2031876/1 Historic Marjorie Davis 15/02/2002 Waltham Abbey Essex
BV2002065/1 Historic Maud Clara Davis 24/10/1999 Sandford-on-Thames Oxford
BV21010299/1 Historic Michael John Davis 13/01/2008 March Cambridgeshire
BV2004740/1 Historic Percy Davis 25/12/1997 Stockton on Tees North Yorkshire
BV900163/1 Historic Philip Davis 25/09/1989 London EC1
BV21300114/1 01/05/2013 Roger Davis 28/02/2008 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV2088106/1 Historic Thomas Davis 21/07/2008 Willesden London NW2
BV21201751/1 Historic Valerie Davis 04/04/2011 Hampshire
BV2083628/1 Historic Vernon Davis 28/04/2008 Paignton Devon
BV2032828/1 Historic Veronica Davis 28/10/2002 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV995306/1 Historic Mary Jane Davis-Jenkins 17/04/1999 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV21313094/1 02/10/2013 Adrienne Davison 28/03/2013 South Shields Tyne & Wear
BV2082229/1 Historic Andrew Davison 30/09/2007 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV2021767/1 Historic Annie Davison 14/04/2002 Brighton East Sussex
BV982838/1 Historic Lavinia Davison 24/01/1996 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV21106885/1 Historic Lyndsey Davison 25/04/2010 Newcastle Upon Tyne
BV21305686/1 31/05/2013 Robert Albert Davison 04/04/2013 Northallerton North Yorkshire
BV940225/1 Historic Geoffrey Francis Dawe 13/06/1993 Hull East Yorkshire
BV967019/1 Historic Doris Dawes 01/08/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21102550/1 Historic Dorothy Anne Eleanor Dawes 17/08/2010 Grays Essex
BV2031177/1 Historic May Dawes 29/11/2002 Weymouth Dorset
BV2001007/1 Historic Adelaide Dawson 16/07/1999 Stafford Staffordshire
BV2062598/1 Historic Brian Dawson 21/02/2006 Paddington London W2
BV2066551/1 Historic Brian Dawson 12/12/1998 Ipswich Suffolk
BV2075096/1 Historic Chapman Mather Dawson 09/06/2007 Torquay Devon
BV2013150/1 Historic Gladys Dawson 02/03/2001 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV993693/1 Historic Ian Joseph Dawson 04/11/1998 Carshalton Surrey
BV991592/1 Historic Irene Rose Dawson 17/04/1998 Scunthorpe Lincolnshire
BV960061/1 Historic Kenneth Dawson 20/11/1995
BV2004397/1 Historic Kenneth Earl Dawson 03/05/2000 Catford London SE6
BV2060673/1 Historic Margaret Dawson 03/12/2000
BV2057093/1 Historic Michael Dawson 07/12/2004 West Brompton London SW10
BV2086515/1 Historic Raymond Dawson 21/09/2008 Hull East Riding of Yorkshire
BV990879/1 Historic Alfred Day 30/01/1998
BV2081899/1 Historic Anthony Day 01/02/2008 Norfolk Norwich
BV21402014/1 05/03/2014 Arthur Edward Day 04/10/2013 Lewisham London SE13
BV2001554/1 Historic Charles Day 09/01/1998 St Leonard’s on Sea East Sussex
BV2073998/1 Historic Dorothy Day 19/02/2007 Enfield Middlesex
BV21100243/1 Historic Henry John Day 10/11/2010 Kingston Surrey
BV2059851/1 Historic Joseph Day 02/05/2005 Derby Derbyshire
BV972609/1 Historic Maggie Day 05/11/1996 Sutton Surrey
BV2090374/1 Historic Margaret Jean Day 14/11/2008 Newport Gwent
BV2091470/1 Historic Sheila May Day 02/01/2009 Clacton-on-Sea Essex
BV2013342/1 Historic William Victor Day 01/09/1999
BV980030/1 Historic Winifred Day 28/03/1997 Westminster London SW1
BV2043424/1 Historic Sonia Day-Stewart 09/01/2004
BV2098584/1 Historic Nigel De Alery 13/02/2009 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV2058608/1 Historic Vito De Benedictis 03/10/2005 Belsize Park London NW3
BV21111371/1 Historic Gerolamo De Benetti 25/08/2009 Goring-by-Sea West Sussex
BV21113767/1 Historic Eduardo De Cavalho 30/09/2011 Brighton East Sussex
BV21204819/1 Historic Dorothy De Frescheville 11/02/2006 London
BV966190/1 Historic Eyde Frances De Kiss 25/07/1996 Richmond upon Thames Surrey
BV993519/1 Historic Marthe Marie De Mol 05/05/1999 Folkstone Kent
BV21005052/1 Historic Angelo De Souza 22/12/2009 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2060762/1 Historic Beatri De Souza 28/12/2004 Peckham London SE15
BV2062789/1 Historic Delores De Villiers 08/01/2006 Haywards Heath West Sussex
BV21302932/1 22/08/2013 Jeremy De Villiers 24/08/2012 East Cowes Isle of Wight
BV2015585/1 Historic Reginald Henry John De Wolfe 26/07/2001 Steeton West Yorkshire
BV21005626/1 Historic Edith Rose Deacon 08/12/2006 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV2015390/1 Historic Olive Deacon 02/11/2001 Plymouth Devon
BV2096200/1 Historic Arnold Deakin 25/07/2004 Erdington Birmingham
BV2065803/1 Historic Audrey Deakin 29/04/2002 Norwich Norfolk
BV964851/1 Historic Eveline may Deakin 20/06/1996 Solihull West Midlands
BV991776/1 Historic Charles E Dean 27/02/1999 Ilsington London N1
BV21306433/1 21/08/2013 Irene Dean 23/05/2012 Hampton London TW12
BV2074407/1 Historic Muriel Kate Dean 20/01/2007 Chingford Essex
BV954059/1 Historic Harding Alexander Deans 06/10/1995 Hackney London E8
BV963546/1 Historic Wallace Deans 15/09/1994 Swindon Wilts
BV970270/1 Historic Gladys Deards 02/09/1996 Tadworth Surrey
BV983857/1 Historic James Dearing 23/05/1998 Southwark London SE1
BV973836/1 Historic Beatrice Mary Deary 30/05/1997 South Croydon Surrey
BV2078614/1 Historic Jacqueline Deason 21/04/2007 Hastings East Sussex
BV912088/1 Historic Reginald Benjamin Deaville 03/11/1990 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV985101/1 Historic Pamela Margaret De-Benedetti 05/09/1998 Brighton Sussex
BV21306937/1 05/07/2013 George Ernest DeBruyn 07/04/2013 North Walsham Norfolk
BV2082749/1 Historic James Dechirante 17/03/2007 Finchley London N3
BV21102939/1 Historic John Alfred Decker 28/01/2010 Grantham Lincolnshire
BV2041909/1 Historic Francis Xavier Decoutho 25/11/2003 Hastings East Sussex
BV962138/1 Historic Michael J Dee 01/09/1995 Lambeth London SE11
BV2085065/1 Historic Margaret Olwen Elizabeth Deibert 03/11/2007 Pembroke Dock Deyfed
BV966877/1 Historic Kennneth Deighton 27/02/1996 Hull Humberside
BV2097565/1 Historic Joseph Dejneka 27/07/2009 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV21402980/1 11/04/2014 Thomas Delahunty 02/01/2014 Bristol
BV944529/1 Historic Annelise Delaney 25/06/1994 Stockton on Tees Middlesbrough
BV984349/1 Historic Louise Mary Delaney 31/10/1997 Battersea London SW11
BV21302269/1 05/06/2013 Mary Delaney 23/05/2012 Islington London N7
BV2004831/1 Historic Michael Delaney 25/06/2000 Luton Bedfordshire
BV2094381/1 Historic Viola Delfish 26/12/2008 Letchworth Hertfordshire
BV2098104/1 Historic Paul Della Costa 07/07/2009 Bognor Regis West Sussex
BV21202435/1 Historic Natasha Inez Dellanoce 29/03/2009 Lambeth London
BV2031306/1 Historic Henri Delorme 03/03/2003 Chertsey Surrey
BV21303565/1 05/06/2013 Antonia Demcowitz 11/06/2012 Wakefield Yorkshire
BV2021691/1 Historic Zofia Demczuk 29/03/2002
BV2032487/1 Historic Edmund Demelo 19/07/2002 Kensington London SW7
BV21007361/1 Historic Maria Demetriou 12/10/2009 Cricklewood London NW2
BV912313/1 Historic Samuel Thomas Dempsey 04/08/1990 Balham London SW12
BV2030600/1 Historic Raymond Berrell Dench 10/01/2003 Cambridge Cambs
BV940705/1 Historic James Denholme 18/01/1994 Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire
BV21002869/1 Historic Beatrice Roberta Denis 06/01/2010 Croydon Surrey
BV2054444/1 Historic Maud Denning 05/04/2005 Whitechapel London E1
BV2072618/1 Historic Christine Ann Dennis 14/01/2007
BV2086758/1 Historic Eugene Adella Dennis 11/02/1999 Denamrk Hill London SE5
BV2042936/1 Historic Reginald Dennis 26/04/1998 Sydenham London SE26
BV944030/1 Historic Blanche Dent 25/09/1994 Hull NE Lincolnshire
BV2079483/1 Historic Mary Evelyn Dent 01/08/2006 Walsall
BV21402965/1 07/04/2014 James Depledge 22/04/2013 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV21301048/1 08/02/2013 Sergij Derewianko 01/11/2012 Thamesmead London SE28
BV2013736/1 Historic Nellie Derham 10/04/2000 IIkley West Yorkshire
BV2033633/1 Historic Vera Rosemary Derrington 03/06/2003 Cambridge Cambs
BV976369/1 Historic Eric Derry 09/08/1997 Narborough Leicester
BV941593/1 Historic Margaret Anne Derry 12/04/1994 Carlisle Cumbria
BV2048515/1 Historic Joan Desforges 16/10/2004 Scunthorpe South Humberside
BV2078750/1 Historic Eileen Desmond 12/07/2007 Brixton London SW2
BV2002591/1 Historic Constance Mabel Devaney 03/05/2000 Kilburn London NW6
BV21317432/1 23/12/2013 Vincent Devanney 31/05/2013 Westminster London W1
BV2020326/1 Historic Thomas Devereaux 03/09/2001 Park Royal London NW10
BV21400952/1 10/04/2014 Anthony Malcolm Deverson 24/12/2012 Canterbury Kent
BV950721/1 Historic Irene Deverson 13/12/1994 Mottingham London SE9
BV2094202/1 Historic Ronald William Deverson 17/05/2009 Canterbury Kent
BV21312089/1 10/10/2013 Alexander Devlin 04/06/2013 Westminster London W1G
BV2065362/1 Historic Mary Devlin 20/01/2004 Leeds Yorkshire
BV2086759/1 Historic John Joseph Devoy 13/11/2005 Tooting London SW17
BV2092088/1 Historic Paul Dew 12/10/2008 Isleworth Middlesex
BV943684/1 Historic Stuart Dewar 28/05/1994 Stoke Newington London N16
BV2003685/1 Historic Miriam Dewey 28/06/2000 Brighton East Sussex
BV21000912/1 Historic John D’Hondt 15/10/2009 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV21306908/1 05/07/2013 Michael Dial 30/09/2012 Upper Norwood London SE19
BV21201580/1 Historic Elsie Diamond 03/12/2007 London
BV21200131/1 Historic James Diamond 17/08/2011 Lewisham London SE13
BV2092094/1 Historic Robert Dick 05/12/2008 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV985860/1 Historic Cecil Dickens 22/08/1994 Goodmayes Essex
BV2084142/1 Historic Dennis Dickens 09/10/2007 Coventry West Midlands
BV944308/1 Historic Dorothy Phyllis Dickers 24/01/1994 Margate Kent
BV911320/1 Historic Keith Leslie Joseph Dickins 05/08/1990
BV2075871/1 Historic Alan James Dickinson 04/07/2007 Torquay Devon
BV961455/1 Historic Eleanor Dickinson 03/06/1995 Hartlepool Durham
BV21309428/1 29/08/2013 Grace Dickinson 09/12/2012 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV961640/1 Historic Gilbert Dickson 03/01/1996 Ambleside Cumbria
BV2031556/1 Historic Robert Dickson 18/05/2001 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2063491/1 Historic Adolphus William Dighton 01/04/2002 Maidstone Kent
BV952314/1 Historic Valerie Dill 18/09/1994 Leytonstone London E11
BV2000815/1 Historic Sheila Ann Dilley 20/07/1999 Caterham Surrey
BV21315950/1 24/12/2013 Anthony James Dillon 11/12/2011 Tooting London SW17
BV951983/1 Historic Walter Diment 17/08/1990 luton Bedfordshire
BV2037741/1 Historic Violet Dimmock 13/10/2003 Frimley Surrey
BV2070843/1 Historic S Din 01/10/1995 Hackney London E5
BV882320/1 Historic Winifred Dine 23/07/1988 Bexhill on Sea East Sussex
BV965773/1 Historic Russell Dingle 08/08/1996 Westminster London SW1
BV21305350/1 04/06/2013 John David Diplock 26/01/2013 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV21010297/1 Historic Pechara Diplock 16/12/2006 New Malden Surrey
BV2034633/1 Historic Janet Mary Disley 08/07/2003 Braunstone Leicester
BV963928/1 Historic Edna Dixon 10/05/1996 Epsom Surrey
BV21400402/1 11/02/2014 Jack Dixon 06/10/2013 Brighton East Sussex
BV950687/1 Historic John Dixon 24/08/1992 Chichester West Sussex
BV21402300/1 31/03/2014 Margaret Crown Dixon 08/12/2003 Houghton Le Spring Tyne & Wear
BV2062754/1 Historic Robert Michael Dixon 27/12/1994 Kirklees West Yorkshire
BV951065/1 Historic Walter Dixon 20/01/1995 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV21014794/1 Historic Branka Djivanovic 20/09/2009 Warminster Wiltshire
BV2040756/1 Historic Eva Djorich 11/12/2003 Guildford Surrey
BV2061373/1 Historic Rranciszek Dlugosz 24/03/1980 Swansea
BV2091145/1 Historic Sophie Doblmayr 11/01/2009 Liss Hampshire
BV21307573/1 06/08/2013 Bernard Dobson 11/11/1999 St. Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV980689/1 Historic Leonard Arthur Dobson 13/08/1997 Whitechapel London E1
BV981768/1 Historic Mary Jane Dobson 21/01/1998 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV21107565/1 Historic Peter Paul Docherty 17/01/2011 Middlesbrough
BV982910/1 Historic Winnie Dockeray 22/03/1998 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2032887/1 Historic Mildred Evelyn Ford Dodd 01/05/2003 Chester Cheshire
BV21318320/1 31/12/2013 Victor Dodd 12/10/2013 Croydon Surrey
BV923682/1 Historic Elizabeth Annie Dodds 25/10/1992 Maidenhead Berkshire
BV2034388/1 Historic Jeffrey Ernest Dodds 17/08/2002 Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyne & Wear
BV2040183/1 Historic Oliver Dodds 11/09/2003 Leake Lincolnshire
BV21007302/1 Historic Thomas Henry Dodds 10/03/2010 Derby Derbyshire
BV2001372/1 Historic Jessie Dodman 15/11/1999 Brixton London SW2
BV2002643/1 Historic Peter John Doe 29/01/2000 Harrow Weald Middlesex
BV2041618/1 Historic Surat Singh Dogra 01/02/2004 Isleworth Middlesex
BV991041/1 Historic Anna Gertrude Doherty 27/01/1999 Harrow Middlesex
BV68792/1 Historic Bernard Lord Santerre Doherty 05/08/1991 Clapham London SW4
BV967275/1 Historic Charles Joseph Doherty 10/01/1996 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2002231/1 Historic Christine Doherty 25/12/1999 Rowley Regis West Midlands
BV21305756/1 01/08/2013 Daniel Doherty 01/12/2012 Chester Cheshire
BV2041171/1 Historic Danny Doherty 14/11/2003 Amersham Bucks
BV963330/1 Historic Mervyn Charles Doherty 29/02/1996 Walworth London SE17
BV21006597/1 Historic Sean Hamilton Doherty 05/05/2010 Fulham London SW6
BV994227/1 Historic James Dolaghan 21/10/1998 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2074996/1 Historic Arthur Edward Dolan 28/04/2007 Redhill Surrey
BV2003719/1 Historic Edward Dolan 25/12/1999 Luton Bedfordshire
BV2071022/1 Historic Irene Elfriede Dolan 02/11/2006 Lewisham London SE13
BV995047/1 Historic James Dolan 03/06/1998 Kentish Town London NW5
BV21315932/1 15/11/2013 Elsie Dollery 04/09/2013 Basildon Essex
BV2033580/1 Historic Sarah Dolphin 26/01/2003 Selly Park Staffordshire
BV21205608/1 Historic Miriam Rose Donaghue 22/04/2012 Cardiff South Glamorgan
BV964574/1 Historic James Donaghy 17/02/1996 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV942848/1 Historic Grace Elsie Donaldson 12/02/1994 Birchfields Birmingham
BV21103875/1 Historic Angel Donn 27/11/2010 Islington London N19
BV21102294/1 Historic Michael Donnegan 20/01/2010 Cheadle Staffordshire
BV21302261/1 01/05/2013 Theresa Patricia Donnelly 25/12/2012 Egham Surrey
BV2063910/1 Historic Winifred Donnelly 27/04/2005 Holywell Flintshire
BV994073/1 Historic Elfriede Donner 16/10/1998 Finchley London N3
BV2003316/1 Historic Sarah Donnison 15/03/1999 Newcastle upon Tyne
BV21203527/1 Historic Richard Donohoe 28/01/2012 Westminster
BV980566/1 Historic Annie Edna Donohue 17/01/1998 Deal Kent
BV21200242/1 Historic Christine Donovan 02/06/2011 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV21200251/1 Historic Cornelius Donovan 11/05/2011 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV931699/1 Historic George Owen Donovan 26/08/1991 Walthamstow London E17
BV963720/1 Historic Kathleen Mary Donovan 11/05/1996 Earlsfield London SW17
BV975752/1 Historic Michael Harry Donovan 17/06/1997 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2001138/1 Historic Patrick Donovan 15/11/1999 Kensington London W8
BV2012639/1 Historic William Donovan 24/04/2001 Cardiff Wales
BV2024774/1 Historic William J Donovan 15/02/2002 West Smithfield London EC1
BV2053675/1 Historic Arthur Charles Donovon 31/10/2003 Wrexham Flintshire
BV991246/1 Historic Daniel Doody 11/05/1998 Lambeth London SW8
BV2090209/1 Historic James Doody 26/03/2008 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21315915/1 14/11/2013 John Joseph Doody 14/04/2012 Lewisham London SE13
BV951781/1 Historic Mary Patricia Doody 14/04/1995 Brixworth Northamptonshire
BV2099019/1 Historic Joseph Peter Doolan 30/12/2008 Holloway London N7
BV2072010/1 Historic Brigid Dooley 10/03/2007 Croydon Surrey
BV2010750/1 Historic John Thomas Doran 10/12/2000 Shepherd’s Bush London W12
BV942866/1 Historic Jeremiah Dorgan 22/11/1993 Burton on Trent Staffordshire
BV2044902/1 Historic Elsie Dormer 14/04/2004 Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
BV971661/1 Historic Leonard Dormer 12/09/1996 Putney London SW15
BV964598/1 Historic May Florence Dormer 25/06/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2021219/1 Historic Edith Doudney 20/09/2001 Teddington Middlesex
BV21316749/1 11/12/2013 Ronald Dougal 14/10/2013 Haywards Heath West Sussex
BV2000377/1 Historic Mary Gardner Dougall 18/12/1999 St John’s Wood London NW8
BV21306163/1 10/06/2013 Thomas Michael Dougan 18/06/2004 Folkstone Kent
BV20911900/1 Historic Jack Doughill 17/06/2009 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2078746/1 Historic Eric Doughty 10/02/2007 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21210629/1 Historic John Doughty 28/12/2011 Gillingham Kent
BV2066635/1 Historic John Doughty 26/09/1998 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2056668/1 Historic Reginald Doughty 17/01/2005 Wandsworth London SW12
BV21402295/1 05/03/2014 Gary Victor Douglas 21/06/2011 Erith Kent
BV21207388/1 Historic Lucille Ann Douglas 09/05/2012 Forest Gate London E7
BV21204921/1 Historic Manley Douglas 15/02/2012 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2054603/1 Historic Richard Douglas 11/03/2005 Hammersmith London W6
BV2002795/1 Historic Stephen Douglas 21/04/2000 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2036720/1 Historic Terence Douglas 24/09/2003 Colwyn Bay
BV960001/1 Historic William Douglas 08/10/1994 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV2076690/1 Historic William Douglass 10/08/2007 Maidstone Kent
BV21313098/1 09/10/2013 Malcolm Vivian Doutre 09/05/2013 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV21305028/1 06/06/2013 Catherine Dovanski 16/06/2008 Todmorden West Yorkshire
BV2066288/1 Historic John Dove 22/07/2006 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2041456/1 Historic Joseph Dove 30/11/2003 Margate Kent
BV967173/1 Historic Michael Dove 05/12/1996 Paddington London W2
BV21014543/1 Historic Richard Arthur Dow 27/10/2010 Feltham Middlesex
BV21402204/1 13/03/2014 David Dowdell 30/11/2013 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2070704/1 Historic Joyce May Emmott Dowdell 08/12/2006 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV953447/1 Historic Francis Albert Dowden 12/05/1995 Sydenham London SE26
BV972747/1 Historic John Daniel Dowell 25/09/1980 Holywell Flintshire
BV2004702/1 Historic Dennis Dowelling 28/06/1998 Luton Bedfordshire
BV951070/1 Historic Anne Dowling 18/12/1994 Westminster London W1
BV922778/1 Historic Lena Dowling 09/09/1991 Holloway London N7
BV2052658/1 Historic Charles Down 20/01/2005 Canton Cardiff
BV2044415/1 Historic Harry Downer 04/09/2003 Westminster London SW1
BV2087387/1 Historic Harriette Downes 22/09/1995 Southend on Sea Essex
BV2021153/1 Historic Victoria May Edna Downes 10/02/2002 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2031839/1 Historic Ellen Downey 26/01/2003 Coventry Warwickshire
BV2073791/1 Historic Anne Downing 04/01/2001 Southwark London SE1
BV2002843/1 Historic Marjorie Ann Downs 27/05/2000 Brighton East Sussex
BV2047862/1 Historic Phyllis Downs 27/09/2004 Sheffield Yorkshire
BV975283/1 Historic Maud Doy 28/01/1997 Stafford Staffordshire
BV2002577/1 Historic Sabina Doy 22/07/1994 Margate Kent
BV21008576/1 Historic Anna Doyle 27/06/2010 Basildon Essex
BV992570/1 Historic Eileen Margaret Doyle 21/04/1999
BV2067853/1 Historic Elizabeth Cordelia Doyle 02/04/2003 Swindon Wiltshire
BV21106192/1 Historic Francis Doyle 12/02/2010 Hampstead London NW3
BV2022815/1 Historic George Doyle 09/11/2000 Birmingham West Midlands
BV975536/1 Historic John Joseph Doyle 07/06/1997 Muswell Hill London NW10
BV951157/1 Historic Lillian Doyle 31/01/1995 Willesden London NW10
BV2071408/1 Historic Patrick Doyle 20/12/2006 Birmingham
BV973861/1 Historic Patrick Joseph Doyle 03/06/1997 Kidderminster Worcestershire
BV21306357/1 17/06/2013 Robert Joseph Doyle 17/12/1995 Abergele Clwyd
BV992713/1 Historic Thomas Doyle 28/12/1998 Newbury Berkshire
BV985654/1 Historic Anthony Drabczyk 24/10/1998 Acton London W3
BV21007830/1 Historic Francis Charles Drake 30/03/2010 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV995734/1 Historic Muriel Dorothy Mary Drake 07/10/1999 Tooting London SW17
BV965235/3/1 Historic Rose Drake 02/03/1993 Acton London W3
BV21400219/1 25/02/2014 Peter Dransfield 10/02/2013 Kirklees W. Yorks
BV944748/1 Historic James Draper 13/03/1993 London SE14
BV21208161/1 Historic Stephen James Draycott 16/03/2012 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV2061434/1 Historic Renee Georgette Dreano 02/01/2004 Chelsea London SW1
BV2033554/1 Historic Ruth Mary Drew 31/05/2003 Ashford Kent
BV2077926/1 Historic Valerie Drew 27/03/2007 Plaistow Essex
BV21004119/1 Historic George Richard Drinkwater 14/02/2010 Uckfield East Sussex
BV2083723/1 Historic John Drinkwater 16/01/2008 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
BV2043806/1 Historic Margarita Drinkwater 13/01/2004 Rochester Kent
BV940812/1 Historic Horace Driver 19/10/1993 St Albans Hertfordshire
BV944294/1 Historic Joan Elizabeth Driver 12/08/1994 Weston Super Mare Somerset
BV20911764/1 Historic Brian Druce 22/07/2009 Heston London TW5
BV940189/1 Historic Adassa Rosemore Drummond 28/10/1993 Lewisham London SE13
BV2033253/1 Historic Basil George Drummond 17/05/2003 Ashton-under-Lyne Lancashire
BV21100328/1 Historic Dolcina Cristina Maria Drummond 03/03/2010 Winchester Hampshire
BV2056655/1 Historic Irene Drummond 15/09/2003 Almondbury West Yorkshire
BV21307227/1 17/07/2013 Yin Hung Drury 21/01/2013 Walthamstow London E17
BV2099964/1 Historic Patrique Vallon Duaumonte 11/06/2007 Carshalton Surrey
BV21316088/1 26/03/2014 Peter Gordon Du-Casse 06/09/2013 Willesden London NW10
BV921970/1 Historic Vladimir Dudak 27/01/1992 Tottenham London N15
BV991572/1 Historic Melvin Dudley 15/09/1996 Bexley Kent
BV2011685/1 Historic Wilfred Charles James Duell 13/03/2001 Poole Dorset
BV991208/1 Historic Clara Duff 25/10/1998 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV963629/1 Historic Annie Maria Duffield 05/05/1992 Wakefield West Yorkshire
BV2041772/1 Historic Joan Duffield 21/11/2003 Middlesborough
BV2065006/1 Historic John Duffin 27/03/2006 Haverhill Suffolk
BV2015095/1 Historic Eugene Duffy 11/05/2001 Epsom Surrey
BV973002/1 Historic John Joseph Duffy 29/04/1997 Bognor Regis West Sussex
BV2066082/1 Historic Joseph Austin Duffy 04/05/2006 Acton London W3
BV2012837/1 Historic Mary Duffy 12/05/2001 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2099739/1 Historic Phillip John Duffy 13/06/2009 Epsom Surrey
BV21302933/1 08/05/2013 Patrick Duggan 13/09/2012 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21013475/1 Historic Stephen Mark Timothy Duggan 27/07/2010 Cardiff South Glamorgan
BV2036330/1 Historic Jeannette Dukes 24/11/2001 Sidcup Kent
BV21211043/1 24/05/2013 John Dumphy 02/07/2011 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV2053777/1 Historic Olive Dunbar 26/03/2005 Harlow Essex
BV2014503/1 Historic Francis Duncan 30/09/1999 Kingston upon Hull East Riding of Yorkshire
BV2057005/1 Historic John Anthony James Duncan 28/07/2005 Chichester West Sussex
BV2072009/1 Historic Robert Duncan 20/03/2006 Highbury London N5
BV963439/1 Historic Walter Duncan 16/02/1996 Westminster London Sw1
BV990170/1 Historic Patrick Dundon 24/08/1998 Lambeth London SE1
BV21308272/1 06/08/2013 Timothy Dunford 06/01/2009 Woolwich London SW18
BV2095375/1 Historic Joan Dunkerley 18/03/2009 Westgate-on-sea Kent
BV2086761/1 Historic Beatrice Alexandra Dunlop 28/04/1999 Thamesmead London
BV2097550/1 Historic Joseph Dunlop 27/09/2007 Cardiff Wales
BV961060/1 Historic Maracea Dunlop 02/12/1995 Holloway London N7
BV2012608/1 Historic Charles Fisher Dunn 22/08/1997
BV2058217/1 Historic Elizabeth Dunn 02/02/2003 Westminster London SW1
BV973264/1 Historic George Stephen Dunn 31/08/1996 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
BV2011243/1 Historic Helen Mary Dunn 16/01/2001 Kingswood Gloucestershire
BV21010593/1 Historic Irene Dunn 13/05/2010 South Shields Tyne and Wear
BV2070779/1 Historic John Dunn 16/03/1997 Isleworth Middlesex
BV2060719/1 Historic Mary Dunn Sydenham London SE26
BV21100999/1 Historic Sylvia Dunn 28/10/2008 Idle Bradford
BV2045572/1 Historic Thomas Arthur Dunn 10/03/2004 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2030608/1 Historic Ann Dunne 11/11/2002 Cricklewood London NW2
BV2004535/1 Historic James Joseph Dunne 22/05/2000 Hastings East Sussex
BV983130/1 Historic Nora Dunne 11/05/1998 Westminster London SW1
BV2041910/1 Historic Velma Marjorie Dunne 25/02/2004 Worthing West Sussex
BV2005007/1 Historic Florence Henrietta Dunstall 23/04/2000 Worthing West Sussex
BV944287/1 Historic Paul Howard Stanley Dunster 07/08/1994 Highgate London
BV913381/1 Historic Robert James Dunwoodie 16/12/1991
BV21104635/1 Historic Carmen Dura 23/01/2011 Acton London W3
BV944571/1 Historic Estelle Durand 06/09/1994 Shepherds Bush London W12
BV2062955/1 Historic Annie May Durden 12/03/2006 Feltham Middlesex
BV2004537/1 Historic Joan Durham 10/08/2000 Loughborough Leicestershire
BV2001629/1 Historic Ivy Durran 15/03/2000 West Brompton London SW10
BV2033784/1 Historic Sardar Qamar Durrani 04/07/2001 Southall Middlesex
BV21301882/1 22/03/2013 David Durrant 27/07/2012 Darlington Co Durham
BV985059/1 Historic Ivy Doris Durrant 13/10/1998 Grimsby Lincolnshire
BV2084868/1 Historic John William Lionel Durrant 13/06/2008 Tooting London SW17
BV2023186/1 Historic Aloke Kumar Dutta 18/07/2002 Cardiff Glamorgan
BV21200072/1 Historic Renee Marguerite Duval 02/10/2011 Epsom Surrey
BV850107/1 Historic James Cameron Dwyer 05/02/1985
BV21115663/1 Historic Rose Dwyer 11/03/1997 Middlesborough Cleveland
BV982344/1 Historic Jack Dye 10/02/1998 Southwark London SE1
BV951835/1 Historic Florence Joan Dyer 22/03/1995 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV21107302/1 Historic Lesley Dorritt Dyer 09/05/2009 Sydenham London SE26
BV976066/1 Historic Sidney Charles Dyer 18/08/1997 Park Royal Middlesex NW10
BV965530/1 Historic Albert Edward Dyke 09/09/1995 Kingston upon Thames Surrey
BV2032985/1 Historic Ralph Dyke 10/02/2001 Battersea London SW11
BV2061632/1 Historic Kenneth Joseph Dyken 12/02/2006 Banstead Surrey
BV2041629/1 Historic Philandus Dyor 19/10/2003
BV2045524/1 Historic Hilda Dyson 10/03/2004 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21208346/1 Historic Joyce Dyson 26/10/2007 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV975912/1 Historic Ivan Dzanda 27/09/1997 Nuneaton Warwickshire
BV2003790/1 Historic Janis Dzenis 14/08/1998 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV20911991/1 Historic Zosia Dziadecke 12/11/2009 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV990837/1 Historic Boleslaw Dziekanski 16/11/1998 Leytonstone London E11
BV2055101/1 Historic Helena Dzus 24/02/2000 Barnet London
BV2014478/1 Historic Czeslaw Dzwonik 19/09/2001 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21307579/1 08/08/2013 Danny Early 18/09/1999 Birmingham West Midlands
BV940092/1 Historic Victor Arthur Earney 10/12/1993 Lydd Kent
BV21312090/1 08/10/2013 Diane Easby 15/05/2013 New Southgate London N11
BV2011766/1 Historic Harold James Easdell 22/03/2001 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV2024035/1 Historic Marion Dorothy East 21/02/1991 Norwich Norfolk
BV2001193/1 Historic Allen Easton 31/01/2000 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV930336/1 Historic John Easton 04/04/1992 Chertsey Surrey
BV992275/1 Historic John Edward Easton 06/05/1999 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV980714/1 Historic Nellie Easton 06/08/1997 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2059785/1 Historic Travis Eastwood 01/02/2005 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV2033353/1 Historic Dorothy Patricia Eaves 20/01/2003 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2047072/1 Historic Peter Willoughby Eberall 30/08/2004 Hassocks West Sussex
BV2001058/1 Historic Alexandra Mary Ebers 15/12/1999 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV21106358/1 Historic Enwukwe Graham Kwedi Edde 06/01/2011 Lambeth London SE1
BV2001850/1 Historic Charles Eddleston 14/02/2000 Loughborough Leicestershire
BV21105697/1 Historic Keith Eddon 04/11/2010 Leiston Suffolk
BV2080646/1 Historic Helene Ede 06/12/2007 Guilford Surrey
BV2075100/1 Historic Viktor Edelberg 18/06/2005 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV21114789/1 Historic Sunny Eyo Edem 16/09/2011 Fulham London SW6
BV2044635/1 Historic Marianne Amelia Eden 29/12/2003 Ilford Essex
BV2061466/1 Historic Ena Edmonds 15/01/2006 Kingston upon Thames Surrey
BV2000492/1 Historic William Edmonds 17/12/1999 Chelsea London SW10
BV2014566/1 Historic Jack Edmondson 07/01/1999 Keighley West Yorkshire
BV951286/1 Historic Jessie Edmunds 04/02/1995 Tadworth Surrey
BV922900/1 Historic Grace Edogho 08/12/1991 Kentish Town London NW5
BV2070782/1 Historic Albert Alfred Edwards 02/08/2006 Enfield Middlesex
BV2079683/1 Historic Arthur Thomas Edwards 15/11/2007 Watford Hertfordshire
BV21303998/1 01/08/2013 Barry John Edwards 05/01/2011 Burgess Hill West Sussex
BV2021930/1 Historic Bertie Edwards 27/04/2002 Sidcup Kent
BV21401277/1 19/02/2014 Cyril James Edwards 14/06/2013 Upper Holloway London N19
BV21319001/1 26/02/2014 David Edwards 13/05/2013 Hackney London E8
BV21105277/1 Historic Dennis James Edwards 28/01/2011 Grantham Lincolnshire
BV2075141/1 Historic Donald Edwards 17/05/2007 Hammersmith London W6
BV982595/1 Historic Dorothy Helena Edwards 20/03/1998 King’s Lynn Norfolk
BV2003334/1 Historic Edward Granville Edwards 05/05/2000
BV2082674/1 Historic Eileen Edwards 01/02/2008 Ilford Essex
BV2002069/1 Historic Evelyn Edwards 29/11/1999 Rochester Kent
BV2022382/1 Historic Frank Ioerwerth Edwards 07/03/2002 Denbighshire Wales
BV2082844/1 Historic Geoffrey Frederick Edwards 15/02/2008 Hampstead London NW3
BV21001219/1 Historic Geoffrey Lionel Edwards 18/05/2009 Gillingham Kent
BV993819/1 Historic George Edwards 09/07/1999 Staines Surrey
BV2075397/1 Historic James Edwards 14/03/2007 Penarth Vale of Glamorgan
BV21305119/1 01/07/2013 Joyce Edwards 11/02/2013 Castleford West Yorkshire
BV2065532/1 Historic Kenneth Edwards 27/02/2006 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV2098612/1 Historic Michael Edwards 19/08/2009 Wellingborough Northamptonshire
BV2060356/1 Historic Neville Francis Edwards 05/06/2005
BV2020710/1 Historic Norman George Edwards 01/02/2002 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV944747/1 Historic Peter Ronald Edwards 07/10/1994
BV952951/1 Historic Reginald G Edwards 29/12/1994 Clacton on Sea Essex
BV21317932/1 07/01/2014 Roderick Edwards 03/09/2013 Wrexham Wales
BV966277/1 Historic Sydney Edwards 29/05/1996 New Tredegar Mid Glamorgan
BV2033891/1 Historic Sydney John Thomas Edwards 07/10/2002 Worcester Worcestershire
BV2011001/1 Historic William Edwards 06/02/2001 Southampton Hampshire
BV2060241/1 Historic William Edwards 28/12/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2000554/1 Historic Edward Egan 18/01/2000 York North Yorkshire
BV2060080/1 Historic Hugh Egan 02/12/2005 Westminster London SW1
BV975491/1 Historic Winifred Eggleton 15/07/1996 Croydon Surrey
BV2086763/1 Historic Olga Eglevskaia 14/08/2007 Lewisham London SE13
BV2061043/1 Historic Augustus Eglitis 01/07/2005 Workington Cumbria
BV692572/1 Historic Karlis Eglitis 07/05/1994 Rugby Warwickshire
BV975366/1 Historic Benjamin Eisler 05/02/1997 Hackney London E9
BV2005043/1 Historic Phyllis Eke 13/12/1995 Mansfield Nottinghamshire
BV933537/1 Historic Helen Elders 25/10/1993 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV2045636/1 Historic Henerietta Eldon 11/07/2004
BV967409/1 Historic Kathleen Elen 25/10/1996 Hove East Sussex
BV2060400/1 Historic Annie Elizabeth Eley 20/06/2005 Stafford Staffordshire
BV2087818/1 Historic William Eley 24/08/2008 Tottenham London N17
BV2035579/1 Historic F E Elias 05/09/2003
BV965307/1 Historic Irene May Elkins 07/05/1996 Reading Berkshire
BV990657/1 Historic Cecil John Ellard 14/01/1999 Southampton Hampshire
BV982824/1 Historic May Elley 09/05/1998 Dagenham Essex
BV2058936/1 Historic David Ellias 04/09/2005 Orpington Kent
BV2037722/1 Historic Terpsithea Ellinas 23/11/2003 Southall Middlesex
BV21112201/1 Historic Barbara Crosthwaite Elliot 17/02/2011 Torquay Devon
BV995419/1 Historic Elizabeth Elliot 06/11/1999 Ealing London W5
BV912797/1 Historic Winifred Christina Elliot 19/08/1991 Gosforth Northumberland
BV21104819/1 Historic Edera Elliott 26/03/2009 Caterham Surrey
BV2003600/1 Historic Edward Charles Elliott 14/05/2000 Salisbury Wiltshire
BV967189/1 Historic Jessie Theresa Elliott 14/10/1996 Willesden London NW10
BV21400959/1 26/02/2014 Lawrence Elliott 04/03/2013 Hastings Sussex
BV964815/1 Historic Leonard Elliott 07/08/1996 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV21106019/1 Historic Leslie Paul Elliott 15/03/2011 Lowestoft Suffolk
BV2094511/1 Historic Lily Amelia Elliott 25/12/2008 Benfleet Essex
BV912900/1 Historic Nelson Edmund Elliott 17/03/1989 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2084513/1 Historic Stewart Keith Elliott 03/01/2006 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2036462/1 Historic Anne Ellis 16/06/2003 Chesterfield Derbyshire
BV21400218/1 26/02/2014 Christopher Ellis 22/03/2013 York Yorkshire
BV2013019/1 Historic Colin Ellis 26/03/2001 Bristol NE Somerset
BV2031074/1 Historic David Ellis 01/10/2002 Carshalton Surrey
BV2066354/1 Historic Emily Ellis 16/07/2005 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2001156/1 Historic Ernest Richard Ellis 27/01/2000 Brighton East Sussex BN2
BV2065232/1 Historic Florence Ivy Ellis 03/07/2006 Ilkeston Derbyshire
BV2062322/1 Historic Florence Mary Ellis 30/07/2000 Newbury Berkshire
BV966278/1 Historic George Ellis 14/12/1995 Skipton North Yorkshire
BV2025833/1 Historic George Reginald Ellis 07/08/2002 Croydon Surrey
BV2033016/1 Historic James Harry Ellis 17/04/2003 Bristol NE Somerset
BV960347/1 Historic Joseph Ellis 07/11/1995 Birkenhead Merseyside
BV2054600/1 Historic Lorna Ellis 06/09/2001 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2004205/1 Historic Marjorie Johnson Ellis 22/11/1999 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV944480/1 Historic Norah Ellis 19/11/1993 Norwich Norfolk
BV965322/1 Historic Pauline Mary Ellis 18/07/1987 Birmingham West Midlands
BV961623/1 Historic Reginald Ellis 27/02/1996 Enfield Middlesex
BV2056134/1 Historic Robert Ellis 22/02/2005 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2047325/1 Historic Thomas Ellis 08/04/2004 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2082240/1 Historic Cicely Ellson 03/04/2006 Tooting London SW17
BV21402546/1 17/03/2014 Hilda Dorothy Ellwood 29/01/2014 Norwich Norfolk
BV977026/1 Historic Jean McKalvie Elrick 11/09/1997 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV2061500/1 Historic Kevin Edward Elsdon 24/12/2005 Braintree Essex
BV2050304/1 Historic Neil Elsom 20/12/2004 Christchurch Dorset
BV995735/1 Historic Hetty Elstein 09/11/1994 Upper Holloway London N19
BV21202612/1 Historic Leslie Elvidge 15/01/2008 Cottingham
BV2034200/1 Historic Shirley Anna Elwell 23/12/2001 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2083131/1 Historic Enid Emmerson 18/11/2007 Middlesborough Cleveland
BV21404201/1 07/04/2014 Raymond Emmerson 12/12/2011 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
BV943575/1 Historic Robin Emmerson 10/08/1994 Leicester Leicestershire
BV21316091/1 27/11/2013 James Emmett 08/01/2013 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21103651/1 Historic Terence Hartley Emmott 31/01/2011 Cromer Norfolk
BV984816/1 Historic Iris Emsley 24/05/1998 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2060502/1 Historic John Douglas Endacott 19/10/2005 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2053668/1 Historic Paul Thomas Francis Endall 16/01/2005 Hampstead London NW3
BV2093945/1 Historic Joan Endersby 20/01/2009 Battersea London SW11
BV2040533/1 Historic Cissie Madeline Endicott 30/12/2003 Bognor Regis West Sussex
BV952797/1 Historic Frederick Lancelot England 14/06/1995 Fulham London SW6
BV2043865/1 Historic W H England
BV2059266/1 Historic Thomas English 04/06/2005 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV2087181/1 Historic Gwendoline Engwell 08/12/2007 Basildon Essex
BV976165/1 Historic Joseph Ennis 17/10/1997 Paddington London W2
BV2061855/1 Historic Horst Erich Erdmann 24/12/2005 Worcester Worcestershire
BV2079140/1 Historic Colexis Erlloy 13/06/2007 St Peters Leicestershire
BV981454/1 Historic Maria Errath 24/02/1998 Brighton East Sussex
BV2004637/1 Historic Elizabeth Barbara Mountjoy Erroll 11/09/2000 East Preston West Sussex
BV21305912/1 05/06/2013 Paul Erumuse 23/02/2013 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2087497/1 Historic Abdul Rasul Esmail 09/09/2008 Paddington London W2
BV2076821/1 Historic Harry Richard Essex 17/05/2007 Coventry Warwickshire
BV941125/1 Historic Jamail Essmail 26/02/1994 Luton Bedfordshire
BV2001797/1 Historic Janina Etheridge 30/05/1999 Chelsea London SW3
BV2020439/1 Historic Frank John Etherington 04/09/2000 Havant Hampshire
BV971612/1 Historic Marjorie Ettlinger 12/01/1997 Hammersmith London W12
BV21112079/1 Historic Alice Evans 13/05/2010 Coventry Warwickshire
BV2065154/1 Historic Anthony Evans 18/12/2005 Tipton West Midlands
BV2081791/1 Historic Anthony John Evans 21/12/2007 Paddington London W2
BV21306254/1 14/06/2013 Brian Evans 01/04/2009 Carmarthen Carmarthenshire
BV2030580/1 Historic Conrad Evans 09/08/2000 Stockport Cheshire
BV2076998/1 Historic David Graham Evans 14/07/2007 Swansea Glamorgan
BV2026026/1 Historic Dennis John Evans 09/10/2001 Redhill Surrey
BV970586/1 Historic Desmond Arnold Evans 14/12/1995 Cardiff Glamorgan
BV21212451/1 Historic Dorothy Evans 09/09/2012 Swansea Wales
BV2075539/1 Historic Elsie Evans 03/02/2005 Swindon Wiltshire
BV934011/1 Historic Elsie Evans 14/11/1993 Rhyl Clwyd
BV902006/1 Historic Elsie Elizabeth Evans 28/05/1990 Birmingham West Midlands
BV991069/1 Historic Eluned Evans 13/08/1998 Gwynedd
BV2050615/1 Historic Emlyn Evans 29/12/2003 Denbigh Denbighshire
BV2004832/1 Historic Enid Evans 06/10/1999 Brighton East Sussex
BV2014448/1 Historic Florence Mary Evans 30/09/1998 Brecon Powys
BV2015683/1 Historic Frederick Thomas Evans 10/11/2000 Birmingham West Midlands
BV985480/1 Historic Frederick William Evans 23/09/1998 Bath Somerset
BV962565/1 Historic George Evans 26/01/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
BV962809/1 Historic Gladys Hope Evans 06/05/1996 Sydenham London SE26
BV2059409/1 Historic Ida Evans 07/10/2005 Wrecsam Wrexham
BV951747/1 Historic Idris Evans 18/03/1995 Bristol Avon
BV2042189/1 Historic Jacqueline Evans 04/12/2003 Crewe Cheshire
BV973891/1 Historic James Douglas Evans 01/06/1997 Telford Shropshire
BV981947/1 Historic Janet Evans 27/02/1996 Surbiton Surrey
BV2003563/1 Historic Joyce Evans 08/01/2000 Mexborough South Yorkshire
BV967171/1 Historic June Evans 28/08/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2033919/1 Historic Laura Evelyn Evans 24/03/2003 Bodelwyddan Clwyd
BV2022134/1 Historic Linda Elizabeth Evans 01/03/2002 Ponyclun Rhondda Cynon Taf
BV2002822/1 Historic Martha Evans 27/09/1992 Worthing West Sussex
BV2078761/1 Historic Michael Anthony Evans 30/09/2007 Stockton-on-Tees Cleveland
BV2031651/1 Historic Philip Lionel Evans 19/12/2002
BV2002427/1 Historic Richard Gavin Michael Evans 17/12/1999 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV21113782/1 Historic Robert Evans 31/10/2011 Wirral Merseyside
BV971106/1 Historic Ronald Evans 06/02/1997 Camberley Surrey
BV2043730/1 Historic Ruth Evans 19/05/2004 Llandudno Gwynedd
BV2003819/1 Historic Terence Evans 09/05/2000 Pontypool Gwent
BV21102023/1 Historic Victor Evans 28/07/2010 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV2098722/1 Historic Walter Evans 02/03/2007 Gorleston Great Yarmouth
BV21000370/1 Historic William Evans 22/09/2007 Carmathenshire
BV21206427/1 Historic Melbourne Evelyn 31/01/2012 Croydon Surrey
BV2002557/1 Historic Sarah Mary Everett 18/12/1999 Finchley London N3
BV985402/1 Historic David Everitt 13/07/1998 Margate Kent
BV995821/1 Historic Irene Eileen May Everitt 24/09/1999 Harlow Essex
BV2004393/1 Historic Jessie Every 08/09/2000 Minehead Somerset
BV943351/1 Historic Gladys Exley 06/10/1993 Lincoln Lincolnshire
BV953542/1 Historic Doris Exon 25/06/1995 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV2025910/1 Historic Betty June Eyre 16/11/2002 Chelsea London SW10
BV965316/1 Historic Ruth Klara Phillipine Fabian 22/08/1996 Shenley Hertfordshire
BV2098434/1 Historic Massimo Fadden 23/04/2009 Bermondsey London SE16
BV950907/1 Historic Michael Joseph Fahy 12/01/1995 Camden London NW1
BV21402418/1 13/03/2014 James Frederick Fairbairn 02/01/2014 Carshalton Surrey
BV973952/1 Historic Oliver Fairbank 10/07/1997 Halstead Essex
BV964744/1 Historic Mabel Kathleen Fairburn 15/05/1996 Coventry Warwickshire
BV21215117/1 16/01/2013 Maurice Oscar Fairess 17/09/2012 Winchester Hampshire
BV2031372/1 Historic Lena Margaret Fairless 30/01/2003 Durham
BV21305700/1 05/12/2013 Albert Victor Fairman 16/11/2012 Farnborough Kent
BV2015072/1 Historic Kathleen Anne Fairweather 07/10/2001 Darlington County Durham
BV931077/1 Historic Michael Myron Fajfurewycz 02/09/1992 Wokingham Berkshire
BV21210409/1 Historic Brian Fallon 21/04/2007 St. Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV892067/1 Historic Dian Fane 09/06/1989 Slough Berkshire
BV2010465/1 Historic Tony Fane 15/01/2001 Woking Surrey
BV2026069/1 Historic Victor Adedapo Olufemi Fani-Kayode 15/08/2001 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2014151/1 Historic Daniel Da Costa Farley 09/05/2001 Croydon Surrey
BV21307282/1 24/07/2013 Elizabeth Farmer 09/01/2013 Battersea London SW11
BV2074959/1 Historic Kathleen Farmer 04/04/2007 Chelsea London SW10
BV21212369/1 Historic Brian Charles Farnfield 08/09/2012 Chertsey Surrey
BV2064791/1 Historic Sarah Gwyneth Farr 08/05/2003 Llanybydder Carmarthen
BV992382/1 Historic William Herbert Farrand 25/01/1999
BV2037296/1 Historic Eileen Mary Farrando 11/11/2003 Redhill Surrey
BV2098764/1 Historic John Farrant 02/09/2009 Euston London NW1
BV880070/1 Historic Lilian Farrant 31/08/1987 Warlingham Surrey
BV2086279/1 Historic James Farrell 06/05/2008 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21000910/1 Historic John Farrell 25/12/2009 Clapham London SW4
BV2054651/1 Historic Lilian Rose Farrell 29/03/2005 Croydon Surrey
BV2055277/1 Historic Margaret Farrell 23/03/2005 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2041250/1 Historic Patrick Farrelly 19/11/2002
BV962733/1 Historic Doris Farrugia 11/01/1996 Whitechapel London E1
BV2013405/1 Historic Speridion Farrugia 11/04/2001 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV21404026/1 07/04/2014 Brendan Farry 01/11/2013 Hammersmith London W6
BV943555/1 Historic Audrey Edith Farthing 18/05/1993
BV21114912/1 Historic Eva Faulkner 29/10/2011
BV2071151/1 Historic Harry Faulkner 14/01/2007 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2084052/1 Historic Jacqueline Marguerite Faure 11/12/2007 Slough Berkshire
BV980749/1 Historic Daniel Francis Fawcett 01/01/1998 Hampstead London NW3
BV970818/1 Historic Dorothy Fawcett 27/07/1996 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV985332/1 Historic John Fawcett 22/08/1998
BV991462/1 Historic William Henry Ranson Fawcett 13/02/1999 Keighley West Yorkshire
BV2093714/1 Historic Norman Fay 13/03/2009 Newcastle-upon-Tyne
BV2022646/1 Historic S Fay 17/05/2002 Bridgnorth Shropshire
BV974907/1 Historic Annie Fear 30/06/1997 Uxbridge Middlesex
BV2000352/1 Historic Donald Fearnley 16/11/1999 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV952487/1 Historic Zenon Fedak 30/05/1995 Torquay Devon
BV976602/1 Historic Anfisa Federoff 07/10/1997 Birmingham West Midlands
BV981714/1 Historic Margaret Agnes Feeney 26/01/1998 Croydon Surrey
BV911266/1 Historic Martin Feeney 31/03/1991
BV21311167/1 16/09/2013 Patrick Feeney 04/03/2013 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV976259/1 Historic Henry Fell 11/09/1997 Maryport Cumbria
BV2081094/1 Historic Norma Fellows 07/10/2005 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2058741/1 Historic Leonard John Felton 01/12/2004 Llanelli Carmarthenshire
BV2086981/1 Historic George Fender 07/04/2007 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV2047014/1 Historic Harold Fennell 01/11/2000 Guildford Surrey
BV2095627/1 Historic Derek John Fenton 02/07/2009 London EC1
BV984259/1 Historic Thomas Fenwick 05/04/1998 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV985777/1 Historic Leslie Ferguson 25/10/1998 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV2056143/1 Historic Robert David Ferguson 09/01/2005 Southampton Hampshire
BV21209383/1 Historic Beryl Fern 09/07/2010 Westminster London W2
BV2082857/1 Historic Theobald Mathews Fernandes 26/03/2008 Watford Hertfordshire
BV943857/1 Historic Amanda Fernandez 21/11/1993 Muswell Hill London N10
BV2050378/1 Historic Maria Del Pilar Fernandez 19/06/2004 West Brompton London SW10
BV21001119/1 Historic Trevor Mervyn Fernandez 06/11/2009 Plaistow London E13
BV981638/1 Historic Enrique Ferrer Soles 25/02/1998 Basildon Essex
BV951306/1 Historic Robert Ferris 28/12/1994
BV2013256/1 Historic Sinaida Zene Fese 23/01/2001 West Brompton London SW10
BV2063050/1 Historic Irene Few 09/03/2006 Coventry West Midlands
BV2030820/1 Historic Vasslia Ficret 26/11/2002 Archway London N19
BV940259/1 Historic Lilian Fidler 23/11/1993 Whitehaven Cumbria
BV2098850/1 Historic Mitar Fidonavic 16/06/2009 Luton Bedfordshire
BV963014/1 Historic Dennis Edward Field 06/05/1996 Ilford Essex
BV21006160/1 Historic Leslie Nelson Field 24/03/2010 Bethnal Green London EC2
BV931622/1 Historic Margaret Jean Field 12/03/1993
BV2053320/1 Historic Peter Alan Field 01/02/2005 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2075819/1 Historic Minnie Fielder 19/09/2001 Highgate Hill London N19
BV2020811/1 Historic Esther Fieldman 13/10/2001 Colindale London NW9
BV21311168/1 24/10/2013 John Stephen James Fifield 26/02/2013 Kettering Northamptonshire
BV2085258/1 Historic Bose Abosede Elizabeth Fige 04/05/2008 Paddington London W2
BV960450/1 Historic Betty Pearl Finch 23/11/1995 Basingstoke Hampshire
BV993160/1 Historic Dorothy Finch 23/03/1999 West Brompton London SW10
BV2024027/1 Historic Eric John Finch 20/06/2002 Plymouth Devon
BV21003034/1 Historic George Finch 30/12/2004 Ashington Northumberland
BV2021620/1 Historic Linda Finch 21/12/2001 Romford Essex
BV21209730/1 Historic Nancy Finch 19/07/2012 Westminster London W2
BV954499/1 Historic Evelyn Marjorie Stewart Finch-Smith 02/01/1995 Beckenham Kent
BV2090234/1 Historic Andrew Findley 09/10/2008 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV2022076/1 Historic Yetta Fineberg 21/03/2002 Upminster Essex
BV2066381/1 Historic Maurice Finlay 27/06/2006 Plaistow London E13
BV2002530/1 Historic Austin Joseph Finn 26/12/1997 Luton Bedfordhsire
BV994489/1 Historic Michael Finn 04/08/1999 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV21402298/1 09/04/2014 Sheila Finn 06/05/2002 Ealing London W3
BV972805/1 Historic Eric Finney 16/04/1997 Chesterfield Derbyshire
BV2060312/1 Historic William Finnigan 15/10/2005
BV2010142/1 Historic Margaret May Finnis 15/10/2000 Worthing West Sussex
BV982783/1 Historic James Firth 02/10/1997 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2091565/1 Historic Phyllis Firth 31/12/2007 Birmingham West Midlands
BV981825/1 Historic Martin John Fiscor 19/01/1998 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2040758/1 Historic Beatrice Fish 19/12/2003 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2004871/1 Historic Frances Fish 30/06/2000 Camden London
BV2030106/1 Historic Agnes Fisher 02/06/2001 Southampton Hampshire
BV2072890/1 Historic Colin Fisher 01/01/2004 Eastleigh Hampshire
BV2043734/1 Historic Elizabeth Fisher 20/12/1998
BV966511/1 Historic George Fisher 24/09/1996 Leytonstone London E11
BV21307521/1 Historic Georgina Olive Fisher 02/05/2013 Stevenage Hertfordshire
BV2014414/1 Historic John Eveson Fisher 01/08/2001 Solihull West Midlands
BV2079459/1 Historic John James Fisher 02/03/2007 Hartlepool Co Durham
BV21200065/1 Historic June Fisher 17/07/2011 Lambeth London
BV2084619/1 Historic Louise Fisher 14/05/2008 Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire
BV981636/1 Historic Roger Fisher 03/04/1997 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2034319/1 Historic Sheila May Fisher 04/02/1997 Horsham Surrey
BV21307051/1 12/07/2013 Jean Fishwick 05/05/2013 Sunderland
BV21107311/1 Historic Augustine Fitzgerald 13/03/2011 Walsall WEST mIDLANDS
BV2057999/1 Historic Edward Patrick Fitzgerald 05/04/2005 Bristol Avon
BV2010839/1 Historic John Fitzgerald 19/09/2000 Coventry West Midlands
BV954624/1 Historic John Joseph Fitzgerald 16/10/1995 London
BV2091880/1 Historic John Thomas Fitzgerald 26/06/2008 Nuneaton Warwickshire
BV2045571/1 Historic Katherine Mary Fitzgerald St Leonard’s on Sea East Sussex
BV970393/1 Historic Kathleen Fitzgerald 26/11/1996 Poole Dorset
BV2087299/1 Historic Margaret Fitzgerald 03/10/2008 Kentish Town London NW5
BV2087082/1 Historic Michael Fitzgerald 20/06/2008 Forest Gate London E7
BV21112097/1 Historic Michael Fitzgerald 11/09/2010 London N4
BV21215114/1 05/02/2013 Renee Fitzgerald 24/07/2012 Teddington Middlesex
BV2036921/1 Historic Robert Fitzgerald 12/09/2003 Fitzrovia London W1
BV2059790/1 Historic William Fitzgerald 30/10/2005 Bournemouth Dorset
BV932258/1 Historic John Fitzharris 27/04/1993 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2082834/1 Historic Dennis Fitzpatrick 26/11/2003 Newcastle-upon-Tyne Northumberland
BV2045722/1 Historic Edith May Fitzpatrick 15/04/1983 India
BV2004649/1 Historic Edward Frank Fitzpatrick 11/10/1999
BV954144/1 Historic Hugh Fitzpatrick 07/10/1995 Grimsby North East Lincolnshire
BV970782/1 Historic Janet Elizabeth Fitzpatrick 02/09/1996 Camberwell London SE5
BV980751/1 Historic Joseph Patrick Fitzpatrick 17/12/1997 Camden London
BV2074604/1 Historic Lydia Louise Fitzpatrick 29/06/2005 Chelsea London SW10
BV2097454/1 Historic Michael Francis Fitzpatrick 21/05/2009 Bristol
BV2051739/1 Historic Peter Anthony Fitzpatrick 11/12/2004 Clacton on Sea Essex
BV2010057/1 Historic Trevor Fitzsimmons-White 28/03/1999 Halstead Essex
BV923678/1/1 Historic Joseph Daniel Flaherty 20/11/1992 Tooting London SW17
BV2012840/1 Historic Jack Flanagan 12/04/2001 Bromley Kent
BV2087216/1 Historic Michael Paul Flanagan 01/12/2005 Penarth Vale of Glamorgan
BV2013953/1 Historic Evelyn E Flanders-Chapman 31/05/2001 Gorleston Norfolk
BV991625/1 Historic Joseph Flannagan 21/12/1998 Islington London N5
BV2044078/1 Historic Joseph Patrick Flannery 18/12/2003 Tooting London SW17
BV2037183/1 Historic Edward Flavell 10/07/2002 Tunbridge Wells Kent
BV944035/1 Historic John Fleck 17/05/1994 Girton Cambridgeshire
BV985293/1 Historic Josephine Imelda Flegg 27/05/1998 Hove East Sussex
BV2000953/1 Historic Albert George Fleming 18/03/1999 London
BV2035598/1 Historic Patrick Joseph Fleming 25/06/2001
BV21307428/1 17/07/2013 Ronald Alexander Fleming 03/09/1998 Hartlepool Cleveland
BV2086072/1 Historic Elsie June Flemming 13/10/2007 Southend-on-Sea Essex
BV964420/1 Historic Anne Jennifer Fletcher 29/03/1996 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2056107/1 Historic Arthur Cecil Fletcher 20/05/2005 West Brompton London SW10
BV2051832/1 Historic Betty May Ellen Fletcher 13/01/2004
BV21308013/1 08/08/2013 David John Fletcher 03/07/2013 Weston-super-Mare Somerset
BV972550/1 Historic Edith Lilian Fletcher 17/10/1996
BV951518/1 Historic Jack Fletcher 13/06/1991 Shepheard’s Bush London W12
BV21401278/1 05/02/2014 Stephen Fletcher 05/03/2013 Northampton Northamptonshire
BV2022875/1 Historic Violet Fletcher 19/12/2001 Slough Berkshire
BV970935/1 Historic Anthony Yardley Flight 28/10/1996 Southwark London SE1
BV940899/1 Historic Albert Gordon Flint 24/03/1990
BV21211461/1 10/05/2013 Cristea Florian 06/07/2012 Golders Green London NW11
BV941723/1 Historic Elizabeth Flower 06/08/1993 Southall Middlesex
BV2013985/1 Historic Ronald Flower 07/08/2001 Swansea
BV2000538/1 Historic John Flynn 21/12/1999 Ilfracombe Devon
BV2082530/1 Historic John Flynn 15/10/2007 Paddington London W2
BV21316157/1 22/11/2013 John Thomas Flynn 01/07/2013 Newcastle-under-Lyme Staffordshire
BV2092224/1 Historic Joseph Flynn 30/04/2007
BV21202927/1 Historic Patrick Flynn 22/01/2009 Hillingdon
BV21002836/1 Historic Edith Fodder 18/11/2009 Romford Essex
BV975429/1 Historic William Fogarty 14/11/1987
BV21015083/1 Historic Phylis Cecilia Fogden 05/09/2010 Maryport Cumbria
BV984525/1 Historic Alexander Foley 07/03/1998 Earley Berkshire
BV2067763/1 Historic Francis Foley 21/10/2003 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV2013751/1 Historic Ian Forbes Forbes-Palmer 29/07/2001 Poole Dorset
BV2098970/1 Historic Lydia Forbes-Thomson 29/08/2009 Worthing West Sussex
BV21108258/1 Historic Albert Philip Ford 18/02/2011 Chiswick London W4
BV964627/1 Historic Cynthia Eileen Ford 14/05/1996
BV2010549/1 Historic Ellen Ford 30/01/2001
BV953812/1 Historic Emeline Ford 12/07/1994 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2037147/1 Historic Freda Victoria Ford 24/09/2003 Reading Berkshire
BV2024651/1 Historic Gwendoline Maud Ford 02/06/2002 Welshpool Powys
BV2021904/1 Historic Janet Mary Ford 23/03/2002 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV950639/1 Historic Margaret Ivy Ford 21/09/1994 Banstead Surrey
BV2032371/1 Historic Mark Bryan Ford 15/10/2002 Dulwich London SE21
BV940622/1 Historic Mary Elizabeth Ford 12/05/1993 Acton London W3
BV21107307/1 Historic Nicholas Ford 13/05/2011 Leytonstone London E11
BV2081104/1 Historic Anne Forde 04/12/2007 Epsom Surrey
BV2078722/1 Historic George Robert Forde 04/10/2007 Westbury-on-Trym Bristol
BV993181/1 Historic John Forde 12/11/1998 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV21315951/1 14/11/2013 Norman Foreman 18/01/2013 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV942784/1 Historic Robert Norman Foreman 20/12/1992 Camberwell London SE5
BV953859/1 Historic Gerald Sean Foreshaw 19/05/1995 Hackney London E9
BV21402390/1 17/03/2014 George Formosa 08/11/2007 Islington London N1
BV941267/1 Historic James Forrest 16/12/1993 West Hampstead London NW6
BV985636/1 Historic Betty Forrester 24/10/1998 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2030573/1 Historic Arthur Forshaw 18/12/2002 Chester Cheshire
BV981027/1 Historic Margaret Forster 29/01/1998 Southall Middlesex
BV21109255/1 Historic Neville Forster 07/01/2011 Southampton Hampshire
BV2061676/1 Historic Thomas Elliott Forster 07/01/2006 Newcastle-upon-Tyne
BV2035830/1 Historic Eveline Forsyth 09/04/2003 Southwark London SE1
BV2040018/1 Historic E Forsythe
BV2090018/1 Historic Kazimirez Fortuna 13/11/2004 Steeton Keighley
BV21210695/1 20/09/2013 Roger Fortune 18/01/2012 Crediton Devon
BV21213073/1 Historic Ann Foss 23/09/2012 Lewisham London SE13
BV2050295/1 Historic Alice Foster 12/05/2004 Surbiton Surrey
BV21001212/1 Historic Brian Peter Foster 31/12/2009 Dartford Kent
BV2011545/1 Historic Charles Henry Foster 18/01/2001 Barnsley South Yorkshire
BV963734/1 Historic Dennis William Foster 11/05/1996 Southall Middlesex
BV2058136/1 Historic Dorothy Foster 19/02/2004 Barnsley South Yorkshire
BV2031179/1 Historic Eliza Foster 23/01/2003 Newcastle upon Tyne
BV21304633/1 22/05/2013 Elsie Foster 20/02/2013 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2000288/1 Historic Eric Raymond Foster 10/04/1999 Newcastle upon Tyne
BV2046331/1 Historic Frank Foster 06/05/2002 Camden London NW1
BV21111368/1 Historic Irene Foster 25/02/2011 Leytonstone London E11
BV2081352/1 Historic Janet Ruth Foster 30/05/2007 Torquay Devon
BV21302477/1 01/05/2013 Joyce Foster 27/08/2012 Stockton on Tees Co Durham
BV2086859/1 Historic Lionel Foster 15/08/2008 Hammersmith London W6
BV21300339/1 26/03/2013 Mark Kevin Foster 17/11/2011 Sheerness Kent
BV2013179/1 Historic Mervyn Foster 17/03/2001 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV2033237/1 Historic Nellie Foster 14/12/2001 West Bromwich West Midlands
BV950344/1 Historic Prudence Foster 28/12/1994 Walsall West Midlands
BV2076994/1 Historic Richard James Foster 18/11/1999 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2013820/1 Historic Robert George Foster 14/01/1998 Croydon Surrey
BV990675/1 Historic William Foster 15/08/1998 Hemel Hampstead Hertfordshire
BV951313/1 Historic Gladys Fothergill 18/03/1995 Newcastle upon Tyne
BV2071564/1 Historic Margaret Fotheringham 22/12/2006 Plaistow London E13
BV2014792/1 Historic Janet Mary Foulds 29/08/2001 Worthing West Sussex
BV2062707/1 Historic Ivy Elizabeth Foulkes 19/02/2006 Winsford Cheshire
BV2003850/1 Historic Marjorie Foulkes 05/06/2000 Ramsgate Kent
BV960568/1 Historic James Edward Foulser 23/03/1995 Tottenham London N17
BV2077237/1 Historic Stuart Reginald Foulser 06/07/2007 East Horsley Surrey
BV2093679/1 Historic Barbara Rose Fowler 22/12/2008 Hove East Sussex
BV2085304/1 Historic Marina Fowler 14/07/2008 Skegness Lincolnshire
BV2015079/1 Historic William Fowler 30/10/2000 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV21318511/1 14/04/2014 Doreen Fox 10/07/2005 Poole Dorset
BV2025087/1 Historic Clifford Frank Fox 18/05/2002 Leicester Leicestershire
BV961990/1 Historic Evelyn Fox 19/06/1993 Camden London NW3
BV2000110/1 Historic Frederick Fox 03/12/1999 Wells Somerset
BV2001470/1 Historic Gordon Fox 20/12/1999 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV2013951/1 Historic Harry Fox 27/07/2001 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV980064/1 Historic John Dennis Fox 29/09/1997 Grimsby Lincolnshire
BV2050684/1 Historic Margaret Ann Fox 01/01/2005 Camden London NW1
BV2077927/1 Historic Phillip Fox 09/09/2007 Hyde Cheshire
BV21206149/1 Historic Roy Edward Fox 30/01/2012 Ilford Essex
BV984092/1 Historic William Edward Fox 11/08/1998 Paddington London W2
BV2047399/1 Historic Kathleen Foxwell 10/08/2004 Coventry Warwickshire
BV2070850/1 Historic Mary Frances Ann Foyle 07/02/1983 Chelsea London SW10
BV981222/1 Historic Charles Henry Frain 12/09/1997 Bristol
BV2071191/1 Historic Feliks Frajmut 27/12/2006 Chesterfield Derbyshire
BV2060612/1 Historic Arthur John Frampton 31/12/2003 Chichester West Sussex
BV2060109/1 Historic George France 05/01/2004 Harrogate North Yorkshire
BV21401747/1 19/02/2014 Victor France 09/12/2013 Watford Hertfordshire
BV2061884/1 Historic Robert Gilbert Frances 03/02/2006 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2084772/1 Historic Arul Mary Francis 11/02/2008 Barnet London EN5
BV21314051/1 24/10/2013 Cyril Francis 18/04/2010 Clapham London SW4
BV921795/1 Historic Gerrard Archibald Francis 12/07/2001 Leytonstone London E11
BV981032/1 Historic Leonard Francis 01/02/1998 Clapton London E5
BV2064901/1 Historic Linroy Francis 19/06/2006 Kingston-Upon-Thames Surrey
BV984388/1 Historic Margaret Joyce Francis 14/07/1998 Queensway London W2
BV951332/1 Historic Mary Elizabeth Francis 14/01/1995 Welling Kent
BV982100/1 Historic Percy Francis 03/03/1998 Frimley Surrey
BV2020085/1 Historic Raymond Francis 14/04/2000 Balham London SW12
BV21103363/1 Historic Wilmot Francis 19/11/2010 Bromley Kent
BV2071605/1 Historic Elizabeth Margo Francis-Price 27/01/2006 Polegate East Sussex
BV962490/1 Historic Bertie William Franklin 05/12/1995 Pontypridd Mid Glamorgan
BV992159/1 Historic Elsie Franklin 24/07/1998
BV2087965/1 Historic Gwendoline Franklin 09/02/2006 Dudley West Midlands
BV21306157/1 05/06/2013 June Franklin 11/12/2010 Earls Court London SW5
BV21300866/1 22/02/2013 Katherine Franklin 02/01/2013 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2070581/1 Historic Marjorie Lilian Franks 04/12/2006 Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV973748/1 Historic Winifred Daisy Franks 23/01/1997 Sidcup Kent
BV2033787/1 Historic Anne Fraser 31/05/2003 Fenham Newcastle upon Tyne
BV2021745/1 Historic Anthony Maxwell Fraser 12/02/2002 Ealing London W5
BV952553/1 Historic Cyril Fraser 21/04/1995 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV21211482/1 Historic Ena Fraser 25/09/2011 Whitechapel London E1
BV952928/1 Historic George Robert Fraser 19/01/1995
BV984063/1 Historic Hugh Hector Fraser 13/03/1998 Ilford Essex
BV950815/1 Historic John Fraser 31/01/1994 Chesterfield Derbyshire
BV21403978/1 02/04/2014 Wilfred Fraser 02/06/2013 Walsall West Midlands
BV961571/1 Historic John Angus Fraser-Whitehouse 13/11/1994 Knightsbridge london SW3
BV21401613/1 10/03/2014 Albert Thomas Frater 25/11/2010 Pegswood Northumberland
BV2081223/1 Historic Eleanor May Fray 12/11/2006 Kingston upon Thames Surrey
BV950939/1 Historic Timms James Frederick 26/06/1994 Coventry Warwickshire
BV2005011/1 Historic Joanna Fredericksan 10/09/2000 Wembley Middlesex.
BV2002945/1 Historic Barbara Freeman 20/06/1999 South Elstree Hertfordshire
BV2033170/1 Historic Beatrice Maude Freeman 10/05/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2015449/1 Historic Daisy Freeman 31/05/1999 Hillingdon Middlesex
BV962098/1 Historic Elizabeth Freeman 02/02/1996 Plymouth Devon
BV952506/1 Historic Patrick Freeman 04/05/1995 Camden London NW1
BV2072672/1 Historic Patrick John Freeman 11/02/2007 Haringey London N6
BV2071755/1 Historic William Freeman 25/01/2007 Hayward Heath West Sussex
BV974187/1 Historic William Arthur Freeman 02/05/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21011781/1 Historic Gwendoline Mary Freeth 06/11/2003 Ealing London W5
BV2066775/1 Historic Valdis Freimanis 06/05/2005 Canterbury Kent
BV21107641/1 Historic Albert French 16/02/2011 Bangor Gwynedd
BV2080921/1 Historic Christopher David French 03/01/2008 Canterbury Kent
BV2047447/1 Historic Mary French 23/05/2004 Wimbledon London SW19
BV21304060/1 27/06/2013 Ronald Leroy French 01/06/2002 Bournemouth
BV2022616/1 Historic Doris Fretter 27/05/2002 Ealing London W5
BV21011263/1 Historic June Friday 13/02/2010 Maidstone Kent
BV994361/1 Historic Peggy Friedrich 25/07/1999 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV951280/1 Historic Dorothy Kathleen Friend 26/12/1994 Ramsgate Kent
BV21402470/1 25/02/2014 Sheila Macaulay Friend 17/10/2013 West Ealing
BV2012834/1 Historic Walter Froggatt 19/07/1999 Hadfield Derbyshire
BV2067932/1 Historic Gerhard Fromelins 07/08/2006 Ipswich Suffolk
BV961721/1 Historic Irene Frost 19/01/1996 Wallsend Tyne & Wear
BV21315911/1 20/11/2013 Lawrence Frost 01/06/2013 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2057224/1 Historic Leslie Frost 22/03/2005 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2023542/1 Historic Vera Alexandra Frost 17/06/2002 Ealing London W5
BV982348/1 Historic Doris Fry 25/03/1998 Fulham London SW6
BV21005264/1 Historic Patrick David Morton Fry 07/11/2008 Maidstone Kent
BV962997/1 Historic Dorothy May Fryatt 18/04/1996 Church Stretton Shropshire
BV21204122/1 Historic Leopoldo Fuentes Ramirez 10/11/2010 Kensington London W10
BV21110929/1 Historic Raymond Fulcher 04/01/2011 Epsom Surrey
BV2020012/1 Historic James Kevin Fulham 31/10/2000 Brandon Warwickshire
BV21202971/1 Historic Brian Leslie Fuller 05/04/2002 Colchester Essex
BV21400949/1 18/02/2014 Dennis William Henry Fuller 24/12/2013 Turnchapel Plymouth
BV20911262/1 Historic Joan Fuller 27/10/2009 Denmead Hampshire
BV2013816/1 Historic Marjorie Rose Fuller 12/05/2001 Croydon Surrey
BV21104890/1 Historic Robert Fuller 20/01/2011 Camberwell London SE5
BV970850/1 Historic Sidney Fuller 19/11/1996 Whitstable Kent
BV21316317/1 04/12/2013 James Funge 06/09/2013 Birmingham West Midlands
BV943901/1 Historic Ronald James Gordon Furby 20/01/1990 Leytonstone London E10
BV2080094/1 Historic Pamela Diane Furniss 08/10/2007 Canterbury Kent
BV2013813/1 Historic Charles Johnstone Fyffe 05/07/2001 Hampstead London NW6
BV2050517/1 Historic Augustine Gabriel 08/10/2003 Archway London N19
BV2012163/1 Historic Nicholas Daniel Gabrilenko 30/03/2001 Cardiff
BV952480/1 Historic Peter Gabrys 19/03/1994 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV2010972/1 Historic Bryant Ernest Gadd 14/10/2000
BV2042339/1 Historic Joseph Gaez 23/07/2003 Bristol North Somerset
BV2061240/1 Historic James Gaffney 07/11/2005 Camden London NW1
BV21400532/1 31/01/2014 Lorna Gage 03/11/2013 Bromley Kent
BV983433/1 Historic Brenda Gagg 24/04/1998 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21315758/1 14/11/2013 James Gair 23/04/2013 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2064702/1 Historic Stanislaw Gajowniczek 25/08/2003 Torquay Devon
BV2040465/1 Historic James Galbraith 22/08/2003 Coventry Warwickshire
BV21403726/1 03/04/2014 Morris Cyril Galinsky 06/09/2013 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2086617/1 Historic Edward Charles Gallagher 05/08/2008 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2040127/1 Historic John Gallagher 12/06/2003
BV984369/1 Historic John Gallagher 14/06/1998 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV963288/1 Historic John James Gallagher 16/09/1994 Southwark London SE1
BV2051000/1 Historic Joseph Gallagher 05/04/1999 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
BV2036615/1 Historic Maggie Jane Gallagher 12/04/2001 Birmingham West Midlands
BV994675/1 Historic Peter Gallagher 27/01/1997 Bow London E3
BV2063693/1 Historic Phillip Gallagher 18/05/2006 Tipton West Midlands
BV2044885/1 Historic Mark Steven Galliford 13/06/2004 Upper Norwood Surrey
BV21009285/1 Historic Mary Galliford 14/02/2009 Palmers Green London N13
BV892747/1 Historic Guio Walter Hugh Galloro 29/10/1988 Islington London N1
BV2063177/1 Historic Ada Galloway 15/01/2006 Peckham London SE15
BV21400283/1 30/01/2014 Anne Frances Galloway 10/12/2013 Haywards Heath West Sussex
BV21003886/1 Historic James Galloway 25/02/2010 Hartlepool. West Yorkshire
BV2067012/1 Historic Ruth Galvez 16/10/2006 Battersea London SW11
BV2013181/1 Historic Brian Galvin 07/06/2001 Camberwell London SE5
BV2094166/1 Historic Michael Galvin 05/10/2008 Hampstead London NW3
BV2098444/1 Historic James William Galway 09/01/1997 Lambeth London SE11
BV2055744/1 Historic Catherine Dorothy Gamble 25/08/2004 Braunstone Leicester
BV970280/1 Historic Joan Annie Gane 06/01/1997 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV21304337/1 14/05/2013 Patrick Gerard Gannon 29/09/2011 Camden London NW1
BV21316043/1 15/11/2013 Doris Garbett 31/05/2013 Lichfield Staffordshire
BV932925/1 Historic Ada Violet Garbutt 25/04/1993 Sunbury on Thames Middlesex
BV2010137/1 Historic Lavinia Gardiner 22/11/1999 St. Ishmael Carmarthenshire
BV992492/1 Historic William Gardiner 07/12/1997 Bristol Avon
BV2071061/1 Historic Winifred Gardiner 07/08/2006 Margate Kent
BV984101/1 Historic Arthur Gardner 08/10/1997 Kensington London W8
BV950578/1 Historic Barbara Ann Gardner 12/11/1993 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2052448/1 Historic Brian Gardner 24/01/2005 Hammersmith London W6
BV2086182/1 Historic Crystal Hephzibah Gardner 04/08/2008 Marsham Norfolk
BV21305724/1 25/06/2013 Egbert John Gardner 17/02/2012 Frampton on Severn Gloucestershire
BV2034980/1 Historic Gladys Gardner 06/12/2001 Chelsea London SW10
BV21306146/1 07/06/2013 Lorenza Gardner 25/12/2006 Lambeth London SE1
BV2070038/1 Historic Matilda Betty Gardner 18/07/2006 Tavistock Devon
BV21009398/1 Historic Maurice Gardner 29/09/2008 Bristol
BV2060862/1 Historic Michael Charles Gardner 17/09/2005 Poole Dorset
BV2036304/1 Historic Patrick Howard Gardner 07/04/2003 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV933831/1 Historic William Gardner 08/09/1993 Clapham London SW4
BV993326/1 Historic William Gardner 12/05/1999 Whitechapel London E1
BV2064636/1 Historic William Mark Gardner 04/03/1997 Dover Kent
BV994761/1 Historic Annie Garfinkle 23/03/1997 Farnborough Kent
BV2044155/1 Historic Francis Garguillo 04/02/2004 Isleworth Middlesex
BV2020013/1 Historic Annabel Garland 23/09/2001 Lambeth London SE1
BV2004733/1 Historic Gladys Olive Garland 03/08/2000 Tooting London SW17
BV2061113/1 Historic Richard Garland 06/07/2005 Edmonton London N18
BV966484/1 Historic Sarah Mary Garland 29/08/1996 Fleet Hampshire
BV961492/1 Historic William Albert Weaver Garland 26/02/1996 Chatteris Cambridge
BV2081843/1 Historic Phyllis Garling 12/08/2007 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV2043780/1 Historic Sultana Garman 13/03/2002 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2082875/1 Historic June Garner 07/11/2007 Fordsham Cheshire
BV980720/1 Historic Thomas Alfred Garner 08/08/1996 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV954212/1 Historic William Garnett 20/02/1995 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21316576/1 02/12/2013 David Michael Garnham 19/05/2010 Herne Bay Kent
BV2067621/1 Historic William Michael Garraghan 16/02/2006 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2071643/1 Historic Elizabeth Ann Garret 25/07/2005 Littlehampton West Sussex
BV960920/1 Historic Hilda Garrett 13/09/1995 Peckham London SE15
BV2014245/1 Historic Raymond Norris Garrett 22/02/2001 Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey
BV21306550/1 10/07/2013 John Garside 06/11/2012 Bodelwyddan Denbighshire
BV944423/1 Historic Audrey Ruth Garstin 06/09/1994 Isleworth Middlesex
BV991653/1 Historic Keneth Garthwaite 14/07/1998 Orpington Kent
BV21107298/1 Historic Roy Alexander Garvey 08/09/2010 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2005760/1 Historic Doris Garwood 31/10/2000 Acton London W3
BV21403322/1 03/04/2014 Jean Gaskell 07/02/2014 Boston Lincolnshire
BV21200726/1 Historic Alan Gaskill 04/12/2011 Hull
BV942131/1 Historic Evan McGregor Gaskin 26/12/1993 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21401279/1 05/03/2014 William Gaskin 11/12/2013 Stockport Greater Manchester
BV21301288/1 08/04/2013 Ann Gaunt 27/09/2012 Derby Derbyshire
BV2084436/1 Historic Madeline Gauthier 28/04/2008 Hove East Sussex
BV2093451/1 Historic John Gavin 01/04/2009 Durham
BV21301979/1 06/03/2013 William Gawley 22/12/2012 St Leonards-on-Sea East Sussex
BV21307109/1 27/08/2013 Charles Gay 15/08/2011 Tooting London SW17
BV21213366/1 Historic Anna Bertha Ruth Gebauer 21/10/2012 Chertsey Surrey
BV2036866/1 Historic Doris Gedney 09/09/2003 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV21305230/1 10/06/2013 Gordon Anthony Gee 06/01/2011 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV891608/1 Historic Lucy Esther Gee 01/06/1988 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV966819/1 Historic Marjorie Beatrice Gee 28/09/1996 Chester Cheshire
BV950549/1 Historic Herta Geiringer 29/08/1994 Hampstead London NW3
BV950053/1 Historic Minia Gelbfisz 14/12/1993 London
BV21111140/1 Historic Joan Geldard 28/07/2011 Paris France
BV975280/1 Historic Leslie Gelder 22/08/1997 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV985311/1 Historic George Bernard Geller 25/09/1998 Smithfield London EC1
BV952306/1 Historic Soli Jack Gelmann 30/11/1994 Balham London SW12
BV2083342/1 Historic Roy Phillip Genin 10/12/2007 Abbey Wood London SE2
BV21314363/1 06/11/2013 Jack John Douglas Genis 15/07/2013 Dereham Norfolk
BV21314521/1 30/10/2013 Kathleen Victoria Gentil 29/01/2012 Brighton East Sussex
BV982569/1 Historic Sean Geoghegan 24/04/1998 Barnet Middlesex
BV900052/1 Historic Alice Maud George 16/12/1989
BV2085586/1 Historic Anthony George 12/04/2008 Canning Town London E16
BV903014/1 Historic Spyros Georghiou 21/09/1990 Hendon London NW4
BV21208596/1 Historic Dinah Gerber 07/06/2002 Sothend-on-Sea Essex
BV945073/1 Historic Mabel Gwladys Gerken 13/09/1994
BV2057550/1 Historic Dianne Gerrard 28/02/2005 Worksop Nottinghamshire
BV2031242/1 Historic Subhas Chandra Ghosh 02/08/2000 Watford Hertfordshire
BV2010787/1 Historic George Gibb 13/12/2000
BV2012294/1 Historic Robert Gibb
BV2070479/1 Historic Alexander Gibbon 30/11/2006 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2059057/1 Historic William Gibbon 19/09/2005 Kingston upon Thames Surrey
BV950309/1 Historic Joan Mary Gibbons 16/10/1994
BV2000774/1 Historic Joseph Gibbons 28/05/1999 Frimley Surrey
BV21303251/1 05/04/2013 Leotta Gibbons 04/06/2007 Bath Somerset
BV2066632/1 Historic Walter James Gibbons 08/01/2005 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2041000/1 Historic Douglas Gibbs 30/07/2003 Westminster London SW1
BV991917/1 Historic George Gibbs 08/11/1998 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV964633/1 Historic George Edmund Gibbs 02/02/1996 Barry South Glamorgan
BV994012/1 Historic Ida Anne Gibbs 14/12/1998 Ealing London W5
BV21316423/1 06/12/2013 John Gibbs 07/07/2013 Gillingham Kent
BV2011843/1 Historic Susie Gibbs 08/03/2001 Glastonbury Somerset
BV970820/1 Historic Thomas Gibbs 24/09/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
BV953600/1 Historic Agnes Helen Gibson 22/07/1995 Tangmere Chichester
BV2061927/1 Historic Archibald Gibson 17/11/2003 Dorset
BV2035538/1 Historic Averil May Gibson 16/08/2003 Bishop Auckland Co. Durham
BV964249/1 Historic Clifford Gibson 04/02/1996 Shipley West Yorkshire
BV2091278/1 Historic Eric Gibson 20/10/2008 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2074167/1 Historic Frederick Gibson 09/12/1994 Halesworth Suffolk
BV991001/1 Historic George Gibson 24/10/1998
BV953628/1 Historic Gwendoline Gibson 01/07/1995 Macclesfield Cheshire
BV2074680/1 Historic John Gibson 30/12/2005 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2048783/1 Historic Thomas Arthur Gibson 23/09/2002 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2094478/1 Historic Mona Jean Giddens 22/01/2009 Enfield Middlesex
BV960665/1 Historic Adelaide Frances Gilbert 10/01/1996 Hanwell London W7
BV943821/1 Historic Alfred Gilbert 14/09/1993 Roehampton London SW15
BV952381/1 Historic Gillian Jane Gilbert 25/03/1995 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2059084/1 Historic Marie Constance Gilbert 01/10/2005 Worthing West Sussex
BV2084822/1 Historic Michael Frederick Gilbert 27/04/2007 Southend on Sea Essex
BV21305699/1 11/07/2013 Michael Joseph Gilbert 30/01/2012 Lewisham London SE13
BV2022281/1 Historic Minnie Lily Gilbert 28/03/2002 Chester Cheshire
BV2065386/1 Historic Ronald Henry Gilbert 20/03/2006 Croydon Surrey
BV2078730/1 Historic Stephen Gilbert 13/08/2007 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV21004655/1 Historic Dorothy Giles 09/07/2009 Southwark London SE15
BV2035896/1 Historic Muriel Hodgson Andres Giles 23/04/1997 Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire
BV2012567/1 Historic Thomas Edward Giles 16/01/2001 Westminster London SW1
BV2076313/1 Historic Christine Ann Gill 06/03/2007 Torquay Devon
BV2065317/1 Historic Dennis Raymond Gill 08/11/2003 Swindon Wiltshire
BV2040470/1 Historic Douglas Gill 30/07/2003 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21013981/1 Historic Frederick Ian Gill 08/11/2010 Harlow
BV21316063/1 04/11/2013 Gladys Gill 20/02/2013 Birkenhead Merseyside
BV2066999/1 Historic Lesley Gill 29/02/2000 Worthing West Sussex
BV966065/1 Historic Margaret Josephine Gill 11/08/1990 Barrow in Furness Cumbria
BV2013818/1 Historic Marjorie Gill 28/05/2001 Sandwell West Midlands
BV963878/1 Historic Thomas Gill 20/11/1995 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV921810/1 Historic William Ernest Gill 18/06/1992 Stockport Cheshire
BV922352/1 Historic Margaret Gillan 19/02/1992 Golders Green London NW11
BV2035582/1 Historic Frankline Berthe Gillard 20/05/2003 Kilburn London NW6
BV976473/1 Historic Dugal Gillies 26/10/1997 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2041528/1 Historic Joseph Gilligan 15/07/2002 Crewe Cheshire
BV951932/1 Historic Eleanor Gilmore 28/11/1994 Tottenham London N17
BV2076587/1 Historic James Patrick Gilmore 13/01/2005 Peckham London SE15
BV21315066/1 06/12/2013 John Gilmore 02/08/2011 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV966954/1 Historic John Thomas Gilmore 04/02/1996 Camden London NW1
BV2047010/1 Historic Peter Gilmore 25/06/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2030008/1 Historic Elizabeth Gilmour 24/10/2002 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV922372/1 Historic Joan Gilmour 30/07/1992 Brighton East Sussex
BV21317408/1 20/01/2014 Philip Gilmour 30/04/2012 Wakefield West Yorkshire
BV971886/1 Historic Sheila Gilmour 26/02/1997 Wandsworth London SW11
BV2003655/1 Historic Bernard Gilroy 19/01/2000 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2046230/1 Historic Vera Ivy May Gilroy 13/03/2004 Coventry Warwickshire
BV960300/1 Historic Ida Ginever 09/01/1995 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21202625/1 Historic Carmen Lydia Gingell 30/03/2008 Gibraltar
BV289593/1 Historic Constance Sylvia Burleigh Gingell 29/06/1993 Newport Isle of Wight
BV2066923/1 Historic Raymond Ginger 21/04/2006 Bristol Somerset
BV21201279/1 Historic William Andrew Gipps 03/01/1990 Islington London N19
BV2075971/1 Historic Bernard Giroth 24/10/2006 Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire
BV2042481/1 Historic Rosie Gitelson 30/04/2003 Stevenage Hertfordshire
BV966788/1 Historic Elizabeth Gittens 28/06/1996 Ryton Tyne & Wear
BV21108650/1 Historic Darren Gladwell 13/09/2010 Enfield Middlesex
BV21008622/1 Historic Isaac Gledhill 31/08/2009 Pontefract West Yorkshire
BV2041232/1 Historic Marie Louise Gledhill 18/12/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV991093/1 Historic Peter Anthony Gledhill 03/12/1998 Darlington Co Durham
BV2093037/1 Historic Paul Gleed 26/08/2007 Bristol
BV2024668/1 Historic Pamela June Jane Glen 02/02/2002 Camden London NW1
BV2010478/1 Historic Jean Glendinning 14/01/2001 Rhyl Denbighshire
BV900980/1 Historic Charlotte Freda Glinert 11/02/1989 Hampstead London NW3
BV2004492/1 Historic Jan Glomski 28/01/2000 Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire
BV2010519/1 Historic Simon Anthony Glossan 29/12/2000 Westminster London W1
BV2059729/1 Historic Peggy Louise Glover 16/10/2005 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV974909/1 Historic Mary Glynn 06/04/1997 Kennington London SE11
BV965710/1 Historic Margaret Godber 25/06/1996 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV2065236/1 Historic John Peter Marshall Godbert 22/08/2000 Redhill Surrey
BV21001737/1 Historic John Edward Godby 12/05/2009 Gilllingham Kent
BV2033965/1 Historic Bertha Jane Goddard 09/03/2003 Southampton Hampshire
BV900445/1 Historic Daisy Goddard 11/02/1990 Littlehampton West Sussex
BV2080109/1 Historic Donald Charles Goddard 21/11/2007 Hertford Hertfordshire
BV2014420/1 Historic Maria Erika Goddard 13/08/2001 Ascot Berkshire
BV980165/1 Historic Mary Joan Goddard 25/11/1997 Belsize Park London NW3
BV2087372/1 Historic Carol June Godfrey 04/04/1994 Whitechapel London E1
BV2085210/1 Historic Gladys Godfrey 11/03/2004 Wanstead London E11
BV21309444/1 29/08/2013 Roy Joseph Godfrey 24/07/2013 Romford Essex
BV2014146/1 Historic Fernando Godoy-Ryans 21/06/2001 London W2
BV945031/1 Historic Elsie May Godwin 07/07/1994 Reading Berkshire
BV21214014/1 14/05/2013 Pamela Mary Godwin 30/10/2012 Putney London SW15
BV990974/1 Historic Raymond Godwin 30/11/1998 Hackney London
BV21106495/1 Historic Samuel William MacAuley Godwin 25/02/2010 Lambeth London SE1
BV21104699/1 Historic Subechan Gogan 22/11/2010 Hackney London E9
BV2013489/1 Historic David Goggin 26/03/2001 Harrow Middlesex
BV21209065/1 Historic Harish Keshangi Gokar 29/01/2012 Lambeth London
BV2014653/1 Historic Jack Donald Gold 21/08/2001 Manningtree Essex
BV2086774/1 Historic Monica Goldberg 17/02/2003 Chelsea London SW3
BV2012767/1 Historic Pauline Margaret Goldby 08/05/2001 Orpington Kent
BV930840/1 Historic Alfred Golden 27/12/1992 Hove East Sussex
BV21012625/1 Historic Carol Golden 02/11/2004 Mountain Ash Mid Glamorgan
BV2075838/1 Historic Albert Golding 02/05/2007 Deptford London SE8
BV952647/1 Historic Florence Golding 06/03/1992 Wimbledon London SW19
BV954601/1 Historic Grace Golding 20/03/1994 Rotherhithe London SE16
BV21104155/1 Historic John Golding 17/11/2010 Newham London E16
BV2076071/1 Historic Alojzy Goldmann 12/02/2007 Ealing London W13
BV2086796/1 Historic Kathleen Agnes Goldsmith 03/06/1998 Honiton Devon
BV21303547/1 25/06/2013 Susan Goldsmith 24/12/2012 Battersea London SW11
BV2033920/1 Historic Ida Irene Goldy 17/02/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV990324/1 Historic Walerian Goluwko 24/01/1999 Derby Derbyshire
BV941783/1 Historic Gertrude May Gomer 15/01/1994 Torrington Devon
BV2046833/1 Historic David Gomes 26/07/2003 East Ham London E6
BV2048510/1 Historic Francis Gomes 21/10/2004 Westgate on Sea Kent
BV975160/1 Historic Juana Gomez 12/10/1996 Letchworth Hertfordshire
BV21214681/1 15/05/2013 Ramiro Gomez 02/10/2012 Ashington Northumberland
BV2085199/1 Historic Maria Rosa Gomez Lopez 13/05/2008 Sydenham London SE26
BV21201761/1 Historic Rosario Gomez-Montero 19/12/2009 Paddington London W2
BV2014119/1 Historic Kenneth Anthony Gonsalves 04/05/2001 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV2040336/1 Historic Eileen Maud Gonzales 18/09/2003 Sidcup Kent
BV2004826/1 Historic Juanna Gonzalez 07/10/2000 Paddington London W2
BV21309912/1 29/08/2013 Peter Gooch 04/08/2013 Chertsey Surrey
BV21010146/1 Historic Mary Good 24/01/2010 Kingston Upon Thames Surrey
BV21015098/1 Historic Roy Cyril Chard Good 28/09/2010 Exeter Devon
BV21102022/1 Historic Terry Good 04/12/2010 Fulham London SW6
BV952272/1 Historic William Good 07/12/1993 Lambeth London SE1
BV2025304/1 Historic Ethel Goodacre 07/10/2002 Stockport Cheshire
BV953681/1 Historic Alice Goodall 10/06/1985 Brighton East Sussex
BV990936/1 Historic Brian Goodall 10/01/1999 Epsom Surrey
BV2061379/1 Historic Elfreida Goodall 19/02/2005 Stockwell. London SW9
BV21305110/1 18/06/2013 Margaret Goodall 22/09/1996 Upminster Essex
BV21106298/1 Historic Gerald Goode 07/04/2011 Harrow Middlesex
BV2078604/1 Historic Joyce Goode 20/08/2007 Birmingham West Midlands
BV950069/1 Historic Raymond Arthur Edward Goode 27/12/1994 Kensington London W10
BV2082045/1 Historic Jean Goodman 03/12/2007 Selly Oak West Midlands
BV2064488/1 Historic Jennifer Goodman 12/06/2005 Lincoln Lincolnshire
BV2047383/1 Historic Peter Goodman 25/08/2004 Herne Hill London SE16
BV993159/1 Historic Sadie Goodman 22/12/1998 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV994565/1 Historic Annie Hilda Myra Goodwin 16/02/1999 Worcester Worcestershire
BV21107888/1 Historic Brian Goodwin 02/12/2010 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland
BV2085260/1 Historic Dorothy Goodwin 11/10/2007 Farnborough Kent
BV982401/1 Historic Germaine Andree Goodwin 15/01/1998 Brentford Middlesex
BV973365/1 Historic Jack Goodwin 25/03/1992 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV983505/1 Historic John William Goodwin 22/01/1998 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2014447/1 Historic Kathleen May Goodwin 12/05/1996 Brecon Powys
BV21315923/1 10/12/2013 Roger Goodwin 02/05/2013 Cottingham East Riding of Yorkshire
BV21208764/1 Historic Harold Goody 02/03/2006 Camberwell London SE5
BV2083251/1 Historic Marshall Gordeni 08/01/2008 Kensington London W6
BV2068055/1 Historic Annie Gordon 22/12/2004 Worthing West Sussex
BV21307450/1 10/07/2013 Doris Gordon 24/02/2011 Southend-on-Sea Essex
BV21105350/1 Historic Douglas Gordon 06/02/2011 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV2063024/1 Historic Joan Gordon 28/03/2006 Worcester Worcestershire
BV951547/1 Historic Margaret Elizabeth Gordon 08/02/1995 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2061294/1 Historic Margaret Robinson Gordon 22/02/2005 Rugby Warwickshire
BV21306650/1 12/06/2013 Owen Meijas Gordon 31/10/2012 Horsham West Sussex
BV2054057/1 Historic Peggy Gordon 13/01/2005 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2056835/1 Historic Reginald Gordon 07/11/2004 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2054885/1 Historic Roland Edwin John Gordon 30/04/2005 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV2010814/1 Historic Rushford Gordon 17/12/2000 Cardiff South Glamorgan
BV20910033/1 Historic William Gordon 08/03/2009 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21106914/1 Historic Claire Gordon-MacGregor 22/09/2010 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV2060366/1 Historic Leonard George Gore 06/12/2004 Canterbury Kent
BV973536/1 Historic Margaret Mary Gore 27/08/1996 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2077399/1 Historic Nina Beatrice Gore 21/03/2004 Brixton London SW9
BV2064548/1 Historic John Goring 05/06/2006 Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire
BV2005458/1 Historic Franciszek Gorka 04/03/1993 Dartford Kent
BV940158/1 Historic Elsie Dora Gorman 08/10/1993 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV21202406/1 Historic John Gorman 14/09/2011
BV2014864/1 Historic John Joseph Gorman 28/07/1999 Southwark London SE17
BV2090974/1 Historic Patrick Gorman 12/02/2007 Heybridge Essex
BV21400269/1 23/01/2014 Patrick Gorman 25/09/2013 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21208962/1 Historic Michael Gormley 01/03/2012 Surrey
BV2013763/1 Historic Peter Joseph Gormley 08/01/2001 Chiswick London W4
BV972666/1 Historic Bruno Gorsulowski 12/01/1997 Chichester West Sussex
BV2005803/1 Historic Gladys Gosling 24/07/2000 Builth Wells Powys
BV941033/1 Historic Harold Gosling 19/09/1993 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2013258/1 Historic Madeline Gosling 20/06/2001 Edenbridge Kent
BV2053512/1 Historic Bernard George Gouge 06/05/2003 Canterbury Kent
BV985080/1 Historic Daniel Gough 20/02/1998 Deptford London SE8
BV2061817/1 Historic Catherine Gould 21/02/2005 Stoke Newington London N16
BV21001322/1 Historic David James Gould 24/12/2009 Chelsea London W6
BV952331/1 Historic Frances Alice Gould 19/07/1993 South Holmwood Surrey
BV993268/1 Historic James Gould 01/03/1999 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV21310100/1 03/10/2013 Paul Anthony Gould 22/01/2013 Colchester Essex
BV2092570/1 Historic Edith Margaret Goulding 26/02/2009 Wallasey Wirral
BV21206100/1 Historic Annie Louisa Govett 11/05/2012 Harrow Middlesex
BV2051963/1 Historic Elizabeth Dorothy Gowers 23/12/2004 Ealing London W5
BV2064594/1 Historic Vera Edna Myrtle Gowers 05/05/2006 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV2094808/1 Historic Reginald Grace 16/04/2009 Watford Hertfordshire
BV2012769/1 Historic Margaret Gracie 17/11/2000 Hartlepool County Durham
BV967279/1 Historic Margharita Gradwell 09/10/1996 Hampstead London NW3
BV2064698/1 Historic Patrick Joseph Grady 29/08/2004 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
BV21114902/1 Historic Alys Hazel Graham 15/02/2010 Coventry West Midlands
BV2060308/1 Historic Edith Cavell Graham 22/12/2005 Paddington London W2
BV21006668/1 Historic Gordon Graham 14/04/2010 Fulham London SW6
BV2033779/1 Historic James Alfred Graham 15/10/2001 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV2073205/1 Historic Jane Graham 19/03/2007 Newport Isle of Wight
BV2058013/1 Historic Kenneth Graham 17/07/2005 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2067393/1 Historic Margaret Bridget Graham 13/08/2005 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland
BV974546/1 Historic Mary Beatrice Graham 18/07/1997 Bishop Auckland County Durham
BV984372/1 Historic N Graham
BV2063975/1 Historic Olive Graham 28/03/2006 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumbria
BV2099906/1 Historic Raymond Graham 15/02/2009 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21210331/1 Historic Robert Graham 14/11/1991 Huddersfield
BV961299/1 Historic Ronald Graham 30/11/1995 Hammersmith London W6
BV2012965/1 Historic Hilary Grahame 03/04/2001 Bristol
BV2072310/1 Historic Robert Graham-Wright 30/01/2007 Great Yarmouth Norfolk
BV2023788/1 Historic Arthur Grainge 16/12/1993 Pontefract West Yorkshire
BV2052645/1 Historic Christopher Grainger 16/03/2005 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV21100900/1 Historic David Robin Granger 26/12/2010 Crick Northamptonshire
BV971506/1 Historic Alfred Grant 14/01/1997 Bristol
BV994246/1 Historic Alfred Grant 01/09/1999 Worcester Worcestershire
BV940914/1 Historic Alice Marjorie Grant 01/03/1994 Birmingham West Midlands
BV992386/1 Historic Elizabeth Grant 25/04/1999 London WC1N
BV900212/1 Historic James Fred Grant 26/10/1989 Bangkok Thailand
BV2087423/1 Historic Margaret Emma Grant 25/10/2007 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2093444/1 Historic Nellie Grant 23/11/2008 Brighton East Sussex
BV21112112/1 Historic Phyllis Mary Grant 20/03/2011 St. Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV2067309/1 Historic Phyllis Muriel Grant 10/02/2006 Colchester Essex
BV21101996/1 Historic Reginald Grant 30/05/2004 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2083565/1 Historic Helen Graves 02/03/2008 Acton London W3
BV2048170/1 Historic Barbara Gray 23/08/2004
BV2030652/1 Historic Betty Gray 11/02/1997 Luton Bedfordshire
BV992349/1 Historic George Gray 24/03/1999 Cardiff South Glamorgan
BV985379/1 Historic Ingeborg Martha Gray 17/10/1997
BV2061684/1 Historic James Gray 23/02/2004 Hackney London
BV21000610/1 Historic John Arthur Gray 13/11/2009 Spalding Lincolnshire
BV953163/1 Historic John Joseph Gray 05/04/1995 Plaistow London E13
BV970206/1 Historic John Raymond Gray 02/01/1997 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV953096/1 Historic Joseph Gray 14/04/1995 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV2001378/1 Historic Kenneth Gray 15/12/1999 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV961669/1 Historic Mary Gray 31/12/1995 Margate Kent
BV971789/1 Historic Mary Josephine Gray 10/03/1997 Greenwich London SE10
BV964341/1 Historic Rose Constance Gray 11/04/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
BV974534/1 Historic Thomas Gray Hackney London
BV21105694/1 Historic William Anderson Gray 26/04/2011 Ruislip Middlesex
BV2011899/1 Historic Martin Grealish 06/02/2001 St John’s Wood London NW8
BV2046713/1 Historic Patrick Grealish 10/06/2004 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2060962/1 Historic John Patrick Greally 09/12/2003 London NW1
BV2063045/1 Historic Belinda Greaves 07/03/2006 Tottenham London N17
BV21212452/1 Historic Beryl Greaves 30/11/2009 Kingston-upon-Hull East Yorks
BV2094472/1 Historic Harold Greaves 25/11/2008 Loughborough Leicestershire
BV976881/1 Historic Peter Badier Greaves 16/09/1997 Southampton Hampshire
BV2062753/1 Historic Valerie Ann Greaves 03/11/2005 Hammersmith London W6
BV21011926/1 Historic Arthur Green 24/11/2008 Islington London EC1
BV21004494/1 Historic Barry George Green 17/03/2006 Watford Hertfordshire
BV20910376/1 Historic Clarence Green 28/06/2009 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
BV2034827/1 Historic Doreen Minnie Green 28/11/2002 Birmingham West Midlands
BV990105/1 Historic Doris Irene Green 18/02/1997 Deptford London SE8
BV2043568/1 Historic Douglas Green 17/04/2004 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2046098/1 Historic Edward George Green 14/08/2004 Southall Middlesex
BV21106828/1 Historic George William Green 01/04/2010 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV20510309/1 Historic Imogen Jessie Green 18/05/2005 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV21213665/1 01/03/2013 Jack Green 18/05/1998 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV932325/1 Historic Keith Green 03/12/1992
BV913285/1 Historic Malcolm James Green 10/11/1991 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV21212457/1 31/01/2013 Margaret Green 29/02/2012 Arundel West Sussex
BV21317796/1 24/12/2013 Mary Stella Green 08/10/2011 Swansea Glamorgan
BV2096628/1 Historic Michael Anthony Green 13/06/2009 Bristol
BV2080127/1 Historic Michael Francis Green 11/08/2007 Stevenage Hertfordshire
BV862040/1 Historic Olive Margery Green 20/04/1986
BV980458/1 Historic Phyllis Mary Green 02/11/1997 Bexhill on Sea East Sussex
BV983926/1 Historic Robert Louis Green 15/12/1996 Leytonstone London E11
BV21006955/1 Historic Ronald Green 30/12/2009 Lambeth London SE1
BV21205374/1 Historic Ronald Christopher Green 24/01/2012 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21306257/1 14/06/2013 Rudolph Green 09/05/2005 Westcliff-on-Sea Essex
BV2043614/1 Historic Sheila Eileen Green 03/06/2004 Redhill Surrey
BV2015454/1 Historic Sylvia Margaret Ann Green 03/11/2001 Southwark London SE1
BV954380/1 Historic Walter James Green 26/04/1988 Islington London N1
BV994833/1 Historic William Green 21/12/1991
BV2053670/1 Historic William Thomas Green 06/01/2005 Reading Berkshire
BV2054246/1 Historic Elizabeth Hedwig Greenaway 03/01/2005 Faringdon Oxfordshire
BV21201819/1 Historic John Alexander Greenaway 04/07/2011 Birmingham West Midlands
BV970478/1 Historic William James Greenaway 12/01/1997 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV2020300/1 Historic Lily Henriette Greenham 31/10/2001 Camden London NW6
BV21400261/1 21/02/2014 Dennis Greenhill 20/12/2011 Lichfield Staffordshire
BV21010821/1 Historic Kenneth William Greenhow 15/05/2008 Northampton Northamptonshire
BV2065854/1 Historic Gordon Greenman 23/07/2006 Bristol
BV2024592/1 Historic Joan Mildred Clare Greenslade 18/10/2001 Epsom Surrey
BV2033840/1 Historic Donald Greenstreet 06/06/2003 York North Yorkshire
BV970076/1 Historic Edwin Emanuel Greenway 17/10/1996 Lambeth London SE1
BV2081799/1 Historic Donald Greenwood 28/12/2007 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21003911/1 Historic Harry Greenwood 22/06/2009 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV2044066/1 Historic Jane Greenwood 15/06/2004 Willesden London NW10
BV2005851/1 Historic Thomas Greenwood 05/09/1999 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21213435/1 23/05/2013 Trevor Greenwood 10/04/2010 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV2078366/1 Historic Rose Greer 23/11/2006 Tooting London SW17
BV2012648/1 Historic June Rosa Gregg 21/02/2001 Redditch Worcs
BV21003353/1 Historic Sheila Gregg 25/02/2008 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2046722/1 Historic Joseph Gregorasz 09/09/2004 Stroud Gloucestershire
BV2000306/1 Historic Lida Gregorian 14/07/1999 Slough Berkshire
BV2062752/1 Historic Rory Cyril Gregory 30/12/2004 Aylesbury Bucks
BV2046510/1 Historic Margaret Gregson 11/07/2004 Poole Dorset
BV953775/1 Historic William Henry Greig 15/08/1995 Ealing London W5
BV2032237/1 Historic Anton Grenevicius 07/02/2003 Herne Bay Kent
BV2043796/1 Historic Hubert Bartholomew Grey 07/05/2004
BV21115661/1 Historic Robert Grey 04/02/1996 Middlesborugh Cleveland
BV21013738/1 Historic Patrick Gribbin-Walsh 25/10/2010 London W6
BV2048471/1 Historic John Gribbon 27/11/2004 Dorchester Dorset
BV960742/1 Historic Winifred Grice 21/12/1995 Dewsbury West Yorkshire
BV933126/1 Historic Margaret Juanita Grieff 23/11/1992 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV2091615/1 Historic Ellen Grieve 03/07/2008 Birmingham West Midlands
BV953623/1 Historic Evelyn Ann Grieves 31/07/1995 Great Yarmouth Norfolk
BV21005373/1 Historic Eric Frederick Griffin 27/02/2009
BV2059412/1 Historic Evelyn Griffin 31/10/2005 Chelsea London SW10
BV902966/1 Historic James Albert Griffin 17/01/1990
BV2013110/1 Historic Joyce Griffin 27/06/1998
BV2056278/1 Historic Marie Griffin 04/04/1999
BV981708/1 Historic Mary Ellen Griffin 24/02/1998 York North Yorkshire
BV2044735/1 Historic Nigel Griffin 05/12/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2012260/1 Historic Patrick Griffin 29/03/2001 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2034505/1 Historic Patrick Griffin 03/06/2003 Llandudno Conwy
BV20912246/1 Historic Peter Griffin 16/01/2007 Archway London N19
BV2034615/1 Historic Phillip Griffin 25/06/2003 Belsize Park London NW3
BV21008793/1 Historic Phyllis Griffin 19/05/2010
BV2052156/1 Historic Roger John Griffin 10/02/2005 Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey
BV2005005/1 Historic Ruth Eileen Griffin 14/07/2000 Normanton West Yorkshire
BV994381/1 Historic Arthur Griffiths 25/12/1998
BV972580/1 Historic Bernard Harold Griffiths 19/02/1997 Greenwich London SE10
BV2026007/1 Historic Bertha Griffiths 22/10/2002 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV21318323/1 26/02/2014 Caroline Griffiths 07/03/2002 Rhondda Cynon Taff
BV942212/1 Historic Clive Griffiths 09/01/1994 Warminster Wiltshire
BV2081817/1 Historic David Griffiths 03/05/2004 Muswell Hill London N10
BV922975/1 Historic Eleanora Jane Griffiths 23/01/1991 Aberystwyth Dyfed
BV982821/1 Historic Ethel Griffiths 26/12/1988 Talgarth Powys
BV2010310/1 Historic Griffith John Griffiths 12/06/1999 Bangor Gwynedd
BV2081946/1 Historic Gwyn Griffiths 06/02/2008 Coventry West Midlands
BV20510450/1 Historic Harry Griffiths 25/07/2005 Walworth London SE17
BV21308069/1 09/09/2013 Harry Griffiths 10/03/2013 Leicester Leicestershire
BV21201823/1 Historic Jennie Griffiths 25/04/2011 Llanfair PG Anglesey
BV2084992/1 Historic John Henry Griffiths 10/07/2006 Newport Gwent
BV971338/1 Historic Laura Elizabeth Griffiths 05/11/1996 Watford Hertfordshire
BV990877/1 Historic Lilian Griffiths 13/08/1998 Northumberland
BV972112/1 Historic Lily Griffiths 19/03/1997 Summertown Oxford
BV2082531/1 Historic Luean Griffiths 29/02/2008 Hammersmith London W6
BV2003946/1 Historic Norman Henry Griffiths 22/11/1999 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2059398/1 Historic Phillip Joseph Griffiths 11/07/2005 Birkenhead
BV933897/1 Historic Robert Edward Griffiths 01/08/1992 Bexhill East Sussex
BV851088/1 Historic Rosa Eva Griffiths 22/10/1984 Epsom Surrey
BV21002238/1 Historic Terence Keith Griffiths 26/05/2008 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2023811/1 Historic Thomas William Griffiths 18/10/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2099254/1 Historic John Grimes 29/05/1986 Lambeth London SE1
BV966713/1 Historic Peter Paul Grimes 21/09/1996 Croydon Surrey
BV930769/1 Historic Alvina Elizabeth Grimme 16/10/1992 Brixton London SW9
BV2091648/1 Historic Yolanda Ottzen Grimmer 15/12/2008 East Acton London W12
BV2000438/1 Historic Jenny Grimsell 30/04/1995 Paignton Devon
BV21107567/1 Historic Robert William Grindell 26/07/2010 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV984523/1 Historic Gwendoline Grindley 25/07/1998 Portsmouth Hants
BV2072636/1 Historic Esther Grinnell 26/12/2006 Tamworth Staffordshire
BV2014601/1 Historic Sylvia Grist 11/11/2000 Westcliff on Sea Essex
BV2035062/1 Historic Adlene Sheila Grobbs 17/01/1992 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2063778/1 Historic Susan Grogan 27/01/2006 Bottisham Cambridge
BV923147/1 Historic George Gromek 03/10/1992
BV983122/1 Historic Janet Groom 27/05/1998 Weston-super-Mare Somerset
BV950086/1 Historic Freda Grossman 18/11/1992 Highbury London N5
BV2003280/1 Historic Margaret Grotzner 21/02/2000 Hampstead London NW3
BV940458/1 Historic Winifred Lilian Groves 02/03/1993 Wadhurt East Sussex
BV21200310/1 Historic Estella Grunberg 07/08/2011 Peckham London SE15
BV951818/1 Historic Doris Grundy 06/03/1995 Sockport Cheshire
BV930309/1 Historic Mary Grundy 29/03/1986
BV962800/1 Historic Daisy Grunfield 05/05/1996 Chelsea London SW7
BV942261/1 Historic Pawlina Grygorczyk 27/01/1994 East Moseley Surrey
BV993208/1 Historic Gregory Grzys 10/10/1998 Whitechapel London E1
BV991906/1 Historic Marjorie Alice Gubbins 23/07/1998 Surbiton Surrey
BV2052653/1 Historic Edgar Arthur Guest 01/03/2005 East Dulwich London SE22
BV21200068/1 Historic Elizabeth Guest 09/11/2011 Park Royal London NW10
BV2081213/1 Historic Elizabeth Anne Guest 15/10/2007 Canterbury Kent
BV21202708/1 Historic Mary Guest 03/02/2011 Smethwick West Midlands
BV940861/1 Historic Philip Guest 30/04/1990 Forum Dorset
BV2015563/1 Historic Reginald Derrick Guest 22/11/2001 Hitchin Hertfordshire
BV2060745/1 Historic Stanislav Gula 18/12/2005 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
BV21201434/1 Historic Vidya Bhasan Gulati 12/07/2010 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2010345/1 Historic Jacob Gulbis 11/09/1999 Uxbridge Middlesex
BV993608/1 Historic Violet Evelyn Muriel Gundry 02/01/1999 Slough Berkshire
BV2080553/1 Historic John Gunn 28/04/2004 Bridnorth Shropshire
BV2080824/1 Historic J A Gunner 17/12/2007 Barnstaple Devon
BV2086854/1 Historic Brenda Iris Gunning 09/01/2005 Rochester Kent
BV2014684/1 Historic Michael John Edward Guntrip 30/07/2001 West Norwood London SE27
BV933870/1 Historic Josef Gurka 22/09/1993 Brixton London SE5
BV965160/1 Historic Ellen Gurrey 16/05/1996 Norwood London SE19
BV2073152/1 Historic Franciszek Gustowski 23/10/2005 Bury St Edmonds Suffolk
BV2025618/1 Historic Dorothy Mabel Gutteridge 28/08/2002 Hereford Herefordshire
BV2091429/1 Historic Nigel Gwynn 28/10/2008 Hackney LondonE8
BV2011216/1 Historic Megan Gwyther 19/02/2001 Merthyr Tydfil Mid Glamorgan
BV2047410/1 Historic Yaw Gyebi 20/05/2004 Highgate Hill London N19
BV922387/1 Historic Victor Albert Haber 04/08/1992 Edmonton London N18
BV21301093/1 08/03/2013 John Lawrence Habshaw 08/08/2011 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2010466/1 Historic Roman Augustyn Hachulski 10/12/2000 Leicester Leicestershire
BV964969/1 Historic Grace Hack 07/03/1996 Holloway London N7
BV953814/1 Historic Ethel Hackett 08/08/1995 Isleworth Middlesex
BV2031681/1 Historic Mavis Patricia Hackett 08/03/2003 Redhill Surrey
BV2004884/1 Historic Charles Campbell Haddow 16/08/2000 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV2015484/1 Historic Ann Kathleen Haddrell 31/10/2001 Yeovil Somerset
BV931959/1 Historic Violet Hadley 19/12/1992 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2052109/1 Historic Doreen Hadlum 08/12/2004 Gillingham Kent
BV2030650/1 Historic Betty Hagan 30/11/2002 Weston Super Mare North Somerset
BV2030288/1 Historic Kathleen Mildred Hagan 09/12/2002 Lambeth London SE1
BV975121/1 Historic Maria Hagan 10/09/1997 Cheadle Cheshire
BV2054652/1 Historic Frank Hague 17/01/2005 Powys Gwent
BV2057219/1 Historic Iris Hague 08/05/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2090134/1 Historic Harry Hagyard 23/09/2008 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV950834/1 Historic Josephen Haigh 03/07/1993 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV2055186/1 Historic Cesil Haimes 05/06/2005 Basingstoke Hampshire
BV2075841/1 Historic David Haines 25/04/2007 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV2066892/1 Historic Joan Mary Haines 09/02/2006 Leicester leicestershire
BV21110270/1 Historic Norman Peter Hainsworth 23/07/2011 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV991126/1 Historic Harriet Hajduk 21/03/1998 Nottingham Notts
BV990344/1 Historic Boleslaw Hakuc 18/08/1998 High Wycombe Buckinghamshire
BV2094451/1 Historic John Charles Haldenby 31/03/2009 Cottingham East Yorkshire
BV2036237/1 Historic Dorothy Hale 28/07/2003 Bath Avon
BV2072972/1 Historic Evelyn Mary Hale 22/01/2007 Bristol
BV21112904/1 Historic Eve-Lynn Hale 04/08/2011 Newport Isle of Wight
BV20911984/1 Historic Jean Hale 15/11/2007 Shepherd’s Bush London W12
BV2003753/1 Historic John Edward Hales 27/11/1999 Upper Holloway London N19
BV2022032/1 Historic Agnes Hall 21/12/2001 Camden London N19
BV2084118/1 Historic Alan Hall 31/05/2008 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2021593/1 Historic Albert Edward Hall 02/02/2002 Kettering Northamptonshire
BV983125/1 Historic Alfred Hall 22/02/1998 Hackney London E8
BV2058845/1 Historic Belinda Mary Hall 23/06/2005 Blaenau Gwent
BV991839/1 Historic Beryl Hall 14/01/1999 Croydon Surrey
BV980394/1 Historic Charles Alfred Hall 09/10/1989 Lambeth London SE1
BV21318461/1 23/01/2014 Christine Hall 15/11/2013 Plymouth Devon
BV21105097/1 Historic Colin Hall 05/01/2011 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV2001025/1 Historic Cyril Hall 05/02/2000 Lincoln Lincolnshire
BV21214199/1 Historic David Anthony Hall 15/09/2012 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV2022817/1 Historic Eileen Hall 26/01/2002 Weston Super Mare Somerset
BV943420/1 Historic Eileen Hall 18/08/1994 Bexhill East Sussex
BV2088190/1 Historic Elizabeth Ann Hall 24/04/2008 Plymouth Devon
BV2044054/1 Historic Evelyn Hall 04/07/2003 Ramsgate Kent
BV970113/1 Historic Francis Hall 20/08/1996 Wandsworth London SW8
BV2013138/1 Historic Frank Hall 01/03/2001 Nottingham Notts
BV21304611/1 09/05/2013 George Thomas Hall 02/01/2013 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21002111/1 Historic Graham Harold Hall 26/03/2008 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2036912/1 Historic James Hall 12/01/2002 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV982686/1 Historic James Albert Hall 16/04/1998 Hackney London E8
BV2050864/1 Historic Janice Hall Waltham Abbey Essex
BV21205172/1 Historic Joseph Steven Hall 20/02/2011 Whitby North Yorkshire
BV2070085/1 Historic Leslie Hall 04/12/2006 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2062650/1 Historic Lucy Hall 29/03/2006 Barnstaple Devon
BV2034013/1 Historic Marlene Hall 22/04/2000 Hull East Yorkshire
BV2053027/1 Historic Mary Hall 12/11/2004 Horsham West Sussex
BV2015864/1 Historic Pamela Hall 15/11/2001 Frimley Surrey
BV911888/1 Historic Patrick Hall 27/09/1989 Middlesbrough Cleveland
BV2072632/1 Historic Philip Hall 04/03/1999 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21316433/1 24/01/2014 Richard Gary Hall 03/05/2013 Pinner Middlesex
BV2011998/1 Historic Ronald Hall 27/01/2001 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2052736/1 Historic Stanley Hall 09/12/2004 Battersea London
BV2023097/1 Historic Theresa Florence Hall 07/01/2002 Homerton London E9
BV991595/1 Historic Thomas Walter Hall 20/11/1997 Clapham London SW4
BV2005666/1 Historic Victor Alfonso Hall 19/08/2000 Hammersmith London W6
BV2003571/1 Historic Victor Percival Hall 29/05/2000 Banbury Oxfordshire
BV954465/1 Historic William Hall 29/10/1994 Kingsway London W2
BV20911955/1 Historic William Hall 18/01/2009 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV21013474/1 Historic Winifred Hall 27/03/2010 West Bromwich West Midlands
BV2012317/1 Historic Francis Hallam 24/02/2001 Nottingham Notts
BV2091376/1 Historic Graham John Hallam 11/08/2008 Derby Derbyshire
BV974120/1 Historic Irene Hallam 01/02/1997 Nottingham
BV2066380/1 Historic Helen Irene Hall-Chalmers 05/03/2005 Watford Hertfordshire
BV21202195/1 Historic Mary Hallett 14/02/2008 Hull
BV951812/1 Historic George William Halliday 06/09/1994 Bayswater London W2
BV2030376/1 Historic Molly Hallisey 05/08/2002 Upper Holloway London N19
BV962415/1 Historic Ruth Halliwell 02/08/1995 Coventry Warwickshire
BV21211512/1 14/05/2013 Barry David Halsall 16/04/2008 Crewe Cheshire
BV970208/1 Historic Joan Margaret Halsall 25/01/1994 Birmingham West Midlands
BV941892/1 Historic Isobel Marie Halstead 11/03/1993 Worthing West Sussex
BV966177/1 Historic Ruth May Halstead 12/07/1996 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV972395/1 Historic Frederick Thomas Halverson 07/02/1997 Wimbledon London SW19
BV2012227/1 Historic Madeline Ham 19/09/1999 PortsmouthHants
BV2021332/1 Historic Violet Josephine Hambleton 02/01/2002 Stoke-on-Trent Staffs
BV2014602/1 Historic Clifford Hame 06/06/2001
BV943225/1 Historic Alice Maud Hamer 13/03/1994 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2040118/1 Historic Kathleen Maureen Hamer 03/10/2003 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2003026/1 Historic Phyllis Hamer 11/12/1996 Kensington London W8
BV2037618/1 Historic David Hames 04/02/2002 Hampshire
BV21111172/1 Historic Colin Hamil 15/03/2011 Kettering Northamptonshire
BV21317805/1 10/01/2014 Alexander Hamilton 21/11/2012 Cannock Staffordshire
BV2087019/1 Historic Daisy Hamilton 04/11/2004 Moseley Surrey
BV2024405/1 Historic Edward Hamilton 18/08/2002 Derby Derbyshire
BV2070339/1 Historic Ethel Hamilton 25/11/2006 Plymouth Devon
BV2034327/1 Historic Norman Sylvester Hamilton 24/08/2002 Hampstead London NW3
BV2061672/1 Historic William Hamilton 13/12/2005 Peckham London SE15
BV931623/1 Historic James Hamilton-King 28/07/1991 Paddington London W2
BV21109857/1 Historic David Hammersley 19/06/2010 Southend-on-Sea Essex
BV976458/1 Historic Agnes Berth Hammett 24/04/1997 Barnstaple Devon
BV950112/1 Historic Annie Hammond 01/10/1994 Holloway London N7
BV2073327/1 Historic Constance Hammond 17/02/2007 Hove East Sussex
BV2023399/1 Historic Edith Dorothy Hammond 13/02/2001 Coventry West Midlands
BV2015606/1 Historic Elizabeth Hammond 30/11/2000 Birchington -on-sea Kent
BV2013228/1 Historic Frank Ernest Dean Hammond 20/06/1999 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2097708/1 Historic George Hammond 29/04/2009 Immingham North East Lincs
BV21301928/1 09/05/2013 Hugh Hammond 28/06/2012 Bridport Dorset
BV993182/1 Historic Joseph Norman Hammond 22/12/1998 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2000848/1 Historic Lilian Harriet Hammond 29/09/1999 Dudley West Midlands
BV2090215/1 Historic Nigel Hammond 10/12/2008 Dorchester Dorset
BV2066297/1 Historic Rose Marie Hammond 08/04/2006 Bournemouth Dorset
BV902812/1 Historic Walter Charles Hammond 25/06/1990 Southgate London N11
BV2034477/1 Historic George Karl Hamori 09/01/2002 Clacton on Sea Essex
BV2086974/1 Historic Brian Hampshire 07/05/2008 Brighton East Sussex
BV985218/1 Historic Mary Ann Hampston 27/03/1998 Sidcup Kent
BV965664/1 Historic Violet Hampton 15/03/1995 Weston-Super-Mare Somerset
BV966866/1 Historic Mehmet Salih Arif Hamuza 06/10/1996 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV21301775/1 30/04/2013 Harold Hanciles 24/03/2011 Paddington London W2
BV21105610/1 Historic Bernard Hancock 25/09/2007 Milton Cambridge
BV2032995/1 Historic Douglas John Hancock 10/04/2003 Romford Essex
BV21308083/1 08/08/2013 John Peter Hancock 28/06/2013 Norwich Norfolk
BV21307958/1 29/07/2013 Keith Charles Hancock 09/09/2012 Cleethorpes North East Lincolnshire
BV2078018/1 Historic Elsie Handley 17/08/2007 Mirfield West Yorkshire
BV21111882/1 Historic Ferenc Hanik 01/02/2009 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2085712/1 Historic Harry Hanley 06/02/2008 Carmarthen Carmarthenshire
BV2091180/1 Historic Michael Hanley 26/10/2007 Cosham Portsmouth
BV2012865/1 Historic Peter Hanna 12/02/2001 Lambeth London SE1
BV2002942/1 Historic Hector Hannah 28/08/1999 Coxheath Kent
BV2064110/1 Historic Robert George Hannah 13/05/2006 Derby Derbushire
BV2093456/1 Historic Winifred Hannam 29/12/2008 Acton London W3
BV21401323/1 12/02/2014 Margaret Hanney 19/04/2013 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV992185/1 Historic Thomas Joseph Hannon 12/02/1999 Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire
BV943716/1 Historic Patrick Hanratty 25/07/1994 Camden London NW1
BV21307278/1 18/09/2013 Kluux Dietter Hansell 15/01/2012 Maldon Essex
BV2004087/1 Historic Donald Hanson 01/04/2000 Dewsbury West Yorkshire
BV2098334/1 Historic Eva Hanson 31/03/1997 Greenwich London SE18
BV985983/1 Historic Frank Hanson 02/06/1998
BV21307755/1 03/09/2013 Bertha Happe 23/09/2007 Westminster London W9
BV21211966/1 Historic Mohammed Haque 14/01/2003 London SW9
BV942440/1 Historic Arthur Reginald Harber 14/02/1994 GreatNissenden Buckinghamshire
BV2087501/1 Historic John Harbinson 20/10/2007 Sutton London SM1
BV2082106/1 Historic Elizabeth Grace Harbott 25/01/2008 Plymouth Devon
BV2012584/1 Historic Clifford Harcourt 05/02/2000
BV2050842/1 Historic Vera Eugine Hardcastle 31/12/2004 Croydon Surrey
BV943564/1 Historic Victor Francis Hardcastle 15/07/1994
BV2023095/1 Historic Mary Harden 14/07/2001 Thatcham Berks
BV994695/1 Historic Dennis Hardiman 15/08/1999 Westgate-on-Sea Kent
BV2024227/1 Historic Dorothy Ethel Harding 12/01/2002 New Eltham London SE9
BV2002474/1 Historic Edith Harding 02/02/2000 Gosforth Newcastle-upon-Tyne
BV975163/1 Historic Kenneth Harding 18/08/1997 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2005042/1 Historic Lilian Harding 31/05/1995 Lambeth London SW2
BV2030191/1 Historic Mabel Harding 31/10/2002 Park Royal London NW10
BV2046774/1 Historic William Henry Harding 12/09/2003 Brecon Powys
BV2045491/1 Historic David Hardinge 14/12/2003 Fulham London SW6
BV2065281/1 Historic Eric Hardman 05/04/2006 Stoke on Trent Staffordhsire
BV2065075/1 Historic Grace Hards 13/04/2003 Abertillery
BV973102/1 Historic Edith Lydia Hardy 21/12/1996 South Benfleet Essex
BV2073754/1 Historic Irene Hardy 04/01/2007 Birkenhead
BV21305880/1 01/07/2013 Joy Patricia Hardy 02/05/2013 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2066839/1 Historic Robert Hardy 06/07/1999 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV965475/1 Historic Alfred Charles Hare 21/08/1996 Chingford London E4
BV2004320/1 Historic Dorothy Hare 25/06/2000 Homerton London E9
BV2023475/1 Historic John Desmond Hare 09/11/2001 Frimley Surrey
BV954367/1 Historic Daniel Haren 25/08/1995 Hemel Hempstead Herts
BV2091608/1 Historic Salamatu Harford 11/08/2003 South Norwood London SE25
BV960187/1 Historic Margaret Hargrave 22/05/1994 Houghton le Spring Tyne and Wear
BV2084415/1 Historic William Hargreaves 27/05/2008 Boston Lincolnshire
BV2003604/1 Historic Peggy Harker 29/12/1998 Stoke on TrentStaffordshire
BV2061611/1 Historic Edith Harkin 12/01/2006 Ipswich Suffolk
BV2005551/1 Historic Jessie Harkney 26/07/1991
BV21307946/1 04/12/2013 Antonina Harley 28/03/2012 North Shields Tyne and Wear
BV21001222/1 Historic Madeline Anna Harley 09/03/2008 Doddington Kent
BV965472/1 Historic Thomas Harlow 14/12/1995 East Dulwich London SE22
BV21014542/1 Historic William Harman 18/01/2010 Selhurst London SE25
BV2020772/1 Historic Margaret Audrey Harmer 13/12/2001 Basildon Essex
BV21307451/1 30/07/2013 Louis Harmon 12/03/2013 Leigh-on-Sea Essex
BV2032434/1 Historic Stefan Harnisch 02/01/2003 Brighton East Sussex
BV2012459/1 Historic Albert Harper 17/11/1997 Hayes Middlesex
BV2051214/1 Historic George Harper 28/11/2004 Banbury Oxfordshire
BV952307/1 Historic Harold John Harper 12/12/1994 Leytonstone London E11
BV965775/1 Historic Irene Mary Harper 19/08/1996 Chatham Kent
BV2063320/1 Historic Brian Harpur-Jones 28/02/2006 Dartmouth Devon
BV2050987/1 Historic Haydn Cecil Harries 07/01/2005 St. Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV2013510/1 Historic Margaret Harrington 03/07/2000 Plaistow London E13
BV961695/1 Historic Michael Harrington 11/05/1994 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2035900/1 Historic A C Harris
BV902638/1 Historic Albert Neville Harris 12/10/1990 Brighton East Sussex
BV2076886/1 Historic Arthur Richard Harris 06/06/2007 Canning Town London E15
BV2023373/1 Historic Audrey Harris 24/05/2002 Sudbury Suffolk
BV2000587/1 Historic Bernard Harris 13/01/1999 Enfield London EN1
BV21004125/1 Historic Brian Harris 22/06/2008 Pontyclun Mid Glamorgan
BV953942/1 Historic Egenie Ada Harris 07/08/1995 Shepherds Bush London W12
BV2013591/1 Historic Eric Melvyn Harris 16/03/1998 Newcastle upon Tyne
BV2043485/1 Historic Flora Evelyn Harris 04/06/2003 Greenwich London SE13
BV952505/1 Historic Fran Harris 30/09/1994 Cricklewood London NW2
BV943035/1 Historic George Stephen Harris 18/11/1993 East Ham London E6
BV2000564/1 Historic George William Harris 17/11/1998 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV21306210/1 07/06/2013 Grace Harris 02/11/2000 Lambeth London SE11
BV2067010/1 Historic Harold John Harris 05/09/2006 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV2043433/1 Historic Henry Harris 11/03/2004 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2097694/1 Historic Hilda May Harris 07/07/2009 Burton on Trent Staffordshire
BV2060243/1 Historic Joan Harris 23/06/2005 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
BV2075406/1 Historic Joan Harris 06/05/2007 Harlow Essex
BV2097704/1 Historic John Anthony Harris 24/07/2009 Worthing West Sussex
BV2068092/1 Historic Lesley Harris 23/07/2006 Park Royal London NW10
BV970475/1 Historic Margaret Harris 29/12/1996 Ware Hertfordshire
BV2082865/1 Historic Marion Margaret Harris 29/01/2008 Southampton Hampshire
BV2003608/1 Historic Mary Harris 26/07/2000 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV2032343/1 Historic Michael Harris 26/12/2002 Stafford West Midlands
BV967420/1 Historic Minnie Harris 26/06/1996 Brighton East Sussex
BV21300747/1 06/02/2013 Nicholas Michael Harris 05/01/2012 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2013645/1 Historic Pamela Elizabeth Harris 26/07/1997 Worcester Worcestershire
BV2037885/1 Historic Peter John Harris 19/07/1991 Stratford on Avon
BV2099114/1 Historic Robert William Harris 06/08/2009 KetteringNorthants
BV21401282/1 28/02/2014 Roger James Harris 26/06/2010 Streatham London SW16
BV2022509/1 Historic Sophie Harris 21/05/2002 Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey
BV932649/1 Historic Sydney Thomas Henry Harris 22/02/1992 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2061565/1 Historic Wilfred Neil Harris 21/03/2005 Leceister Leicestershire
BV2002125/1 Historic Winifred Celia Harris 06/12/1999 Hastings East Sussex
BV2043311/1 Historic Winifred Gertrude Beatrice Harris 11/02/2004 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2080242/1 Historic Brian Harrison 10/10/2007 Birmingham West Midlands
BV975529/1 Historic Caroline Harrison 03/02/1997 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV2057300/1 Historic Charles Harrison 30/12/2004 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2025384/1 Historic Clive Beverley Harrison 03/01/2000 Ascot Berkshire
BV2074449/1 Historic Elizabeth Harrison 05/08/2006 Norbury London SW16
BV2031176/1 Historic Freda Harrison 23/11/2001 Margate Kent
BV994034/1 Historic Frederick Harrison 06/12/1997 Newcastle upon Tyne
BV2020011/1 Historic Grace Dorothy Harrison 28/11/2001 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2000947/1 Historic Hannah Harrison 16/10/1999 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2004501/1 Historic Harry Harrison 19/05/2000 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2064549/1 Historic Hubert Harrison 26/06/2006 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV2056984/1 Historic James Harrison 28/12/2004 Edmonton London N18
BV2070852/1 Historic James Harrison 26/12/2006 Southwark London SE1
BV2066782/1 Historic Jessica Harrison 18/10/2006 Ivybridge DEVON
BV2046194/1 Historic John Harrison 11/03/2004 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2067278/1 Historic John Henry Harrison 10/12/2003 Edmonton London N18
BV2002489/1 Historic Michael George Harrison 21/04/2000 Hinckley Leicestershire
BV21304240/1 05/06/2013 Paul Harrison 03/01/2013 Grimsby North East Lincolnshire
BV2087755/1 Historic Roma Harrison 28/08/2008 Reading Berkshire
BV2074814/1 Historic Roy Harrison 28/11/2006 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2001057/1 Historic S G Harrison
BV21310559/1 03/09/2013 Sidney Harrison 01/02/2013 Gosforth Newcastle Upon Tyne
BV2023293/1 Historic Sylvia Marguerite Harrison 07/12/2001
BV2022698/1 Historic Ursula Harrison 17/04/2002 Orpington Kent
BV2033893/1 Historic Vera Harrison 10/04/2003 Welland Worcestershire
BV2052373/1 Historic William Harrison 15/11/2004 Uttoxeter Staffordshire
BV964474/1 Historic Peter Harrison Peacock 28/03/1996 Salisbury Wiltshire
BV2023869/1 Historic Charlotte Hart 24/04/1996 South Mansfield Nottinghamshire
BV21111197/1 Historic Christopher Stanley Hart 14/07/2011 Epping Essex
BV2085146/1 Historic Elaine Hart 03/05/2008 Colchester Essex
BV2014243/1 Historic Elizabeth Nellie Hart 07/06/2001 Southampton Hampshire
BV21304353/1 04/06/2013 Gwendolyn Hart 04/03/2013 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2015489/1 Historic Joan Iris Hart 22/09/2001 Littlehampton West Sussex
BV21315913/1 29/11/2013 Margaret Hart 09/08/2010 Surrey Croydon
BV21317635/1 06/03/2014 Mary Margaret Hart 06/12/2003 Herne Bay Kent
BV880082/1 Historic Michael John Leslie Hart 05/11/1987 Chelsea
BV993494/1 Historic Moira Gabriel Hart 29/04/1999 Leek Staffordshire
BV2020744/1 Historic Nora Hart 17/01/2002 West Brompton London SW10
BV21110388/1 Historic Roy Hart 18/08/2006 Muswell Hill London N11
BV2059835/1 Historic Patrick Joseph Harte 05/08/2005 Whitechapel London E1
BV980479/1 Historic Edith Harthill 22/01/1998 Barnsley South Yorkshire
BV21301715/1 24/04/2013 Derek Hartley 02/01/2013 Harrogate North Yorkshire
BV944726/1 Historic Eileen Hartley 29/04/1994 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV995877/1 Historic John Anthony Hartley 10/04/1999 Wellesbourne Warwickshire
BV2078537/1 Historic Marie Louise Hartley 13/09/2006 Guilford Surrey
BV976566/1 Historic Sarah Hartley 07/11/1997 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2036195/1 Historic Maria Hartmann 13/09/2003 Coventry Warwickshire
BV2040512/1 Historic Florence Hartog 12/08/2000 Hackney London E5
BV21000881/1 Historic Anthony Michael Harvey 01/04/1995 Camden London NW1
BV2064497/1 Historic Frederick Harvey 11/06/2006 Walsall West Midlands
BV21401652/1 25/03/2014 Joan Harvey 03/09/2013 Guildford Surrey
BV2003356/1 Historic Mary Joan Sheila Harvey 24/02/2000 Warwick Warwickshire
BV21309432/1 17/09/2013 Susan Harvey 26/06/2013 Southwark London SE1
BV992572/1 Historic John Edward Haseman 10/03/1998 Cosham Portsmouth
BV933854/1 Historic Irma Hertha Hasenburg 01/12/1988 London W2
BV2042598/1 Historic Arthur John Haskell 07/04/2004 Carterton Oxfordshire
BV2071138/1 Historic Karl Toufic Hassan 30/12/2006 West Brompton London SW10
BV2081537/1 Historic Zuhru Hassan 13/03/1998 Islington London N1
BV2010773/1 Historic Annie Hassell 09/12/2000 Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire
BV2035656/1 Historic Iris Maude Hassett 20/05/2002 Littlehampton West Sussex
BV21301298/1 06/02/2013 Farrokh Hassib 24/05/2011 Hackney London N1
BV940872/1 Historic Patrick Joseph Hastings 27/04/1993 Richmond upon Thames Surrey
BV21013676/1 Historic Edward Haswell 19/01/2002 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV2022724/1 Historic Elizabeth Hatfield 13/05/1996 Birkenshaw West Yorlshire
BV2021021/1 Historic Lilian Hatswell 25/10/2001 Tooting London SW17
BV995376/1 Historic Albert Leslie Hatton 01/09/1999 Kidderminster Worcestershire
BV951763/1 Historic Annie Eileen Hatton 06/01/1995 Minehead Somerset
BV2093421/1 Historic Harriet Hatton 17/01/2009 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV21304107/1 29/04/2013 Roy Hatton 22/09/2012 Lewisham London SE13
BV973503/1 Historic Winnie Haverley 27/04/1997 Maidenhead Berkshire
BV2070527/1 Historic Annie Hawkins 12/12/2006 Battersea London SW11
BV2042875/1 Historic Evelyn Annie Hawkins 09/03/2004 Uxbridge Middlesex
BV977127/1 Historic Harold David Charles Hawkins 15/12/1997 Tooting London SW17
BV2031415/1 Historic Marjorie Hunt Hawkins 16/02/2003 Derby Derbyshire
BV2047992/1 Historic Robert Hawkins 19/09/1994 Upper Holloway London N19
BV963440/1 Historic Robert Hawkins 19/12/1994 Chelsea London SW3
BV21305369/1 29/05/2013 Sandra Hawkins 17/05/2011 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV965196/1 Historic Sidney Hawkins 26/05/1996 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV2012935/1 Historic Winifred May Hawkins 10/06/2001 Highbury London N5
BV2004372/1 Historic Julia Hawkridge 13/05/2000
BV21308420/1 02/08/2013 Keith Hawksley 23/07/2011 Hessle East Riding of Yorkshire
BV2085614/1 Historic Kenneth Hawley 04/07/2008 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV21308973/1 15/11/2013 Thomas Hawley 25/03/2009 Leytonstone London E11
BV983988/1 Historic Ronnie Hawthorn 25/12/1997 Ware Hertfordshire
BV20912069/1 Historic Betty Hawthorne 11/10/2008 Derby Derbyshire
BV21200054/1 Historic Judith Margaret Hawthorne 03/08/2011 Worcester
BV2024776/1 Historic Constance Kathleen Hawtin 11/12/2001 Stanmore Middlesex
BV2045096/1 Historic Margaret Haxton 23/03/2001 Southsea Hampshire
BV902385/1 Historic Kathleen Haycock 03/02/1990 Acton London W3
BV2000971/1 Historic Margaret Jane Hayden 10/12/1999 Southsea Hampshire
BV2087056/1 Historic Harry Haydock 18/01/2008 Carshalton Surrey
BV21314058/1 30/10/2013 Edward Haydon 18/02/2012 Camden London
BV2067506/1 Historic Arthur Hayes 02/06/1999 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2015262/1 Historic Brian Hayes 13/09/1997 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV2098453/1 Historic Bridget Hayes 16/01/2009 Camden
BV950734/1 Historic Denise Hayes 22/08/1994 Westminster London SW1
BV2031034/1 Historic Dorothy Kathleen Hayes 14/10/2002
BV21305909/1 04/06/2013 Dorothy Teresa Hayes 27/01/2012 Carlisle Cumbria
BV985089/1 Historic Iris Florence Hayes 10/08/1998 Swansea West Glamorgan
BV2013759/1 Historic James Hayes 24/04/2001 Lambeth London SE1
BV966458/1 Historic Maurice Hayes 09/07/1996 Leicester Leicestershire
BV21402465/1 13/03/2014 Muriel Iris Hayes 17/03/2013 Walsall West Midlands
BV966057/1 Historic Norman Frederick Hayes 24/01/1994 Farnham Surrey
BV961224/1 Historic Peter Anthony Hayes 09/01/1996 Birkenhead Merseyside
BV2032435/1 Historic Stanley Hayhurst 30/03/2003 Ramsgate Kent
BV2011680/1 Historic John Dennis Haylett 29/01/2001 Sunderland Tyne and Wear
BV2000794/1 Historic Sheila Hayman 26/01/1999 Slough Berkshire
BV21013126/1 Historic Doris Haymes 03/01/2010 Penarth Glamorgan
BV953955/1 Historic Beatrice Haynes 28/09/1995 Weybridge Surrey
BV994985/1 Historic John Charles Haynes 22/01/1998
BV2094417/1 Historic Robin Hayter 24/03/2009 Warwick Warwickshire
BV963799/1 Historic Victoria Marceline Hayter 18/06/1996 Reading Berkshire
BV2002683/1 Historic Brian Frederick Hayward 07/01/2000 Wakefield West Yorkshire
BV21104634/1 Historic Frank Charles Hayward 31/12/2010 Kingston upon Thames
BV2091048/1 Historic John Albert Hayward 21/06/2008 Battle East Sussex
BV2003703/1 Historic John Henry Hayward 27/01/2000 Hackney London E8
BV2091616/1 Historic Joseph Hayward 03/09/2008 Bristol
BV990727/1 Historic Pauline Anne Hayward 25/12/1998 Ashford Middlesex
BV931331/1 Historic Phillip Edwin Hayward 14/12/1989 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2005665/1 Historic Sabina Hayward 19/04/1996 Arundel West Sussex
BV2013976/1 Historic Alan John Haywood 13/12/2000 Worcester West Midlands
BV21011596/1 Historic Beryl Doreen Haywood 01/06/2010 Plymouth Devon
BV2064847/1 Historic Gladys Haywood 24/08/2005 Solihull West Midlands
BV2070826/1 Historic Stanley Haywood 11/08/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2022415/1 Historic Alice Maud Hazeldine 03/11/1994 Derby Derbyshire
BV2003405/1 Historic Margaret Jean Bruce Heacock 24/04/2000 Taunton Somerset
BV975479/1 Historic Joan Mary Head 19/07/1997 Weybridge Surrey
BV21203044/1 Historic William Head 16/09/2006 Northampton
BV2075834/1 Historic Herbert Alfred Healey 27/07/2006 West Norwood London SE27
BV2010191/1 Historic James Healy 20/11/2000 Park Royal London NW10
BV2071576/1 Historic Dorothea Jean Heard 04/11/2006 Brighton East Sussex
BV2022594/1 Historic Winifred Muriel Heard 31/05/2002 Highgate Hill London N19
BV992799/1 Historic Arthur James Heath 15/09/1998 Chelmsford Essex
BV975988/1 Historic Betty Deacon Heath 26/09/1997 Westminster London SW1
BV2003458/1 Historic Elsie Heath 29/03/2000 Taunton Somerset
BV953221/1 Historic Florence Lilian Heath 10/02/1995 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2040192/1 Historic John Heath 04/01/2003
BV954446/1 Historic John Heath 28/05/1995 Canterbury Kent
BV21317554/1 17/12/2013 Raymond Heath 13/10/2013 Bristol
BV2066042/1 Historic Thomas Robert Heath 13/09/2006 Yeovil Somerset
BV2054782/1 Historic Bernard Heatley 11/10/2004 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV994434/1 Historic Douglas Heaton 01/02/1998 Shoeburyness Essex
BV21107625/1 Historic Patricia Hebberd 26/03/2011 Greenford Middlesex
BV972110/1 Historic Claude Hebblethwaite 14/02/1997
BV21402959/1 08/04/2014 George Hebblethwaite 13/07/2007 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV993643/1 Historic Winifred Hebditch 18/07/1999 Camden London NW1
BV964337/1 Historic Ernest Hedley 24/04/1996 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV21401630/1 05/02/2014 Mary Elizabeth Hedley 01/02/2013 Gosforth Newcastle Upon Tyne
BV2081355/1 Historic Irene Heeley 05/12/2007 Worksop Nottinghamshire
BV21303927/1 17/07/2013 Lakhbir Kaur Heera 08/06/2012 Leytonstone London E11
BV983176/1 Historic Doris Heffer 16/03/1998 Acton London W3
BV964171/1 Historic Edward Anthony Heffernan 27/09/1995 London EC1
BV2034397/1 Historic Johann Heisterkamp 14/06/2003 Benfleet Essex
BV2052074/1 Historic Harripersaud Hemachal-Singh 23/02/2005 Hammersmith London W6
BV2013317/1 Historic Raymon Hemming 10/06/2001 Southend on Sea Essex
BV991726/1 Historic Celia Henderson 23/12/1998 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV21109268/1 Historic Ethel Henderson 18/02/2011 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2002322/1 Historic Florence Henderson 09/04/2000 Reading Berkshire
BV970308/1 Historic Francis Henderson 27/12/1995 Wallingford Oxfordshire
BV933448/1 Historic Hannah Mary Henderson 01/07/1993 Gateshead Tyne &Wear
BV951797/1 Historic John William Henderson 02/11/1993 Bishop Auckland Co Durham
BV21210077/1 Historic Lawrence Henderson 05/07/2012 Jarrow Tyne & Wear
BV2002765/1 Historic Margaret Henderson 17/10/1999 Horsham West Sussex
BV941058/1 Historic Nora Henderson 19/10/1993 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland
BV21005904/1 Historic Peter Henderson 04/01/2010 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV2033664/1 Historic Raymond Bird Henderson 15/04/2003 Croydon Surrey
BV950366/1 Historic Robert William Henderson 09/08/1994 Leicester Leicestershire
BV971357/1 Historic Ronald Davie Henderson 02/09/1996 Hither Green London SE13
BV2054340/1 Historic Rosalind Henderson 28/04/2005 Richmond Surrey
BV21100816/1 Historic Rosemary Henderson 26/10/2010 Berwick Upon Tweed Northumberland
BV962203/1 Historic Hamilton Fletcher Henderson-Ironside 06/01/1996 Gillingham Kent
BV21208488/1 Historic Robert Hendon 05/12/2011 Barcelona Spain
BV2000452/1 Historic Paul Anthony Hendry 06/01/1999 Plumstead London SE18
BV993440/1 Historic Walter Hendry 11/06/1999 Basingstoke Hampshire
BV21201467/1 Historic Martin Heneghan 02/11/2011 Luton Bedfordshire
BV974915/1 Historic Thomas Francis Henehan 10/06/1997 Birmingham West Midlands
BV944903/1 Historic Thomas Joseph Henghan 20/01/1994 Bradford West Yorskhire
BV2080093/1 Historic Doris Mary Henley 06/10/2007 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV974556/1 Historic Mary Hennessey 03/02/1997 Barnet Herts
BV2074070/1 Historic Rebecca Henriques 29/12/2006 Keighley West Yorkshire
BV21316426/1 11/12/2013 Barbara Henry 25/04/2009 Bristol
BV2064712/1 Historic Ethel Henry 29/06/2006 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV2024439/1 Historic Frances Henry 24/08/2002 Bristol Avon
BV2022351/1 Historic Hugh Angus Henry 24/01/2002 Chelsea LondonSW10
BV2021804/1 Historic Joseph James Henry 23/12/2001 Wrexham Clwyd
BV2062853/1 Historic Michael Henry 27/03/2006 West Brompton London SW10
BV2023627/1 Historic Kevin Hensey 29/08/2001 Luton Bedfordshire
BV21316748/1 04/12/2013 Maurice William Henshaw 30/10/2013 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2002847/1 Historic Dorothy Henson 02/03/2000 Hackney London
BV21013141/1 Historic Ronald Henson 26/06/2007 Keighley West Yorkshire
BV2048382/1 06/08/2013 Barbara Herbert 24/10/2004 Pontypridd Rhondda Cynon Taf
BV2042990/1 Historic Frederick Edgar Herbert 17/06/2003 Yate Gloucestershire
BV2050644/1 Historic Katlin Herbert 22/12/2004 Northfleet Kent
BV2020572/1 Historic Mary Herbert 28/12/2001 New Malden Surrey
BV21308317/1 25/07/2013 Simone Gabrielle Herd 04/02/2013 Leamington Spa Warwickshire
BV941668/1 Historic Anton Hereszczuk 15/04/1994 Wellington Somerset
BV2004352/1 Historic Sophie Herman 13/11/1999 Croydon Surrey
BV2055736/1 Historic Heldor Hermann 26/07/2004 Dewsbury West Yorkshire
BV2043091/1 Historic Matthew Hernon 19/04/2002 Bromley Kent
BV2021174/1 Historic Robert Herod 24/11/2001 Wakefield West Yorkshire
BV951265/1 Historic Cecily Wanda Heron 16/08/1994 Kensington London Sw7
BV962572/1 Historic Iris Heron 17/03/1995 Purley Surrey
BV994487/1 Historic James Heron 26/11/1998 Muswell Hill London N10
BV2004374/1 Historic Andrew Herring 13/06/2000 Derby Derbyshire
BV962307/1 Historic James Herring 07/03/1996 Walworth London SE17
BV2001823/1 Historic David Hershman 27/12/1999 Cricklewood London NW2
BV975318/1 Historic John Heslop 18/03/1997 Thornaby Teesside
BV2047086/1 Historic Winifred Hession 13/02/2004 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV2087022/1 Historic Judy Hetey 06/08/1999 Westminster London SW1
BV982224/1 Historic Ralph Hetherington 13/03/1998 London EC1
BV940115/1 Historic John Maurice Heward 05/01/1994 Tydfil Mid Glamorgan
BV2003406/1 Historic Robert Hewes 18/01/2000 Golders Green London NW11
BV980837/1 Historic Jane Josephine Hewett 15/11/1997 Broadstairs Kent
BV963159/1 Historic Allan Hewitt 13/12/1995 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV2010337/1 Historic Douglas Hewitt 23/12/2000 Hayes Middlesex
BV21202928/1 Historic Robert Hewson 31/12/2011 Winchester Hampshire
BV2074388/1 Historic Leslie Heyden 22/04/2007 Sheffield South Yorks
BV962721/1 Historic Marion Elizabeth Teresa Heyne 13/03/1996 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2065968/1 Historic Annie Heys 03/01/2006 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2091564/1 Historic Joyce Irene Heysham 09/03/2004 Portsmouth Hants
BV981277/1 Historic Ann Carol Hibbert 02/03/1998 Slough Berkshire
BV2021808/1 Historic Olive Hicking 30/03/2002 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV992526/1 Historic Mildred Hickling 07/10/1997 Barnsley South Yorkshire
BV20510314/1 Historic Frederick Hicks 23/05/2003 Southampton Hampshire
BV21104614/1 03/12/2013 James Terence Hicks 10/10/2010 Woolwich London SE18
BV2070584/1 Historic Margaret Hicks 08/05/2004 Stockwell London SW9
BV2065191/1 Historic Stanley Hicks 06/05/2006 Margate Kent
BV21315113/1 07/11/2013 Hildegard Erika Hielscher 20/12/2012 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21300112/1 24/05/2013 Iris Higginbotham 21/08/2012 Bromley Kent
BV966424/1 Historic Ethel Gregory Higgins 19/08/1996 Sunderland Tyne and Wear
BV2090056/1 Historic James Higgins 28/11/2007 Stanwell Middlesex
BV85328/1/1 Historic John Edward Higgins 29/04/1984 Westminster London W9
BV2020034/1 Historic Margaret Higgins 04/03/2001 Holywell Denbighshire
BV2065193/1 Historic Peter Clarke Higgins 29/10/2005 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2047266/1 Historic Thomas Higgins 06/03/2004 Downham Kent
BV953858/1 Historic Maureen Josephine Anne High 25/07/1993 Kidlington Oxon
BV2014150/1 Historic Molly Hiles 18/03/2000 Barnsley South Yorkshire
BV21306067/1 14/06/2013 Clifford Christopher Hill 03/03/2013 Camberwell London SE5
BV21305342/1 06/06/2013 David Benjamin Hill 19/02/2013 Birmingam West Midlands
BV976688/1 Historic Edward Hill 27/02/1990 Kensington London W10
BV2062610/1 Historic Elaine Suzette Hill 15/10/1995 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2098183/1 Historic Eric Thomas Hill 01/01/2009 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2005144/1 Historic Florence Ann Hill 28/02/1999 Southall Middlesex
BV2081314/1 Historic Frederick John Hill 22/03/2007 Worcester Worcestershire
BV21204633/1 Historic George Hill 09/03/2008 Colwyn Bay
BV21208912/1 Historic Glyndwr Hill 27/11/2010 Cardiff South Glamorgan
BV21204901/1 28/01/2013 Harold George Hill 10/08/2011 Southwick West Sussex
BV967280/1 Historic Lilian Pleasance Hill 02/11/1996 Herne Bay Kent
BV21307865/1 08/08/2013 Margaret Hill 16/03/2013 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2044969/1 Historic Margaret Hill 05/05/2004 Bristol
BV973835/1 Historic Peter John Hill 15/06/1997 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2067507/1 Historic Raymond Hill 05/08/2006 London SW1
BV976348/1 Historic Reginald Hill 04/10/1997 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
BV2035266/1 Historic Rex Donald Hill 11/04/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2005168/1 Historic Richard Anthony Hill 16/09/2000 Evesham Worcestershire
BV2079267/1 Historic Thomas Hill 20/06/1994 Whitechapel London E1
BV2071922/1 Historic Virgiglia Hill 02/03/2007 Northfleet Kent
BV2072596/1 Historic Winifred Hill 21/12/2006 Rotherham South Yorkshire
BV2050349/1 Historic Dorothy Florence Barton Hillier 30/08/2004 Sidcup Kent
BV2011781/1 Historic John Hillman 03/12/2000 Luton Bedfordshire
BV974048/1 Historic Elsie Hills 08/04/1995 Ashford Kent
BV2086136/1 Historic Norleen Gwendoline Alice Hilson 16/07/2008 Derby Derbyshire
BV21113116/1 Historic John Peter Hilton 30/06/2011 Edgbaston Birmingham
BV2065672/1 Historic Harold Hinchcliffe 01/04/2006 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV992110/1 Historic Harry Hind 17/04/1999 Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire
BV21211498/1 Historic Ivy Hind 11/12/2008 Hartlepool
BV965774/1 Historic Walter Dennis Hinde 05/08/1996 London SE1
BV982745/1 Historic Doris Millicent Hinder 26/03/1998 Rochester Kent
BV21206112/1 Historic Phyllis May Hindle 17/02/2012 Steyning West Sussex
BV2078531/1 Historic Margaret Hinds 11/05/2004 Basildon Essex
BV21004838/1 Historic Michael Hinds 08/08/2009 Epsom Surrey
BV2025984/1 Historic John Hingley 05/09/2002 Worcester Worcestershire
BV21005188/1 Historic Rita Hinstridge 07/03/2010 Lewisham London SE13
BV944610/1 Historic Doris Hinton 12/08/1994 Kensington London W8
BV2047550/1 Historic Evelyn Hipgrave 21/08/2003 Braintree Essex
BV2057342/1 Historic Edith Hipkins 03/12/2004 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV21301294/1 06/03/2013 Marjorie Hipperson 14/10/2012 Cricklewood London NW2
BV2065323/1 Historic Theresa Hirschberg 26/07/2006 Finchley London N2
BV21315110/1 06/11/2013 Ada Hirst 17/12/2011 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2088126/1 Historic Richard Hirst 04/07/2008 Bracknell Berkshire
BV2003550/1 Historic Robert Hirst 06/09/1998 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2076058/1 Historic Eliza Hiscock 22/09/1997 Grays Essex
BV2014330/1 Historic Marie Louise Hiscock 19/07/1999 Tavistock Devon
BV21306936/1 22/07/2013 Lilian Hitchcock 07/05/2013 Weston-super-Mare North Somerset
BV21202967/1 Historic Raymond Harold Hitchen 22/02/2008 Carshalton Surrey
BV2020021/1 Historic Mable Emily Hoad 24/07/2001 Croydon Surrey
BV2073743/1 Historic Rosina Hoadley 13/04/2007 Carshalton Surrey
BV2077773/1 Historic Mui Hoang 24/05/2007 Woolwich London SE16
BV21210144/1 Historic Paul Richard Hoar 28/06/2007 West Sussex
BV2003840/1 Historic John Hoare 10/07/2000 London W1
BV2014191/1 Historic Nina Irene Mills Hoare 21/04/2000
BV2041121/1 Historic Stephen Dale Hoare 14/05/2003 Wirral Merseyside
BV21213604/1 Historic Shirley Kathleen Hoban 08/06/2012 Bramley West Yorkshire
BV21317640/1 24/12/2013 Christer Hobberstad 28/09/2013 Berkhamstead Hertfordshire
BV2072904/1 Historic Constance Hobbs 21/03/2006 Beckenham Kent
BV961405/1 Historic Edward Wilton Hobbs 24/02/1996 Keynsham Bristol
BV21307070/1 22/07/2013 George Hobbs 18/02/2012 Hereford Herefordshire
BV2023403/1 Historic Isaac Hobbs 29/11/2001 Hemel Hampstead Hertfordshire
BV993656/1 Historic William Henry Hobbs 20/11/1997 Homerton London E9
BV21202622/1 Historic Eric Hodge 14/03/2009 London
BV2020150/1 Historic Raymond Augustus Winter Hodge 04/08/2001 North Kensington London W11
BV961491/1 Historic Raymond Wilfred Hodge 06/02/1996 Stanmore Middlesex
BV944509/1 Historic Cecilia Bridget Hodges 03/01/1994 Northampton Northamptonshire
BV971745/1 Historic Cyril Sidney Edward Hodges 06/02/1997 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV2067162/1 Historic Dennis John Hodges 12/10/2006 West Brompton London SW10
BV2086853/1 Historic John Edwards Hodges 02/08/2008 Fishtoft Lincolnshire
BV963166/1 Historic Mary Rose Hodges 25/04/1996 Highgate London N6
BV21202841/1 Historic Robert Hodges 21/12/2011 Portsmouth
BV2054686/1 Historic Roy Hodges 20/04/2005 Liss Surrey
BV21307599/1 06/08/2013 William Hodgkinson 17/11/2000 Hucknall Nottingham
BV2013060/1 Historic Bernard Dennis William Hodgson 20/05/2001 Middlesborough Cleveland
BV2086569/1 Historic Dorothy Hodgson 18/05/2008 Knutsford Cheshire
BV2041633/1 Historic Jean Hodgson 13/11/2003 Ashford Kent
BV965128/1 Historic Robert Patrick Hodgson 25/03/1996 Newcastle upon Tybe Northumbria
BV2063583/1 Historic Roman Hododryga 16/04/2005 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2001944/1 Historic Leo Hoff 16/02/2000 Crocklewood London NW2
BV2013651/1 Historic Margaret Hoffman 10/05/1998 North Finchley London N12
BV2062287/1 Historic George Hofmanis 11/11/2005 Pontefract West Yorkshire
BV2044276/1 Historic Josephine Hogan 02/03/2004 Lewisham London SE13
BV2001264/1 Historic Mary Hogarth 08/11/1999 South Shields Tyne & Wear
BV2090217/1 Historic Eleanor Hogg 09/10/2003 Stanley Co Durham
BV977107/1 Historic Frederick Alexander Albert Hogg 20/12/1997 Shanklin Isle of Wight
BV2061486/1 Historic John Hogg 01/12/2005 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV976088/1 Historic Winifred Eileen Hogg 19/08/1997 Gillingham Kent
BV2002938/1 Historic Maria Joahne Hoile 12/01/2000 Ashford Kent
BV21313790/1 29/01/2014 John William Holcombe 11/07/2013 Whitechurch Shropshire
BV2035030/1 Historic Leonard Hold 06/02/2003 Westminster London Sw1
BV2084117/1 Historic Margaret Rose Holdaway 20/05/2008 Weybridge Surrey
BV2023295/1 Historic Celia Holdcroft 17/01/1993 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV974234/1 Historic Brian Holden 01/06/1994 Stockport Cheshire
BV2000970/1 Historic Timothy Holden 06/03/1999
BV951569/1 Historic William Holden 13/03/1995 Plymouth Devon
BV960958/1 Historic Ruby Holder 31/12/1995 Hampstead London NW3
BV990282/1 Historic Lily Holding 15/12/1998 Hove East Sussex
BV21305237/1 06/06/2013 Nicholas Holdsworth 03/01/2012 Southampton Hampshire
BV2045242/1 Historic Lucy Holford
BV21009674/1 Historic Norman Holford 24/06/2010 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV21107099/1 Historic Albert John Holland 21/12/2009 Haywards Heath West Sussex
BV2014756/1 Historic Alfred Charles Holland 27/04/2000 Longfield Kent
BV976011/1 Historic Hilda Fanny Holland 11/09/1997 Holloway London N7
BV21315927/1 14/11/2013 John Holland 13/06/2013 Hackney London N1
BV2044532/1 Historic Nance Marie Holland 17/06/2004 Hornchurch Essex
BV954519/1 Historic Charles Holliday 05/12/1990 Forest Hill London SE23
BV2004619/1 Historic Charles Kenneth Holliday 22/09/2000 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV2051249/1 Historic John Holliday 07/01/2005 Bridgend Mid Glamorgan
BV2083216/1 Historic Parker Holliday 18/08/2007 Reading Berkshire
BV2058015/1 Historic Kenneth Hollingsworth 17/07/2005
BV2076876/1 Historic Peter Hollinrake 19/08/2007 Halifax Yorkshire
BV2084563/1 Historic Freda Hollis 01/02/2008 Great Yarmouth Norfolk
BV21013889/1 Historic David Holloway 22/12/2007 London N19
BV21312941/1 09/10/2013 John Holloway 03/10/2008 Lambeth London SW2
BV2036540/1 Historic John Holloway 12/08/2003 Droxford Hampshire
BV2003865/1 Historic Kathleen Maude Holloway 12/06/2000 Exeter Devon
BV2071567/1 Historic Susan Rachel Holloway 23/08/2005 Brighton East Sussex
BV993028/1 Historic Agnes Mabel Holmes 24/05/1999 Derby Derbyshire
BV21403478/1 11/04/2014 Amy Holmes 20/01/2014 Whitstable Kent
BV2079106/1 Historic Anne Victoria Holmes 07/12/2005 Weston-super-Mare Somerset
BV21301773/1 25/04/2013 Charles Holmes 05/05/2011 Battersea London SW11
BV2084418/1 Historic Christine Helen Holmes 14/04/2008 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV2013024/1 Historic Dennis Holmes 20/11/1998 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2090971/1 Historic Doreen Holmes 27/10/2008 Ynrshir Rhondda Cynon Taff
BV2013285/1 Historic Dorothy Holmes 02/11/1999 Derby Derbyshire
BV2057799/1 Historic George William Raymond Holmes 09/04/2005 Oakham Rutland
BV2047596/1 Historic James Henry Holmes 04/10/2004 Chertsey Surrey
BV2095075/1 Historic Joan Holmes 29/06/2008 Southampton Hampshire
BV993035/1 Historic Lilian Holmes 26/10/1997 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2067280/1 Historic Malcolm Holmes 23/05/2006 Tooting London Sw17
BV2023305/1 Historic Marjorie Holmes 06/10/1992
BV21403471/1 26/03/2014 Peter John Holmes 21/12/2013 Keighley West Yorkshire
BV2032088/1 Historic Sarah Holmes 01/03/2003 Wheatley Hill County Durham
BV950493/1 Historic Ronald Holmwood 10/12/1994 Balham London SW12
BV985286/1 Historic John Joseph Holohan 23/10/1998 Bournemouth Dorset
BV962963/1 Historic Denys Holowko 15/04/1996 London WC1
BV976803/1 Historic Allan Holt 03/07/1997 Tottenham London N17
BV2060257/1 Historic Anne Rose Holt 12/11/2005 Sidcup Kent
BV21207199/1 Historic Annie Holt 16/05/2006 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV983487/1 Historic John David Holt 03/06/1998 Derby Derbyshire
BV942235/1 Historic John Mulhearn Holt 19/04/1994 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2081423/1 Historic Joyce Holt 13/06/2001 Dudley West Midlands
BV991105/1 Historic Kathleen Holt 04/02/1999 Keighley West Yorkshire
BV21108808/1 Historic Sheila Holt 28/12/2010 Dulwich London SE21
BV980242/1 Historic Frederick Holton 23/09/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2004280/1 Historic Ferenc Homann 31/12/1998 Northampton Northamptonshire
BV976312/1 Historic Agnes Veronica Homewood 01/10/1997 Hove East Sussex
BV2000440/1 Historic Jane Hone 04/10/1999 Hampstead London NW3
BV2041030/1 Historic John Thomas Honeyman 21/08/2002 Walthamstow London E17
BV2071750/1 Historic Derek Edmund Colquhoun Hood 03/02/2007 Gillingham Kent
BV2045719/1 Historic Gertrude Irene Hood 08/02/2004 Kings Lynn Norfolk
BV2072397/1 Historic Thomas Hood 23/04/2006 Lamberth London SE1
BV974772/1 Historic Sarah Jane Hooker 07/02/1994 Pontypridd Glamorgan
BV2021853/1 Historic Francis John Hookham 09/03/2002 Bangor Gwynedd
BV2024067/1 Historic Patrick Hooks 26/03/2001 Isleworth Middlesex
BV21101027/1 Historic Peter Frederick Hooper 16/10/2010 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV2074381/1 Historic Winifred Hooper 21/02/2007 Newport Gwent
BV2090037/1 Historic Lawrence Barry Hope 24/11/2008 Margate Kent
BV2025298/1 Historic Leslie Arthur Hope 27/07/2002 St Leonards-On-Sea East Sussex
BV20911905/1 Historic Rose Hope 11/07/2005 Hackney London E8
BV2067431/1 Historic Sybil Mary Hope 29/04/2006 Lambeth London SE1
BV2092661/1 Historic Edith May Hopewell 08/12/2007 Worcester Worcestershire
BV21315918/1 14/11/2013 Irene May Hopkins 12/08/2013 Birmingham West Midlands
BV991627/1 Historic Reginald Leslie Hopkins 18/03/1998 Tregaron Cardiganshire
BV2098732/1 Historic Eleanor Hopkinson 13/03/2007 Sudbury Suffolk
BV982873/1 Historic Pauline Hopman 29/12/1997 St Albans Hertfordshire
BV2036778/1 Historic Arthur Charles Hopper 30/04/2003
BV995006/1 Historic Sidney Hopper 30/01/1993 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland
BV2061929/1 Historic Allan Trevor Hopson 14/11/1998 Willesden London NW10
BV961421/1 Historic Beatrice Hopwood 10/01/1996 Hampstead London NW3
BV984277/1 Historic Sarah Anne Hopwood 24/04/1998 Tangiers Morocco
BV961984/1 Historic Barbara Horam 01/01/1994 Hampstead London NW3
BV981152/1 Historic Charles Patrick Horan 08/02/1998 Taunton Somerset
BV2067276/1 Historic James Joseph Horan 25/08/2006 Wythall Worcestershire
BV2000044/1 Historic Iwan Horbatiuk 16/07/1995 Redcar Cleveland
BV2041308/1 Historic David Ray Rand Horder 30/07/2000 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV21007016/1 Historic Margaret Horn 18/01/2010 Margate Kent
BV985982/1 Historic Annie Horne 10/12/1998 Bagshot Surrey
BV965130/1 Historic Ronald Horne 07/07/1996 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumbria
BV2020252/1 Historic William Horne 07/10/2000 Newport Gwent
BV944863/1 Historic Kenneth Horner 29/09/1993 Bingley West Yorkshire
BV21307595/1 31/07/2013 Olive Hornett 19/03/2001 Sunderland Tyne and Wear
BV21214374/1 05/02/2013 Kenneth Horowitz 25/07/2012 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV994863/1 Historic Teresa Horseman 14/05/1999 Bristol
BV983670/1 Historic William Horsley 20/06/1998 Burnham-on-Crouch Essex
BV2059689/1 Historic Audrey Horton 01/09/2005 Ashford Kent
BV2043501/1 Historic Dennis Horton 29/03/2004 Coventry West Midlands
BV2073626/1 Historic Derek Frederick Horton 26/08/2006 Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
BV963874/1 Historic Lily Horton 17/04/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2004475/1 Historic Peter Horton 12/08/2000 Leytonstone London E11
BV993033/1 Historic Bela George Horvath 19/12/1998 Shipley West Yorkshire
BV2081359/1 Historic Rosemary Ann Hose 07/10/2007 Notting Hill London W11
BV2097914/1 Historic Michael Edwin Hosey 30/06/2009 Warminster Wiltshire
BV967425/1 Historic Albert William Douglas Hotchkiss 25/09/1996 Bethnal Green London E2
BV2082239/1 Historic John Hough 29/08/2007 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2093283/1 Historic Brian Houghton 16/03/2009 Middlewich Cheshire
BV970644/1 Historic Dorothy Marguerite Louise Houghton-Hawksley 22/01/1997 Woolacombe Devon
BV2060067/1 Historic John Houlihan 27/05/2005 Maidenhead Berkshire
BV2088207/1 Historic Timothy Houlihan 06/12/2008 Witney Oxfordshire
BV21108515/1 Historic Kathleen Megan Houlston 07/05/2011 Telford Shropshire
BV2000108/1 Historic Philip Charles Hounsom 10/12/1999 Woking Surrey
BV2054682/1 Historic Cornelius Hourihane 01/01/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21403531/1 09/04/2014 Cindy Housden 26/11/2013 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV952336/1 Historic Bernard Harold House 28/05/1995 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2074995/1 Historic Brian House 22/05/2007 Southampton Hampshire
BV2080923/1 Historic Brian House 25/04/2000 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV901120/1 Historic Ernest David House 07/10/1989 Birkenhead Merseyside
BV2081293/1 Historic Violet Houssier 17/10/2006 Maide vale London W9
BV992568/1 Historic Alexander Houston 13/12/1998 Wakefield West Yorkshire
BV2023777/1 Historic William Houston 19/02/2002
BV994356/1 Historic Brian William Howard 06/07/1998 Margate Kent
BV2031050/1 Historic Edith May Carter Howard 11/01/2003 Basildon Essex
BV2063487/1 Historic Edward George Howard 17/03/2006 Hammersmith London W12
BV21209721/1 Historic Edwin Howard 16/06/2012 Acton London W3
BV2025277/1 Historic Eleanor Howard 02/10/2002 Durham County Durham
BV965783/1 Historic Frederick John Howard 08/02/1996 Norwich Norfolk
BV21306241/1 10/06/2013 Harry Howard 08/09/2010 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV2045569/1 Historic Hazel Howard 06/08/1998
BV2095616/1 Historic Irene Adelaide Evelyn Howard 13/08/2008 Islington London N7
BV2081522/1 Historic James Howard 01/11/2007 Stanmore Middlesex
BV2037619/1 Historic Jessie Howard 12/11/1998
BV21008134/1 Historic Melitta Howard 16/04/2010 Paddington London W2
BV2099518/1 Historic Robert George Howard 14/04/2009 Newtown Powys
BV972560/1 Historic Ronald Howard 27/01/1997 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2087024/1 Historic Stanley Howard 24/12/1999 New Malden Surrey
BV2080940/1 Historic Stephen Howard 01/08/2007 Edmonton London N18
BV933187/1 Historic Thomas Alfred Howard 05/05/1992 Stockwell London SW9
BV21306905/1 10/07/2013 Doreen Howarth 16/05/2013 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV2024877/1 Historic Freda Mary Howarth 10/02/2002 Pontefract West Yorkshire
BV21000377/1 Historic George Howarth 07/12/2009 Macclesfield Cheshire
BV2023306/1 Historic Ronald Howarth 25/01/1998
BV21313282/1 15/10/2013 Christa Howe 15/03/2012 Luton Bedfordshire
BV21401251/1 06/02/2014 Clinton Bernard Howe 16/06/2012 East Riding of Yorkshire
BV2056947/1 Historic Peter Albert Howe 21/06/2005 Deal Kent
BV2054680/1 Historic Robert James Howe 20/02/2005 Rochester Kent
BV961988/1 Historic Thomas Howe 31/10/1992
BV21205487/1 Historic Thomas Marsland Howe 06/02/2012 Wythenshawe Manchester
BV922184/1 Historic William Bernard Howe 15/04/1992 Epsom Surrey
BV21111879/1 Historic Christopher John Howell 19/10/2010 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV2065506/1 Historic David John Howell 20/03/2000 Swansea
BV2034135/1 Historic James Henry Howell 17/06/2003 New Malden Surrey
BV2080476/1 Historic Peter Howell 08/12/2007 Margate Kent
BV2083624/1 Historic Rose Victoria Howell 11/02/2008 Leyton London E10
BV892078/1 Historic Albert Arthur Howells 20/06/1989 Bristol NE Somerset
BV991200/1 Historic Catherine Megan Howells 07/01/1999 Penart
BV2047094/1 Historic Jean Angela Howells 22/06/2001 Christchurch Dorset
BV2062150/1 Historic Thomas Howells 18/03/2005 Middlesborough
BV21401944/1 13/03/2014 Leslie Donald Howes 25/04/2013 Berkeley Gloucestershire
BV2001852/1 Historic Ronald Aubrey Howes 09/06/1999 Worcester Worcestershire
BV2075693/1 Historic George Howett 15/02/2007 Worthing West Sussex
BV975603/1 Historic George Thomas Howick 16/04/1997 Burnham-on-Sea Somerset
BV2010024/1 Historic Claire Hilda Mary Howie 13/03/2000 Ringwood Hants
BV2062289/1 Historic Gordon Derek Howlett 14/03/2006 Norwich Norfolk
BV2022267/1 Historic Maria Bridget Howling 18/09/2000 Canterbury Kent
BV2022412/1 Historic John Hoyle 13/08/2001 Redhill Surrey
BV2047174/1 Historic Ivan Hraj 10/01/2004 York North yorkshire
BV976270/1 Historic Waclaw Hrom 15/09/1997 Park Royal London NW10
BV21207967/1 Historic Stief Hryb 16/06/2012 Lincoln
BV2015567/1 Historic Jan Hrynko 16/10/2001 Ascot Berkshire
BV21309429/1 29/08/2013 Stefan Hrynyk 19/05/2011 Pwllheli Gwynedd
BV21309366/1 21/08/2013 Louise Hsu 07/04/2013 Croydon Surrey
BV2091919/1 Historic John Wain Hubbard 21/02/2007 Torquay Devon
BV962961/1 Historic Margaret Minnie Hubbard 21/04/1996 Llandrindod Wells Powys
BV21317905/1 07/01/2014 John Eric Huddleston 24/10/2013 Portishead North Somerset
BV2071579/1 Historic Beryl Joan Hudson 14/07/2006 Colchester Essex
BV21301771/1 04/03/2013 Doris Hudson 01/11/2012 Bourne Lincolnshire
BV2035031/1 Historic Edward Hudson 08/06/2003 Romsey Hampshire
BV970525/1 Historic Frederick Hudson 17/12/1996 Derby Derbyshire
BV2059620/1 Historic Irene Hudson 08/12/2001 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2037552/1 Historic Ivy Marguerite Hudson 03/11/2003 Frittenden Kent
BV21102639/1 Historic Jean Hudson 19/08/2010 Margate Kent
BV21212119/1 09/01/2013 John David Hudson 22/09/2011 Wandsworth London SW17
BV951417/1 Historic Susan Hudson 09/02/1995 Leicester Leicestershire
BV21304618/1 11/07/2013 Winifred Hudson 25/12/2012 Wolverhampton
BV964302/1 Historic Anne Huggins 10/04/1996 Croydon Surrey
BV2067200/1 Historic Irene Huggins 12/09/2006 Melton Constable Norfolk
BV943828/1 Historic Anthony Hughes 20/05/1994 Camden London NW6
BV2025579/1 Historic Anthony Michael Hughes 17/08/2002 Lambeth London SE1
BV2024552/1 Historic Arthur Richard Hughes 07/06/2002 chirk Wrexham
BV992478/1 Historic David John Hughes 09/05/1999 Bangor Gwynedd
BV21111307/1 Historic David William Hughes 23/09/2009 Wallasey Wirral
BV2035637/1 Historic Dennis Hughes 18/07/2003 Wrexham Flintshire
BV2022812/1 Historic E E Hughes 12/01/2002 Birmingham West Midlands
BV973935/1 Historic Edward John Hughes 14/04/1997 Hammersmith London W6
BV21212444/1 Historic Eirwen Hughes 15/04/2008 Caernarfon Gwynedd
BV2058653/1 Historic Frances Hughes 11/05/2004 Carmarthen Carmarthenshire
BV963001/1 Historic Frances Winifred Hughes 12/02/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2082385/1 Historic Gerald Bancroft Hughes 16/01/2007 Woking Surrey
BV2087419/1 Historic Graham Hughes 03/06/2008 Llanelli Carmarthenshire
BV983927/1 Historic Idris Hughes 16/04/1998 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2004880/1 Historic James Hughes 17/06/2000 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV961248/1 Historic John Hughes 14/11/1995 Westminster London SW1
BV2025103/1 Historic Leslie Richard Charles Hughes 25/05/2002 Cardiff
BV976136/1 Historic Margaret Martha Hughes 29/06/1997 Berkhampstead Hertfordshire
BV2037560/1 Historic Michael Edward Peter Hughes 04/05/2003 Romford Essex
BV21104432/1 Historic Michael John Hughes 28/07/2010 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2050328/1 Historic Mildred May Hughes 04/11/2003 Halstead Essex
BV2030126/1 Historic Pauline Elizabeth Hughes 13/12/2001 Whitechapel London E1
BV2044330/1 Historic Robert Alun Hughes 27/02/2004 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21317940/1 10/01/2014 Thomas Alfred Hughes 12/11/2013 Southall Middlesex
BV2062297/1 Historic William Hughes 02/01/2006 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV2003584/1 Historic Patricia Hughills 16/06/2000 Bentham North Yorkshire
BV964318/1 Historic Ivy Bessie Hulks 27/05/1996 Herne Bay Kent
BV2061548/1 Historic Margaret Hull 16/02/2006 Great Yarmouth Norfolk
BV2063485/1 Historic Dorothy Huller 05/02/2004 Sunderland Tyne and Wear
BV2042153/1 Historic Sylvia Hulley 14/12/2003 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2010638/1 Historic Harold Hulme 24/08/1998
BV21300965/1 14/05/2013 Patricia Hulse 29/12/2012 High Wycombe Buckinghamshire
BV2040174/1 Historic Alfred Hulse-Lawton 06/10/2003
BV2051094/1 Historic Frederick Humpheries 03/08/2002 Leytonstone London
BV21012386/1 Historic Colin Humphrey 19/07/2010 Southall Middlesex
BV2031238/1 Historic George William Humphrey 07/11/2002
BV952589/1 Historic Susan Humphrey 20/11/1994 Southampton Hampshire
BV2062090/1 Historic George Humphreys 16/08/2003 Plaistow London E16
BV901699/1 Historic Irene Elsie Humphreys 20/11/1988 Swansea West Glamorgan
BV994640/1 Historic Margaret Mary Humphreys 04/04/1995 Ashtead Surrey
BV2092057/1 Historic Betty Humphries 21/12/2008 Rickmansworth Hertforsdshire
BV971566/1 Historic Edith Emily Humphries 03/12/1996 Camberwell London SE5
BV942145/1 Historic John Alfred Humphries 08/01/1994 Ware Hertfordshire
BV2011333/1 Historic Ronald Ernest Humphries 12/02/2001 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV2085327/1 Historic William Joseph Henry Hunneybell Hunneybell 17/05/2008 Lincoln Lincolnshire
BV2059730/1 Historic Doreen Amelia Hunt 21/03/2004 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV21400408/1 23/01/2014 Douglas Henry Hunt 30/12/2009 Gillingham Kent
BV2099667/1 Historic Edna Doreen Hunt 10/05/2005 Weston-super-Mare Somerset
BV21110482/1 Historic Elsie Louise Hunt 01/10/2009 Dawlish Devon
BV2066633/1 Historic Ethel Hunt 30/05/2006 Worthing West Sussex
BV21006135/1 Historic James Hunt 30/01/2004 Bristol
BV2077133/1 Historic Mary Dora Hunt 19/01/2006 Brighton East Sussex
BV21200099/1 Historic Peter Charles Hunt 30/08/2011 Plymouth Devon
BV974086/1 Historic Walter Hunt 30/03/1997 Eastville Bristol
BV21012626/1 Historic William Frederick Hunt 29/03/2010 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2075816/1 Historic David Hunter 22/02/2007 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV2015328/1 Historic Evelyn Hunter 26/10/2001 Cramlington Northumberland
BV21106176/1 Historic Florence Alice Hunter 05/02/2011 Walsall West Midlands
BV2091039/1 Historic Gordon Hunter 25/07/2008 Higher Compton Plymouth
BV2060824/1 Historic Henry George Hunter 09/11/2005 East Dulwich London SE22
BV2079062/1 Historic James William Hunter 10/08/2006 Haringey London N15
BV2021723/1 Historic Joan Hunter 21/03/2002 Catford London SE26
BV21008943/1 Historic Joseph Kenneth Hunter 31/03/2010 Sunderland Tyne and Wear
BV2015140/1 Historic Lilian Hunter 01/08/2000 Colchester Essex
BV2003536/1 Historic Gwendoline Mary Hurley 12/04/1996 Bristol Gloucestershire
BV2013268/1 Historic James Hurley 08/12/1992 Stockton Cleveland
BV2060280/1 Historic Margaret Hurley 10/12/2005 Hastings East Sussex
BV21000721/1 Historic Charles Alfred Hurst 17/11/2009 Croydon Surrey
BV963719/1 Historic Charles E Hurst 21/06/1996 Clacton-on-Sea Essex
BV2073346/1 Historic Daisy Hurst 16/12/2006 Romford Essex
BV2021902/1 Historic William Hurst 04/09/2001 Hackney London E8
BV2080137/1 Historic Charles Maddox Husain 03/12/2007 Crewe Cheshire
BV2047046/1 Historic Mehmet Huseyin 25/08/2004 Homerton London E9
BV930541/1 Historic Mukhter Hussain 04/12/1992
BV2093552/1 Historic Nazir Hussain 06/11/2008 Acton London W3
BV21212772/1 Historic Halil Niazi Hussein 12/06/2012 Hackney London E9
BV2064490/1 Historic Ibrahim Hussein 06/05/2006 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV21102466/1 Historic John Gabriel Hussey 22/11/2008 Rowley Regis – West Midlands
BV992343/1 Historic Mary Husson 15/03/1999 Camden London NW3
BV993041/1 Historic Alan James Hutchings 31/01/1997 Pontypridd Rhondda Cynon Taf
BV2012080/1 Historic Ronald John Hutchings 28/11/2000 Colchester Essex
BV21204827/1 Historic Sheila Rose Ethel Hutchings 27/11/2011 Hartlepool
BV2056746/1 Historic Barry Jay Hutchins 06/05/2005 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
BV992547/1 Historic Hilda Hutchins 11/03/1999 Luton Bedfordshire
BV962410/1 Historic Harold Hutchinson 25/03/1996
BV2057348/1 Historic Jane Elizabeth Hutchinson 14/01/2003 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV992647/1 Historic Marjorie Hutchinson 19/02/1999 Christchurch Dorset
BV2056951/1 Historic Neville Hutchinson 02/07/2005 Bingley Bradford
BV2063172/1 Historic Norman Hutchinson 12/03/2006 Isleworth Middlesex
BV2051637/1 Historic Stephen Hutchinson 23/08/2003 High Heaton Newcastle upon Tyne
BV985418/1 Historic Bertha Helen Hutson 16/10/1998 Sleaford Lincolnshire
BV2032836/1 Historic Ronald Hutt 04/05/2003 Ashford Middlesex
BV965404/1 Historic Annie Hutton 18/07/1996 Brandon Durham
BV2072429/1 Historic George Hutton 31/12/2002 Wakefield West Yorkshire
BV21115656/1 Historic Maurice Hutton 27/01/1998 Middlesborough Cleveland
BV940403/1 Historic John William Hyam 19/07/1993 Hedon East Riding of Yorkshire
BV2004353/1 Historic Jack Podgwsky Hyams 07/08/2000 Camden London NW3
BV963259/1 Historic Frederick John Hyde 04/03/1992 Bridgwater Somerset
BV932465/1 Historic Mohammed Abu Hye 21/12/1992 Camden London NW1
BV21301594/1 04/03/2013 Patrick Hyland 20/09/2012 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV2048503/1 Historic James Joseph Hyndman 15/11/2004 Lockleaze Bristol
BV2004494/1 Historic Olive Hyne 25/03/2000 Kensington London W10
BV2096914/1 Historic James Hynes 23/05/2009 Birmingham West Midlands
BV945126/1 Historic Mary Teresa Hynes 28/11/1994 Fulham London W6
BV2063214/1 Historic Patrick Hynes 25/09/2005 Margate Kent
BV2024733/1 Historic Zeki Ibrahim 19/02/1999 Hersham Surrey
BV961025/1 Historic Matthew Peter Ignatowicz 14/07/1995 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV21214328/1 18/01/2013 Wanda Ignatowicz 06/09/2012 Swindon Wiltshire
BV2090269/1 Historic Susan Mary Igochea 16/11/2008 Northwood Middlesex
BV993601/1 Historic Alexander Ijewlew 25/10/1997 Kensington London W8
BV2093290/1 Historic Walter Ilczyszyn 30/11/2008 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2033682/1 Historic Edna Dolores Iles 12/04/2003
BV2058694/1 Historic Dorothy Inch 29/08/2005 Fareham Hampshire
BV2085197/1 Historic Mary Ineson 01/06/2008 Roundhay West Yorkshire
BV21207328/1 Historic John Austin Ingham 30/01/2012 Llangefni Ynys Mon (Anglesey)
BV2034222/1 Historic John William Ingle 19/03/2003 York North Yorkshire
BV951447/1 Historic Mabel Ingle 16/02/1995 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2091467/1 Historic Charles Alexander Ingram 29/08/2006 Llandudno
BV2051738/1 Historic Denis Charles Ingram 24/01/2004 Darlington Durham
BV2031435/1 Historic William Inness 19/12/2002 Paddington London W2
BV2003183/1 Historic Margaret Ireland 27/09/1999 Lewisham London SE23
BV21203981/1 Historic Doreen Irving 21/09/2011 Hornsey London N8
BV984782/1 Historic Edith Mary Irving 01/09/1998 Brighton East Sussex
BV944911/1 Historic Joseph Scott Irving 26/10/1994 Maryport Cumbria
BV2021869/1 Historic Thomas William Irving 05/12/2001 Westgate-on-Sea Kent
BV931504/1 Historic John Irwin 03/02/1993 Rhonda Mid Glamorgan
BV940181/1 Historic Dorothy Isaacs 17/12/1993 Stepney London E1
BV2013986/1 Historic Ivor Isaacs 18/02/2001 Redhill Surrey
BV2012891/1 Historic Manuel Myer Isaacs 07/06/1999 Hackney London E9
BV2000249/1 Historic Nathan Isaacs 01/11/1999 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2021694/1 Historic Sylvia Isaacs 04/04/2002 Southampton Hampshire
BV2052260/1 Historic William Isles 04/12/2000 Paddington London W2
BV2048761/1 Historic Abdul Aziz Ismaili 27/01/2004 Holloway London N7
BV2011682/1 Historic Tamunokombia Morris Isodiki 02/10/2000 Camden London NW1
BV21304194/1 04/11/2013 Gregory Ivanov 22/11/2002 Lambeth London
BV963388/1 Historic Stefan Izycki 16/10/1995 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
BV930202/1 Historic Eric Waldock Jacklin 16/01/1993
BV2056830/1 Historic Audrey Mitchell Duncan Jackman 14/03/2005 Wimbourne Dorset
BV2092140/1 Historic George William Thomas Jacks 10/12/2008 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV2034487/1 Historic Alfred Joseph Jackson 20/02/2003
BV2080185/1 Historic Ayree Jackson 26/12/2007 Newcastle upon Tyne
BV21400382/1 21/01/2014 Dora Jackson 28/02/2013 Leytonstone London. E11
BV2081487/1 Historic Doris Jackson 05/01/2008 Southampton Hampshire
BV2012159/1 Historic Edward Jackson 26/02/2001 Lewisham London SE13
BV984095/1 Historic Elizabeth Jackson 19/04/1998 Durham Co Durham
BV21104119/1 Historic Emily Jackson 04/06/2010 Redditch Worcestershire
BV2042414/1 Historic Ernest Jackson 05/01/2004 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV2000728/1 Historic Frederick Albert Jackson 16/11/1998 Towcester Northamptonshire
BV21400407/1 11/02/2014 Gordan Jackson 05/04/2013 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland
BV2067600/1 Historic Ian Jackson 28/06/2006 Derby Derbyshire
BV21111067/1 Historic Isabella Jackson 06/11/2010 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV2004575/1 Historic James Jackson 28/07/2000 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV982499/1 Historic James Jackson 27/08/1997 Coventry Warwickshire
BV964497/1 Historic Jean Jackson 16/04/1995 Altrincham Trafford
BV2091567/1 Historic Jean Jackson 10/03/2008 Worksop Nottinghamshire
BV2079204/1 Historic John Alan Jackson 03/02/2005 Lambeth London SE1
BV2052385/1 Historic Keith Jackson 09/01/2005 Southall Middlesex
BV901284/1 Historic Kenneth Peter Jackson 26/04/1990 Lewisham London Se13
BV21213422/1 Historic Leslie Jackson 14/11/2005 Halifax Yorks
BV21401088/1 25/02/2014 Margaret Jackson 04/10/2013 Withernsea East Riding of Yorkshire
BV21401906/1 25/02/2014 Michael Andrew Jackson 15/03/2004 Rochester Kent
BV2096816/1 Historic Peter Jackson 17/05/2007 Carshalton Surrey
BV2000311/1 Historic William Aubrey Jackson 23/08/1999 Newark Nottinghamshire
BV2070961/1 Historic Anne Jackunaite 01/12/2006 Mile End London E1
BV2044159/1 Historic Norman Jacob 04/12/2001 Stanmore Middlesex
BV2001380/1 Historic Alice Elizabeth Jacobs 04/02/1998 Ruislip Middlesex
BV2083693/1 Historic Marie Teresa Jaconelli 11/03/2008 South Shields Tyne & Wear
BV992101/1 Historic Doreen Jacques 19/04/1998 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21103135/1 25/03/2013 Stephen Jacques 17/04/2010 Denbigh Denbighshire
BV21303041/1 10/05/2013 Krishenath Jaggrenauth 28/10/2012 Earl’s Court London SW5
BV2051026/1 Historic Peter Richard Cook Jago 15/12/2004 Southampton Hampshire
BV951350/1 Historic Hans Jagoda 01/07/1992 Dustable Devon
BV2004611/1 Historic Stanislawa Jakim 01/01/1997
BV20510130/1 Historic John Archibald Jakobschy 25/01/2005 Stevenage Hertfordshire
BV933301/1 Historic Francis Jakowicz 12/05/1993 Chesterfield Derbyshire
BV2046377/1 Historic Hilda Jakubi 01/09/2004 Westminster London SW1
BV963751/1 Historic Francis Jakubowski 21/06/1996
BV942923/1 Historic Janis Jamanis 16/04/1993 Dunstable Bedfordshire
BV2005273/1 Historic Albert Henry James 10/08/2000 Llantrissant Glamorgan
BV2052382/1 Historic Anne Elizabeth Mary James 11/03/2005 Lampeter Ceredigion
BV21004872/1 Historic Bertie James 23/04/2008 Hackney London E9
BV21101028/1 Historic Bridget James 11/07/2008 Worthing West Sussex
BV21301772/1 07/03/2013 Claude Raymond James 20/02/2012 Hammersmith London W6
BV2094452/1 Historic Clifford James 11/09/2008 Stoke-on-Trent
BV2035837/1 Historic Cyril Patrick James 11/08/2003 Wokingham Berkshire
BV2057327/1 Historic Denis James 02/04/2005 Leicester Leicestershire
BV961677/1 Historic Ella Rosina James 27/01/1996 Cardiff
BV2011707/1 Historic Ethel James 10/08/1999 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV2057135/1 Historic Ethel James 31/07/2005 Kensington London W8
BV2023065/1 Historic Gordon Morris James 28/04/2002 Brighton East Sussex
BV2034387/1 Historic Hannah James 20/06/2003 Cardiff
BV983055/1 Historic Henry James 12/03/1998 Stafford Staffordshire
BV994552/1 Historic Ian James 20/09/1999 Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife
BV2091051/1 Historic Jesse Woodson James 04/10/2007 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV2078724/1 Historic Leonard James 17/02/2007 Peckham London SE15
BV21108970/1 03/12/2013 Margaret Elizabeth James 18/05/2011 Streatham London SW16
BV21011382/1 Historic Michael James 17/08/2009 Longlevens Gloucester
BV21309624/1 11/09/2013 Michael John James 17/07/2013 Stafford Staffordshire
BV21402692/1 28/03/2014 Neville Royston James 15/11/2013 Swansea Glamorgan
BV21108095/1 Historic Nortion Steven James 27/07/2010 West Hampstead London NW6
BV2014710/1 Historic Peter James 19/01/1998 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2011638/1 Historic Raymond James 17/09/2000 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2090773/1 Historic Ricky Leslie James 29/09/2008 Wakefield West Yorkshire
BV21400251/1 23/01/2014 Robert Cyril James 06/06/2012 Whitehaven Cumbria
BV2002559/1 Historic Roy William James 01/02/2000 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV21401153/1 20/02/2014 Sylvia Madeline James 27/11/2013 Weston-Super-Mare Somerset
BV2025818/1 Historic Tom James 01/12/2002 Pontefract Yorkshire
BV2052746/1 Historic Valdrick James 25/11/2004 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2055109/1 Historic Valerie Georgina James 02/06/2005 Eaglestone Milton Keynes
BV2057218/1 Historic Violet James 14/12/2004 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2072176/1 Historic William Thomas Gwyn James 03/09/2006 Ammanford Carmarthenshire
BV21105890/1 Historic Adela Rachela Jameson 11/04/2011 Barnet Hertfordshrie
BV20912242/1 Historic Doreen Jameson 24/05/2009
BV2005835/1 Historic Ethel Jameson 08/05/1995 Ruddington Nottinghamshire
BV851364/1 Historic James Jameson 24/02/1985
BV2011106/1 Historic Stella Wilson Jameson 23/09/1999
BV21109918/1 Historic Thomas Hall Jameson 22/12/2008 High Salvington (Brighton Area)
BV2067117/1 Historic Linda Susan Jamieson 11/10/2006 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2045203/1 Historic Edith Janeway 14/01/2000 Bath Somerset
BV2060646/1 Historic Denise Lucie Octavie Jeane Janovtechnik 28/11/2005 Wimbledon London SW19
BV2077775/1 Historic Sergei Jansons 27/08/2007 Addleston Surrey
BV2066174/1 Historic Konrad Janusz 08/10/1997 Newton Abbott Devon
BV21214113/1 24/06/2013 Jan Jaramola 05/04/2010 Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire
BV960786/1 Historic Wincenty Jarmulowicz 28/11/1995 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2024357/1 Historic Felix Jarvis 13/03/2002 Luton Bedfordshire
BV2084620/1 Historic Violet Jarvis 23/04/2008 Camden London NW1
BV2077414/1 Historic Vivian Jarvis 13/07/2007 Chichester Chichester
BV21115494/1 Historic Alexander Jaskulski 28/03/2008 Nottingham
BV2055292/1 Historic Stanislaw Jaskulski 19/04/2005 Felixstowe Suffolk
BV991718/1 Historic Stanley Jastrza 17/12/1998 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2064321/1 Historic Heinrich Jatzkowsky 12/01/2006 Kings Lynn Norfolk
BV954416/1 Historic Irana Javeri 27/09/1995 Islington London N1
BV2040841/1 Historic Anne Jay 18/09/2003 Whitechapel London E1
BV21307867/1 08/08/2013 Cynthia Rice Jay 28/02/2006 Westminster London SW1
BV2011681/1 Historic Marian Jay 03/03/2001 West Brompton London SW10
BV2030803/1 Historic Alfred Jeavons 04/11/2000 Walsall West Midlands
BV2030439/1 Historic Annie Jeavons 26/05/2001 West Bromwich West Midlands
BV2041160/1 Historic Georgina Jeavons 11/07/2002 Blaydon Tyne and Wear
BV2096834/1 Historic Susan Christine Jee 10/07/2009 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV21305323/1 15/05/2013 Patricia Ann Jeff 18/11/2012 Bournemouth
BV2043626/1 Historic William Wanless Jeff 21/05/2004 Watford Hertfordshire
BV953953/1 Historic Winifred Jefferey 09/10/1995 Holcombe Somerset
BV21201820/1 Historic Eunice Jefferies 15/11/2011 Newcastle Upon Tyne Northumberland
BV20510132/1 Historic Peter Clarence Reed Jeffery 04/10/2005 Surrey
BV923512/1 Historic Alexander Jeffrey 25/01/1992
BV2020249/1 Historic John William Jeffrey 04/12/2001 Muswell Hill London N10
BV966792/1 Historic Walter Henry Jeffrey 03/03/1995 West Brompton London SW10
BV2051079/1 Historic Helen Jeffreys 31/01/2000 Sutton Surrey
BV965467/1 Historic Nancy Jeffries 26/03/1996 Hackney London E9
BV2047702/1 Historic William Jeffries 26/10/2004 Newport Isle of Wight
BV2050616/1 Historic Janus Jegers 09/10/2004
BV933620/1 Historic Jevgeny Jelnikov 20/01/1992
BV2070523/1 Historic Alun Jenkins 10/11/2006 Cardiff South Glamorgan
BV2083725/1 Historic Beryl Tow Jenkins 11/03/2001 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV21109828/1 Historic Charles Wallis Jenkins 02/11/2009 Hull East Riding of Yorkshire
BV993291/1 Historic David Steven Jenkins 12/04/1999 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV20910300/1 Historic Eurfryn Jenkins 24/07/2009 Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey
BV990229/1 Historic Frances Emily Jenkins 23/04/1998 Westgate Kent
BV961900/1 Historic Inez Kathleen Jenkins 29/08/1995 Swansea Glamorgan
BV2013171/1 Historic Lilian May Jenkins 31/01/2001 Haverford West Pembrokeshire
BV2012226/1 Historic Margaret Ann Jenkins 04/01/2000 Brecon Powys
BV923292/1 Historic Mary Margaret Jenkins 23/07/1992 Comins Coch Aberystwyth
BV21309227/1 02/09/2013 Michael Jenkins 18/03/2012 Romsey Hampshire
BV2056193/1 Historic Morgan Rees John Jenkins 09/05/2005 Reading Berkshire
BV2034572/1 Historic Winifred Jenkins 16/11/2001 Southall Middlesex
BV21308713/1 30/08/2013 Frank Jenkinson 24/06/2013 Northampton Northamptonshire
BV21307067/1 05/07/2013 Josephine Jenner 03/06/2011 Rochford Essex
BV2079382/1 Historic Sandra Jenner 13/04/2007 Herne Hill London SE24
BV2063191/1 Historic Anthony Jennings 06/02/2004 Marlborough Wilts
BV2091001/1 Historic Gordon Jennings 23/01/2009 Willesden London NW10
BV963712/1 Historic John Jennings 03/03/1996 Reading Berkshire
BV2058046/1 Historic Mary Merci Jennings 10/06/2005 Leicester Leicestershire
BV21208165/1 Historic Michael John Jennings 17/06/2012 London N18
BV2031587/1 Historic Eric Jeremiah 14/11/2002 Barnet London NW2
BV2080126/1 Historic William Jeremiah 15/05/1996 Southampton Hampshire
BV21304336/1 23/04/2013 Peter Jervis 08/08/2012 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
BV2074710/1 Historic Karl Jeschke 23/02/2007 Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire
BV943293/1 Historic Violet Victoria Jesse-Faulkner 18/02/1994 Coventry West Midlands
BV21400247/1 06/02/2014 Oyinoluwa Ttijesulase Jesugoodness 04/05/2011 Tottenham London N15
BV2052782/1 Historic John Francis Jewell 15/01/2005 Bromsgrove Worcestershire
BV971747/1 Historic Savas Joanou 12/08/1996 Richmond Surrey
BV21108265/1 Historic Anthony Lamin Jobateh 20/01/2010 Sydenham London SE25
BV2088175/1 Historic William Johanes 23/09/2008 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV940652/1 Historic Lilian Olwen John 16/12/1993 P:ontypridd Mid Glamorgan
BV21306308/1 14/06/2013 Paul John 20/08/2012 Beckenham BR3
BV2034680/1 Historic Roger John 05/06/2003 Bridgend Glamorgan
BV2096443/1 Historic Ronald Dennis John 11/07/2009 Ilfracombe Devon
BV21203904/1 Historic Raymond Johns 02/08/2011 Kensington London W8
BV2024329/1 Historic Roy Johns 09/07/2002 Chertey Surrey
BV994697/1 Historic Alice Johnson 26/05/1999 Richmond North Yorkshire
BV991775/1 Historic Anne Johnson 16/02/1999 Reading Berkshire
BV2003309/1 Historic Arthur Frederick Johnson 09/03/2000
BV2095418/1 Historic Barbara Johnson 21/06/2009 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV21003892/1 Historic Beryl Hazel Johnson 17/10/2009 Forncett Norfolk
BV2053123/1 Historic Betty Alice Johnson 30/01/2005 Dartford Kent
BV2033636/1 Historic Caroline Juliana Johnson 24/11/2002 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV2048275/1 Historic Clive Johnson 16/05/2004 Leicester leicestershire
BV2024180/1 Historic Daisy Johnson 20/01/2002 Kingston upon Thames Surrey
BV2046805/1 Historic Dennis Johnson 19/04/2004 Westgate-on-Sea Kent
BV976434/1 Historic Doris Johnson 28/09/1997 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV21314045/1 05/12/2013 Edith Margaret Johnson 06/02/2013 Croydon Surrey
BV2010118/1 Historic Edward Lionel Jones Johnson 06/06/1999 Frome Somerset
BV2015234/1 Historic Ellen Johnson 26/03/2001 Hayes Middlesex
BV2030333/1 Historic Ellen Maud Johnson 19/04/2002 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV2031189/1 Historic Ellen May Johnson 28/11/1998 Littlefieds Norfolk
BV980273/1 Historic Ernest Johnson 18/12/1997 Coventry Warwickshire
BV2012516/1 Historic Fred Hutton Johnson 20/02/2001 Harlesden London NW10
BV21308970/1 01/10/2013 Freda Johnson 09/11/2012 Fencehouses County Durham
BV2081128/1 Historic Gladys Johnson 14/08/2006 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2055554/1 Historic Harold Johnson 19/07/2001 Isloington London N7
BV953199/1 Historic Herbert Johnson 08/08/1995 Durham
BV984152/1 Historic Horace Johnson 16/07/1995 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV21307554/1 08/08/2013 Ibidun Johnson 14/02/2003 Peckham London SE15
BV993455/1 Historic Isabella McEwan Johnson 02/04/1999 Lindfield West Sussex
BV2048575/1 Historic Jeffrey Cyril Johnson 13/08/1998 Bristol NE Somerset
BV967351/1 Historic John Granger Johnson 09/09/1996 Whitley Bay Tyne and Wear
BV942306/1 Historic John Smith Johnson 30/04/1992 Blyth Northumberland
BV2003282/1 Historic Joseph Telford Johnson 07/05/2000 Kentish Town London NW5
BV2032167/1 Historic Justin George Johnson 31/03/2003 Woolwich London SE18
BV2053135/1 Historic Kathleen Johnson 18/04/1995 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV994702/1 Historic Kathleen Johnson 06/05/1998
BV993392/1 Historic Kathleen Mary Johnson 02/01/1999 Wrexham Flintshire
BV2085755/1 Historic Lawrence Johnson 27/07/2008 Isleworth Middlesex
BV993050/1 Historic Leonard Johnson 16/10/1998 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2094192/1 Historic Leslie Johnson 16/03/2009 Hampstead London NW3
BV953646/1 Historic Lily Johnson 04/12/1994 Shirebrook Derbyshire
BV983335/1 Historic Louisa Johnson 22/12/1997 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21306202/1 10/06/2013 Marie Johnson 20/07/2000 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2001768/1 Historic Marion Johnson 29/02/2000 Camden London NW1
BV21008894/1 Historic Mark Anthony Johnson 27/03/2008 Birmingham West Midlands
BV974066/1 Historic Martin Johnson 05/06/1997 Leicester Leicestershire
BV21011376/1 Historic Michael Phillip Johnson 14/09/2010 Lancaster Gate London W2
BV971443/1 Historic Minnie Johnson 31/07/1996 Narbeth Pembrokshire
BV2075124/1 Historic Orlando Johnson 01/12/2006 Middlesborough Cleveland
BV2076646/1 Historic Paul Edgar Johnson 28/05/2007 Snodland Kent
BV2078748/1 Historic Percy William Johnson 19/06/2007 Paddington London W2
BV2065123/1 Historic Peter Lawrence Johnson 30/12/2004 Rhyl Denbighshire
BV2080568/1 Historic Reginald Johnson 03/12/2007 Southampton Hampshire
BV2053964/1 Historic Rene Johnson 23/10/2000 Macclesfield Cheshire
BV2058381/1 Historic Ronald Johnson 03/03/2005 Bournemouth Dorset
BV966913/1 Historic Rowena Ellen Rose Ramsey Johnson 01/11/1996 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV991769/1 Historic S G Johnson 22/12/1998 Coventry Warwickshire
BV2014218/1 Historic Violet Patricia Johnson 04/07/2001 Shepherds Bush London W12
BV2011850/1 Historic Walter Johnson 06/07/2000 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV21002997/1 Historic Wilfred Johnson 22/09/2009 Derby Derbyshire
BV985825/1 Historic Winifred Johnson 10/10/1998 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV2065617/1 Historic Edward Johnston 26/07/2006 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV21205488/1 Historic Kathleen Mary Johnston 28/03/2012 Hove East Sussex
BV960346/1 Historic Mary Johnston 15/12/1995 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21202618/1 Historic Patrick Johnston 27/08/2007 Chelsea London SW3
BV21307213/1 11/07/2013 William Johnston 12/02/2012 Bristol
BV21316743/1 19/12/2013 Dennis Johnstone 28/10/2013 Carlisle Cumbria
BV932751/1 Historic Francis Johnstone 03/03/1988 Walsall West Midlands
BV975078/1 Historic Grace Johnstone 28/03/1997 Chertsey Surrey
BV21306437/1 01/07/2013 John Johnstone 23/12/2012 Ashington Northumberland
BV21400942/1 11/02/2014 John Joseph Johnstone 23/06/2012 Croydon Surrey
BV2001927/1 Historic William John Richard Johnstone 11/10/1999 Paignton Devon
BV990059/1 Historic Isobel May Joicey 17/10/1998 Cricklewood London NW2
BV2004497/1 Historic Thomas Jonell 07/02/1999 Ashford Kent
BV2077592/1 Historic Alan Jones 01/01/2007 Putney London SW15
BV984164/1 Historic Albert Thomas Jones 21/04/1998 Basingstoke Hampshire
BV21305891/1 10/06/2013 Alfred Albert Jones 05/12/2012 Lambeth London SE1
BV950343/1 Historic Anne Jones 03/09/1993 Newport Gwent
BV2098262/1 Historic Annie Joan Jones 02/05/2004 Worcester Worcestershire
BV950274/1 Historic Arlington Lauderdale Jones 28/12/1991 Sevenoaks Kent
BV990564/1 Historic Arthur Jones 31/12/1998 Bourton-on-the-Water Gloucestershire
BV21108655/1 Historic Barry Arthur Jones 10/05/2011 Hastings East Sussex
BV954682/1 Historic Beryl May Jones 04/07/1995 Deganwy Gwynedd
BV2037174/1 Historic Brian Frederick Jones 04/11/2003 Norfolk Norwich
BV2071417/1 Historic Carol Jones 28/02/2005 Paddington London W2
BV21201099/1 14/05/2013 Ceridwen Mary Jones 02/11/2011 Cardiff
BV2079391/1 Historic Charles Frederick Jones 23/04/2007 Kings Lynn Norfolk
BV992749/1 Historic Charles Henry Jones 14/05/1998 Chester Cheshire
BV972450/1 Historic Christopher Robert Jones 19/05/1996 Holloway London N19
BV21015266/1 Historic Clifford Jones 21/07/2010 Flint Flintshire
BV21109666/1 Historic Clive Jones 13/06/2011 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV931773/1 Historic Daffyd-Bach Idris Jones 13/05/1993 Westbourne Park London W2
BV2035597/1 Historic David Jones 21/08/2003 Mile End London E1
BV2003602/1 Historic David John Jones 09/02/1998 Ruthin Denbighshire
BV985782/1 Historic David Middleton Jones 24/06/1998 Evesham Worcestershire
BV941152/1 Historic David Victor Jones 25/12/1993 Grangetown Cardiff
BV982687/1 Historic Doris Esther Jones 24/01/1998 Tooting London SW17
BV2044324/1 Historic Dorothy Jones 27/02/2004 Wrexham Clwyd
BV930720/1 Historic Douglas Jones 09/12/1992 Northwood Middlesex
BV2085300/1 Historic Edith Margaret Jones 07/09/2007 Dulwich London SE21
BV2048558/1 Historic Edward Evan Jones 05/11/2004 Wrexham Clwyd
BV21111996/1 Historic Eileen Mary Jones 01/06/2011 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV21208537/1 Historic Elizabeth Jones 11/05/2012 Margate Kent
BV21316750/1 17/03/2014 Elizabeth Jones 20/09/2011 Ashford Kent
BV2014115/1 Historic Ellen Jones 27/02/2001 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2071445/1 Historic Ellen Ruby Jones 20/01/2007 Peterlee County Durham
BV2000611/1 Historic Ellis Powell Jones 10/08/1998 Denbigh
BV2058808/1 Historic Elsie Jones 24/06/2005 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV964232/1 Historic Elsie Jones 01/10/1994
BV2001127/1 Historic Emlyn Dewi Jones 26/07/1999 Canterbury Kent
BV2013738/1 Historic Emma Jones 18/04/2001 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2091457/1 Historic Eric Jones 03/12/2008 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV21302272/1 05/04/2013 Esme Matilda Grace Jones 24/10/2012 Merthyr Tydfil Glamorgan
BV2023308/1 Historic Ethel Jones 16/09/2001 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumbria
BV21213418/1 29/05/2013 Eunice Jones 27/04/2003 Holmfield Halifax
BV923254/1 Historic Evan Humphrey Jones 17/08/1992 Southgate London N11
BV973762/1 Historic Evelyn Jones 27/04/1997 Godalming Surrey
BV2091611/1 Historic Evelyn Jones 26/11/2007 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV971064/1 Historic Florence Jones 04/09/1996 Bristol
BV982400/1 Historic Florence May Jones 01/11/1994 Ellesmere Port Merseyside
BV2071917/1 Historic Frank Jones 24/02/2007 Bournemouth Dorset
BV961153/1 Historic Frank Jones 15/12/1995
BV2035101/1 Historic Frank William Jones 09/07/2003 Shepherds Bush London W12
BV2000123/1 Historic Freda Jones 04/04/1999 Smethwick West Midlands
BV2033568/1 Historic Freda Jones 08/06/2003 Leek Staffordshire
BV984350/1 Historic Gary Jones 17/04/1998 Maida Vale London W9
BV21004563/1 Historic Geoffrey Jones 15/02/2010 Exeter Devon
BV21401322/1 26/03/2014 George Bryan Jones 18/12/2013 Wilmslow Cheshire
BV2071355/1 Historic Geraint Jones 17/12/2006 Swansea Glamorgan
BV21011401/1 Historic Gillian Jones 07/01/2007 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2003677/1 Historic Gladys Jones 31/03/2000
BV2078320/1 Historic Glyn Jones 13/09/2006 Penisarwaun Caernarfon
BV961093/1 Historic Gordon David Jones 24/06/1995 Cardiff
BV2021530/1 Historic Gwyneth Parry Jones 27/02/2002 Rhyl Denbighshire
BV975338/1 Historic Harry Jones 21/05/1997
BV2004577/1 Historic Helen Jones 28/09/2000 London W2
BV21204861/1 Historic Henry Jones 01/02/2012 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21305355/1 08/07/2013 Herbert Jones 16/02/2012 Paddington London W2
BV973462/1 Historic Herbert Newton Jones 11/02/1997 Swansea
BV2044973/1 Historic Horace Percy Jones 30/12/2003 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV2026010/1 Historic Hugh Stanford Jones 28/10/2002 Southampton Hampshire
BV21109713/1 Historic Ida Jones 23/01/2011 Nottingham
BV2067618/1 Historic Irene Jones 21/12/2004 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV951175/1 Historic Ivor Jones 19/12/1994
BV985990/1 Historic Ivy Jones 22/01/1993 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2005452/1 Historic Jane Jones 18/09/1988 Dartford Kent
BV2001830/1 Historic Jennifer Margaret Jane Jones 14/12/1999 Porta Rhondda
BV966162/1 Historic Jim Jones 30/08/1995 Gwent
BV2061083/1 Historic John Jones 03/12/2003 Luton Bedfordshire
BV2070707/1 Historic John Jones 29/04/2004 Cardiff
BV2079523/1 Historic John Jones 04/03/2006 Cardiff
BV972526/1 Historic John Jones 02/12/1996 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV21214742/1 14/02/2013 John Allan Jones 07/10/2012 Newcastle Upon Tyne
BV2001731/1 Historic John Edwin Jones 20/08/1999 Llandeilo Carmarthenshire
BV2005030/1 Historic John Idris Jones 09/02/2000 Leicester Leicestershire
BV21002759/1 Historic John Peter Jones 26/01/2010 Coventry West Midlands
BV2063484/1 Historic John Rees Jones 16/04/2006 Wokingham Berkshire
BV2035297/1 Historic John Richard Jones 25/04/2003 Sidcup Kent
BV2071853/1 Historic Kathleen Jones 27/05/2005 Staple Hill South Gloucestershire
BV981671/1 Historic Keith Jones 02/01/1998 Bristol Avon
BV981110/1 Historic Kenneth Jones 13/05/1995 Crewe Cheshhire
BV985498/1 Historic Laura Jones 03/11/1998 Chester Cheshire
BV2004432/1 Historic Leah Myfannwy Jones 09/06/1984 Aberystwyth Ceredigion
BV962732/1 Historic Leonard James Jones 07/12/1995 Catterham Surrey
BV2001887/1 Historic Leslie Jones 29/06/1998 Northampton Northamptonshire
BV951667/1 Historic Lilian Annie Jones 24/11/1994 Fairwater Cardiff
BV2072430/1 Historic Lillian May Jones 11/03/2007 West Bromwich West Midlands
BV982271/1 Historic Lily Jones 15/07/1997 Denbigh Denbighshire
BV2081318/1 Historic Margaret Ellen Jones 31/08/2007 Wrexham Clwyd
BV2036812/1 Historic Margaret Mary Jones 19/04/2002 Bangor Gwynedd
BV2000257/1 Historic Margaret Violet Jones 30/12/1999 Cardiff
BV2084111/1 Historic Marguerette Jones 20/04/2008 Bexhill on Sea East Sussex
BV2086349/1 Historic Mary Jones 05/07/2008 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV933234/1 Historic Mary Jane Jones 22/02/1993 Rhyl Clwyd
BV982961/1 Historic Mervin Gough Jones 30/03/1998 Derby Derbyshire
BV2091963/1 Historic Michael Ernest Jones 18/02/2009 Old Cwmbran Torfaen
BV2052666/1 Historic Montague Jones 27/02/2004 Goodmayes Essex
BV2004582/1 Historic Nellie Jones 20/11/1999 Woolwich London SE18
BV961290/1 Historic Nora Jones 21/12/1995 Hammmersmith London W6
BV21210627/1 Historic Nora Jones 06/07/2012 Llanelltyd Gwynedd
BV21009858/1 Historic Norman Jones 26/02/2010 Lewisham London SE13
BV2031658/1 Historic Olive Jones 09/10/2002 Coventry West Midlands
BV2051006/1 Historic Olwen Jones 24/12/2004 Bodelwyddan Denbighshire
BV2015517/1 Historic Owen Jones 12/11/2001 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2092155/1 Historic Pamela Jones 15/02/2009 Ipswich Suffolk
BV2046804/1 Historic Peter Colin Jones 05/10/2003 Llandeilo Carmarthen
BV2036723/1 Historic Phyllis Rose Jones 05/10/2003 Seaford East Sussex
BV971190/1 Historic Queenie Eileen Jones 20/06/1996 Beaminster Dorset
BV21113702/1 Historic Ralph Jones 26/09/2011 Barnsley South Yorkshire
BV21208598/1 Historic Raymond Griffith Jones 30/09/2010 Uxbridger Hillingdon
BV2004556/1 Historic Raymond William Jones 28/07/2000 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2034422/1 Historic Reginald Jones 07/03/2003 Cynon Taf
BV961766/1 Historic Richard Jones 13/03/1996 Caerphilly Gwent
BV2052944/1 Historic Richard Eric Jones 26/01/2005 Bexhill on Sea East Sussex
BV2020573/1 Historic Robert Jones 04/12/2001 Bromley Kent
BV21315930/1 06/02/2014 Robert Jones 22/11/2005 Grimsby North East Lincolnshire
BV2055645/1 Historic Robert Stanley Jones 25/03/2005 Telford Shropshire
BV21402693/1 26/03/2014 Robert Trevor Jones 12/02/2014 Llandudno Conway
BV2085989/1 Historic Robert Walter Jones 23/07/2008 Dudley West Midlands
BV2058187/1 Historic Roger Powell Jones 09/08/2005 Cardiff
BV2073880/1 Historic Ronald Jones 21/04/2007 Ebbw Vale Wales
BV2037468/1 Historic Ronald Henry Jones 24/10/2003 Swansea
BV2072426/1 Historic Royal Jones 12/05/2004 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21209445/1 Historic Shirley Jones 06/11/2008 Ottershaw Surrey
BV2011448/1 Historic Sophia Jones 26/04/1996 Reading Berkshire
BV21304318/1 01/05/2013 Stanley Jones 13/09/2011 Camden London NW1
BV2065207/1 Historic Terence Jones 16/09/2003 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2055815/1 Historic Thomas Jones 21/01/2005 Tolworth Surrey
BV2086730/1 Historic Thomas Jones 25/12/2002 Birmingham West Midlands
BV931706/1 Historic Thomas Jones 17/05/1993
BV2058487/1 Historic Vera Jones 20/02/2005 Bodelwyddan Clwyd
BV953359/1 Historic Violet Elizabeth Jones 11/09/1995 Wandsworth London SW8
BV21003205/1 Historic William Jones 12/05/2009 Forest Gate London E7
BV2080809/1 Historic William John Jones 15/09/2007 Epping Essex
BV2020250/1 Historic William Ronald Jones 15/11/2001 Kidderminster Worcestershire
BV2002449/1 Historic Winifred Agnes Jones 21/12/1998
BV932974/1 Historic Winifred Olive Jones 25/05/1993 Crosskeys Gwent
BV21304321/1 22/05/2013 Zahia Jones 28/03/2012 Camden London NW3
BV966063/1 Historic Algernon Clive Jordan 20/05/1996 Deptford London SE8
BV21209463/1 Historic Christine Jordan 30/07/2012 Long Sutton Lincolnshire
BV21101015/1 Historic Doris Jordan 31/10/2010 Reading Berkshire
BV2010344/1 Historic Ernest Richard Jordan 16/02/1998 Edmonton London N18
BV971572/1 Historic Ethel Mary Jordan 14/01/1997 Wanstead Essex
BV2045257/1 Historic Grace Alice Jordan 17/06/2004 Brighton East Sussex
BV2021092/1 Historic Herbert William Jordan 27/12/2001 Torquay Devon
BV21212969/1 15/02/2013 James Jordan 14/07/2012 Cardiff Wales
BV923429/1 Historic John Malachy Jordan 30/01/1991 Wellingborough Northamptonshire
BV21112124/1 Historic Kathleen Jordan 10/09/2010 Finchley London
BV961091/1 Historic Leo Jordan 19/12/1995 Birkenhead
BV2023540/1 Historic Martin Francis Jordan 10/08/2000 Rickmansworth Hertfordshire
BV941472/1 Historic Frederick John Jose 03/01/1994
BV21213732/1 18/02/2013 Anne-Marie Joseph 12/07/2009 Hammersmith London
BV2047869/1 Historic Lalji Joshi 15/09/2004 Croydon Surrey
BV2043376/1 Historic Prabbhuram Joshi 25/02/2004 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2066938/1 Historic James Colin Joss 09/10/2006 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2022675/1 Historic Reginald Joy 13/12/2001 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV972190/1 Historic Alan Joyce 23/08/1996 Birmingham
BV994267/1 Historic Ann Joyce 01/09/1999 Whetstone London N20
BV2048274/1 Historic Eugene Joyce 28/09/2004 Fritzovia London W1
BV2055545/1 Historic Shadow Sanoah Judaham 13/11/2003 Islington London N7
BV2002908/1 Historic Arthur Judd 14/02/2000
BV2061201/1 Historic Noeline Annie Judd 25/01/2006 Watford Hertfordshire
BV2000693/1 Historic Phyllis Judd 26/11/1999 Hackney London E8
BV2033064/1 Historic James Judge 16/07/2001 Notting Hill London W11
BV21104478/1 Historic Istvan Steven Juhasz 18/01/2005 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2024032/1 Historic Paul Jules 12/05/2001 Stepney Green London E1
BV2067620/1 Historic Edith Jurgens 28/08/2001 Southall Middlesex
BV2003709/1 Historic Ann Jusiak 22/02/2000 Homerton London E9
BV21316188/1 02/12/2013 Shirin Jussab 06/09/2012 Streatham London SW16
BV21202950/1 Historic Ryzard Juszczak 06/10/2008
BV2086277/1 Historic Antoni Kaczmarek 09/02/2008 Camden London NW1
BV2011683/1 Historic Joseph Kadela 26/04/2000 Briggs North Lincolnshire
BV21200174/1 Historic William Kadry 01/11/2011 Fulham London SW6
BV21014049/1 Historic Lucy Kahwajin 20/04/2009 Edmonton London N18
BV2067374/1 Historic Mychajlo Kaleniuk 11/06/2003 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2034247/1 Historic Alexander Kaminski 24/04/2003 Paddington London W2
BV952186/1 Historic Zanis Kampars 27/01/1995 Cardiff
BV975934/1 Historic Alide E Kand 09/05/1997 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2076695/1 Historic James Kane 22/11/2005 New Cross Lewisham
BV2096861/1 Historic James Kane 31/01/2008 Worcester Worcestershire
BV980420/1 Historic Vincent Kapur 24/10/1997 Lambeth London SE1
BV11790/1 Historic Rudolph George Kapusta 28/12/1989 Derby Derbyshire
BV2085589/1 Historic Alexander Karabaniuk 09/07/2008 Denmark Street London SE5
BV976611/1 Historic Antanas Karklinis 17/04/1997 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21200073/1 Historic George Felix Karn 02/07/2011 Croydon Surrey
BV940091/1 Historic Zdzislaw Karpinski 28/12/1993 Rochford Essex
BV2030597/1 Historic George Karsai 08/10/2002 Amersham Buckinghamshire
BV890275/1 Historic Wlodylaw Kasparek 05/01/1989 Battersea London SW11
BV2043053/1 Historic Tadeusz Kasprzyk 13/04/2004 Amersham Buckinghamshire
BV993857/1 Historic M Katerynczuk 26/09/1995 Telford Shropshire
BV2013314/1 Historic Othman Emil Kathib 29/05/2001 Peacehaven East Sussex
BV21113391/1 Historic Satwant Kaur 22/01/2011 Coventry West Midlands
BV21214075/1 26/03/2013 Udham Kaur 19/10/2012 Southall Middlesex
BV2087635/1 Historic Frank Kavanagh 28/03/2008 Broadstairs Kent
BV2001297/1 Historic Michael Thomas Kavanagh 01/02/2000 Belsize Park London NW3
BV2047453/1 Historic Noreen Kavanagh 05/12/2003 Clapham London SW11
BV2081109/1 Historic Patrick Joseph Kavanagh 09/04/2007 Orpington Kent
BV2078339/1 Historic Terence Mary Kavanagh 25/06/2003 Crawley Sussex
BV2083073/1 Historic Thomas Murter Kavanagh 05/07/2007 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21102281/1 Historic Eileen Kay 11/11/2010 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2021222/1 Historic Janice Sybyl Kay 30/11/2001 Lambeth London SE1
BV2033632/1 Historic Joan Lucy Kay 02/06/2003 Margate Kent
BV2000410/1 Historic John Field Kay 04/03/1998 Carlisle Cumbria
BV2034778/1 Historic John James Kaye 27/01/1998 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV21300751/1 25/01/2013 Russell Keal 25/09/2012 Gainsborough Lincolnshire
BV2031545/1 Historic John Keane 04/01/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2054092/1 Historic William Keaney 04/03/2005 Finsbury London EC1
BV2084438/1 Historic John Kearney 16/09/2001 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV992997/1 Historic Matthew John Kearney 19/06/1999 Minsterworth Gloucester
BV973495/1 Historic Phyllis Ann Kearns 09/03/1997 Watford Hertfordshire
BV2000374/1 Historic Charles Keating 25/04/1999 North Tyneside
BV21305024/1 19/07/2013 Edward Keating 04/01/2013 Hampstead London NW3
BV2015802/1 Historic Sylvia Keatley 09/08/2001 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV21205667/1 Historic Ellen Mary Kebbell 28/02/2012 Chelsea London SW10
BV21205962/1 Historic Jakob Keck 12/01/2012 Tooting
BV974218/1 Historic Alice Sybil Keeling 10/05/1996 Harrow Middlesex
BV2061553/1 Historic John Keen 03/01/2006 Barnet London NW2
BV2074469/1 Historic Elizabeth Adams Keenan 14/03/2007 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV2048038/1 Historic John Patrick Keenan 21/08/2004 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2070963/1 Historic Maureen Keenan 12/06/2006 Isleworth Middlesex
BV21306141/1 07/06/2013 Michael Keenan 13/02/2007 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2087721/1 Historic Gordon Lewis Monteith Keevil 17/05/2008 Enfield Middlesex
BV21007288/1 Historic Josephine Keilly 20/08/2005 Slough Berkshire
BV966871/1 Historic Violet May Keirle 24/10/1996 Trowbridge Wiltshire
BV2035099/1 Historic Janet A F C Keller 21/01/2003 Chiswick London W4
BV2043380/1 Historic Albert Kelly 24/02/2004 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2046814/1 Historic Dennis Kelly 20/04/2004
BV951788/1 Historic Elizabeth Kelly 09/04/1995 Colchester Essex
BV2014568/1 Historic Ellen Kelly 23/06/2001 Barnet London NW2
BV952548/1 Historic Gertrude Kelly 04/07/1995 Deal Kent
BV21315910/1 15/11/2013 Hugh Kelly 12/08/2011 Streatham London SW16
BV21212765/1 19/07/2013 Ian Philip Kelly 16/11/2010 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
BV2035521/1 Historic James Thomas Kelly 30/04/2003 Stockport Cheshire
BV2021877/1 Historic John Kelly 30/12/1993 Walsgrave Coventry
BV21210846/1 Historic John Kelly 21/04/2012 Great Yarmouth Suffolk
BV2023764/1 Historic Jonathan Jason Kelly 11/08/1997 Lambeth London SW2
BV971973/1 Historic Joseph Kelly 16/02/1997 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2043089/1 Historic Julie Kelly 08/02/2004 Northwood Middlesex
BV2085086/1 Historic Lawrence Kelly 30/04/2002 Redhill Surrey
BV2044909/1 Historic Lincoln Kelly 26/03/2004 Tooting London SW17
BV961774/1 Historic Margaret Kelly 15/12/1995 Chelsea London SW5
BV21000628/1 Historic Margaret Kelly 29/11/2008 Park Royal London NW10
BV953991/1 Historic Mary Emily Kelly 23/03/1995 Clapham London SW4
BV976345/1 Historic Mary Margaret Kelly 10/08/1997 Hove East Sussex
BV2005663/1 Historic Maud Kelly 22/11/1995 Lambeth London SW4
BV21201676/1 Historic Michael John Kelly 12/03/2009 Denmark Hill London
BV2014369/1 Historic Mildred Eva Kelly 19/05/2001 Langwith Nottinghamshire
BV2067676/1 Historic Nora Kelly 02/11/2006 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2091008/1 Historic Patrick Kelly 12/01/2008 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV971380/1 Historic Patrick Kelly 07/12/1996 Luton Bedfordshire
BV20911263/1 Historic Patrick Kelly 21/03/2008 Swindon Wiltshire
BV2072677/1 Historic Peter Reginald Kelly 10/08/1995 Deptford London SE14
BV2033047/1 Historic Robert William Kelly 21/03/2003 Sandwell West Midlands
BV951863/1 Historic Sarah E Kelly 20/02/1995 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV21114694/1 Historic Terence William Kelly 24/03/2010 Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire
BV2055094/1 Historic Thomas Kelly 09/03/2005 Shepherd’s Bush London W12
BV21003385/1 Historic Thomas John Kelly 29/12/2009 Southsea Hants
BV985446/1 Historic William Francis Kelly 03/11/1998 Dartford Kent
BV2087963/1 Historic William Joseph Kelly 18/10/2008 Sutton in Ashford Notts
BV2013956/1 Historic Bessie Kemp 03/07/2001 Newport Gwent
BV2060411/1 Historic Ernest Kemp 09/02/2005 Braintree Essex
BV2032906/1 Historic Harry Richard Kemp 03/05/2003 Upper Edmonton London N18
BV2062294/1 Historic Mary Kemp 26/01/2006 Kings Lynn Norfolk
BV21204900/1 Historic Miriam Kemsley 25/05/2011 St Leonards-on-Sea East Sussex
BV942263/1 Historic Catherine Elizabeth Dorothy Kendall 20/05/1994 Prestatyn Denbighshire
BV2010400/1 Historic John Graham Kendall 13/12/2000 Solihull West Midlands
BV2084648/1 Historic John Richard Kendrick 25/07/2006 Stratford upon Avon Warwickshire
BV993039/1 Historic Jean Kenlock 23/04/1997 Pontyclun Mid Glamorgan
BV2015428/1 Historic Gerald Kennan 02/01/2001 Hackney London E9
BV953625/1 Historic John Kennedy 19/09/1995 Newcastle upon Tyne
BV2014843/1 Historic John George Kennedy 08/02/2001 Stoke Newington London N16
BV966131/1 Historic Lawrence Kennedy 18/08/1996 Belsize Park London NW3
BV963157/1 Historic Lily Gladys Kennedy 15/05/1996 Caterham Surrey
BV2047913/1 Historic Michael Kennedy 12/11/2004 Upper Holloway London N19
BV966331/1 Historic Patrick Kennedy 24/02/1995 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV2045538/1 Historic Phyllis Kennedy 01/05/2004 Sydenham London SE26
BV966062/1 Historic Raymond Patrick Kennedy 30/08/1996 New Milton Hampshire
BV21205152/1 Historic Roy Kennedy 14/12/2011 Paddington London W2
BV2021471/1 Historic Sarah Kennedy 17/10/2001 Watford Hertsforshire
BV21103652/1 Historic Ivy Kenny 25/01/2011 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV21001757/1 Historic James Kenny 24/09/2003 Sunderland Tyne and Wear
BV967255/1 Historic John Kenny 15/05/1996 Paddington London W2
BV21401646/1 19/02/2014 Ronald Kenny 16/09/2013 Upper Holloway London N19
BV2052711/1 Historic Annie Kent 05/03/2005 Norwich Norfolk
BV993213/1 Historic Cyril Kent 20/03/1999 Exeter Devon
BV2023885/1 Historic Elsie Kent 04/03/1986 Tower Hamlets London E2
BV2010481/1 Historic Florence Agnes Kent 25/11/1998 StanwellMiddlesex
BV2061794/1 Historic Leslie Kenyon 14/12/2005 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV932754/1 Historic Arthur Keogh 09/04/1993 Todmorden Yorkshire
BV2098979/1 Historic James Keogh 28/07/2009 Westminster London W2
BV973222/1 Historic Mary Keogh 01/12/1993 Lambeth London SW4
BV2034473/1 Historic Muriel Dorothy Keogh 04/04/2003 Finchley London NW12
BV984105/1 Historic Thomas Keohane 20/06/1998 Earl’s Court London SW5
BV2074048/1 Historic Kathleen Keown 10/11/2006 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21005375/1 Historic Margo Kern 13/04/2010 Plymouth Devon
BV2056838/1 Historic Doreen Florence Dalphine Kerney 24/11/2004 New Malden Surrey
BV2001307/1 Historic Isobel Eileen Kerr 30/07/1999 Brighouse West Yorkshire
BV21300559/1 09/05/2013 Robert Ian Kerr 14/12/2012 Burgess Hill West Sussex
BV21317435/1 10/01/2014 Walter George Kerr 08/12/2012 Lambeth London SE5
BV951782/1 Historic Benjamin Percy Kerry 04/05/1994 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV976934/1 Historic Harold Kershaw 08/10/1995 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV2094927/1 Historic Anton Kerzac 13/11/2008 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV21307578/1 08/08/2013 Alan Francis Kettle 24/10/2005 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2001926/1 Historic Alice Kew 10/01/2000
BV21317552/1 19/12/2013 Irene Ann Kewley 12/04/2013 Crewe Cheshire
t took palce on 12 January 1970 in Natnwich Crewe.The Division holds a death certificate for Frank David Scragg which shows that the event took place on 9 December 1969 in Crewe.The Division holds a marriage certificate of the deceased to John Kewley and the event took place on 1 September 1973 in Crewe.The Division holds a death certificate for John Dodd Aspinall that shows that the event took place on 10 June 1958 in Nantwich Chester.
BV960566/1 Historic Frank Key 06/05/1995 Haringey London N10
BV2052059/1 Historic John Keyes 10/10/2003 Daventry Northamptonshire
BV2000759/1 Historic Christine Keyzor 21/12/1998 Kent
BV2070825/1 Historic Mahmoud Khalesi 28/10/2006 Camberley Surrey
BV2010020/1 Historic Abdul Khan 03/06/1998 Kennington London SE11
BV21208536/1 Historic Abdul Rashid Khan 04/12/2011 Cricklewood London NW2
BV2066295/1 Historic Attar Hussain Khan 10/09/2006 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV21000666/1 Historic Nassima Khan 12/12/2009 Littlehampton West Sussex
BV2086063/1 Historic Jan Kibalo 07/02/2001 Newton Abbott Devon
BV976179/1 Historic Derek Kidd 19/12/1995 Shepherds Bush London W12
BV984188/1 Historic Josef Kieler 16/07/1998 CoventryWest Midlands
BV21211472/1 08/11/2013 Terrance Kiely 14/09/2009 Clapham London SW4
BV2066046/1 Historic Josef Kierzkowski 21/05/2006 Romford Essex
BV951041/1 Historic Malachy Kiggins 21/01/1995 Finsbury Park London N4
BV2041823/1 Historic Mohammed Kilani 20/01/2004 Mile End London E1
BV21402210/1 05/03/2014 Agnes Kilby 22/09/2010 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2087798/1 Historic Christopher Killen 24/05/1994 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV2037105/1 Historic Doris Kilpatricks 09/06/2002 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV931320/1 Historic James Patrick Kilross 17/01/1990
BV2002023/1 Historic L Kimpton 06/12/1993
BV2060738/1 Historic Alice King 23/01/1999
BV993518/1 Historic Alice Grace King 27/06/1999 Ashford Kent
BV21113780/1 Historic Carol Anne King 24/03/2011 Carlisle Cumbria
BV2021015/1 Historic Cecily Violet King 17/01/2001 Torquay Devon
BV921505/1 Historic Constance King 26/02/1992 Settle North Yorkshire
BV21003352/1 Historic Cyril King 11/09/2006 Hackney London E9
BV21006992/1 Historic David King 10/01/2010 Stratford London E15
BV21317591/1 12/12/2013 David George King 04/12/2008 Wirral Merseyside
BV960241/1 Historic Donald King 22/12/1995 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV2070262/1 Historic Doris King 05/01/2006 Bournemouth Dorset
BV21101714/1 Historic Doris Larkin King 01/05/2000 Guildford Surrey
BV2002689/1 Historic Elizabeth King 02/02/2000 Catford London SE6
BV2014278/1 Historic Elizabeth King 20/07/2000 Kensington London W8
BV21214486/1 14/05/2013 Fay King 30/09/2011 Hounslow Middlesex
BV2011156/1 Historic Frederick King 30/10/2000 Harrow Middlesex
BV2031304/1 Historic George King 27/02/2002 Dudley West Midlands
BV2021223/1 Historic Herbert King 03/03/1999 Southwark London SE5
BV930071/1 Historic James King 24/03/1988 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21008502/1 Historic James King 25/02/2010 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2000760/1 Historic James Arthur King 17/02/1999 Loughton Essex
BV2013241/1 Historic James Harold King 09/05/2001 Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire
BV2004936/1 Historic John King 06/09/2000 Shepherd’s Bush London W12
BV943316/1 Historic John Patrick King 28/07/1994 West Brompton London SW10
BV2067394/1 Historic Joseph Howard King 15/01/2005 Newcastle upon Tyne
BV2023544/1 Historic Leslie King 11/05/2002 Chard Somerset
BV2060690/1 Historic Leslie King 01/06/2001
BV21317452/1 29/11/2013 Lillian May King 09/12/2012 Woolwich London SE18
BV2033790/1 Historic Margaret Louise King 15/03/2003 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV2043417/1 Historic Michael James Bono King 20/04/2004 Haywards Heath West Sussex
BV21112121/1 Historic Neville Frank King 16/08/2011 Thamesmead London SE28
BV990994/1 Historic Norman King 30/11/1998 Newcastle upon Tyne
BV2000462/1 Historic Patrick Joseph King 26/10/1999 Park Royal London NW10
BV21103965/1 Historic Philip Ethelred King 21/01/2011 Freshwater Isle of Wight
BV21314159/1 24/10/2013 Stephen Christopher King 05/07/2013 Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyne & Wear
BV992959/1 Historic Stuart King 18/05/1999 Brighton East Sussex
BV963449/1 Historic Thomas William John King 31/01/1996 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV21400243/1 26/02/2014 William Alfred King 06/01/2013 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2060618/1 Historic Winifred Louise King 07/01/2006 Whetstone London N20
BV2020940/1 Historic James Naysmith King Wood 09/12/2001 Newport Pagnell Milton Keynes
BV2095420/1 Historic Doris Lilian Kingcombe 04/06/2009 Louth Lincolnshire
BV992729/1 Historic Anthony Francis Kings 18/04/1999 Stafford Staffordshire
BV2034006/1 Historic Rhoda Kingsley 18/11/2002 Islington London N1
BV2011130/1 Historic William George Kingston 08/01/1995
BV21204273/1 Historic Robert Kinkade 22/09/2011 Sheffield
BV2003755/1 Historic Morris George Kinloch 21/07/2000
BV2066129/1 Historic Daniel Burnett Kinlock 28/04/2004 Belsize Park London NW3
BV995281/1 Historic Michael Kinsella 11/09/1999 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV21310752/1 23/09/2013 Patrick Joseph Eugene Kinsella 20/12/1996 Chiswick London W4
BV2042427/1 Historic Florida Kintzi 31/07/2002 New Cross London SE14
BV2084169/1 Historic Alan Hugh Kirby 26/02/2008 Coventry West Midlands
BV2059838/1 Historic Alfred Kirby 22/07/2005 Islington London N1
BV2001008/1 Historic Arthur Kirby 17/09/1999 Edmonton London N18
BV21306910/1 05/07/2013 Ian Kirby 08/02/2013 New Cross London SE14
BV2097463/1 Historic Winifred Edith Mary Kirk 27/03/2009 Cheadle Staffordshire
BV2084753/1 Historic Leonard Kirkham 21/03/2008 Rickmansworth Hertfordshire
BV992151/1 Historic Maidie Kirkham-Thomas 06/01/1999 Wrexham Clwyd
BV984397/1 Historic Dorothy Kirkland 05/08/1998 Derby Derbyshire
BV976442/1 Historic Margaret May Kirkman 14/01/1997 Potters Bar Hertfordshire
BV2087018/1 Historic Gordon Kirkwood 05/04/1993 Hull East Riding of Yorkshire
BV21306233/1 10/10/2013 Tony Reginald Kirton 14/09/2004 Worthing West Sussex
BV975573/1 Historic Michael Kirylow 02/09/1997 Upper Norwood London SE19
BV952593/1 Historic Alexander Kish 21/02/1995 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2067062/1 Historic Guyla Kiss 12/07/2006 Bingley West Yorshire
BV985128/1 Historic Wilhelmine Franzika Kitchen 24/08/1998 Hastings East Sussex
BV21400433/1 25/02/2014 John David Kitson 27/08/2013 South Shields Tyne and Wear
BV2087526/1 Historic Mary Kitson 16/12/1998 Hull East Riding of Yorkshire
BV962306/1 Historic Walter Klatt 05/11/1992 Hammersmith London W6
BV2072906/1 Historic Oskar Klaviers 14/02/2007 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2014348/1 Historic Eugenie Klingbell 21/02/1995 Battersea London SW11
BV923739/1 Historic Wella Klinger 07/07/1992
BV2012672/1 Historic Margaret Klovacs 01/12/2000 Westminster London SW1
BV21212117/1 Historic June Kloza 10/08/2012 Taunton Somerset
BV21302283/1 09/05/2013 Georgette Pauline Mary Knapman 14/01/2013 Ross-on-Wye Hertfordshire
BV2032302/1 Historic Dulcie St John Kneller 02/11/2001 Broadstairs Kent
BV933749/1 Historic Denis Knesevich 27/05/1993 Northolt Middlesex
BV985328/1 Historic Alfred Knight 05/03/1997 Goodmayes Essex
BV2091247/1 Historic Annie Knight 17/03/2008 Birmingham West Midlands
BV980281/1 Historic Anthony James Knight 14/01/1998 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV972754/1 Historic Charles Knight 17/02/1997 Shipley West Yorkshire
BV2005409/1 Historic Doris Knight 05/11/2000 Tower Hamlets London E1
BV2071161/1 Historic E Knight
BV981707/1 Historic Edna Knight 06/01/1998 Clapton London E5
BV2014279/1 Historic Florence Emily Knight 04/08/2001 Folkestone Kent
BV21203197/1 Historic Herbert Edward Knight 27/06/2011 Gloucestershire
BV2013768/1 Historic Jack Philip Knight 01/02/2001 Exeter Devon
BV2092658/1 Historic James Francis Knight 21/06/2008 Matlock Derbyshire
BV21203383/1 Historic Jennifer Anne Knight 13/03/2011 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV2035340/1 Historic John Henry Knight 30/12/1999 Kingswood South Gloucestershire
BV2058359/1 Historic Kate Knight 13/04/2005 Waltham Abbey Essex
BV953202/1 Historic Kathleen Knight 11/04/1995 Southall Middlesex
BV934059/1 Historic Monica Irene Knight 29/10/1992
BV21004246/1 Historic Owen Knight 23/01/2010 Harlow Essex
BV21013606/1 Historic Paul Knight 09/05/2007 Lewisham London SE13
BV2080712/1 Historic Pearl Knight 03/10/2007 Seaford East Sussex
BV21105173/1 Historic Robert Gerald Knight 18/12/2009 Gillingham Kent
BV2060498/1 Historic Stephen Knight 11/05/2005 Bromley London SE20
BV21105283/1 Historic Stuart Knight 17/12/2008 Horsham West Sussex
BV21317596/1 18/12/2013 William Knight 20/09/2013 Cricklewood London NW2
BV2062502/1 Historic Pearl Fay Knightsfield 16/01/2006 Chelsea London SW3
BV21005978/1 Historic Catherine Rose Knock 10/05/2010 Denbigh Denbighshire
BV990996/1 Historic Irene Knott 21/06/1991 Suffolk
BV993083/1 Historic Violet Knott 21/11/1997 Isleworth Middlesex
BV2082617/1 Historic Annie Knowles 05/09/2004 Lewisham London SE13
BV951304/1 Historic George Knowles 20/01/1993 Bristol North Somerset
BV21310762/1 11/10/2013 John Harry Edwin Knowles 13/02/2012 Hereford
BV21300454/1 07/02/2013 Pamela Mary Knowles 16/08/2012 Hull East Yorkshire
BV2064168/1 Historic Frederick Knox 09/04/2006 Torquay Devon
BV923536/1 Historic Raymond Knox 29/04/1990 Monmouth Gwent
BV2041255/1 Historic Stanislaw Kobylanski 10/01/2004 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV2054484/1 Historic Diana Koch 28/02/2005
BV975108/1 Historic Olive Kohlan 01/04/1997 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV994431/1 Historic Albert Kohs 01/06/1999 Southall Middlesex
BV2078717/1 Historic Irma Koleszar 26/11/2006 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2001977/1 Historic Bertold Kolm 23/07/1992 Bath Avon
BV993259/1 Historic Maria Koltuckji 16/06/1999 Knutsford Cheshire
BV21113548/1 Historic Mohammed Balzac Koneh 21/10/2010 Tooting London SW17
BV991639/1 Historic Imre Kopacsi 18/12/1997 Syston Leicestershire
BV21316577/1 02/12/2013 Rudiger Kopischke 09/04/2013 Redhill Surrey
BV21113385/1 Historic Florence Veronica Kortright 11/07/2011 Newham London E12
BV985296/1 Historic Frank Korus 05/10/1998 Stockbridge Hampshire
BV2084786/1 Historic Regina Kosciesza 05/05/2002 Kensington London W8
BV2011335/1 Historic Nathan Koskovitch 18/12/2000 Whitechapel London E1
BV21317620/1 21/01/2014 Andrew Peter Kostiuk 06/02/2008 Norwich Norfolk
BV952535/1 Historic Franciozek Koszalka 10/11/1994 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
BV994064/1 Historic Lubov Nicolai Francesca Kotovitch 10/04/1998 Southampton Hampshire
BV21206754/1 Historic Madhusudan Rao Koty 20/02/2012 Portsmouth
BV910687/1 Historic Maria Kovacs 12/08/1990 Hitchin Hertfordshire
BV2063817/1 Historic Zbigniew Richard Kowal 08/04/2006 Crawley West Sussex
BV2024667/1 Historic Stefania Kowalczyk 31/08/2002 Westminster London SW1
BV2030480/1 Historic Janina Krystyna Kowalski 20/12/2002 Brixton London SW2
BV953395/1 Historic John Kowalski 19/05/1995 Bristol Avon
BV2073096/1 Historic Mehtah Kozen 19/11/2005 Kilburn London NW6
BV2022054/1 Historic Jan Kozielski 21/05/1994 Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire
BV2010841/1 Historic Marco Kozlica 21/07/2000 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV892297/2 Historic Wladyslaw Kozlowski 23/07/1989 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV2041941/1 Historic Eva Rachel Kraft-Cox 11/01/2004 Upper Holloway London N19
BV940836/1 Historic Alexander Krajewksi 02/01/1994 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV2022796/1 Historic Andreas Kramer 21/04/2002 Northampton Northamptonshire
BV21403728/1 28/03/2014 Christopher Krankauskas 08/10/2013 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2003492/1 Historic Frances Kratz 03/11/1999 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV983788/1 Historic Wasyl Krawec 22/12/1997 Ukraine
BV2041927/1 Historic Joseph Kretusz 11/01/2004 Carmarthen Carmarthenshire
BV21401123/1 19/02/2014 Gyula Krivanszky 27/09/2013 Shepherds Bush London W12
BV960667/1 Historic Bronislaw Krogulec 04/01/1996 Sudbury Suffolk
BV2062581/1 Historic Emma Krohse 19/03/2006 Swanage Dorset
BV983016/1 Historic Victor Krokosz 06/06/1997 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV951668/1 Historic Stanislaw Kruczek 01/02/1995 Newton Abbot Devon
BV21301906/1 05/04/2013 Leona Alvarez Kruger 03/01/2012 Leeds Yorkshire
BV21001299/1 Historic Janis Krumins 12/11/2009 Leicester Leicestershire
BV954055/1 Historic Ewa Krzeminska 02/09/1995 Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey
BV2065612/1 Historic Czeslaw Jozes Krzeszewski 19/05/2005 Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire
BV2051260/1 Historic Alfons Ksienzyk 31/12/2004 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV2011247/1 Historic Aloiza Kubica 26/02/2001 Gloucester Glouctesershire
BV932444/1 Historic Maria Kubicka 23/11/1992 Stafford Staffordshire
BV962486/1 Historic Richard Oscar Kublik 05/03/1996 Kettering Northamptonshire
BV21210142/1 Historic Katarzyna Kuca 27/11/2011 High Wycombe Buckinghamshire
BV21316155/1 20/11/2013 Frederyk Kucharski 11/07/2013 Guildford Surrey
BV2061533/1 Historic Andrzei Kuczewski 01/01/2006 Hammersmith London W6
BV971447/1 Historic Margaretta Kulla 17/01/1997 Camden London NW1
BV952520/1 Historic Iwan Kulyba 16/06/1995
BV21211670/1 22/03/2013 Stephen Vijay Kumar 01/07/2012 Southall Middlesex
BV21211893/1 Historic Subhadra Kumari 07/06/2009 Park Royal London NW10
BV952738/1 Historic Edith Else Kumm 15/06/1995 Stevenage. Hertfordshire
BV2044539/1 Historic Ursula Kuntze 17/05/2003 Battersea London SW11
BV2030256/1 Historic Alexei Kurowski 16/09/2000 Kenton Middlesex
BV981146/1 Historic Zladislaw Kurowski 30/01/1998 Aylsham Norfolk
BV973613/1 Historic Janis Kursietis 13/01/1997 Epsom Surrey
BV922265/1 Historic Karol Kusmider 17/07/1992 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2010050/1 Historic Algidas Kutkevicius 28/03/1999 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV960925/1 Historic Tedor Joseph Kuzaj 10/12/1995 Swansea
BV951708/1 Historic Stanislawa Kwarta 10/08/1994 Brigg South Humberside
BV2025731/1 Historic Phillip Welbeck Kwashivie 26/09/2002 Harpenden Hertfordshire
BV950377/1 Historic Vincenty Kwiatkowski 24/02/1993 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumbria
BV2053674/1 Historic Bruno Kwidinski 19/03/2004 Northampton Northamptonshire
BV2030817/1 Historic Anthony Kyle 04/02/2002 Great Yarmouth Norfolk
BV21306410/1 18/06/2013 Alice Lacey 13/04/2008 Birmingham West midlands
BV2051191/1 Historic Charles Lacey 07/11/2000 Wallingford Oxfordshire
BV21002932/1 Historic Leslie Frederick Lacey 11/08/2007 Southampton Hampshire
BV2059998/1 Historic Lothar Michael Lacey 08/11/2005 Barnstaple Devon
BV993664/1 Historic Violet Lacey 18/06/1999 West Bromwich West Midlands
BV2025075/1 Historic Ronald Arthur Ladyman 22/10/2002 Brighton East Sussex
BV2041436/1 Historic Gerard Francis Lafferty 02/10/2003 Edgbaston West Midlands
BV2060278/1 Historic Peggy Dorothy Laine 27/08/2005 Poole Dorset
BV994564/1 Historic Elsie Laing 07/04/1999 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland
BV966762/1 Historic Wilfred Laing 06/04/1996 Stoke Hammond Buckinghamshire
BV967056/1 Historic Sarah Catherine Laishley 22/09/1996 Milton Portsmouth
BV2046354/1 Historic Peter Gordon Lake 29/04/2004 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2056628/1 Historic Ronald Lakin 25/05/2000 Walsall West Midlands
BV961457/1 Historic Fritz Lalko 20/01/1996 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
BV21212173/1 14/05/2013 Maureen Lally 27/03/2012 Hammersmith London W6
BV2054572/1 Historic Bridget Lamb 10/03/2005 Margate Kent
BV2030598/1 Historic Elizabeth Lamb 19/08/2002 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV2023368/1 Historic F Lamb 20/07/1998
BV2013664/1 Historic Lily Lamb 13/06/2001 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2010535/1 Historic Michael Nicholas Lamb 04/09/2000 Herne Bay Kent
BV2030571/1 Historic Patricia Mary Lamb 08/08/2002 Tooting London SW17
BV951004/1 Historic Sydney Lamb 28/12/1994 Coventry West Midlands
BV2043733/1 Historic Violet Lamb 23/04/2004 Norfolk
BV2075765/1 Historic Catherine Lambert 22/11/1996 Hampstead London NW3
BV967170/1 Historic Joseph Lambert 28/04/1996 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2013070/1 Historic Keith Lambert 24/05/2001
BV21213540/1 11/03/2013 Mohammed Lamin 19/10/2009 Hampstead London NW3
BV2001596/1 Historic Dorothy May Lamkin 04/01/2000 West Brompton London SW10
BV2072924/1 Historic Eileen Lancaster 16/02/2007 Carshalton Surrey
BV21402936/1 08/04/2014 Keith Lancaster 10/10/2013 Hornchurch Essex
BV2051643/1 Historic Elizabeth Anne Lancelot 11/05/2004 Llay Wrexham
BV2021614/1 Historic Margaret Lander 22/01/2002 Petersfield Hampshire
BV21400275/1 26/02/2014 Edward Martin Landy 14/11/2013 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV983325/1 Historic Erica Lane 28/01/1998 Epsom Surrey
BV2054228/1 Historic Ivy Lane 13/03/2005 Bath Avon
BV2059056/1 Historic Louisa Lane 15/11/1999 Summertown Oxford
BV21003774/1 Historic Norman Lane 20/02/2008 Macclesfield Cheshire
BV2073752/1 Historic Gordon Wade Lang 16/11/2005 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV2045205/1 Historic William Edward Lang 30/06/2004 Worthing West Sussex
BV2048555/1 Historic Nigel Langdale 10/12/2004 Calne Wiltshire
BV21106020/1 Historic Tayna Langer 10/09/2010 Newham London E13
BV930928/1 Historic Douglas James Langley 10/01/1993 Holloway London N7
BV2020003/1 Historic Ernest Langley 18/11/2001 Torbay Devon
BV966561/1 Historic Zigmund Langowski 13/09/1996 Lincoln Lincolnshire
BV964339/1 Historic Harold Langton 12/12/1995 Kennington London SE11
BV21000508/1 Historic James Bernard Lanigan 31/01/2007 Hackney London E9
BV21200074/1 Historic Iris Lannagan 16/01/2010 Hackney London E8
BV2052647/1 Historic Edward Lannigan 18/10/2004 Paddington London W2
BV2060604/1 Historic William Lanpon 10/06/1998 Lewisham London SE13
BV961092/1 Historic Margaretta Lansdown 19/03/1994 Pinner Middlesex
BV2013131/1 Historic Frank Edward L’Anson 05/03/2000 Isle of Wight Hants
BV20510217/1 Historic Juozaus Lapeikis 29/10/2005 Guildford Surrey
BV972180/1 Historic John Charlie Yves Lapotres 29/11/1996 Maida Vale London W9
BV2075562/1 Historic John Francis Lappin 14/01/2007 Camberwell London SE5
BV21213436/1 Historic Martha Lara-Navas 02/08/2012 Cricklewood London NW2
BV2076049/1 Historic Edmond Larkin 23/07/2007 Castle Donnington Derby
BV2082364/1 Historic Ivy Larkin 26/03/2003 Potters Bar Hertfordshire
BV21109267/1 Historic Joan Larkin 05/06/2011 Camden London NW3
BV2014355/1 Historic John William Larkin 19/04/2001 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV2077928/1 Historic Patrick Larner 30/08/2005 Paddington London W2
BV2004928/1 Historic Eileen Lashmer-Parsons 17/10/2000 Brighton East Sussex
BV2010205/1 Historic Kristini Laskowski 29/12/2000 Ashford Kent
BV21008791/1 Historic Charles Last 11/06/2010 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV984460/1 Historic Eugenius Lastowiecki 02/09/1990 Hendon London NW4
BV2057619/1 Historic Iris Latham 19/11/2004 Worcestershire
BV2015407/1 Historic Mohammed Latif 01/07/2000 Stockton on Tees Cleveland
BV21201566/1 Historic Kiet Latimer 21/08/2011 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV963029/1 Historic Svend Aage Lauridsen 21/02/1994 Grimbsy Humberside
BV2075764/1 Historic Irma Lauris 02/12/2006 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2031073/1 Historic Harry Laverick 06/12/2002 Essex
BV2001422/1 Historic Ann Marie Lavin 14/11/1999 Highgate London N6
BV976765/1 Historic Patrick Lavin 16/10/1997 Coventry Warwickshire
BV21108617/1 Historic Betty Lawler 28/05/2010 Southampton Hampshire
BV2098585/1 Historic Thomas Patrick Lawlor 26/03/2009 Palmers Green London N13
BV21308282/1 21/08/2013 Albert Lawrence 17/04/2007 Peckham. London SE15
BV2059966/1 Historic Charles Lawrence 22/10/2004 Camberwell London SE5
BV2060750/1 Historic Ernest Lawrence 14/09/2005 Edmonton London N18
BV2061220/1 Historic Fernande Germaine Alice Lawrence 31/01/2005 Brighton East Sussex
BV954365/1 Historic George Alfred Walter Lawrence 21/08/1995 Ipswich Suffolk
BV21003126/1 Historic George Gordon Lawrence 21/04/2009 Sunderland Tyne and Wear
BV972127/1 Historic Georgina Lawrence 08/03/1997 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV983936/1 Historic Gwendoline Lawrence 12/03/1997 Whitechapel London E1
BV995118/1 Historic Harry Lawrence 11/08/1999 Fleet Hampshire
BV2091260/1 Historic Henry William Lawrence 03/01/2009 Plymouth Devon
BV967191/1 Historic Joyce Margaret Urquhart Lawrence 29/03/1996 Newton Abbot Devon
BV2080091/1 Historic Lillian Lawrence 15/12/2007 Colchester Essex
BV2030286/1 Historic Margaret Lawrence 03/08/2002 Brighton Sussex
BV971841/1 Historic Margaret Alice Lawrence 08/03/1997 York North Yorkshire
BV2002907/1 Historic Mary Lawrence 03/10/1989 Gateshead Tyne and Wear
BV932459/1 Historic Norman John Lawrence 06/11/1992 Bridgend
BV21202252/1 Historic Patricia Lawrence 05/02/2012 Hackney London E9
BV2004473/1 Historic Roger anthony Lawrence 11/05/2000 Westbourne Park London W2
BV953222/1 Historic Rose Ellen Lawrence 03/02/1995 Whitton Middlesex
BV21202619/1 Historic Wilfred Lawrence 23/03/2008 London
BV2022136/1 Historic Eda Jane Lawson 13/01/2002 Feltham Middlesex
BV950989/1 Historic Harold Ronald Lawson 14/12/1994 Plymouth Devon
BV2046266/1 Historic Harry Lawson 09/09/2004 Reading Berkshire
BV20912247/1 Historic John Lawson-Askey 21/11/2009 Peckham London SE15
BV21004937/1 Historic Brian Lawton 23/02/2010 Burton on Trent Staffordshire
BV970744/1 Historic James Lawton 01/10/1996 Castleford West Yorkshire
BV21200095/1 Historic Leslie Lawton 27/02/2011 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2062970/1 Historic Violette Laycock 12/03/2004 Elton Stockton-on-Tees
BV21108758/1 Historic Francis Layden 02/06/2010 Gosport Hampshire
BV963327/1 Historic Averil May Layfield 09/04/1996 Birkenhead Mirral
BV890856/1 Historic Isabella Layne 09/01/1988 East Dulwich London SE22
BV952503/1 Historic Reginald Layne 16/08/1994 Hampton Middlesex
BV2075839/1 Historic James Layzell 14/07/2007 Catterick North Yorkshire
BV21302647/1 04/07/2013 Alfrieda Lazarus 08/05/2012 Islington London N1
BV974742/1 Historic Svetozar Lazitch 27/04/1997 St Lukes London EC1
BV954619/1 Historic John Henry Leach 29/11/1995 Lincoln Lincolnshire
BV21014801/1 Historic Rosemary Leach 24/11/2001 Carshalton Surrey
BV2010141/1 Historic John Leahy 03/10/2000 Maida Vale London W9
BV952036/1 Historic Patrick Leahy 15/04/1995 Upper Norwood London SE19
BV2030756/1 Historic Albert Lear 14/01/2000 Birkenhead Wirral
BV2098857/1 Historic Kenneth Kitchener Lear 09/01/2009 Teignmouth Devon
BV2015423/1 Historic Alan Leary 22/12/2000 Newcastle upon Tyne
BV2014472/1 Historic John Leatham 13/09/2001 Hove East Sussex
BV2041064/1 Historic Robert Leavey 07/04/2003 Catford London Se6
BV2080049/1 Historic Leopold Lebenstein 26/01/2002 Torquay Devon
BV2086861/1 Historic Donald Leckie 13/08/2008 Hammersmith London W6
BV966026/1 Historic William Lederer 01/02/1996 Euston London NW1
BV2037677/1 Historic Thomas Ledger 26/07/2000 Torquay Devon
BV2052733/1 Historic Arnold Lee 30/12/2004 Deptford London SE8
BV21317797/1 24/12/2013 Arthur Lee 01/09/2013 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21310723/1 10/09/2013 Audrey Lee 24/04/2013 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2087528/1 Historic Bernard Lee 30/07/1997 Hull Humberside
BV2000796/1 Historic Blanche Lee 27/12/1999 Dorking Surrey
BV2022194/1 Historic Dora Lee 22/01/2000 Snodland Kent
BV21112055/1 Historic Dorothy Kathleen Lee 05/08/2011 West Sussex
BV21109257/1 Historic Eric Lee 21/04/2010 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
BV932615/1 Historic Eva Lee 18/03/1993
BV21400197/1 08/01/2014 Eva Brunhilde Lee 17/10/2012 Buckfastleigh Devon
BV2041287/1 Historic Florence Louise Lee 09/12/2002 Grimsby North East Lincolnshire
BV2052754/1 Historic John Anthony Lee 22/10/2004 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV2077487/1 Historic Leslie Lee 20/04/2007 Cantebury Kent
BV2092840/1 Historic Lilian May Lee 07/12/2001 Brighouse West Yorkshire
BV2074029/1 Historic Malcolm Joseph Lee 11/01/2005 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV982642/1 Historic Raymond Albert Lee 22/04/1998 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV2024575/1 Historic William Lee 05/11/2001 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV2086608/1 Historic Doreen Leece 12/04/2008 Weston-Super-mare Somerset
BV992427/1 Historic Elsie Leeming 21/10/1998 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2067799/1 Historic Kevin John Lees 28/08/2006 Homerton London E9
BV941662/1 Historic Norman Dinniss Lees 09/03/1994 Harrow Middlesex
BV2022015/1 Historic Leonora Thelma Leeson 22/02/2002 Gateshead Tyne and Wear
BV950465/1 Historic Roy Leeson 30/11/1994 Torquay Devon
BV2002710/1 Historic Jacqueline Lefebvre 06/05/2000 Enfield Middlesex
BV965551/1 Historic Thomas George Legge 25/12/1995 Carshalton Surrey
BV2013826/1 Historic Toni Leidenfrost 01/02/2001 London NW1
BV2071132/1 Historic Anthony Leigh 15/09/2003 Wakefiled West Yorkshire
BV21110477/1 Historic Howard Leigh-Jones 18/09/2001 Newport South Wales
BV2000336/1 Historic Valdis Leilais 04/11/1999 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV2065628/1 Historic Elfrieda Leitner 16/11/2003 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV2001627/1 Historic John James Lenehan 28/12/1999 Camden London
BV21212056/1 Historic Beryl Joan Lennard 25/08/2011 Chelmsford Essex
BV21114907/1 Historic Donal Luke Lennon 01/11/2004 Kingshurst Solihull
BV2004283/1 Historic James Horace Leonard 24/05/2000 Redditch Worcestershire
BV2075868/1 Historic Lily Leonard 11/07/2007 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2077873/1 Historic Tom Leonard 07/09/2007 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV2048164/1 Historic Mikolay Leonowicz 17/06/2004 Barnsley South Yorkshire
BV2023700/1 Historic Gordon Lesley 08/03/2002 Reading Berkshire
BV2095388/1 Historic Leonard Lestschinski 16/12/2008 Slough Berkshire
BV2083499/1 Historic Mary Letts 09/03/2008 Rotherham South Yorkshire
BV891572/1 Historic Annie Leuty 25/08/1985 Hinckley Leicestershire
BV2091141/1 Historic Arthur Lever 02/12/2008 Swindon Wiltshire
BV2078369/1 Historic Sybil Olive Levett 13/09/2007 Canterbury Kent
BV2020946/1 Historic Ethel Levine 25/11/2001 Pontefract West Yorkshire
BV940150/1 Historic Fanny Levy 01/07/1993 Canterbury Kent
BV2098103/1 Historic Irene Levy 03/10/2008 Sandhurst Berkshire
BV2060995/1 Historic Renee Levy 08/10/2005 Homerton London E9
BV964274/1 Historic Kazimierz Lewandowski 31/01/1992 Shepherds Bush London W12
BV21307110/1 07/08/2013 Ernest Lewery 08/01/2008 Tooting London SW17
BV973420/1 Historic Leslie Lewes 08/05/1997 Norwich Norfolk
BV901320/1 Historic Eva Lewin 23/10/1989 London
BV20910739/1 Historic Carl Maurice Lewis 13/09/2009 Croydon Surrey
BV933176/1 Historic Carole Lewis 14/05/1992 Newport Gwent
BV21200206/1 Historic Charlotte Audrey Lewis 27/10/2011 Lewisham London
BV933182/1 Historic David Lewis 15/08/1991 Newport Gwent
BV2051218/1 Historic Doris Eleanor Lewis 30/03/2000 Westminster London W2
BV2062159/1 Historic Edwin James Lewis 04/10/2005 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV2084153/1 Historic Eleazer Lewis 23/12/1991 Westminster London SW1
BV2011324/1 Historic Florence Lewis 10/01/2000 Chelsea London SW10
BV2064609/1 Historic George Aubrey Lewis 28/09/2004 Swansea Glamorgan
BV2042852/1 Historic Hugh Bertram Lewis 12/01/2002 Southall Middlesex
BV2045112/1 Historic James Lewis 08/06/2002 Paddington London W2
BV2034362/1 Historic Jean Lewis 06/05/2001 Worcester Worcestershire
BV21109176/1 Historic Joan Lewis 26/05/2011 Cardiff
BV2093454/1 Historic Joan Ellen Lewis 28/01/2009 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV2062144/1 Historic John Lewis 14/11/2005 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV21203500/1 Historic John Lewis 29/10/2011 Windsor
BV985867/1 Historic John Lewis 15/10/1998 Shepherds Bush London W12
BV2077600/1 Historic Mabel Lewis 12/02/2007 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2020328/1 Historic Mark Anthony Lewis 09/06/2001 Carshalton Surrey
BV970913/1 Historic Mary Morforwyn Lewis 08/01/1997 Aberystwyth Dyfed
BV983708/1 Historic Neville Roy Lewis 21/05/1998 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21200273/1 Historic Raymond Lewis 25/04/2011 Llwynpia Rhondda Cynon Taff
BV2066894/1 Historic Reginald Lewis 26/04/2005 Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire
BV951532/1 Historic Reginald Harry Lewis 26/12/1994 Southall Middlesex
BV2041737/1 Historic Rhoda Winifred Lewis 10/01/2004 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2094775/1 Historic Ronald Lewis 13/03/2009 Bristol Avon
BV981263/1 Historic Ronald Lewis 07/04/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21009698/1 Historic Roy Lewis 26/05/2010 Romford Essex
BV922347/1 Historic Sarah Theadore Lewis 06/07/1992
BV2065445/1 Historic Stephen Lewis 04/03/2006 Swansea Glamorgan
BV2003484/1 Historic Victor Vernon Lewis 20/12/1999 Hanham Bristol
BV2098822/1 Historic Suk-Kung Lickman 12/09/2009 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2076061/1 Historic George Liddell 12/03/2007 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2066291/1 Historic Hetty Florence May Liebek 25/09/2006 Worthing West Sussex
BV2013729/1 Historic Petras Liesis 24/04/2001 Stratton on the Fosse Somerset
BV2054248/1 Historic John Liew 07/04/2005 Harlesden London NW10
BV21009983/1 Historic Nigel Light 19/11/2008 Bangor Gwynedd
BV2076187/1 Historic Harry Lightfoot 04/04/2007 Blyth Northumberland
BV2032050/1 Historic Ruth Lilian Lighting 03/01/2003 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV930011/1 Historic Catherine Mary Lilian Lightning 22/07/1992 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2022592/1 Historic Jean Likeman 05/03/2002 Westminster London SW1
BV2001805/1 Historic Arnold Lilley 19/04/1999 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2054726/1 Historic Elsie Irene Lilley 08/07/2004 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV2036457/1 Historic Louise Lillicrap 28/07/2003
BV21404216/1 09/04/2014 David Duncan Lillie 03/02/2014 Sunderland Tyne and Wear
BV2012761/1 Historic Peter Lillis 21/03/2001 Lewisham London SE13
BV21210617/1 Historic Maria Symphozosa Limerick 27/04/2012 Walworth London SE17
BV2080110/1 Historic Kathleen Lindfield 21/09/2007 Worthing West Sussex
BV2085302/1 Historic Henry Thomas Lindo 13/07/2008 Bridgend South Wales
BV2037858/1 Historic Ellen Elizabeth Mary Lindsay 25/09/2003 Worthing West Sussex
BV2013922/1 Historic Helen Gertrude Lindsay 11/06/2001 Kilburn London NW6
BV961496/1 Historic James Lindsay 03/02/1996 Hastings East Sussex
BV963071/1 Historic John Lindsay 19/08/1994 Reading Berkshire
BV2011640/1 Historic Richard Lineham 25/09/2000 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV993492/1 Historic Rhoda Ling 23/02/1999 Ilfracombe Devon
BV966320/1 Historic Rose Annie Ling 20/11/1995 Derby Derbyshire
BV960477/1 Historic Dennis Roy Lingwood 05/12/1995 Brandon Suffolk
BV2015632/1 Historic Florence Link 02/11/2001 Wakefield West Yorkshire
BV2032561/1 Historic Joan Lilian Lintjens 26/02/1999 Uxbridge Middlesex
BV21002880/1 Historic Margaret Mary Linton 30/03/2009 Southampton Hampshire
BV2012297/1 Historic Molly Laura Linton 18/03/1996 Canterbury Kent
BV2031795/1 Historic Mary Anne Liony 29/01/2003 Camden London NW1
BV2012912/1 Historic Lucia Lisci 13/11/1999 Harlow Essex
BV21309397/1 08/08/2013 Robert List 01/03/2013 South Godstone Surrey
BV2064828/1 Historic Ernest Lister 21/06/2006 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV861196/1 Historic Yip Kai Lit 02/08/1985 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumbria
BV21215118/1 25/02/2013 Clive Litherland 31/07/2012 Birmingham West Midlands
BV932954/1 Historic Kenneth George Little 24/10/1991
BV2035914/1 Historic Xanythippi Littlechild 30/07/2003 Margate Kent
BV2025614/1 Historic Jean Margaret Littlejohn 14/09/2002 Ashford Kent
BV21110048/1 Historic Irene Gladys Littler 25/06/2011 Lewisham London SE13
BV973919/1 Historic Cyril Henry Littlewood 23/04/1997
BV21102769/1 Historic Dyreck Littlewood 28/01/2011 Deeside Flintshire
BV2014474/1 Historic Aleksander Litwinczuk 22/03/1999 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV995659/1 Historic John Liver 03/07/1999 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2087026/1 Historic Esther Liverpool 30/10/2000 Hackney London E8
BV962248/1 Historic Frank Livingstone 17/12/1995 Ladbroke Grove London W11
BV21005758/1 Historic Peter Ljashenko 17/11/2009 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV995756/1 Historic Albert John Llewellyn 21/11/1999 Baldock Hertfordshire
BV2057049/1 Historic John Howard Llewellyn 28/04/2003 Newport Gwent
BV2090287/1 Historic Michael Anthony Llewellyn 24/12/2008 Earls Court London SW5
BV21110807/1 Historic Myfanwy Beatrice Llewellyn 13/11/2010 Pembroke Pembrokeshire
BV2010650/1 Historic Patrick Llewellyn 05/12/2000 Swansea
BV2084858/1 Historic Bryan Edward Lloyd 23/08/2007 Wednesbury West Midlands
BV2022904/1 Historic David Lloyd 22/03/2002 Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire
BV2087300/1 Historic Doris Edna Lloyd 01/10/2008 Basingstoke Hampshire
BV982345/1 Historic Irene Lloyd 03/01/1998 Ealing London W5
BV2020343/1 Historic Martha Lloyd 11/01/2002 Paddington London W2
BV21301297/1 14/03/2013 Martin Michael Lloyd 11/10/2011 Gelli Rhondda Cynon Taff
BV2001946/1 Historic Raymond Lloyd 22/04/1999 Hampstead London NW3
BV953941/1 Historic Reginald Gordon Lloyd 10/08/1995 Colwyn Bay Clwyd
BV2014419/1 Historic Richard David Lloyd 20/09/2001 Wrexham Clwyd
BV995758/1 Historic David Roland Loasby 18/05/1999 Kettering Northamptonshire
BV2056200/1 Historic Alfred Randolph Lock 06/06/2005 ClaphamLondon SW4
BV2041292/1 Historic Ann Lock 29/01/2004 Homerton London E9
BV2071164/1 Historic B Locke
BV952552/1 Historic Edith Locke 07/01/1992 Sherborne Dorset
BV2032069/1 Historic Elsie Locke 01/12/2002 Blaby Leicester
BV2035662/1 Historic Keith Dudley Locke 10/12/2001 Newark Nottingshamshire
BV961574/1 Historic Leonard Locke 05/01/1996 Shepherds Bush London W12
BV2090361/1 Historic Robertson Alexander Locke 21/10/2008 Broomhill Sheffield
BV2084223/1 Historic John Lockey 04/11/2007 Camden London NW3
BV2015671/1 Historic Doris Lockwood 09/03/2000 Scissett Huddersfield
BV2072825/1 Historic Elizabeth Lockwood 31/03/2006 Cottingham East Yorkshire
BV2002094/1 Historic Frank Lockwood 26/05/1999 Huddersfield
BV2081691/1 Historic George Lockwood 19/08/2007 Stafford Staffordshire
BV2058128/1 Historic Frederick Loeffel 23/09/2004 Tooting London SW17
BV2095920/1 Historic Ernest Stockill Lofthouse 18/03/2009 Sleaford Lincolnshire
BV2085313/1 Historic Mary Logan 25/12/1999 Newcastle upon Tyne
BV2099115/1 Historic Peter Logan 14/10/2009 Croydon Surrey CR7
BV21302474/1 05/04/2013 Shirley Logan 29/12/2012 Brighton East Sussex
BV945009/1 Historic Michael Logie 19/09/1994 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21001323/1 Historic Oleksander Lohwynenko 21/10/2009 Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
BV2092882/1 Historic Patricia Lole 16/12/1994 Kidderminster Worcestershire
BV954330/1 Historic Patricia Lomas 09/10/1995 Camden London NW3
BV2090857/1 Historic Gerald Arthur Long 01/11/2008 Stamford Lincolnshire
BV21009396/1 Historic John Long 29/01/2003 Melton Mowbray Leicestershire
BV21401628/1 13/03/2014 John Long 17/01/2013 Ipswich Suffolk
BV2001200/1 Historic Joseph Long 02/03/2000 Leicester Leicestershire
BV21308718/1 13/08/2013 Kenneth Long 01/10/2012 Cheam Sutton SM2
BV912322/1 Historic Rose Eleanor Long 20/12/1989 Hornsey London N6
BV2065367/1 Historic Waltraut Grete Long 08/05/2006 Forest Hill London SE23
BV2040849/1 Historic Doris Longman 28/12/2003 Walthamstow London E17
BV953337/1 Historic Rodney John Longmore 29/08/1995
BV21300554/1 23/01/2013 Christopher Anthony Longstaff 08/11/2012 Darlington Co Durham
BV967422/1 Historic Charles Lonsborough 19/09/1996 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21212263/1 20/11/2013 Alex John Lord 27/04/2012 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2022949/1 Historic Graham Lord 13/03/2002 Hadfield Glossop
BV21311497/1 18/09/2013 Peter James Lord 17/03/2013 Park Royal London NW10
BV951042/1 Historic William Lord 06/10/1994 Derby Derbyshire
BV950012/1 Historic Margherita Loren 08/11/1994 Hove East Sussex
BV2013346/1 Historic Hilda Lorielhe 02/01/2001 Paddington London W2
BV912119/1 Historic Antonia Loughlin 08/05/1990 Hendon London NW4
BV2033051/1 Historic John Loughlin 26/02/2003 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21401882/1 26/02/2014 Bridget Loughnane 29/11/2013 Camden London NW5
BV2077468/1 Historic Michael Loughran 21/04/2007 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21009574/1 Historic Misley Louis 26/05/2009 Leytonstone London E11
BV981694/1 Historic James Jack Love 02/07/1997 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2034471/1 Historic Robert Love 24/07/1993 Southall Middlesex
BV21308039/1 08/08/2013 Joyce Winifred Lovegrove 28/04/2013 Henley-on-Thames Oxfordshire
BV954615/1 Historic Catherine Mary Lovekin 03/09/1995 Ealing London W5
BV2085997/1 Historic George Lovett 14/01/2000 Mile End London E1
BV971115/1 Historic Hilda Rhoda Marie Lovett 30/12/1996 Homerton London E9
BV2060314/1 Historic Ivy Lovett 05/01/2004 Caterham Surrey
BV2070586/1 Historic William Lovett 23/08/2004 Brixton London SE22
BV2062310/1 Historic Steven Low 10/12/2005 Hartlepool Cleveland
BV2010054/1 Historic Edward Lowe 12/09/2000 Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire
BV21003017/1 Historic Elizabeth Lowe 29/09/2009 West Bromwich West Midlands
BV2057950/1 Historic Francis Lowe 05/06/2005 Balham London SW12
BV2045454/1 Historic Margaret Elizabeth Lowe 06/07/2004 Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire
BV975606/1 Historic Sidney Lowe 11/06/1997 Winslow Cheshire
BV2082938/1 Historic Terence Lowings 13/01/2008 Westcliff on Sea Essex
BV2063889/1 Historic James Samuel Lowry 03/04/2006 West Bromwich West Midlands
BV930980/1 Historic Ronald Ignaz Lowy 20/08/1992 Maida Vale London W9
BV2087610/1 Historic Eric Wilfred Lucas 27/06/2007 Birmingham West Midlands
BV950554/1 Historic George Lucas 12/12/1994 Orpington Kent
BV2097556/1 Historic Harry Lucas 26/01/2009 Ashtead Surrey
BV2005427/1 Historic Jane Lucas 14/10/1999 Hampstead London NW3
BV952486/1 Historic Patricia Ivy Lucas 14/06/1995 South Croydon Surrey
BV983932/1 Historic Percy Lucas 26/07/1998 Purley Surrey
BV2046800/1 Historic Sydney Lucas 08/01/2004 Faversham Kent
BV21007721/1 Historic Edward Frederick Luckarift 29/03/2010 Llandudno
BV952502/1 Historic Ruby Mary Luckett 06/12/1994 Highgate London N6
BV985254/1 Historic Janette Luckman 03/05/1998 Harrow Middlesex
BV2012890/1 Historic Winifred Luckman 13/09/2000 Winsford Cheshire
BV950170/1 Historic Alice Elizabeth Lucraft 21/09/1994 Stoke Newington London N16
BV2085584/1 Historic Mark Lucy 24/01/2008 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2081364/1 Historic Monica Teresa Luczak 28/12/2007 Christchurch Dorset
BV962416/1 Historic Ivan Luczkiw 07/07/1995 Coventry West Midlands
BV933618/1 Historic Elizabeth Ludditt 02/11/1993
BV20510471/1 Historic Mary Geraldine Ludicke 10/10/2002 Lambeth London SE1
BV670091/1 Historic Elizabeth Mary Ludlow 10/12/1990 Peckham London SE15
BV991420/1 Historic Frederick Ludlow 09/10/1998
BV2031752/1 Historic Felipa Arguella Luengo 16/05/2002 Kensington London W8
BV953700/1 Historic Mirko Lukic 12/05/1995 Leamington Spa Warwickshire
BV21112089/1 Historic Jerzy Lukomski 25/07/2009 Keighley West Yorkshire
BV971585/1 Historic Elsie Lumb 13/04/1996 Lambeth London SE1
BV2014124/1 Historic Kathleen Lumb 27/12/1997 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV2095606/1 Historic John Lumley 22/06/2006 Plaistow London E13
BV985522/1 Historic John Lumsden 19/10/1998 Newcastle upon Tyne
BV21105699/1 Historic Cyril Ernest Lunn 03/03/2011 Boston Lincolnshire
BV21300543/1 31/01/2013 Fowzi Luqman 03/12/2012 Cottingham East Yorkshire
BV2085716/1 Historic Kevin Lusk 11/04/2008 Stevenage Hertfordshire
BV975575/1 Historic Bruno Lussignoli 10/07/1997 West Kensington London W14
BV21210938/1 Historic Juliette Luzio 05/03/2012 Westminster London W2
BV2011608/1 Historic Irving Francis Lycett 22/12/2000 Hampstead London NW3
BV993355/1 Historic Hryhary Lyha 26/01/1999 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV21003060/1 Historic Christine Lynch 27/03/2009 Keighley West Yorkshire
BV21304724/1 17/06/2013 James Christopher Lynch 21/03/2002 Swindon Wiltshire
BV21210432/1 Historic Joan Lynch 15/04/2012 South Shields Tyne & Wear
BV920992/1 Historic Joanna Lynch 25/08/1991 Hampstead London NW3
BV21009127/1 Historic Michael Lynch 19/09/2007 Edmonton Middlesex
BV21104153/1 Historic Patricia Jean Lynch 18/02/2011 Brighton
BV974936/1 Historic William Lynch 10/08/1997 Fulham London SW6
BV2042654/1 Historic Joyce Margaret Lynes 06/01/2004 Sydenham London SE26
BV21103999/1 Historic Margaret Lynham 08/11/2010 Sale Cheshire
BV2068097/1 Historic Elena Olga Lynn 12/11/2006 Ealing London W5
BV965547/1 Historic Cyril Allen Lynwood 23/09/1996 Beckenham Kent
BV2056333/1 Historic Jan Lynziak 07/04/2005 Hammersmith London W6
BV953425/1 Historic Marion Lyon 30/08/1993 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2054089/1 Historic Maria Lorraine Lyons 03/01/2005 New Eltham London SE9
BV2078299/1 Historic Mark Lyons 10/11/2006 Paddington London W2
BV974311/1 Historic Aleksander Lysenko 13/05/1997 Felixtowe Suffolk
BV2072342/1 Historic Jan Lyzniak 07/04/2005 Hammersmith London W6
BV963391/1 Historic Margaret Mabbitt 25/05/1996 Torbay Devon
BV21403957/1 09/04/2014 Charles Herbert Mabbutt 16/09/2011 Norwich Norfolk
BV2004491/1 Historic John Alfred Mabe 29/09/1999 Lee London SE12
BV2090897/1 Historic John MacCabe 11/08/2008 Derby Derbyshire
BV2084419/1 Historic Alexander Norman MacDonald 29/04/2008 Hove East Sussex
BV2079276/1 Historic Celia MacDonald 03/11/2007 Paddington London W2
BV21107883/1 Historic Colin Stuart Macdonald 29/03/2010 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland
BV2001592/1 Historic James MacDonald 03/03/2000 Hythe Kent
BV21014006/1 Historic Michael John MacDonald 20/09/2010 Exeter
BV2065153/1 Historic Percy Macdonald 28/12/2006 Bournemouth Dorset
BV21212262/1 06/06/2013 William Andrew MacDonald 08/11/2011 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2052298/1 Historic Janette Macdonald-Buchanan 01/02/2005 Hammersmith London W6
BV2037932/1 Historic James Della Morris Mace 13/06/2003 Brighton East Sussex
BV21006387/1 Historic Frederick Macey 02/06/2009 Pontypool Torfaen
BV2054781/1 Historic Robert James Macfarlane 22/03/2005 Bromley Kent
BV963598/1 Historic Janina Machalowska 17/04/1996 Watford Hertfordshire
BV953363/1 Historic Nellie Kathleen Machin 28/07/1995 Shepherds Bush London W12
BV21402973/1 26/03/2014 Philip Ian Mackenzie Macintosh 14/02/2014 Torquay Devon
BV950165/1 Historic George MacKay 15/11/1991 Hammersmith London W11
BV2087081/1 Historic James Mackay 01/09/2008 Slough Berkshire
BV2097712/1 Historic Roderick Mackay 21/10/2007 Gosport Hampshire
BV2064407/1 Historic John MacKenzie 22/06/2006 Workington Cumbria
BV942443/1 Historic Louise Mackenzie 11/04/1994 Gosport Hampshire
BV2092735/1 Historic Sheila Elizabeth Mackey 23/01/2009 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV932665/1 Historic Hilda Elizabeth Mackie 05/08/1993 Chichester West Sussex
BV931810/1 Historic Ronald Mackie 28/04/1993 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2046109/1 Historic Peter Mackinnon 15/05/2004 Birmingham West MIdlands
BV932106/1 Historic Harry George Macklin 23/06/1993
BV2000453/1 Historic Sidney MacKnight 27/04/1999 Camden London NW3
BV2002392/1 Historic Alexander Maclean 13/10/1997 Beckton London E6
BV2087028/1 Historic Veronica MacLennan 17/08/2000 Kensington London W10
BV21214874/1 09/09/2013 Angus MacMillan 05/02/2009 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV2004109/1 Historic Angus Ewan Macvarish 29/06/2000 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2072531/1 Historic Esther Madden 18/01/2007 Westminster London W2
BV993386/1 Historic Kevin Nigel Madden 10/03/1999 Bristol Avon
BV970364/1 Historic Florence Maddison 04/09/1994 Coventry Warwickshire
BV2050845/1 Historic Elizabeth Maddox 28/12/2004
BV2000732/1 Historic Thomas Edward Madeley 01/01/2000 Woodford Green Essex
BV942412/1 Historic Bertha Lilian Madge 08/12/1993 Tooting London SW17
BV21212712/1 15/02/2013 Audrey Madin 05/09/2012 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV21206626/1 Historic Rashid Osman Magan 11/08/2002 Cardiff
BV2014715/1 Historic John Alfred Magee 22/02/2000
BV983697/1 Historic David Magennis 26/10/1997 Loughborough Leicestershire
BV2072833/1 Historic Francis Maguire 13/01/2007 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV942290/1 Historic Herbert Reginald Maguire 08/12/1992
BV21304627/1 30/05/2013 Irene Joan Maguire 02/02/2013 Birmingham West Midlands
BV962669/1 Historic Joe Maguire 14/02/1995 London EC1
BV21104304/1 Historic Michael Maguire 11/09/2010 Denmark Hill London
BV21306396/1 10/06/2013 Dennis Watson Mahar 12/06/2010 North Shields Tyne & Wear
BV2040204/1 Historic Rose Maher 10/11/2002 Coventry Warwickshire
BV970541/1 Historic Stella Maher 16/12/1996 Highgate Hill London N19
BV21315763/1 15/11/2013 Balkrishna Mahimkar 11/06/2010 Thornton Heath Surrey
BV21210907/1 Historic Ibrahim Hussein Mahmoud 24/05/2012 Sutton Surrey
BV21302903/1 25/03/2013 James Mahon 28/02/2008 Lambeth London SW2
BV2014002/1 Historic Joseph Mahon 01/09/2000 Coventry Warwickshire
BV2051666/1 Historic Dorothy Mahoney 29/12/2004 Ashton-under-Lyne Lancashire
BV21312088/1 01/10/2013 Maureen Mahoney 09/03/2013 Birmgham West Midlands
BV2060639/1 Historic Timothy James Mahoney 02/05/2001 Exeter Devon
BV2054090/1 Historic Nabi Maibu 27/11/2004 Plaistow London E13
BV960003/1 Historic Jenny Gertrude Maidment 03/12/1995 Wimbledon London SW19
BV930573/1 Historic John Harry Spencer Maidment 14/01/1993
BV2091047/1 Historic Elizabeth Christine Main 29/01/2009 Newport Gwent
BV2060270/1 Historic Berris Broderick Mair 18/02/2005 Mansfield Nottinghamshire
BV2080899/1 Historic Thomas Mair 03/01/2008 Torquay Devon
BV2055642/1 Historic Ralph Mais 16/12/2004 Birmingham West Midlands
BV954163/1 Historic Norman Maitland 14/05/1995 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2072410/1 Historic Pranab Kumar Maitra 08/09/2006 Camden London NW1
BV21206065/1 Historic Anna Majczak 20/06/2011 Leeds
BV2024940/1 Historic Bronyslaw Majewski 23/10/1992
BV2003727/1 Historic James Major 13/02/2000 Hull
BV2067672/1 Historic Mary Veronica Makepeace 09/08/2006 Harwich Essex
BV2000293/1 Historic Albert Makin 27/12/1999 Bordon Hampshire
BV2070175/1 Historic Tadia Makin 29/06/1998 Taunton Somerset
BV983771/1 Historic Zbigniew Malawski 10/08/1997 Earl’s Court London SW5
BV21009504/1 Historic Ann Malby 29/10/2008 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumbria
BV2088215/1 Historic Carlton Malcolm 15/12/2008 Carshalton Surrey
BV974097/1 Historic Stanley Male 13/12/1996 Kidderminster Worcestershire
BV21307277/1 10/07/2013 Niranjan Lal Malhotra 09/12/2012 Paddington London W2
BV21001637/1 Historic Stanislaw Malik 21/04/2008 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV982417/1 Historic Abas Bin Malina 23/09/1996 Whitechapel London E1
BV2052062/1 Historic Leon Maliszewski 14/11/2004 Croydon Surrey
BV2025729/1 Historic Teodor Maliszewski 25/10/2002 Warminster Wiltshire
BV2085303/1 Historic Joan Malkin 30/11/2007 Waterlooville Hampshire
BV21305925/1 14/06/2013 Joseph Mallory 01/02/2013 Tottenham London N17
BV2065692/1 Historic Marion Mallory 29/04/2006 Homerton London E9
BV983935/1 Historic Alice Malone 17/10/1997 Whitechapel London E1
BV2031006/1 Historic Henry Patrick Malone 16/08/2002
BV2043772/1 Historic James Malone 19/02/2004 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2045892/1 Historic Lilian Malone 10/08/2004 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV994482/1 Historic Patrick Malone 18/04/1999 Kilburn London Nw6
BV2033662/1 Historic Timothy Malone 30/04/2003 Camberwell London SE5
BV942563/1 Historic Liselotte Agnes Maloney Maloney 16/11/1993
BV2035321/1 Historic Patrick Maloney 04/08/2003 Wimbledon London SW19
BV2020248/1 Historic Kim Malpas 23/12/2001 Carshalton Surrey
BV2033546/1 Historic Walter Maltanski 06/03/2003 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2025017/1 Historic Anastasjia Maluha 29/09/2002 Chiddingfold Surrey
BV980887/1 Historic Roman Wolodymyr Malynowskyj 13/01/1998 Bloomsbury London WC1
BV2073981/1 Historic Francis Alfred Thomas Mammen 26/02/2007 Lewisham London SE13
BV2014061/1 Historic Edgar Rolf Mandelstam 22/01/2001 Ealing London W5
BV21002102/1 Historic Robert Manderson 04/01/2009 Swindon Wiltshire
BV954142/1 Historic Oleksander Mandzuik 09/10/1995 Watford Hertfordshire
BV972995/1 Historic Arthur Alfred Manley 20/03/1997 Southampton Hampshire
BV2002388/1 Historic James Manley 23/10/1999
BV2058842/1 Historic Joyce Winifred Manley 06/10/2005 Bath Somerset
BV944485/1 Historic Barbara May Mann 19/10/1994 Earl’s Court London SW5
BV2003417/1 Historic George Herbert Mann 15/12/1999 Westminster London Sw1
BV2041666/1 Historic James Mann 07/02/2004 Weston-Super-Mare Somerset
BV985863/1 Historic Jane Mann 13/11/1998 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV952694/1 Historic John Mann 27/05/1995 Kennington London SE11
BV2036945/1 Historic Lawrence Horace Mann 14/11/1989 Gravesend Kent
BV21204906/1 Historic Robert Ernest Mann 13/12/2011 Colchester Essex
BV21009986/1 Historic Ronald Mann 10/06/2008 Worthing West Sussex
BV21014686/1 Historic Frederic Manning 07/07/2010 Grimsby North East Lincolnshire
BV2043087/1 Historic George Harry Manning 25/11/2003 Winchester Hampshire
BV2084274/1 Historic John Thomas Manning 26/03/2008 Peacehaven East Sussex
BV21003743/1 Historic Kathleen Manning 22/12/2009 Boston Lincolnshire
BV963798/1 Historic Stephen Manning 10/07/1995 Leicester Leicestershire
BV972721/1 Historic William Graham Manning 11/05/1997 Swansea West Glamorgan
BV21304324/1 30/05/2013 Norman Desmond Mannington 28/11/2011 Leigh-on-Sea Essex
BV2015100/1 Historic Joyce Mansbridge 08/04/2001 Hounslow Middlesex
BV2057640/1 Historic Frederick Raymond William Kitson Mansell 08/04/2004 Middleton on Sea West Sussex
BV2040407/1 Historic Gwladys Eunice Mansell 05/07/2003 Chichester West Sussex
BV21214176/1 Historic Geoffrey Manser 23/08/2012 Brighton East Sussex
BV21007576/1 Historic Annette Mansfield 03/06/2009 Streatham London SW16
BV21308584/1 11/10/2013 Aubrey Denis Mansfield 24/02/2007 Camberley Surrey
BV964233/1 Historic Betty Mansfield 06/11/1995 Canterbury Kent
BV994866/1 Historic Frederick Mansfield 29/04/1999
BV2030450/1 Historic Benjamin Roy Mantle 02/09/2002 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2064403/1 Historic Nicolas Dimitrios Mantourides 31/12/2005 Islington London N19
BV2078375/1 Historic James Cameron Manuel 16/07/2006 Hackney London E8
BV2015175/1 Historic Lionel James Marais 24/07/2001 Newhaven East Sussex
BV2020539/1 Historic Bronislaw Marcinowski 02/01/2002 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2088202/1 Historic Francixzek Marczak 01/01/2005 Eastleigh Hampshire
BV2033229/1 Historic Ethel Daphne Manwaring Mare 21/05/2003 Luton Bedfordshire
BV21002108/1 Historic Andre Marcel Jean Marisy 03/04/2002 Belgravia London SW1
BV2094248/1 Historic Carl Marius 20/04/2008 Edmonton London N18
BV2046779/1 Historic Vojin Marjanovic 26/09/2004 Taunton Somerset
BV976271/1 Historic James Markey 08/07/1997 Southampton Hampshire
BV2084946/1 Historic Brian Markham 29/11/2007 Camberwell London SE5
BV21006144/1 Historic Joan Markland 16/04/2009 Brassingham Lincolnshire
BV2065768/1 Historic Doreen Marks 16/03/2006 Homerton London E9
BV871430/1 Historic Ludwig Markus 01/05/1987 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2032288/1 Historic Michael Marlow 12/02/2003 Brighton East Sussex
BV2005827/1 Historic John Marr 23/06/2000 Dudley West Midlands
BV2065385/1 Historic Joseph Marren 15/09/2003 Highgate London N6
BV21402294/1 14/03/2014 David Marriott 20/06/2013 St Leonard on Sea East Sussex
BV2031495/1 Historic Doris Norah Marriott 20/11/2002 Purley Surrey
BV2000290/1 Historic Kathleen Margaret MacConnell Marriott 05/01/2000 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV941814/1 Historic William Marriott 06/11/1993 Whitechapel London E1
BV2004163/1 Historic Christopher James Marrison 13/07/2000 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2086499/1 Historic Alan Marsden 27/03/2007 Swindon Wiltshire
BV2014755/1 Historic Ruth Mary Marsden 18/01/2000 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21317257/1 25/02/2014 Alfred John Marsh 16/02/2013 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV2059234/1 Historic Bevis Arthur Marsh 19/10/2005 Shanklin Isle of Wight
BV990773/1 Historic Brian Richard Marsh 20/03/1998 Thonrton Heath Surrey
BV21106872/1 Historic Eric Marsh 29/10/2010 Poole Dorset
BV940830/1 Historic Ivy Florence Marsh 26/10/1988 Abbey Wood London SE2
BV2036916/1 Historic John George Marsh 29/06/2003
BV2059052/1 Historic Lilian Marsh 02/05/1998 Dewsbury West Yorkshire
BV2078361/1 Historic Margaret Marsh 14/12/2006 Sunderland Tyne and Wear
BV2053917/1 Historic Mary Rose Marsh 20/11/2004 Islington London N19
BV2092852/1 Historic Queenie Marsh 10/12/2008 Exeter Devon
BV941789/1 Historic Raymond Philip Albert Marsh 30/12/1992
BV2000002/1 Historic Rex Frederick Marsh 12/12/1996 Yeovil Somerset
BV21303452/1 29/05/2013 Alan Marshall 30/03/2012 Lewisham London SE13
BV2096799/1 Historic Bernard Marshall 20/01/2008 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV2030688/1 Historic Clifford Marshall 07/09/2001
BV2084222/1 Historic George Marshall 15/01/2007 Greenwich London SE10
BV2093259/1 Historic George Marshall 25/06/2009 Southampton Hampshire
BV2011566/1 Historic Irene Marshall 10/02/2001 Ongar Essex
BV2010594/1 Historic James Marshall 25/04/2000 Alnwick Northumbria
BV2013270/1 Historic James Marshall 23/05/1995 Guisborough Redcar & Cleveland
BV941512/1 Historic John Marshall 21/09/1993 Highbury London N5
BV911596/1 Historic Kenneth William Marshall 04/05/1991
BV21206751/1 Historic Lawrence Marshall 02/06/2011 Hertfordshire
BV21304102/1 05/06/2013 Michael Raymond Marshall 16/10/2012 Bromley Kent
BV2004398/1 Historic Muriel Marshall 20/12/1995 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21214015/1 05/04/2013 Peggy Marshall 04/08/2012 Selsy West Sussex
BV2002931/1 Historic Peter William Marshall 01/05/2000 Barnes London SW13
BV940929/1 Historic Sarah Isobel Marshall 10/01/1993 Hoylake Wirral
BV2087127/1 Historic Sarah Teresa Marshall 16/01/1997 Haynes Bedfordshire
BV995757/1 Historic Susan Carol Marshall 27/11/1998 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2087276/1 Historic Charles Marson 01/08/2008 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
BV21301299/1 31/05/2013 Joseph Rex Marston 16/12/2011 Cannock Staffordshire
BV2001653/1 Historic Arthur Martin 10/03/1999 Carmarthen Carmarthenshire
BV2004003/1 Historic Arthur Percy Martin 20/05/2000 Stevenage Hertfordshire
BV21308696/1 30/08/2013 Charlie William Martin 27/05/2013 Grantham Lincolnshire
BV21107098/1 Historic Christine Martin 22/05/2011 Highbridge Somerset
BV2033785/1 Historic Cyril Martin 02/09/2001 FinchleyLondon N2
BV2024730/1 Historic David Martin 08/03/2002 Epsom Surrey
BV2063185/1 Historic David Martin 07/01/2006 Brighton East Sussex
BV21315124/1 14/11/2013 Della Anne Martin 04/09/2012 King’s Lynn Norfolk
BV2005178/1 Historic Elizabeth Martin 29/06/2000 East Dulwich London SE22
BV992043/1 Historic George Martin 24/10/1995 Totland Bay Isle of Wight
BV900302/1 Historic Gladys May Martin 30/12/1988 Stoke Newington London N16
BV2070847/1 Historic Isabella Martin 15/12/2006 Hove East Sussex
BV21306192/1 18/06/2013 James Martin 27/01/2002 Telford Shropshire
BV2067444/1 Historic Jean Martin 23/12/2005 Croydon Surrey
BV2097692/1 Historic John Martin 09/06/2009 Hassocks West Sussex
BV980285/1 Historic John Campbell Martin 07/11/1997 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2040810/1 Historic John Henry Martin 11/09/2003 Littlehampton West Sussex
BV21112122/1 Historic Katherine Martin 20/01/2008 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV21007289/1 Historic Kay Martin 18/06/2006 Camberley Surrey
BV2002342/1 Historic Marjorie Sandra Martin 09/03/2000 Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire
BV21306603/1 04/07/2013 Owen Delroy Martin 08/06/1999 Finsbury Park London N4
BV961304/1 Historic Philomena Elizabeth Martin 05/09/1995 Catford London SE6
BV20510440/1 Historic Phylis Martin 02/09/2005 Epsom Surrey
BV983854/1 Historic Reginald Albert Martin 26/05/1998 London SE1
BV2070727/1 Historic Reginald William Martin 23/11/2006 Lewisham London SE4
BV2085536/1 Historic Roger Martin 26/10/2004
BV2033743/1 Historic Rosina Harriett Martin 11/05/2001 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV2014784/1 Historic Sadie Martin 14/11/2000 Camberwell London SE5
BV2001340/1 Historic Violet Mary Martin 03/11/1999 Notting Hill London NW10
BV991955/1 Historic William Martin 04/07/1998 Islington London
BV2021786/1 Historic William George Martin 07/03/2002 Guildford Surrey
BV21303598/1 22/07/2013 John Byron Martindale 07/09/2011 Wallasey Wirral
BV21214073/1 01/02/2013 Nora Martinez 10/08/2011 Clapton London E5
BV2065997/1 Historic Alhandu Akinola Martins 15/08/2006 Hampstead London NW3
BV966129/1 Historic Margaret Amelia Maseling 27/06/1996 Harlow Essex
BV2023425/1 Historic K Masleu 23/04/2000 Bulgaria
BV2073155/1 Historic Alfred Maslin 09/01/2004 Lambeth London SE1
BV2048054/1 Historic Arthur Mason 27/10/2004 Exeter Devon
BV21111373/1 Historic David Raleigh Mason 25/08/2011 Burgess Hill West Sussex
BV2022282/1 Historic Edith Mason 07/04/2002 Hounslow Middlesex
BV21211061/1 Historic Eileen Mason 02/12/2002 Paddington London W2
BV2024962/1 Historic Elisabeth Mason 17/10/2002 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV2022947/1 Historic Ethel Joan Mason 05/02/1998 Littlehampton West Sussex
BV2083163/1 Historic George Mason 20/03/2008 Dorchester Dorset
BV963003/1 Historic Horace Mason 06/11/1995 Barking Essex
BV943051/1 Historic James Mason 08/07/1994 Clapton London E5
BV2051200/1 Historic Joanna Mason 20/12/2004 Hackney London E8
BV962894/1 Historic Louis Mason 05/11/1995 Birmingham West Midlands
BV983171/1 Historic Marjorie Mason 12/01/1991 Plymouth Devon
BV2056331/1 Historic Mary Mason 04/11/2004 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV952184/1 Historic Thelma Phyllis Mason 12/02/1995 Slough Berkshire
BV2071532/1 Historic Giuseppe Masoni 26/11/2006 Luton Bedfordshire
BV2000157/1 Historic William Massey 29/08/1999 York North Yorkshire
BV992823/1 Historic Matthew Master 06/05/1999 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2021207/1 Historic George William Masters 04/12/2001 Coventry West Midlands
BV983367/1 Historic Sylvia Masters 25/06/1998 King’s Lynn Norfolk
BV2067619/1 Historic Jan Masztalerz 04/07/2003 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV21306064/1 06/06/2013 Vera Matcham 02/04/2013 Harrow Middlesex
BV21103976/1 Historic Helena Matecka 09/09/2010 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV2021699/1 Historic Hilda Maureen Cobeldick Mathews 20/01/2002 Salisbury Wiltshire
BV2047866/1 Historic Olga Mathurin 18/07/2004 Northampton Northamptonshire
BV2021536/1 Historic Jean Margaret Maton 19/01/1999 Southwarl London SW2
BV2071705/1 Historic Ann Matthew 16/11/2006 Sunderland Tyne and Wear
BV941962/1 Historic Arthur Thomas Edward Matthews 06/09/1993 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV2099374/1 Historic Dorothy Matthews 15/10/2009 Purton Wiltshire
BV2077474/1 Historic John Matthews 08/07/2007 Penarth Glamorgan
BV2063424/1 Historic Olive Matthews 21/04/2005 York North Yorkshire
BV2067527/1 Historic Thomas Matthews 25/10/2006 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV984896/1 Historic Timothy Matthews 13/07/1998 Derby Derbyshire
BV2095171/1 Historic John Mattison 03/12/2008 Hailsham East Sussex
BV2071913/1 Historic William Gladys Ethel Mattocks 05/01/2007 Hampstead London NW3
BV995204/1 Historic Melnyk Matvy 05/06/1998 Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
BV991602/1 Historic Stefan Matyja 08/02/1999 Notting Hill London W11
BV2079027/1 Historic Robert Mauchline 06/11/2007 Whitechapel London E1
BV2026011/1 Historic Ivy Doreen Maud 24/04/2002 York
BV2087525/1 Historic Charles Maudsley 30/05/2003 Hull East Yorkshire
BV21317809/1 23/01/2014 Janet Maudsley 02/07/2013 Paignton Devon
BV21402468/1 17/03/2014 Kenneth Maudsley 22/08/2013 Leeds Yorkshire
BV2035190/1 Historic Michael Maughan 03/01/2000 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2057328/1 Historic Mr. G H Maunders 17/08/2005 Salisbury Wiltshire
BV2011182/1 Historic Mary Maunsell 24/01/2001 Borehamwood Hertfordshire
BV21312096/1 01/10/2013 John Raymond Howard Maurice 25/06/2001 Bournmouth Dorset
BV2020856/1 Historic Dimitri Mavros 07/01/2002 Pinner Middlesex
BV2002803/1 Historic Georgina Maxwell 27/02/2000 Tenbury Worcestershire
BV2057951/1 Historic James Joseph Maxwell 31/08/2005 Acton London W3
BV2084279/1 Historic Eileen Lilian May 03/01/2007 Bristol
BV983850/1 Historic Frederick May 19/04/1998 South Lambeth London SW8
BV2033839/1 Historic Margaret May 23/12/2002 Hull
BV2036855/1 Historic Rose May 11/01/2003 Southall Middlesex
BV972739/1 Historic Thomas May 19/04/1997 Carshalton Surrey
BV21109304/1 Historic Maria Mayeda 01/03/2011 Hampstead London NW3
BV966261/1 Historic Edith Mayer 04/08/1996 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2024432/1 Historic Rose Mayers 30/08/2002 Kensington London W8
BV2015293/1 Historic William Maynard 30/10/2001 Islington London N1
BV2071142/1 Historic Kevin Jude Mayne 15/07/2006 Lechlade Gloucestershire
BV992409/1 Historic Phyllis Hilary Elizabeth Mayne 16/03/1999 New Mills Derbyshire
BV2003846/1 Historic Eliza Mayor 24/01/2000 Rochester Kent
BV950215/1 Historic Helen Mazur 25/09/1994 Earl’s Court London SW5
BV21402297/1 10/03/2014 Frederick Henry Mazzio 02/02/2012 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV994962/1 Historic Violet Emily McAdam 02/10/1999 Prestatyn Denbighshire
BV2083129/1 Historic Eamonn Leo McAlinden 26/02/2007 High Wycombe Buckinghamshire
BV961309/1 Historic James McAllister 16/01/1996 Hammersmith London W6
BV2053923/1 Historic Peter George McAllister 17/05/2003 Lewisham London SE13
BV920347/1 Historic John Fergus McAndrew 25/03/1990 Willenhall West Midlands
BV2004987/1 Historic Ian Mcaskill 30/03/2000 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2014145/1 Historic Joseph McAteer 12/04/2001 Woolwich London SE18
BV2088092/1 Historic George Andrew McAulay 29/09/2008 Alvaston Derbyshire
BV993102/1 Historic Catherine Grace McBean 01/03/1998 Redhill Surrey
BV2060823/1 Historic Edward McBride 13/03/2005 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2064793/1 Historic Eileen McBride 20/01/2006 Catford London SE6
BV2013983/1 Historic John McBride 09/08/1999 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV991269/1 Historic Owen McBrien 10/02/1999 Ashbourne
BV933039/1 Historic Desmond McCabe 05/07/1993 Stratford upon Avon Warwickshire
BV970224/1 Historic Mary Drury McCabe 06/01/1997 Henley on Thames
BV2077774/1 Historic Niall McCabe 23/06/2007 Hammersmith London W6
BV21208691/1 Historic Rodney David McCaig 05/09/2011 Carlisle Cumbria
BV89/1160/1 Historic George McCall 22/02/1989 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV21100432/1 Historic Ian James Waugh McCall 01/12/2010 East Riding of Yorkshire
BV2097048/1 Historic Millie Agnes McCallum 27/11/2003 Edgbaston West Midlands
BV951570/1 Historic Renee Beatrice McCallum 01/03/1995
BV2053328/1 Historic Albert Collin McCann 01/03/2005 Torquay Devon
BV2024382/1 Historic Elsa McCann 31/12/1999 York North Yorkshire
BV21302995/1 14/06/2013 James McCann 25/02/2013 Carlisle Cumbria
BV2021254/1 Historic Michael McCann 22/11/2001 Camden London
BV2020807/1 Historic Mary McCarron 13/02/1997 Epping Essex
BV2012928/1 Historic Andrew McCarthy 03/04/2001 Brentford Middlesex
BV21000586/1 Historic Daniel McCarthy 09/01/2009 Redditch Worcestershire
BV2012221/1 Historic Dennis George McCarthy 21/03/2001 Southampton Hampshire
BV21214591/1 31/01/2013 Edward McCarthy 27/03/2007 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV940323/1 Historic Ellen McCarthy 14/11/1993 Brighton East Sussex
BV2002273/1 Historic John McCarthy 26/10/1997 Purley on Thames
BV2036803/1 Historic John Michael McCarthy 16/09/2003 Bristol
BV2083475/1 Historic Lillian McCarthy 01/02/2008 Horney London N8
BV20910992/1 Historic Patrick McCarthy 15/02/2002 Hackney London
BV982709/1 Historic Anita Myrtle Jeanne McCartney 27/02/1998 Wembley Middlesex
BV2011988/1 Historic George McCartney 21/07/2000 Margate Kent
BV2059168/1 Historic Patrick McClean 29/09/2005 Lambeth London SE1
BV21007596/1 Historic Malcolm McGifford McCleery 14/05/2009 Wrexham
BV2099862/1 Historic John McClusky 12/05/2009 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2005912/1 Historic Maybelle McClymont 15/09/2000 EnfieldMiddlesex
BV21007978/1 Historic George McColl 07/12/1998 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV2092232/1 Historic Robert McComb 26/02/2009 West Brompton London SW10
BV2031367/1 Historic John Gibson McCombe 03/02/2003 Ladbroke grove London W10
BV21306633/1 26/06/2013 James McConnell 06/01/2013 Southsea Portsmouth
BV961436/1 Historic Thomas Edward McConnelloge 01/12/1995 Brighton East Sussex
BV2063479/1 Historic Thomas Joseph McCool 09/03/2006 Corby Northamptonshire
BV2012825/1 Historic Cecil McCormack 07/02/2001 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2054529/1 Historic Kathleen McCormack 03/07/2001 Brighton East Sussex
BV2013053/1 Historic William McCormack 05/06/2001 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV2095377/1 Historic James George McCormick 04/04/2009 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV2031999/1 Historic Sophia McCormick 04/03/2003
BV21010603/1 Historic Winston McCormick 05/05/2010 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV2062106/1 Historic Norah McCorry 12/12/2005 Redcar Cleveland
BV950073/1 Historic Andrew McCoy 18/12/1994 Shrewsbury Shropshire
BV21312832/1 17/12/2013 Peter McCoy 24/07/2013 Southmead Bristol
BV2002522/1 Historic Peggy Elizabeth McCracken 05/07/1999
BV2032580/1 Historic Margaret McCreery 18/01/2003 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2002272/1 Historic Edna McCullagh 01/03/1998 Kilburn London
BV2041533/1 Historic Joseph McCullouch 24/10/2003 Chester Cheshire
BV21204028/1 Historic Philip McDaid 15/03/2012 Camden London NW3
BV990565/1 Historic Margaret McDermott 14/06/1998 Carshalton Surrey
BV21303548/1 09/05/2013 Michael Patrick McDermott 21/01/2013 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV983017/1 Historic Norman McDermott 26/01/1998 Stalybridge Cheshire
BV995316/1 Historic Joseph McDonagh 30/10/1999 Littlehampton West Sussex
BV983874/1 Historic Matthew McDonagh 19/10/1997 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2052014/1 Historic Alexander Peter McDonald 14/12/2001 Kilburn London NW6
BV2083473/1 Historic Alistair McDonald 20/12/2007 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV953141/1 Historic Andrew McDonald 05/03/1995
BV2080435/1 Historic Edward McDonald 10/09/2007 Fulham London W12
BV21009673/1 Historic Edward Benson McDonald 14/04/2010 London SE1
BV2036029/1 Historic Frederick McDonald 10/09/2003 Paddington London W2
BV2093440/1 Historic Joycelyn McDonald 01/02/2009 Sydenham London SE26
BV2086836/1 Historic Malcolm McDonald 24/11/2007 Halifax West Yorkshire
BV992328/1 Historic Robert McDonald 05/04/1999 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
BV21307226/1 10/07/2013 David McDonnell 16/04/2013 Hounslow Middlesex
BV2047165/1 Historic Raymond Edward McDonnell 30/09/2004 Cirencester Gloucestershire
BV2093801/1 Historic Andrew McDougall 31/10/2008 Roehampton London SW15
BV2001849/1 Historic Robert Graham McDougall 16/08/1999 Bournemouth Dorset
BV21305923/1 10/06/2013 Yvonne Althia McDougall 12/10/2011 Croydon Surrey
BV21307366/1 15/07/2013 James McDowell 15/07/2006 Tunbridge Wells Kent
BV21307575/1 08/08/2013 Eric George McEachron 18/11/2001 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2024153/1 Historic Thomas McElligott 22/08/2002 St John’s Wood London NW8
BV982463/1 Historic Daniel McElroy 20/05/1993 Ascot Berkshire
BV21306147/1 10/06/2013 James Oliver McEntee 19/07/2007 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2060782/1 Historic Patrick McEnttagart 12/07/2002 Peckham London SE15
BV2059832/1 Historic Norman McErlean 31/05/2004 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV964605/1 Historic Charles Henry McEvoy 02/05/1995 Borehamwood Hertfordshire
BV993266/1 Historic John McEvoy 12/08/1998 Tooting London SW17
BV2074100/1 Historic David McFarlane 14/04/2005 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV2061053/1 Historic Hazel Eileen McFarlane 18/06/2004 Bristol
BV2012746/1 Historic Dennis McGaffighan 27/05/2001 Lightwater Surrey
BV2082130/1 Historic Margaret McGarr 02/12/2007 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumbria
BV984720/1 Historic Joseph Watson McGarrity 20/08/1998 Bournemouth Dorset
BV983627/1 Historic John McGarvey 21/03/1998 Hampstead London NW3
BV2079105/1 Historic Margaret Gibb Whitton McGeary 18/10/2007 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV2056950/1 Historic Mary McGee 31/08/2002 Paddington London W2
BV992686/1 Historic Patrick Joseph McGee 27/05/1998 Peckham London SE15
BV21400476/1 23/01/2014 John McGeechen 18/03/2013 Brighton East Sussex
BV2064175/1 Historic Michael McGeehan 17/01/2006 Uxbridge Middlesex
BV2046815/1 Historic Alexander McGhee 11/11/2003 Manfield Nottinghamshire
BV2000859/1 Historic Moira Janet McGillivray 12/11/1999 Hull
BV2099384/1 Historic Vincent McGinley 01/07/2009 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV2012883/1 Historic Francis McGinty 01/04/2001 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2037553/1 Historic George McGlade 16/10/2003 Hoylake Wirral
BV2054421/1 Historic Michael McGlynn 19/05/2004 Bath Somerset
BV2012772/1 Historic Michael James McGlynn 27/03/2001 Chesterfield Derbyshire
BV21317800/1 06/02/2014 Ann Katherine McGowan 19/01/2013 DartfordKent
BV940800/1 Historic John McGowan 08/07/1993 Blaham London SW12
BV2056043/1 Historic Marie McGowan 29/03/2005 Birkenhead Merseyside
BV2001469/1 Historic Michael Mcgowan 24/01/2000 Derby Derbyshire
BV980860/1 Historic Thomas McGrane 25/01/1998 London WC2
BV2093258/1 Historic Donald Andrew McGrath 02/05/2007 Penarth Vale of Glamorgan
BV21212681/1 Historic Francis McGrath 06/08/2011 London NW5
BV21208597/1 Historic Kathleen McGrath 27/03/2012 Hogsthorpe Lincs
BV21401296/1 18/02/2014 Thomas McGrath 31/10/2012 Milton Keynes Bedford
BV2048016/1 Historic John McGregor 03/11/2003
BV964923/1 Historic James McGuff 11/07/1996
BV943796/1 Historic Hilda Eleanor McGuinn 14/06/1994 Ladborke Grove London W10
BV21308015/1 29/07/2013 John McGuinness 12/02/2011 Audlem Cheshire
BV2022196/1 Historic John McGuinness 31/01/2002 Heston Middlesex
BV2004059/1 Historic Patrick McGuinness 20/09/1997 Mile End London E1
BV2041066/1 Historic Thomas Patrick McGuinness 05/12/2003 Westminster London SW1
BV20510158/1 Historic Edward McGuire 03/01/2005 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2067376/1 Historic Robert McGuire 06/07/2006 North Shields
BV992957/1 Historic Arthur McGurk 10/01/1999 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV985624/1 Historic Henry Joseph McHale 10/10/1997 Northampton Northamptonshire
BV2040027/1 Historic Thomas McHale 14/11/2003
BV2098921/1 Historic Thomas Gorman McHale 04/09/2009 High Wycombe Buckinghamshire
BV2075202/1 Historic Helena Mary McHugh 17/12/2006 Basingstoke Hampshire
BV2021173/1 Historic Hugh McHugh 23/09/2001 Fulham London SW6
BV2078930/1 Historic Joseph Leonard McHugh 13/08/2007 Denbighshire
BV2084525/1 Historic Patrick McHugh 07/06/2008 Paddington London W2
BV21102644/1 Historic Lilian McInerney 17/11/2010 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV2001467/1 Historic Patrick John McInerney 05/09/1999 Ladbroke Grove London W10
BV2037114/1 Historic Sheila McInerney 10/10/2002 Leyton London E10
BV2022387/1 Historic Florence McIntosh 23/02/2002 Burton on Trent Staffordshire
BV2058002/1 Historic May McIntosh 23/04/2002 Hampstead London NW3
BV981202/1 Historic Daniel McIntyre 28/01/1998 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2021650/1 Historic Ian McIntyre 20/12/1999 Chelmsford Essex
BV2005294/1 Historic John Patrick McIntyre 11/08/2000 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV991117/1 Historic Alfred McIvor 07/01/1999 Southampton Hampshire
BV21010394/1 Historic Alexander George McKay 21/06/2010 Great Munden Hertfordshire
BV2062836/1 Historic Donald McKay 07/01/2005 St Leonards-on-Sea East Sussex
BV21009269/1 Historic Kevin Alexander Mckay 07/03/2006 Battersea London Sw8
BV2077616/1 Historic Teresa McKean 09/06/2005 Chester Cheshire
BV2036192/1 Historic Douglas McKee 06/07/2003 Darlington Co Durham
BV976542/1 Historic Hugh McKenna 18/09/1997 Stockton on Tees Durham
BV21202032/1 Historic John McKenna 01/04/2009 New Cross London
BV941402/1 Historic John McKenna 30/04/1991 Birmingham West Midlands
BV991411/1 Historic Peter Hall McKenna 15/01/1999 Swansea
BV950560/1 Historic Raymond Francis McKenna 02/02/1995 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2011168/1 Historic Bernard McKenny 06/01/2001 Leicester Leicestershire
BV21317621/1 18/12/2013 Bridget Mckenzie 20/04/2013 Southampton Hampshire
BV2047005/1 Historic Janet McKenzie 16/08/2004 Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire
BV983261/1 Historic John Oliver McKenzie 16/12/1994 Weymouth Dorset
BV2048185/1 Historic M McKenzie 05/06/1990 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV21014532/1 Historic Margaret Elizabeth Alice McKenzie 13/09/2009 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV2005711/1 Historic Mary Jean McKenzie 22/10/2000 Highgate London N6
BV2041773/1 Historic Raymond McKenzie 07/07/2003 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV892587/1 Historic William McKenzie 13/08/1989
BV991110/1 Historic William McKenzie 07/07/1991 Lambeth London SE1
BV975055/1 Historic Mary Louise McKeowan 25/04/1997 Birmingham West Midlands
BV911915/1 Historic Bernard Joseph McKeown 18/08/1990 Edgware Middlesex
BV2067505/1 Historic Robert McKeown 17/05/2005 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2084291/1 Historic Samuel McKeown 17/05/2008 Brighton East Sussex
BV964656/1 Historic Ernest McKerchar 14/05/1996 Crook Durham
BV21211817/1 Historic Langtry Withers McKibben 02/09/2012 Great Yarmouth Norfolk
BV2047639/1 Historic Barbara McKinney 20/06/2001 Lambeth London SE1
BV21003344/1 Historic Gordon Stuart McKnight 17/09/2001 Barnstaple Devon
BV991890/1 Historic James McLaughlan 07/05/1994 Dovenby Cumbria
BV972420/1 Historic E M R McLaughlin 07/01/1997
BV2046562/1 Historic Leopold George McLean 30/03/2004 Epsom Surrey
BV2034272/1 Historic Martin McLean 21/11/2002 Southall Middlesex
BV21101881/1 Historic Robert McLean 07/07/1995 Northampton Northamptonshire
BV976218/1 Historic Robert Brand (Brace) McLean 13/10/1997 Rotherham South Yorkshire
BV21001706/1 Historic William McLeary 28/09/2009 Farnborough Hampshire
BV2037038/1 Historic Frederick William Mclellan 07/12/2002
BV21012066/1 Historic John McLeod 27/10/2009 Eastleigh Hampshire
BV2014654/1 Historic Sylvia Kathleen McLeod 13/12/2000 Knutsford Cheshire
BV2079654/1 Historic Zena McLeod 11/10/2007 Orpington Kent
BV21014536/1 Historic James Francis McLernon 21/10/2010 Ilfracombe Devon
BV965035/1 Historic Edward McLoughlin 31/08/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2080725/1 Historic Marjorie McLoughlin 06/01/2008 South Wimbledon London SW19
BV2042698/1 Historic Aileen McMahon 26/02/2004 Barking Essex
BV20911083/1 Historic George McMahon 12/12/2001 Hackney London E9
BV2011658/1 Historic John McMahon 12/01/2001 Hove East Sussex
BV2063694/1 Historic Peter McMahon 15/05/2006 Hereford Herefordshire
BV2067401/1 Historic Thomas James McMahon 03/11/2006 Leytonstone London E11
BV2047438/1 Historic Timothy Tabber McMahon 27/06/2004 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
BV21304242/1 23/04/2013 Evelyn Constance McManus 11/11/2012 Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyne and Wear
BV2079406/1 Historic John McManus 22/08/2003 Rotherhithe London SE16
BV21014404/1 Historic John Patrick McManus 23/06/2010 Macclesfield Cheshire
BV953448/1 Historic Kathleen Mary McManus 21/01/1995 St Leonards on Sea East Sussex
BV2037762/1 Historic Norah Marjorie McManus 27/06/2003 Southampton Hampshire
BV21115403/1 Historic Anthony Joseph Albert Michael McMenamin 31/12/2009 Southampton Hampshire
BV20510209/1 Historic Alexander McMillan 04/11/2005 Rochester Kent
BV2083629/1 Historic Caroline Edith McMillan 11/04/2008 Grantham Lincolnshire
BV21403472/1 10/04/2014 Douglas Gerald McMinn 01/12/2013 Wednesbury West Midlands
BV966854/1 Historic Veronica McMullen 23/08/1994 Whitehaven Cumbria
BV21110073/1 Historic William James McNabb 13/06/2011 Yaxley – Peterborough
BV930726/1 Historic John McNally 12/11/1997 Maryport Cumbria
BV2032697/1 Historic Lawrence McNamara 30/12/2002 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2075122/1 Historic Margaret McNamee 04/01/2007 Tilehurst Reading
BV2013030/1 Historic Margaret McNaughton 11/05/2001 Hove East Sussex
BV2000111/1 Historic David Blackstone McNee 27/05/1999 Rotherhithe London SE16
BV2085841/1 Historic Alice McNeilly 01/07/2006 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV2072168/1 Historic Kathleen McNinley 04/09/2006 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV954428/1 Historic Alfred McNulty 15/09/1995 Newcastle upon Tyne
BV2054059/1 Historic Catherine McNulty 21/04/2004 Barnet London NW2
BV2046360/1 Historic Mary Letitia McPake 18/05/2002 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV944296/1 Historic Michael Frederick John McPhail 10/10/1994 Normanton Derby
BV2095091/1 Historic Isaac McPhee 12/05/2009 Ilfracombe Devon
BV942389/1 Historic Stuart McPherson 04/05/1994 Newcastle upon Tyne
BV2083089/1 Historic Brendan Patrick James McPhillips 23/07/2007 Reading Berkshire
BV985827/1 Historic Doris McQuitty 15/11/1998 New Barnet Herts.
BV2060958/1 Historic James McReynolds 27/08/2005 Shipley West Yorkshire
BV2061414/1 Historic Charles Michael McShane 15/12/2005 Southampton Hampshire
BV21317802/1 23/12/2013 Patrick Noel McSweeney 15/12/2012 Weston-super-Mare Somerset
BV2035299/1 Historic Peter McSweeney 01/08/2002 Newport Isle of Wight
BV975600/1 Historic Frank McTaggart 08/04/1997 Chelsea London SW10
BV2023971/1 Historic James Patrick McVeigh 22/06/2002 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21103694/1 Historic Patrick McWeeney 25/10/2010 Croydon Surrey
BV21201504/1 Historic James Sutherland McWilliams 11/08/2010 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21404228/1 07/04/2014 Denis Meacock 20/01/2014 Exeter Devon
BV2000334/1 Historic William Richard Meacock 18/09/1994 Luton Bedfordshire
BV2078922/1 Historic John Thomas Mead 21/08/2007 Bournemouth Dorset
BV976631/1 Historic Kevin Joseph Meade 30/08/1997 Acton London W12
BV2064406/1 Historic George Meadmore 22/06/2006 Hereford Herefordshire
BV992023/1 Historic Maud Meadows 31/03/1999 Southend on Sea Essex
BV2035033/1 Historic Rosemary Meadows 13/07/2001 Frinton-On-Sea Essex
BV2010101/1 Historic Edward Meakin 19/10/2000 Stafford Staffordshire
BV21208320/1 Historic Margaret Meakin 28/01/2012 Rednal Worcestershire
BV2083217/1 Historic Wilfred Peter Mealing 25/10/2007 Poplar London E14
BV2062881/1 Historic Shirley Meanley 20/05/2005 Epsom Surrey
BV21014566/1 Historic Masie Charlotte Meara 03/11/2010 Southwark London SE15
BV2042274/1 Historic Kenneth William Mears 13/05/1994 Chelmsford Essex
BV950269/1 Historic Gloria Diane Medicks 20/06/1994 Littlehampton West Sussex
BV2080472/1 Historic Reginald Frank Meecham 23/11/2007 Telford Shropshire
BV2037694/1 Historic Kevin Meeghan 25/09/1998 Enfield Middlesex
BV982095/1 Historic John Joseph Meehan 08/08/1997 Kensington London W10
BV2043622/1 Historic Martin Meehan 06/03/2003 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2056568/1 Historic William Craney Meehan 04/06/2005 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV932431/1 Historic John Meggs 01/07/1993 Holloway London N7
BV932865/1 Historic Maria Johanna Megrah 11/08/1993 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2080552/1 Historic Rahim Mehi 29/11/2007 Hove East Sussex
BV21318322/1 20/01/2014 David Leonard Meier 16/10/2013 Newbury Berkshire
BV21209336/1 Historic Pauline Ann Meikle 22/05/2012 Southend-on-Sea Essex
BV2059715/1 Historic Doris Meins 20/05/2005 South Shields Tyne & Wear
BV2075820/1 Historic William Jack Melbourne 30/03/2007 Derby Derbyshire
BV967001/1 Historic Sarah Annie Melling 11/10/1996 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumbria
BV2004787/1 Historic Ivy Mellor 30/12/1998
BV2004004/1 Historic Gladys Nellie Melson 26/07/2000 Farnham Surrey
BV21101655/1 Historic Elizabeth Melton 25/06/2010 King’s Lynn Norfolk
BV982537/1 Historic Catherine Melville 24/04/1998 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV2046049/1 Historic Satish Chander Menon 10/05/2004
BV2000579/1 Historic Maria Mepstead 28/12/1999 Kensington London W10
BV2003445/1 Historic Ernest Lionel Merchant 26/09/1998 Hereford Herefordshire
BV2087210/1 Historic James Alan Meredew 14/09/2007 Lichfield Staffordshire
BV945006/1 Historic Ivy Meredith 17/09/1994 Thames Ditton Surrey
BV2077946/1 Historic Ronald Charles Meredith 13/04/2007 Redhill Surrey
BV2080691/1 Historic Gabrielle Mertins 01/10/2007 Notting Hill London W11
BV21013137/1 Historic Syed Hussain Meshedi 12/04/2010 Southall Middlesex
BV2062101/1 Historic Doris Messer 22/12/2005 Bristol Avon
BV2078729/1 Historic Brian Metcalf 29/10/2007 Rochester Kent
BV21002895/1 Historic Hugh McGarvey Metcalf 07/02/2008 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV2033251/1 Historic Alan Metcalfe 21/07/1998 Chelsea London SW7
BV2015565/1 Historic Geoffrey James Metcalfe 20/11/2001 Crewe Cheshire
BV2020024/1 Historic Marian Metters 27/08/2000 Ashford Middlesex
BV976816/1 Historic Hilda Moses Meyer 03/10/1997 Battersea London SW11
BV2054237/1 Historic Peter Meyer 11/01/2005 Homerton London E9
BV2063801/1 Historic Edmund Roman Miaskowski 25/03/2006 Reading Berkshire
BV973518/1 Historic Anastasia Michael 20/03/1992 Hackney London E8
BV21214016/1 01/05/2013 Ruby Maud Michaelson 04/08/2011 Hackney London E5
BV2053794/1 Historic Jan Michalczyk 12/03/2005 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2004583/1 Historic Eileen Michalik 10/09/1998 Greenwich London SE10
BV2052369/1 Historic Jozef Antoni Michalowski 31/12/2002 Hampstead London NW3
BV2053706/1 Historic Albert Michalske 05/12/2004
BV990697/1 Historic Kathleen Michen 27/02/1998 Lewisham London SE13
BV945182/1 Historic Annie Elizabeth Mickleborough 06/05/1994 Egremont Cumbria
BV976879/1 Historic Eileen Middleton 29/10/1997 Southend-on-Sea Essex
BV87545/1 Historic Herbert Middleton 25/11/1986 Lewisham London SE13
BV2066816/1 Historic Irene Middleton 02/10/2006 Hammersmith London W6
BV2020551/1 Historic Kenneth Middleton 08/01/2002 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV932769/1 Historic Montague Middleton 28/10/1992 Northolt Middlesex
BV951068/1 Historic Peter Gerald Curzon Middleton 23/08/1994 Islington London N1
BV964319/1 Historic Elizabeth Midgley 05/05/1996 Hull Humberside
BV990779/1 Historic Maud Midgley 14/07/1998 Rochester Kent
BV2014818/1 Historic Tassia Midwinter 01/10/2001 Margate Kent
BV2004319/1 Historic Svetolick Mihailovic 18/03/2000 Northampton Northamptonshire
BV2098866/1 Historic Joseph Mike 01/02/2005 Bedford Bedfordshire
BV2043407/1 Historic Wladyslaw Mikolajonek 15/02/2004 Stevenage Hertfordshire
BV2092124/1 Historic Stanislaw Mikucki 26/05/2008 Holbech Lincolnshire
BV2020020/1 Historic Myroslaw Milan 01/10/2001 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2023800/1 Historic George Milbourne 23/07/1992 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2021692/1 Historic Lilian Milchard 29/03/2002 Bethnal Green London E2
BV974431/1 Historic Alfred Miles 06/04/1997 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2067509/1 Historic Brenda Miles 06/02/2004 Y Fekinheli Gwynedd
BV2040882/1 Historic Doris Annie Miles 07/01/1996 Ealing London W5
BV21005250/1 Historic Kenneth Miles 22/02/2010 Lowestoft Suffolk
BV21306258/1 07/06/2013 Mary Miles 15/02/2009 Haringey London N6
BV974422/1 Historic Olive Miles 02/07/1997 Southwark London SE1
BV2083257/1 Historic Lazar Milinovic 11/07/2007 Pontypridd Rhondda Cynon Taf
BV21200105/1 Historic Walter Frederick Mill 16/02/2009 Lambeth London
BV2040930/1 Historic Robert Millar 10/12/2003 Burnham on Sea Somerset
BV2052259/1 Historic John Millard 20/12/2004 Palmers Green London N13
BV974043/1 Historic Margarita Christina Millard 11/05/1997 Llandudno Gwynedd
BV2062717/1 Historic Mary Millard 29/07/2004 Stevenage Hertfordshire
BV2015235/1 Historic Molly Millea 08/09/2001 Isleworth Middlesex
BV2076036/1 Historic Hugh Edgar Millen 04/05/2007 Bath Somerset
BV2061531/1 Historic Annie Miller
BV972273/1 Historic Archibald Miller 07/01/1997 Wickford Essex
BV2074406/1 Historic Betty Miller 06/02/2005 Newton Abbot Devon
BV952273/1 Historic Caroline Miller 02/07/1989 Dollis Hill London NW2
BV21105392/1 Historic Charles Frederick Miller 01/02/2011 Lambeth London SE1
BV967036/1 Historic Christine Miller 04/08/1996 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV951104/1 Historic Edward Miller 21/01/1995 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2091910/1 Historic Eric Miller 11/12/2007 Walton Surrey
BV21106299/1 Historic Ersuline Miller 12/10/2010 Forest Gate London E7
BV2084948/1 Historic Florence Alice Miller 20/02/2007 Tooting London SW17
BV970797/1 Historic Francis Miller 10/11/1996 Wimbledon London SW19
BV983609/1 Historic Frederick Miller 11/06/1998 Poole Dorset
BV2005290/1 Historic Gladys Miller 10/10/1993 Darlington County Durham
BV21308382/1 08/08/2013 Gladys Miller 27/11/2012 Bognor Regis West Sussex
BV2044264/1 Historic Herbert Michael Miller 22/05/2004 Caerphilly Mid Glamorgan
BV2065376/1 Historic Keith Reynolds Miller 15/03/2005 Tottenham London N17
BV961697/1 Historic Louisa Miller 19/02/1996 Hull Humberside
BV2055313/1 Historic Marie Antoinette Leonette Miller 22/03/2005 Salisbury Wiltshire
BV21308983/1 22/08/2013 Mary Joyce Miller 09/04/2013 Putney London SW15
BV2061837/1 Historic Noreen Monica Miller 04/03/2006 Minehead Somerset
BV995876/1 Historic Ralph Miller 02/11/1999 Southampton Hampshire
BV2005712/1 Historic Rex Arthur Miller 28/10/2000 Enfield Middlesex
BV990683/1 Historic Ronald Miller 30/12/1998 Carlisle Cumbria
BV2097554/1 Historic Stanley Miller 08/08/2009 Southampton Hampshire
BV2045423/1 Historic Thomas Miller 05/05/2003 Guildford Surrey
BV992615/1 Historic Vera Miller 31/05/1998 Shipley West Yorkshire
BV985684/1 Historic William Miller 16/10/1998 Hampstead London NW3
BV2025786/1 Historic William Ernest Miller 23/06/2002 Tulse Hill London SE27
BV21308378/1 01/10/2013 Josephine Millett 09/07/2008 Enfield London
BV2037454/1 Historic Norman Milligan 02/10/2003 East Finchley London N2
BV2005589/1 Historic Lillian May Millman 11/11/1999 Exeter Devon
BV2045134/1 Historic Catherine Mills 05/05/2004 Lewisham London SE13
BV2011451/1 Historic Dinah Mills 27/02/2001 Hull Humberside
BV2073352/1 Historic Donald Mills 31/08/2005 Wembley Middlesex
BV973863/1 Historic Edith Elsie Mills 01/04/1997 Taunton Somerset
BV965346/1 Historic George Mills 26/03/1991 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21003072/1 Historic Irene Mills 31/07/2008 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21308583/1 16/10/2013 Jean Mills 19/03/2001 St Neots Cambridgeshire
BV2081530/1 Historic John Norman Mills 07/02/2008 Worcester Worcestershire
BV2086702/1 Historic Marian Mills 15/03/2001 Brixtron London SW9
BV972185/1 Historic Myra Christine Mills 05/10/1996 Cardiff South Glamorgan
BV2036044/1 Historic Patricia Eleanor Mills 24/07/2003 Deal Kent
BV2095070/1 Historic Stanley Mills 04/02/2009 Stafford Staffordshire
BV2076617/1 Historic John Millward 05/06/2007 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2031828/1 Historic Irene Violet Millwood 29/12/1999 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2054693/1 Historic George Milne 17/03/2005 Derby Derbyshire
BV2072635/1 Historic Brian Milner 27/02/2007 Malvern Worcester
BV21005619/1 Historic Margaret Sybil Mary Milner 03/11/2009 Rugby Warwickshire
BV2070226/1 Historic Rita Milner 11/08/2006 Southall Middlesex
BV21316233/1 03/12/2013 Anne Elizabeth Milner-Longman 10/08/2012 Harrow Middlesex
BV21204833/1 Historic James Milnes 21/11/2011 Stafford Staffordshire
BV961599/1 Historic David Leonard Milton 06/01/1996 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2084574/1 Historic Eric Gordon Milton 28/02/2007 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV2070083/1 Historic Peter Milton 12/09/2001 Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire
BV2023478/1 Historic Rosemary Jean Milward 25/02/2002 Hampstead London NW3
BV2012674/1 Historic Geoffrey Miners 22/02/2001 Surbiton Surrey
BV971833/1 Historic Elizabeth Mary Minighan 11/03/1993 Newport Gwent
BV2013622/1 Historic Kenneth Charles Minn 02/07/2001 Westminster London SW1
BV2080866/1 Historic John Minta 05/01/1995 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV940477/1 Historic Richard Minter 14/08/1993 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV2060748/1 Historic Maria Miskiw 18/08/2005 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2066778/1 Historic Barbara Mitchell 12/05/2006 Southsea Hampshire
BV2011606/1 Historic Bernard Sutton Mitchell 29/01/2001 Eaves Leicestershire
BV2003970/1 Historic Bronislawa Mitchell 03/07/2000 Epsom Surrey
BV2044674/1 Historic Bryan Mitchell 12/11/2003 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV2052256/1 Historic David Mitchell 06/12/2004 Kingston Upon Thames Surrey
BV2064331/1 Historic Edith Mary Mitchell 31/03/2006 Kingswood Surrey
BV2030593/1 Historic Edward Mitchell 26/12/1997 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV932817/1 Historic Eric Brian Mitchell 13/11/1992 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2065004/1 Historic Florence Mitchell 14/03/2006 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2090852/1 Historic George Mitchell 09/01/2009 Newport South Wales
BV2060838/1 Historic Gordon Mitchell 16/12/2005 Northampton Northamptonshire
BV931659/1 Historic Henry Edward Mitchell 08/01/1993 Lewisham London SE6
BV2074474/1 Historic James William Mitchell 14/05/2007 Southampton Hampshire
BV994896/1 Historic John Andrew Mitchell 24/02/1992 Tooting London SW17
BV2035580/1 Historic Marjorie Mitchell 27/04/2003 Durham
BV983382/1 Historic Mary Lilian Mitchell 05/04/1998 Dartford Kent
BV952383/1 Historic Muriel Mitchell 10/06/1995 Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey
BV21401587/1 08/04/2014 Noreen Mitchell 24/08/2012 Kolloe County Durham
BV2083990/1 Historic Peter Mitchell 13/05/2008 Swansea Glamorgan
BV2091967/1 Historic Phyllis Mitchell 25/06/2005 Portsmouth Hampshire
BV2021720/1 Historic Robert Mitchell 13/01/2002 Camden London NW1
BV941386/1 Historic Ronald Edward Mitchell 09/01/1994 Manor Park London E12
BV980641/1 Historic Stanley Mitchell 08/12/1997 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland
BV21403473/1 31/03/2014 Richard Mitchelmore 09/01/2014 Plymouth Devon
BV21201280/1 Historic Neville Sithembiso Mncwabe 03/06/2011 Southall Middlesex
BV2048186/1 Historic Harry James Mobley 09/06/1989 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV2004613/1 Historic Jozef Mocarski 10/01/1999 Gwynedd
BV2045255/1 Historic Benjamin Moffat 31/05/2003 Wanstead London E11
BV2031836/1 Historic Catherine Moffat 06/12/2001 Carmarthenshire
BV2062328/1 Historic Michael Moffat 27/03/2005 Nairobi Kenya
BV2052155/1 Historic Sean Moffatt 30/11/2004 Welton Lincolnshire
BV992563/1 Historic Annie Isabella Moger 03/01/1999 Cannock Staffordshire
BV2099909/1 Historic Kim Adele Mohamed 07/09/2009 Cardiff
BV994570/1 Historic Peter Mohr 03/07/1999 Haslemere Surrey
BV2092565/1 Historic Robert Mole 25/01/2009 Gillingham Kent
BV962897/1 Historic John Molloy 10/11/1995 Caterham Surrey
BV2004017/1 Historic John Anthony Molloy 23/05/2000 Colchester Essex
BV2020517/1 Historic Annie Moloney 05/12/2001 Swindon Wiltshire
BV21101713/1 Historic Denis Moloney 14/09/2010 Hyde Cheshire
BV21213710/1 Historic Paul Molteni 24/02/2012 Wembley Middlesex HA0
BV2055465/1 Historic Lawrence Monaghan 31/03/2005 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV2024875/1 Historic Michael Monaghan 03/06/2002 Hackney London E9
BV2012750/1 Historic James Edward Monk 17/09/2000 Tottenham London N17
BV2058972/1 Historic Robert Monk 17/07/2005 Kingston Surrey
BV953462/1 Historic Michael Montague 09/05/1995 Bideford Devon
BV2057115/1 Historic Cristo Monte 24/01/2005 Kensal Town London W10
BV2045322/1 Historic Frederick Montgomery 19/04/2004 Redcar & Cleveland North Yorkshire
BV21304323/1 24/05/2013 George Collins Montgomery 06/02/2008 Colchester Essex
BV21209083/1 Historic Isabella MacDonald Montgomery 10/11/2008 North Yorkshire
BV2040466/1 Historic Frances Montigo 28/12/2003 Wirral Merseyside
BV2065068/1 Historic Anna Moody 29/12/1993 Brigg South Humberside
BV973742/1 Historic Iris Annie Moody 26/01/1997 Westcliffe on Sea Essex
BV2033825/1 Historic Paul Allan Moody 23/08/2001 Leyburn North Yorkshire
BV2076064/1 Historic Horace Moon 09/04/2007 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2012646/1 Historic Reginald John Moon 26/02/2001 Lewisham London SE13
BV21401283/1 03/03/2014 Michael John Ernest Moone 10/11/2013 Corby Northamptonshire
BV943730/1 Historic Annie Moor 11/05/1993 Rothbury Northumberland
BV2082319/1 Historic Alfred James Martin Moore 17/05/2006 West Norwood London SE27
BV2033157/1 Historic Alwyn Moore 12/11/2002 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV964625/1 Historic Charles Moore 12/11/1993 Watford Hertforshire
BV943465/1 Historic Constance Moore 12/07/1994 Brentwood Essex
BV2088004/1 Historic David Moore 25/06/2008 Edmonton London N18
BV21003617/1 Historic Edward Moore 30/07/2009 Mirfield West Yorkshire
BV980886/1 Historic Eleanor Maud Moore 11/08/1997 Walthamstow London E17
BV990654/1 Historic Elsie Dora Moore 24/11/1998 Harrow Weald Middlesex
BV902612/1 Historic Gerrard Moore 25/01/1989
BV21012071/1 Historic Helen Moore 31/08/2010 Edmonton London N18
BV985451/1 Historic Ivy Moore 08/04/1998 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV2045631/1 Historic John Henry Moore 19/04/2004 Woking Surrey
BV2087587/1 Historic Joseph Moore 23/06/2008 Plaistow London E13
BV964046/1 Historic Kathleen Moore 30/12/1995 Westcliffe on Sea Essex
BV945033/1 Historic Leonard Harry Moore 29/11/1994 Brighton East Sussex
BV965015/1 Historic Lilian Moore 31/08/1996 Leicester Leicestershire
BV21207611/1 Historic Mary Moore 07/02/2012 Borehamwood Hertfordshire
BV2000536/1 Historic Mary Leadbetter Moore 01/11/1999 Bristol Avon
BV2070014/1 Historic Michael John Moore 16/06/2006 Bottisham Cambridgeshire
BV911471/1 Historic Norah Moore 08/04/1991 Isleworth Middlesex
BV21104251/1 Historic Peter Moore 29/10/2010 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2031606/1 Historic Randall Kitchener Moore 04/11/2002 Edmonton London N18
BV2062783/1 Historic Raymond Moore 19/02/2006 Leiceister Leicestershire
BV985532/1 Historic Reginald Moore 17/11/1998 Lincoln Lincolnshire
BV932911/1 Historic Ronald Stuart Moore
BV21014090/1 Historic Thomas Moore 26/07/2010 Westbury-on-Trym Bristol
BV2001135/1 Historic Vera Eva Muriel Moore 16/02/2000 Clacton-on-Sea Essex
BV2000968/1 Historic William Moorfield 29/10/1998 Uxbridge Middlesex
BV21009788/1 Historic Malcolm Terrence Roy Moorse 08/03/2010 Maids Moreton Bucks
BV21210244/1 Historic John Moran 05/12/2007 Tyne & Wear Sunderland
BV21014549/1 Historic John Moran 01/03/2008 Finchley London N12
BV990048/1 Historic Josef Moran 04/11/1993 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2021584/1 Historic Margaret Moran 09/06/2000 St Andrews Guernsey
BV2064338/1 Historic Margaret Moran 03/06/2006 Redhill Surrey
BV2024068/1 Historic Martin Moran 25/06/2002 Sidcup Kent
BV2014753/1 Historic Mary Moran 09/07/2001 North Finchley London N12
BV21013111/1 Historic Peter Moran 27/05/2010 Swindon Wiltshire
BV2011780/1 Historic Violet Moran 22/10/2000 Lewisham London SE4
BV2057221/1 Historic Andrew Moraz 02/04/2004 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV21304103/1 09/05/2013 Webb Philip Morel 11/07/2012 Bromley Kent
BV931715/1 Historic Robert Moreland 26/01/1992
BV2059267/1 Historic Chrisopher Moresby 18/08/2003 Shobrooke Devon
BV2090130/1 Historic Leona Moreton 09/04/2008 Enfield Middlesex
BV2085532/1 Historic Betty Morgan 13/01/2008 Swadlincote Derbyshire
BV2096197/1 Historic Brian Morgan 12/02/2009 Birkenhead Merseyside
BV981529/1 Historic Catherine Morgan 23/12/1997 Swansea
BV964874/1 Historic Daisy Morgan 05/10/1995 Peckham London SE15
BV992538/1 Historic David Morgan 28/02/1999 Neath Port Talbot
BV2095656/1 Historic Doris Morgan 22/12/2008 Rhondda Cynon Taf
BV2036288/1 Historic Dorothy Morgan 12/05/2003 Croydon Surrey
BV966497/1 Historic Edith Annie Morgan 19/02/1996 Warley West Midlands
BV981811/1 Historic Edith Lily Morgan 23/11/1997 Tottenham London N15
BV2012401/1 Historic Elizabeth Bridget Morgan 17/03/2001 Taunton Somerset
BV2030868/1 Historic Ellen Morgan 28/01/2003 Harlesden London NW10
BV972484/1 Historic Ellen Morgan 11/12/1996 Hampstead London NW3.
BV21015271/1 Historic Enid Rosamond Morgan 24/03/2009 Wirral Merseyside
BV994829/1 Historic James Morgan 04/01/1999 Gateshead Tyne & Wear
BV2041173/1 Historic John Morgan 21/11/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV995857/1 Historic John Philip Morgan 06/06/1999 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2087388/1 Historic Lawrence David Morgan 28/08/1994
BV965709/1 Historic Louisa Morgan 22/04/1996 Harrow Middlesex
BV2020530/1 Historic Margaret Dympna Morgan 08/12/2001 Edmonton London N18
BV2060061/1 Historic Melville Thomas Morgan 25/06/2003 Upper Holloway London N19
BV902347/1 Historic Mildred Ellen Morgan 19/12/1989
BV985182/1 Historic Olive Morgan 09/08/1998 Hackney London E9
BV2060419/1 Historic Peter Morgan 02/02/2004 Gillingham Kent
BV891928/1 Historic Richard Howard Rees Morgan 05/08/1988 Lambeth London SE5
BV977050/1 Historic Ruby Winifred Morgan 11/11/1997 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV981945/1 Historic Sarah Blanche Morgan 06/02/1998 Camberwell London SE5
BV903033/1 Historic Thomas George Morgan 27/06/1990 Narberth Dyfed
BV943423/1 Historic William Morgan 29/03/1994 Cardiff
BV2066239/1 Historic Mary Moriarty 05/12/2005 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21210119/1 Historic Nora Moriarty 09/01/2012 Gillingham Kent
BV2020314/1 Historic Hilda Morley 25/12/2001 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV994498/1 Historic Laura Ellen Morley 21/06/1999 Arundel West Sussex
BV2003675/1 Historic Thomas Morley 07/12/1999 Retford Nottinghamshire
BV902181/1 Historic Edward Thomas Moroney 06/07/1990 Croydon Surrey
BV2000198/1 Historic Hilda Moroney 27/06/1999 Merthyr Tydfil
BV2020208/1 Historic James Morrell 13/01/2000 Huntington York
BV985844/1 Historic Albert Morris 18/10/1998 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2030234/1 Historic Alfred Morris 24/12/2002 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV21316064/1 20/11/2013 Anthony Cecil Morris 08/01/2013 Taunton Somerset
BV21006542/1 Historic Barbara Morris 15/02/2010 Southwark London SE1
BV2091262/1 Historic Bernard Morris 26/01/2009 Merthyr Tydfil
BV2091711/1 Historic Betty Morris 27/01/2009 Reading Berkshire
BV21403528/1 10/04/2014 Christine Morris 08/12/2013 Bradwell Staffordshire
BV2094469/1 Historic Christine Carson Morris 06/03/2009 Hampstead London NW3
BV21306237/1 06/06/2013 Clarice Morris 02/11/2003 Hampstead London NW3
BV2083943/1 Historic David James Morris 06/04/2008 Hasland Chesterfield
BV2052721/1 Historic Dorothy Morris 26/01/2005 Tooting London SW17
BV992771/1 Historic Elizabeth Mary Morris 31/03/1999 Rhondda
BV21012784/1 Historic Ellen Morris 26/06/2010 Barnet London EN5
BV951308/1 Historic Ena Morris 17/04/1994 Fulham London SW6
BV2045629/1 Historic Ernest Morris 04/01/2004
BV2024518/1 Historic Flora Morris 26/06/2002 Malvern Worcestershire
BV2060711/1 Historic Frank Morris 18/10/2001 Peckham London SE15
BV2044584/1 Historic Frank James Morris 07/11/2003 Wirral Cheshire
BV21308017/1 30/07/2013 George Morris 23/03/2013 Macclesfield Cheshire
BV922469/1 Historic George Albert Morris 28/06/1992
BV21006911/1 Historic Gordon Morris 12/05/2010 Plymouth Devon
BV2010350/1 Historic James Morris 30/12/1999 Dunstable Bedfordshire
BV21112656/1 Historic James Morris 17/09/2011 Seaton Devon
BV2044411/1 Historic Lilian Morris 08/04/2002 Greenwich London SE10
BV2055560/1 Historic Margaret Eileen Morris 13/04/2005 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
BV2042710/1 Historic Mary Ellen Morris 17/03/2004 Oswestry Shropshire
BV21007360/1 Historic Nellie Ellen Morris 26/12/2009 Camden London NW3
BV2058609/1 Historic Neville Morris 01/10/2005 Plymouth Devon
BV21307553/1 08/08/2013 Raymond Alfred Morris 19/10/2004 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21400403/1 30/01/2014 Robert Vaughan Morris 28/06/2013 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2087800/1 Historic Ronald Morris 05/09/2008 Gloucester Gloucestershire
BV2047048/1 Historic Royston Morris 16/06/2004 Frome Somerset
BV940154/1 Historic Sarah Catherine Morris 04/02/1992
BV21401321/1 28/02/2014 Shirley Morris 27/03/2012 Birmingham
BV2041027/1 Historic Vera Gwendoline Morris 29/12/2003 Colwyn Bay Conwy
BV2030809/1 Historic William Morris 09/01/2002 Aberdare Wales
BV21404229/1 09/04/2014 Donald Peter Morrison 18/11/2013 Denbigh Denbighshire
BV971610/1 Historic Edward John Morrison 06/02/1997 Canvey Island Essex
BV2071055/1 Historic Thomas Morrison 02/08/2006 Westgate-On-Sea Kent
BV983172/1 Historic Christine Morrissey 28/04/1998 Belsize Park London NW3
BV951305/1 Historic Peter Patrick Morrissey 21/02/1995 Camden Town London NW1
BV976999/1 Historic Derek Mortimer 30/04/1997 Norwich Norfolk
BV21009134/1 Historic Madeline Mortimer 30/07/2010 Hampstead London NW3
BV2037623/1 Historic Arthur Morton 25/10/2003 Stafford Staffordshire
BV2013404/1 Historic Fredrick Morton 19/01/2000 Hillingdon Middlesex
BV2035897/1 Historic Geoffrey Morton 18/06/2001 Kidderminster Worcestershire
BV21208167/1 Historic James Morton 30/07/2011 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV21305092/1 14/05/2013 John Welland Morton 24/10/2011 Braintree Essex
BV2013590/1 Historic Robert Morton 13/01/2001 Southampton Hants
BV983803/1 Historic Ruth Annie Morton 05/08/1997 Hampton Bishop Herefordshire
BV2097869/1 Historic Hilde Marte Mos 13/10/2007 Barnet London EN5
BV2075951/1 Historic Albert Moseley 07/05/2007 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2035724/1 Historic George Moseley 24/01/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2041071/1 Historic Judith Moseley 26/11/2003 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2098602/1 Historic Violet Moseley 05/06/2009 Creswell Nottinghamshire
BV2005453/1 Historic Albert Edward Moser 20/01/1999 Oxon Oxfordshire
BV984378/1 Historic Annie Moss 04/08/1998 Isleworth Middlesex
BV2087128/1 Historic Blanche Moss 27/09/1999 South Norwood Surrey
BV2005085/1 Historic Esther Myrtle Moss 09/12/1998 Ashford Kent
BV21002827/1 Historic Gladys Moss 23/01/2008 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV2022565/1 Historic Joseph Moss 15/07/1999 Feltham Middlesex
BV21313038/1 02/10/2013 Kenneth Horton Moss 09/04/2013 Yeovil Somerset
BV2075537/1 Historic Phillip Anthony Moss 11/05/2005 Plymouth Devon
BV991027/1 Historic Phyllis Moss 11/01/1999 Westgate on Sea Kent
BV972822/1 Historic William Moss 21/01/1997 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV2015460/1 Historic Frankie Motah 06/05/2001 Walsall West Midlands
BV21211494/1 Historic John Mouncey 14/05/2008 GREAT YARMOUTH Norfolk
BV2010953/1 Historic May Caroline Mouncey 02/12/2000 Four marks Hampshire
BV933955/1 Historic Marjorie Frances Isobel Mounsey-Wood 25/11/1993 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
BV2096120/1 Historic Ann Winifred Mount 26/06/2008 Basingstoke Hampshire
BV991958/1 Historic Peggy Diana Mountain 12/04/1999 Bexhill on Sea Sussex
BV2014971/1 Historic Mouthand of Truthappy 11/09/2001 Weymouth Dorset
BV21306219/1 10/06/2013 Charles Alexander Moyce 03/03/2000 Harrow Middlesex
BV2040129/1 Historic Edward John Moyle 04/11/2003 Hertsmere Hertforshire
BV995398/1 Historic Eva Mraczynska 28/10/1999 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV2092159/1 Historic Helen Mueller 13/02/2008 Ilford Essex
BV2084950/1 Historic Violet Amelia Muff 15/04/2008 Catford London SE6
BV992996/1 Historic Agatha Muktasingh 19/01/1999 Tunbridge Wells Kent
BV2087447/1 Historic Anthony Mulenga 22/01/2005 Hereford Herefordshire
BV2086570/1 Historic Anthony Mullahy 17/07/2008 Leicester Leicestershire
BV21213357/1 Historic Mary Theresa Mullally 10/11/2009 Southall Middlesex
BV2010669/1 Historic Violet Ruby Mullard 23/01/2001 Stoke-On-Trent Staffordshire
BV2014022/1 Historic Alexander Mullen 09/06/2001 Shepherds Bush London W12
BV21002943/1 Historic Kathleen Mullen 13/12/2009 Middlesborough Cleveland
BV21008578/1 Historic Theresa Veronica Mullen 05/04/2010 New Eltham London SE9
BV2023899/1 Historic Thomas Frederick Muller 12/04/1997 Shoreditch London E2
BV974717/1 Historic John Francis Mulligan 17/08/1997 Chesterfield Derbyshire
BV2023307/1 Historic Michael Mulligan 23/08/2001 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland
BV2004837/1 Historic Peter Mulligan 18/08/2000 Lewisham London SE13
BV2085441/1 Historic James Mullins 31/05/2008 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
BV21103830/1 Historic Patrick Richard Mullins 01/11/2009 Croydon Surrey
BV990404/1 Historic Joyce Mullis 24/01/1999 Easingwold North Yorkshire
BV2076290/1 Historic Llewellyn Anthony Mulvoy 20/07/2007 Scarborough North Yorkshire
BV2066359/1 Historic Hilda Mumford 09/12/2005 Wisbech Cambridgeshire
BV993722/1 Historic Mohamed Abdul Munim 09/10/1997 Kilburn London NW6
BV2010254/1 Historic Leah Muranyi 20/11/1999 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV21202244/1 Historic Anthony Murphy 21/07/2011 Cricklewood London NW2
BV21307750/1 19/12/2013 Catherine Murphy 29/11/2010 Maida Vale London W9
BV985305/1 Historic Catherine Pauline Murphy 18/10/1998 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2004472/1 Historic Eileen Murphy 11/07/1996 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV21204908/1 Historic Eileen Marie Murphy 18/01/2012 Lewisham London SE13
BV995448/1 Historic James Joseph Murphy 28/08/1999 Paddington London W2
BV2055729/1 Historic John Murphy 23/02/2005 Islington London N7
BV964180/1 Historic John Murphy 03/07/1996 Tooting London SW17
BV2024847/1 Historic Joseph Murphy 02/09/2002 Kensington London W10
BV980443/1 Historic Joseph Murphy 15/05/1997 Northumberland
BV2098013/1 Historic Patrick Murphy 07/08/2009 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV991654/1 Historic Richard Murphy
BV21306405/1 10/06/2013 Ronald Murphy 18/11/2004 Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire
BV21306394/1 20/06/2013 Selma Murphy 30/03/2011 Camden London NW1
BV2096629/1 Historic William Murphy 19/05/2009 Camden London NW5
BV2048341/1 Historic Elsie Murray 31/03/2004 Kirklees Huddersfield
BV2097373/1 Historic Francis Murray 24/07/2007 Worcester Worcestershire
BV21205156/1 Historic Gemma June Valerie Murray 05/11/2011
BV2001761/1 Historic Harry Murray 17/03/2000 Poole Dorset
BV2010192/1 Historic John Murray 28/09/2000 Leicester Leicestershire
BV2056938/1 Historic John Murray 15/12/2004 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV2063681/1 Historic Mary Teresa Murray 01/05/2006 Chichester West Sussex
BV2031952/1 Historic Norman Murray 21/12/2002 High Wycombe Buckinghamshire
BV21207971/1 Historic Oliver Murray 29/11/2011 Cannock Staffordshire
BV985162/1 Historic William Murray 11/10/1997
BV901126/1 Historic Vicisima Kathleen Murtagh 13/11/1986 Leamington Spa Warwickshire
BV2092715/1 Historic George Murton 06/02/2009 Edmonton London N18
BV2091041/1 Historic Francis Muscat 21/01/2006 Cardiff
BV2078897/1 Historic Alfred Justaruse Muschette 24/08/2007 Edmonton London N18
BV2004570/1 Historic Stephen Musgrave 23/08/2000 Houghton Le Spring Tyne & Wear
BV2012810/1 Historic Doris Musgrove 27/04/2001 South Harrow Middlesex
BV21014014/1 Historic Graham Dennis Musgrove 10/12/2008 Lichfield Staffordshire
BV2057053/1 Historic Clive William Musson 24/07/2005 Horsted Keynes West Sussex
BV2084227/1 Historic Cynthia Musson 29/05/2008 Harrogate North Yorkshire
BV912414/1 Historic Ruby Isabel Mustchin 30/08/1991 Richmond upon Thames Surrey
BV2037860/1 Historic Amos Mutimer 25/08/1999 Suffolk
BV21109344/1 Historic Maria Myatt 25/09/2010 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV21208750/1 Historic David John Myers 16/07/2012 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV990731/1 Historic James Myers 09/01/1999 Marylebone London NW8
BV2005553/1 Historic Linda Myers 15/09/2000 Sutton London SM5
BV2057096/1 Historic Wilfred Stanley Myers 09/03/2005 Mill Hill London NW7
BV2013261/1 Historic Clarence Valdemar Myles 19/04/2001 Gedling Nottinghamshire
BV21306253/1 14/06/2013 Magdalena Nagy 10/05/2005 Southall Middlesex
BV21004685/1 Historic Ghanasham Laxmansing Naik 26/08/2009 Southwark London SE5
BV21113675/1 Historic Ram Swamy Naiker 19/09/2011 Isleworth Middlesex
BV960598/1 Historic John Edward Naish 22/12/1995 Whitechapel London E1
BV2058435/1 Historic Elton Cornelius Nanton 01/09/2004 Buckingham Buckinghamshire
BV2033827/1 Historic Kenneth Napier 12/01/2003 Birmingham West Midlands
BV961218/1 Historic Volodymyr Narizhnys 03/01/1996 Uxbridge Middlesex
BV2011257/1 Historic Eva Nash 01/02/2001 Brighton East Sussex
BV943332/1 Historic Kathleen Nash 27/07/1993 Buntingford Hertfordshire
BV21109262/1 Historic Vasilika Naskova 22/09/2010 Camberwell London SE5
BV943372/1 Historic Edward Naughton 09/04/1994 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV21014478/1 Historic James Naughton 19/12/2008 Luton Bedfordshire
BV2032658/1 Historic Adoracion Navarrete 07/02/2001 Westminster London SW1
BV2084700/1 Historic Maria Carmen Navarro 23/12/2007 Hove East Sussex
BV21013131/1 Historic Mohammed Nawaz 06/10/2010 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21301092/1 04/06/2013 George Naylor 16/12/2012 South Shields Tyne & Wear
BV21307791/1 24/07/2013 Maria Nazarewicz 20/06/2013 Ealing London W5
BV2078919/1 Historic Reinhuld Nazarski 09/07/2007 Epsom Surrey
BV2031819/1 Historic Boris Nazaryn 23/03/2003 Bath Somerset
BV2084590/1 Historic Doris Margaret May Neal 02/06/2008 King’s Lynn Cambridgeshire
BV2020420/1 Historic Frank Neal 02/05/1999 Goodmayes Essex
BV2094506/1 Historic Kenneth Victor Neal 17/12/2008 Coventry Warwickshire
BV2077930/1 Historic Michael John Neal 31/08/2007 Walsall West Midlands
BV972106/1 Historic Roy Edward Neal 14/09/1996 Walsgrave Coventry
BV2002485/1 Historic Stanley William Neal 01/04/2000 Denmark Hill London SE5
BV2001035/1 Historic George Herbert Neale 15/03/1998 Oxon Oxfordshire
BV2085996/1 Historic Michael John Neale 11/05/2008 Stamford Lincolnshire
BV2086891/1 Historic Catherine Neary 17/10/2008 Canterbury Kent
BV2021426/1 Historic Vincent Nebril 13/03/2002 Bedlington Northumberland
BV21315766/1 09/04/2014 Elizabeth Louise Neely 18/07/2013 North Walsham Norfolk
BV985246/1 Historic Gordon John Neeves 27/10/1998 Bournemouth Dorset
BV21310753/1 23/09/2013 Gladys Mildred Neidleman 11/10/1996 Chiswick London W4
BV972275/1 Historic Thomas Neilson 09/12/1996 Paddington London W2
BV965806/1 Historic Lourdes Neish 17/06/1996 Walworth London SE17
BV2000312/1 Historic Ethel Nelson 03/07/1999 Cardiff
BV2021531/1 Historic Evelyn Nelson 12/01/1999 Norwich Norfolk
BV21202988/1 Historic Ian Nelson 10/12/2011 Melton Constable Norfolk
BV932077/1 Historic Lewis Nelson 11/05/1993 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21109871/1 Historic Terence Nelson 26/03/2011 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands
BV2023545/1 Historic Thomas Nelson 22/09/2001 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV2082989/1 Historic Peter Nese 24/11/2007 Hove East Sussex
BV982068/1 Historic Leni-Luise Neumann 24/07/1997 Lewisham London SE13
BV930087/1 Historic Emilia Nevado-Tapia 17/05/1990
BV21213542/1 06/06/2013 Henry Arthur Neville 26/03/2007 Forest Gate London E7
BV2056351/1 Historic Gerald Nevin 22/05/2005 Southampton Hampshire
BV2056365/1 Historic Coralie Clare New 20/06/2005 Kiddrminster Worcestershire
BV2081701/1 Historic Robert New 07/12/2006 Petworth West Sussex
BV971897/1 Historic Patricia Newall 29/09/1991
BV2050345/1 07/01/2014 James Leonard Newble 15/08/2004 Worcester Worcestershire
BV2086582/1 Historic John William Newbury 25/08/2008 Kettering Northamptonshire
BV2003189/1 Historic Dorothy Newby 22/07/1999 Newcastle Upon Tyne Northumbria
BV967166/1 Historic Florence Newcombe 24/09/1995 Chingford London E4
BV2055311/1 Historic Robert Newlands 10/03/2005 London W7
BV2084154/1 Historic George Newman 10/04/2008 Westcliffe on Sea Essex
BV953022/1 Historic Gwendoline Gladys Newman 15/06/1995 Rochester Kent
BV2014473/1 Historic Jack Newman 08/09/2001 Southall Middlesex
BV974674/1 Historic James Newman 21/06/1997 Coventry West Midlands
BV2048509/1 Historic John Newman 10/07/2004 Leicester Leicestershire
BV923116/1 Historic John Martin Newman 03/01/1992 Taunton Somerset
BV2025358/1 Historic John Robertson Newman 16/09/2002 Acton Lonodn W3
BV2022699/1 Historic Lucy Newman 13/05/2000 Brondesbury London
BV2097560/1 Historic Peter McDowie Newman 08/08/2009 Alton Hampshire
BV2085829/1 Historic Robert Newman 10/05/2008 Egham Surrey
BV2062647/1 Historic Ronald James Newman 05/12/2006 Huddersfield West Yorkshire
BV2023369/1 Historic Violet Maude May Newman 03/11/1999 Norwich Norfolk
BV2092064/1 Historic Kenneth Walter Newson 02/12/2008 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
BV20911260/1 Historic Muriel Newson 15/01/2008 Ipswich Suffolk
BV992157/1 Historic Audrey Newton 26/02/1999
BV992994/1 Historic Dorothy May Newton 28/08/1998 Cottingham East Yorkshire
BV976565/1 Historic Ethel Mary Newton 24/05/1997 Batley West Yorkshire
BV2005408/1 Historic Florence Newton 19/02/2000 London N2
BV2091381/1 Historic Joseph Paul Newton 23/06/2008 Southampton Hampshire
BV20910946/1 Historic Kenneth Newton 20/09/2009 Winterbourne Gloucestershire
BV933003/1 Historic Margaret Newton 12/01/1993 Southend on Sea Essex
BV2044265/1 Historic Maud Elizabeth Newton 29/02/2004 Rhyl
BV21306368/1 10/07/2013 Joseph Neylan 13/02/2013 Edmonton London N18
BV2060777/1 Historic Samuel Neylan 01/04/2005 London SE15
BV2037173/1 Historic Marjorie Nichele 12/05/2001 Highgate Hill London N19
BV931212/1 Historic Margaret Nicholas 13/01/1993 London SE16
BV2040393/1 Historic Florence Nicholls 03/05/2003 Lewisham London SE13
BV2085314/1 Historic Francis Nicholls 01/08/2007 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2082940/1 Historic Gerald Arthur Nicholls 21/07/2007
BV2099079/1 Historic Joyce Margery Nicholls 21/08/2009 Carshalton Surrey
BV950579/1 Historic Macarthur Nicholls 03/11/1994 Gillingham Kent
BV21317230/1 04/12/2013 Peter Thomas Nicholls 22/09/2013 Clapham London SW4
BV2002580/1 Historic Thomas Joseph Nicholls 24/01/1999 Edmonton London N18
BV2046054/1 Historic David Nichols
BV931093/1 Historic Emily Nichols 10/01/1989 London NW8
BV940642/1 Historic Phyllis Edith Nichols 13/07/1993 Hove East Sussex
BV984579/1 Historic William Desmond Nichols 20/10/1997 Fulbourn Cambridgeshire
BV2098772/1 Historic Alice Nicholson 20/09/2002 Islington London N19
BV2061055/1 Historic Archie Nicholson 30/01/2005 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2053991/1 Historic George Nicholson
BV944907/1 Historic Jane Nicholson 23/10/1994 Sunderland Tyne & Wear
BV21211241/1 20/02/2013 Muriel Nicholson 13/08/2011 Wakefield West Yorkshire
BV950621/1 Historic Ronald Nicholson 19/12/1994 London NW1
BV952185/1 Historic Stanley Nicholson 03/09/1992 Wanstead London E11
BV2022648/1 Historic Stephen Nicholson 11/05/2001 Brighouse West Yorkshire
BV2091622/1 Historic Thomas William Nicholson 22/02/2005 Springwell Village Tyne & Wear
BV2012077/1 Historic Violet Nicholson 09/11/2000 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV995271/1 Historic Hildegard Marianne Nickel 16/08/1999 London W1
BV2055053/1 Historic Alfred Nield 21/07/2002 Chester Cheshire
BV970418/1 Historic Hsu Hsin Nien 15/01/1997 Canvey Island Essex
BV21214873/1 Historic Catherine Nightingale 05/02/2007 Barnet Hertfordshire
BV2091146/1 Historic Leonard Nightingale 16/03/2008 Birmingham West Midlands
BV2061547/1 Historic Violet Nightingale 27/01/2006 Derby Derbyshire
BV971840/1 Historic Winifred Elizabeth Nightingale 03/03/1997 Brighton East Sussex
BV21212445/1 Historic Japp Nijenhius 05/09/2005 Lambeth
BV21316758/1 14/03/2014 Charles William Nitchen 11/01/2010 Watford Hertfordshire
BV983260/1 Historic Armand John Nitelet 25/04/1998 Harrow Middlesex
BV2084079/1 Historic William Charles Nixon 12/12/2007 Solihull West Midlands
BV974382/1 Historic Ada May Noble 22/01/1997 Derby Derbyshire
BV21114515/1 Historic Derek Wilson Noble 20/02/2011 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV964871/1 Historic Mabel Noble 26/07/1996 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV982768/1 Historic Mary Noble 19/11/1997 Harrow Middlesex
BV21301607/1 08/03/2013 Phyllis Noble 12/09/2012 Basildon Essex
BV21402013/1 14/04/2014 June Noel 21/10/2013 Essex
BV964919/1 Historic France Pierre Noel 21/05/1996
BV2025862/1 Historic Albert Frederick Nolan 26/08/2002 Lewisham London SE4
BV20910419/1 Historic Henry Nolan 14/12/2008 Forest Hill London SE23
BV2023763/1 Historic John Nolan 09/05/2002 Feltham Middlesex
BV2012675/1 Historic Louis Caibrie Nolan 06/01/2001 Westminster London SW1
BV21306170/1 05/06/2013 Michael Nolan 20/09/2005 Swansea
BV21200747/1 Historic Michael Nolan 06/08/2011 Peterborough
BV2013528/1 Historic Stephen Patrick Nolan 11/07/2001 Fulham London W6
BV2031754/1 Historic Trevor Andrew Nolan 16/02/2003 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21303739/1 06/06/2013 Brian Noonan 12/01/2012 Watford Hertfordshire
BV2041933/1 Historic Robert Patrick Noonan 06/03/2004 Harrow Middlesex
BV963875/1 Historic Abdool Noor 15/03/1996 Gillingham Kent
BV2046824/1 Historic Alam Noor 13/08/2004 Thornton Heath Surrey
BV2001588/1 Historic Charles Hall Norden 02/01/2000 Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland
BV2046513/1 Historic Charles Frederick Thomas Norman 03/01/1998 Epsom Surrey
BV2080183/1 Historic Eric Norman 28/09/2007 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV976766/1 Historic Harry Norman 20/09/1997 Bristol
BV2014457/1 Historic Mary Violet Norman 31/08/2001 London NW9
BV2084631/1 Historic Patrick Joseph Norman 13/12/2007 Islington London N19
BV2082123/1 Historic Ronald Harvey Norman 21/03/2003 Bow London E3
BV21001918/1 Historic Norma Normane 15/01/2010 York North Yorkshire
BV2073765/1 Historic Peter Norquay 16/02/2007 Wood Green London N22
BV21303926/1 21/05/2013 Betty Norris 28/04/2001 Hull Kingston upon Hull
BV992668/1 Historic Eileen Norris 11/05/1999 Brighton East Sussex
BV2066087/1 Historic Leslie Norris 31/07/2006 Chesham Buckinghamshire
BV2087129/1 Historic Mabel Norris 04/07/2004 Leytonstone London E11
BV2064690/1 Historic Arnold Clement North 29/01/2006 Acton London W12
BV2043793/1 Historic Bernard North 29/11/2003 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV944017/1 Historic Dorothy May North 17/07/1994 Hampstead London NW3
BV912109/1 Historic Ellen North 28/01/1991 London SW8
BV21103067/1 Historic Justin Edward Northcroft 24/02/2005 Balham London SW12
BV2004089/1 Historic Arthur Robert John Northover 04/06/2000 Bournemouth Dorset
BV2061371/1 Historic Stuart Alexander Edward Northover 30/11/2005 Purley Surrey
BV964784/1 Historic Patricia Ann Northrop 02/07/1996 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
BV981220/1 Historic Beryl Lilian Norton 24/10/1997 Charlton London SE7
BV2064710/1 Historic Jacqueline Brenda Norton 26/02/2005 Whitley Bay Tyne & Wear
BV2003112/1 Historic Rudolph Norton 20/01/2000 Orpington Kent
BV21011046/1 Historic Lija Novakovic 16/05/2010 Margate
BV862010/1 Historic Feliks Nowakowski 07/06/1986
BV964622/1 Historic Ethel Nowell 19/06/1996