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The Treasury takes in millions of pounds each year from unclaimed estates and some of the cash could be yours! Check the list of estates published by the UK Treasury this week and contact us to claim your inheritance. Check the full list here.

Reference Publication Forename Surname Date of Death Place of Death
BV Reference Date of Publication Forename Surname Date of Death Place of Death
BV21721937/1 12/12/2017 Terence Francis Aylward 31/10/2017 Eastbourne East Sussex
BV21721870/1 12/12/2017 George Edward Robert Baker 07/08/2016 Leytonstone London E11
BV21721828/1 12/12/2017 Raymond William Cocks 29/07/2017 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21721936/1 12/12/2017 Maurice Dade 14/08/2017 Wolverhampton West Midlands
BV21721932/1 12/12/2017 Ronald John Day 15/05/2014 Bangor Gwynedd
BV21721935/1 12/12/2017 Robin Alfred De Crittenden 21/08/2017 Walsall West Midlands
BV21721782/1 12/12/2017 Eileen Dodsworth 20/07/2017 Wrangle Lincolnshire
BV21721787/1 12/12/2017 Michael Terrence Doran 20/10/2017 Fulham London SW6
BV21721801/1 12/12/2017 Alan Eagleson 24/03/2017 Newcastle Tyne and Wear
BV21721827/1 12/12/2017 Shirley Marion Edwards 23/08/2017 Spilsby Lincolnshire
BV21721826/1 12/12/2017 Sally Ann Elton 25/10/2016 Whitechapel London E1
BV21721938/1 12/12/2017 James Gordon 16/11/2017 Watford Hertfordshire
BV21721941/1 12/12/2017 Derek Halliwell 25/12/2014 Hillingdon Middlesex
BV21721781/1 12/12/2017 Pamela Hazelden 01/03/2016 St Leonard’s on Sea East Sussex
BV21721820/1 12/12/2017 Brendan John Anthony Hughes 04/04/2016 Salisbury Wiltshire
BV21721934/1 12/12/2017 David John Jones 29/01/2017 Newport Gwent
BV21721944/1 12/12/2017 Christopher Frederick Jones 14/08/2017 Reading Berkshire
BV21721945/1 12/12/2017 Alan King 14/04/2017 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21721940/1 12/12/2017 Michael John O’Shea 12/06/2017 Newport Gwent
BV21721784/1 12/12/2017 Tyrone James Pagett 28/05/2017 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21721943/1 12/12/2017 James Park 19/09/2001 NottinghamNottinghamshire
BV21721786/1 12/12/2017 William Parker 15/07/2017 Hackney London E8
BV21721933/1 12/12/2017 Norman Malcolm Powell 20/03/2017 Chertsey Surrey
BV21721779/1 12/12/2017 Germain Ravenall 23/11/2009 Birmingham West Midlands
BV21721780/1 12/12/2017 Kevin Roberts 21/02/2017 Wrexham Clwyd
BV21721939/1 12/12/2017 Reginald Seaton 25/08/2017 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV21721942/1 12/12/2017 Andrejs Siekstins 09/11/2008 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
BV21721825/1 12/12/2017 Leonard William Strudwick 29/08/2017 Hillingdon Middlesex
BV21721829/1 12/12/2017 Christine Winifred Taylor 06/07/2017 Rhos On Sea Conwy
BV21721946/1 12/12/2017 Lillian Tyrrell 22/01/2017 Farnham Surrey
BV21721824/1 12/12/2017 Michael Joseph Ward 08/09/2017 Fulham London W6
BV21721789/1 12/12/2017 Dorothy Susan Ware 31/03/2017 Oswestry Shropshire
BV21721947/1 12/12/2017 Derek Woodhouse 14/12/2016 Bisley Surrey
BV21721783/1 12/12/2017 Joan Wright 28/04/2016 Donisthorpe Leicestershire