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The Treasury takes in millions of pounds each year from unclaimed estates and some of the cash could be yours! Check the list of estates published by the UK Treasury this week and contact us to claim your inheritance. Check the full list here.

Reference Publication Forename Surname Date of Death Place of Death
BV Reference Date of Publication Forename Surname Date of Death Place of Death
BV21716884/1 12/10/2017 Shafia Begum 25/05/2016 Leeds
BV21716889/1 12/10/2017 Roy Bridge 17/10/2016 Hornchurch Essex
BV21716862/1 12/10/2017 Roy Kelman Entwhistle 19/04/2017 King’s Lynn Norfolk
BV21716864/1 12/10/2017 Robert Hince 26/05/2017 Dagenham Essex
BV21716886/1 12/10/2017 Marion Marsh 20/04/2017 Romford Essex
BV21716871/1 12/10/2017 Thomas Matthews 15/08/2016 Upminster Essex
BV21716865/1 12/10/2017 Francis McCarthy 09/05/2017 Lewisham London SE6
BV21716870/1 12/10/2017 James Philips 21/11/2015 Notting Hill London W11
BV21716887/1 12/10/2017 Peter Roberts 12/02/2017 Romford Essex
BV21716866/1 12/10/2017 Betty Joyce Salmon 02/10/2016 Bexhill East Sussex
BV21716868/1 12/10/2017 Margaret Simmonds 19/06/2016 Horley Surrey
BV21716867/1 12/10/2017 Tony John Springett 21/11/2016 Sudbury Suffolk
BV21716863/1 12/10/2017 Edward James Taylor 05/05/2017 Gravesend Kent