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The Treasury takes in millions of pounds each year from unclaimed estates and some of the cash could be yours! Check the list of estates published by the UK Treasury this week and contact us to claim your inheritance. Check the full list here.

Reference Publication Forename Surname Date of Death Place of Death
BV Reference Date of Publication Forename Surname Date of Death Place of Death
BV21802151/1 12/02/2018 Jill Eleanor Chapman 02/11/2017 South Benfleet Essex
BV21802207/1 12/02/2018 Albert Peter Cruickshanks 25/10/2014 Bradford West Yorkshire
BV21802189/1 12/02/2018 John Docherty 15/01/2015 Stevenage Hertfordshire
BV21802165/1 12/02/2018 Kenneth Harry Edwards 29/11/2017 Leeds West Yorkshire
BV21802148/1 12/02/2018 Janice Catherine Faulkner 26/01/2015 Colchester Essex
BV21802140/1 12/02/2018 Ian Hall 01/11/2016 Luton Bedfordshire
BV21802159/1 12/02/2018 George Sidney James 14/01/2018 Kingston Kingston upon Thames
BV21802195/1 12/02/2018 Frances Patricia Langley 05/01/2018 Colchester Essex
BV21802142/1 12/02/2018 Clifford Samuel Leach 23/01/2018 Shirehampton Bristol
BV21802186/1 12/02/2018 Alfred Edmond Lynch 06/05/2015 Redford Nottingham
BV21802193/1 12/02/2018 Derek John McKean 01/04/2017 Wirral Merseyside
BV21802161/1 12/02/2018 Geraldine Winifred Motley 20/03/2017 Hythe Kent
BV21802144/1 12/02/2018 Ernest Leslie Murrell 26/02/2014 Shilton Warwickshire
BV21802167/1 12/02/2018 William Francis Reason 05/02/2017 Woolwich London SE18
BV21802133/1 12/02/2018 Jill Robina Seaman 01/08/2017 Harwich Essex
BV21802202/1 12/02/2018 George Kazimierz Skarbek-Kruszewski 09/08/2017 Oxford Oxfordshire
BV21802184/1 12/02/2018 Alma Eva Tomlinson 06/12/2017 Coventry West Midlands
BV21802187/1 12/02/2018 John Wheldon 04/07/2017 Clapham London SW2
BV21802185/1 12/02/2018 Patricia Ann Wootton 28/01/2017 Bordesley Green Birmingham
BV21802198/1 12/02/2018 Nellie Betty Wynn 25/12/2017 Wolverhampton West Midlands