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The Treasury takes in millions of pounds each year from unclaimed estates and some of the cash could be yours! Check the list of estates published by the UK Treasury this week and contact us to claim your inheritance. Check the full list here.

Reference Publication Forename Surname Date of Death Place of Death
BV Reference Date of Publication Forename Surname Date of Death Place of Death
BV21813009/1 16/08/2018 David Bessant 28/01/1989 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV21812740/1 16/08/2018 Leslie Ralph Booth 03/05/2003 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21813073/1 16/08/2018 Wayne Raymond Carne 16/06/2018 Bridgend Mid Glamorgan
BV21813190/1 16/08/2018 Donald Christie 01/07/2018 Acton London W3
BV21812972/1 16/08/2018 Alan Royle Cotterell 18/06/2018 Warrington Cheshire
BV21812968/1 16/08/2018 Helen Douglas 09/06/2018 Birkenhead Merseyside
BV21813125/1 16/08/2018 Ronald Eagle 28/03/2018 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV21813181/1 16/08/2018 Alan Edwards 14/06/2018 Hyde Cheshire
BV21813007/1 16/08/2018 Alan Thomas Fitzhenry 14/03/2018 Woolwich London SE18
BV21813002/1 16/08/2018 William Forsyth 27/07/2018 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV21813065/1 16/08/2018 David Michael Gray 31/05/2015 St Leonards On Sea East Sussex
BV21813068/1 16/08/2018 Hannah Hamilton 28/12/2016 Whitechapel London E1
BV21813084/1 16/08/2018 Raymond Hawksworth 15/01/2018 Whitchurch Shropshire
BV21813146/1 16/08/2018 Raymond George Hoare 15/05/2018 Westbury Wiltshire
BV21812975/1 16/08/2018 Peter James Howland 22/01/2018 Brent London NW9
BV21812836/1 16/08/2018 Henry Hudson 02/04/2018 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
BV21813248/1 16/08/2018 Peter Kent 22/03/2018 Harrow London
BV21813082/1 16/08/2018 John Kernohan 13/03/2018 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
BV21813185/1 16/08/2018 Ernest Kerry 15/03/2018 Grimsby North Lincolnshire
BV21812750/1 16/08/2018 Fred King 30/04/2018 Chertsey Surrey
BV21813066/1 16/08/2018 Psalau Kingyune 28/07/2016 Whitechapel London E1
BV21813193/1 16/08/2018 Bordan Kmet 06/02/2018 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21813155/1 16/08/2018 Balasinghan Kumarasamy 23/06/2018 Bournemouth. Dorset
BV21813128/1 16/08/2018 Barbara Lisovszky 10/04/2018 Sheffield South Yorkshire
BV21813182/1 16/08/2018 Michael Peter Macefield-Jones 02/04/2016 Durham Co Durham
BV21813192/1 16/08/2018 Elizabeth Margaret Mayer 28/02/2018 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire
BV21813246/1 16/08/2018 William James Mellis 23/02/2018 Hammersmith London W6
BV21813195/1 16/08/2018 McDonald Noel 24/04/2018 Camden London NW3
BV21813079/1 16/08/2018 Alan Prowse 13/11/2017 South Hornchurch Essex
BV21813064/1 16/08/2018 James Michael Regan 29/03/2017 Whitechapel London E1
BV21813070/1 16/08/2018 Doreen Rowland 13/05/2017 Manor Park London E12
BV21813187/1 16/08/2018 Anthony Leon Ruggier 13/03/2014 Swindon Wiltshire
BV21813132/1 16/08/2018 Brian Philip Smith 24/06/2018 Southampton Hampshire
BV21813184/1 16/08/2018 Thomas Edward Stanley 09/01/2016 Brighton East Sussex
BV21813074/1 16/08/2018 William Job Summers 10/04/2018 Cardiff South Glamorgan
BV21813008/1 16/08/2018 Roy Sutton 20/01/2005 Doncaster South Yorkshire
BV21813093/1 16/08/2018 John Trevor Tall 17/02/2017 Grimsby North East Lincolnshire
BV21813081/1 16/08/2018 Michael Allen Thacker 03/04/2018 Edmonton London N18
BV21813183/1 16/08/2018 Shelagh Anne Ward 02/10/2017 Sale Manchester
BV21812981/1 16/08/2018 Brian Waugh 03/07/2017 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV21813004/1 16/08/2018 Brian James Webb 17/06/2018 Torquay Devon
BV21813067/1 16/08/2018 Charles Weinberg 18/11/2017 Ilford Essex