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With the guidance of seasoned faculty, you can choose an area of emphasis that supports your future career goals. Fashion and Interior Merchandising Corporate Track, B.A. So put yourself in Nashville — Music City — and get a head start on your musical career. This application is intended for mobile devices and may not function as expected. Lipscomb University welcomes many students in our summer courses who are non-Lipscomb undergraduates. A home from home, you can live, study and relax here. If you have a passion to teach and develop students with disabilities, you’re in the right place. Dig deeper into the incredible body of knowledge that constitutes mathematics by earning your degree in the field. Catalog Content. Our Spanish Teaching degree combines a respected education program and studies in language, geography and literature. Molecular Biology - Biomolecular Science Graduate Bridge Program, Human Disease Track, B.S. Secondary education candidates will graduate with a teaching major in the subject area they want to teach. Students can also complete state requirements for endorsement in additional high school subjects. Theatre Minor Secondary Emphasis, Design/Tech, Theatre Minor Secondary Emphasis, Directing, Theatre Minor Secondary Emphasis, Playwriting. The problem-solving skills you finesse will apply far beyond just equations. Lipscomb University offers 123 distinct undergraduate degrees, concentrated into 75 majors within 26 broad fields of study. Environmental & Sustainability Science - Biology emphasis, B.S. Family Science: Mental Health Professions track, B.A. Management, Supply Chain Management Concentration, B.B.A. Your studies will give you a deeper context for politics, religion and your own faith. Political Science, Pre - Law Concentration, B.A. The Honors College: Collins Scholar, Honors College Scholar, Honors College Fellow, LIFE (Lipscomb Initiative for Education) Program, A.A., B.P.S, Acalog™ Academic Catalog Management System™ (ACMS™). Design/Development Certificate (Front/Back-End), Education: Interdisciplinary Middle Grades Teaching, 6-8 Licensure, Education: Interdisciplinary Studies in Education, Education: Interdisciplinary Teaching, K-5 Licensure, Education: Interdisciplinary Teaching, Pre K-3 Licensure, English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement, IDEAL - Igniting the Dream of Education at Lipscomb. The cross-cultural mindset you’ll gain will carry you a long way — quite literally. Lipscomb University. Study some of the physical world’s most inscrutable mysteries and examine the laws of motion and energy inherent in everything we do. Music, Commercial (Songwriting or Production), B.M. Alongside our experienced faculty, you'll interact with important figures in German life, from business and politics to the music industry, international relations and education. You’ll gain experience and confidence through a handful of both on-campus and off-site organizations that will provide you with real-time opportunities. For ongoing updates to departmental information, go … You may then click "View Classes" to see scheduled classes for individual courses. Accreditation Framingham State University Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2018 ACCREDITATION Framingham State University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC), a non-governmental, nationally recognized organization whose affiliated institutions include elementary schools through collegiate institutions offering post-graduate instruction. Our expert faculty will train you to develop both physical activity and health curricula programs giving you a sought-after holistic approach to health and physical education. Lipscomb University Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 update and response. Adding an ESL endorsement provides evidence of your skills and can make you even more marketable as a teacher. One University Park Drive Of the 24 undergraduate non-seekers at Lipscomb University, 8.33% (2) took at least one class online. One University Park Drive Nashville, TN 37204-3951 615.966.1000 • 800.333.4358. www.lipscomb.edu. Learn from our accomplished faculty who will set you on the path to be a confident, competent, conscious teacher. Choose a catalog. / M.A. Through a one-day behavioral assessment, you can earn up to 30 hours of credit and uncover skills that you can develop to achieve your future goals. • Greek Minor • Hebrew Minor • Missions Minor • Theology and Ministry, B.A. 1 (800) 333-4358 While our academics and research are on par with some of the most prestigious schools in the country, we know deep knowledge is only transformative when combined with deep ethics and integrity. Undergraduate Studies. Courses by Subject Area Click on the links below for a list of courses in that subject area. • Theology and Ministry, Missions Concentration, B.A. Music is a diverse, exhilarating field. / M.A. Accreditation Memberships Vision Statement Mission and Values The University. The complete Lipscomb University Undergraduate Catalog. Nashville, TN 37204-3951, Member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, Member of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. Your frequent teaching experiences in local schools will continue to grow your abilities and connections. 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog; 2020-2021 Graduate Catalog; 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG] 2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG] The full-time enrollment at Lipscomb University is 4,214 and the part-time enrollment is 428. You’ll have flexible coursework allowing you to gain extra certifications or even to teach abroad! The corporate institution known as Lipscomb University consists of a campus school, Lipscomb Academy, and a university. Prepare to start your career in education. K-12 teachers are expected to handle the basics and then some—everything from multiplication to music. Electrical and Computer Engineering: Electrical Engineering Track, B.S. Welcome to the ETSU Undergraduate Catalog. or B.S.). Lipscomb's beautiful campus has historical buildings, green spaces and state-of-the-art facilities. Grow your working knowledge of biology through research experience in our state-of-the-art laboratories. You’ll enrich your cultural competencies, engage your critical thinking, sharpen your oral and written communication skills, and expand your knowledge about different ways of thinking. Lipscomb is a nationally recognized research institution with academically rigorous programs and talented, intentional faculty who serve as innovative leaders in their fields. The student-faculty ratio at Lipscomb University is 13:1, and the school has 60.1% of its classes with fewer than 20 students. Music Teaching (Vocal/General Music), B.M. Learn from our accomplished faculty who will set you on the path to be a confident and competent teacher. Learn how to be an artist while learning the business. ), Family Science: Child Life Specialist track (B.A. Electrical and Computer Engineering: Computer Engineering Track, B.S. The global learning experience you receive here will provide you the confidence you need as a K-12 teacher or a business professional. Law, Justice and Society - Master of Arts in Conflict Management, Law, Justice and Society Major, Customizable Emphasis, Law, Justice and Society, Conflict Management Emphasis, Law, Justice and Society, Law and Ethics Emphasis, Law, Justice and Society, Social Change Emphasis. Undergraduate Programs. Theatre, Musical Theatre Track Emphasis, B.F.A. If you are a non-Lipscomb undergraduate student and are interested in taking summer courses at Lipscomb University, please click on the Visiting Student Application link below and complete a short online application. - [Download] (3.1 Mb) University Catalog (College of Arts and Sciences) Home » Academics » College of Entertainment & the Arts » Music » Undergraduate Programs. Theatre, Design and Production Emphasis, B.F.A. This means that 90.8% of students enrolled at Lipscomb University are enrolled full-time compared with 78% at similar Doctoral Universities. degree program, see catalog … We also offer endorsements in French, German and Spanish. Print-Friendly Page (opens a new window) College of Bible and Ministry • Bible Minor • Biblical Languages Minor • Children’s Ministry Minor • Children’s Ministry, B.A. The difference at Lipscomb is our purpose. As the ability to converse in Spanish is increasing in importance in the U.S. and worldwide, it's no secret that with a background in this language, you'll be better equipped for your profession. A multidisciplinary course, co-taught by at least one faculty member and faculty or professionals from other disciplines, that investigates a particular theme, using insights, methods and habits of thought from the liberal arts (math, sciences, humanities, and the fine arts), Bible and other academic disciplines to connect a student’s major to the theme through project-based learning. The Lipscomb Shop allows you to customize Lipscomb clothing and face masks for every type of Bisons fan. ), Family Science: Child and Family Spiritual Formation track (B.A. For financial aid eligibility for undergraduate students enrolled in the Pharmacy Program at Lipscomb please refer to the current undergraduate catalog, online at www.lipscomb.edu. Nashville, TN 37204 K-12 teachers are expected to handle the basics and then some—everything from multiplication to music. Chances for experiential learning abound with our student-operated gallery, Open, and local museums and studios. Family Science: Child and Family Services track (B.A. Theatre, Directing Track Emphasis, B.F.A. Your studies will begin in foundational theatre practices and then move towards more specific skills tailored to your passions. History Major B.A. Public Relations Accelerated Bridge Program, B.A. Political Science: International Relations Concentration, B.A. Marketing, Corporate Marketing Concentration, B.B.A. This catalog is not intended to state contractual terms and does not constitute a contract between the student and the institution.The Undergraduate Catalog is only available online and is updated on a yearly basis in the spring for the next academic year. This is the online version of the undergraduate school catalog, a document of record issued in the fall of each year. * (Lipscomb defines legacy students as students who have had a parent, grandparent, or sibling attend Lipscomb.) Lipscomb University is a faith-based, liberal arts institution in Nashville, Tenn., dedicated to challenging students academically, spiritually and as global community citizens. Get the info you need on CollegeData's profile for Lipscomb University. Lipscomb University's comprehensive plan to return to campus. About 4.17% (1) took all of their courses online. Management, Human Resource Management Concentration, B.B.A. The information contained in this catalog is accurate as of May 2020. (615) 966-1000 or B.S), Family Science: Family Life Education track (B.A. Investigate the principles of physics with a high regard for creation’s God-given wonder, complexity, and amazing power. Biochemistry Major-Applied, Pre-Pharmacy Emphasis, Biology Teaching (General Science-Biology) Major, Chemistry Major-Applied, Business Emphasis, Chemistry Major-Applied, Computer Science Emphasis, Chemistry Major-Applied, Environmental Chemistry Emphasis, Chemistry Major-Applied, Forensic Science Emphasis, Chemistry Major-Applied, Green Chemistry Emphasis, Chemistry Major-Applied, Mathematics Emphasis, Chemistry Teaching Major(General Science-Chemistry). Lipscomb University One University Park Drive Nashville, TN 37204 800.333.4358. Fashion and Interior Merchandising Entrepreneurial Track, B.A. or B.S. Molecular Biology - Biomolecular Science Graduate Bridge Program, Laboratory Research Track, B.S. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 2,859, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 113 acres. University Links. Undergraduate Catalog. Combined with an undergraduate major of your choosing, a minor in Education will help you to effectively share your knowledge with others. If you are in Nashville, visit us on campus! Financial information provided includes costs for full-time tuition, room and board, and the general student fee, as well as rates for part-time tuition, meal plans, study abroad, and fees not included in the general student fee. Let us further develop your passion for education and health so you can be a catalyst of the younger generation’s future success. Across all areas of study, Lipscomb University awarded 774 undergraduate degrees in 2018 - 2019 . Our faith-based program will equip you to succeed in any aspect of the professional world of chemistry. The College of Education partners with our other academic departments to help you master a wide range of subjects and embark on a lifelong career. Please enable Javascript for full functionality. Psychology for Health Professionals Minor. Fashion and Interior Merchandising, B.F.A. A highly personalized academic experience will allow you to cultivate an area of expertise: choose a writing, teaching or literary track. Hone valuable, transferable skills like careful reading, persuasive writing and critical thinking. • Theology and Ministry, Preaching Concentration, B.A. Our undergraduate and graduate programs have been ranked among the highest in the country, including our education, health care and business programs, to name a few. Examine human behavior and learn to understand the world around you through the lens of different cultural perspectives and ethical values. Campus Maps Privacy Policy 1 (800) 333-4358 (615) 966-1000 One University Park Drive Nashville, TN 37204-3951 Learn from expert faculty within all three of our degrees: applied chemistry, chemistry teaching or professional chemistry. Management, Corporate Management Concentration, B.B.A. Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2020-2021 Select a Catalog Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2020-2021 Graduate Academic Catalog 2020-2021 Global Search Catalog Search You will gain general education training so that you will confidently be able to teach literacy and math skills. Health and Physical Education Teaching (K-12), B.S. The total enrollment at Lipscomb University, both undergraduate and graduate, is 4,642 students. Teaching candidates who are seeking initial licensure (PK-3, K-5, or 6-8 grades) can also seek an English as a Second Language (ESL) endorsement. Course Search To filter and search by keywords in course titles, see the Course Search. Lipscomb University is a private institution that was founded in 1891. Those non-seekers who took classes exclusively online were from the following places: The table below shows the total number of online students at Lipscomb University for the last five years. Get all of your Bisons gifts, books, apparel, and merchandise. Undergraduate Programs. 800.333.4358, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music, Minor, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Minor, Attend the Campus Showcase: January 11, 13 or 15, 2021, English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement. Whether you wish to teach, compose or perform, our connected faculty will guide you in a holistic foundation of music. Please visit my.lipscomb.edu to login to the myLipscomb portal.my.lipscomb.edu to login to the myLipscomb portal. or B.S. degree program, 45 hours required. One University Park Drive Internet and Social Media Marketing Minor. Lipscomb University offers 111 distinct undergraduate degrees, concentrated into 69 majors within 26 broad fields of study. Degree requirements for programs of study initiated under provisions of this bulletin shall remain in effect for six years. degree program, 51 hours required History Teaching Major B.A. Explore the complex and compelling relationships among languages, literature and cultures. You will also receive specialized training including individualized education plans and behavior plans. Our faculty are world-class scientists who stay current in their field, and they craft learning around your passions. Lipscomb’s nationally recognized CORE Competency Assessment Center is saving students time and money toward future degrees. Lipscomb University offers scholarships to undergraduate students whose parent is employed full-time (self-employed/paid minister as defined by the IRS in Publication 517 and working at least 40 hours per week) in certain ministerial positions that are associated with the Church of Christ. The program costs are described in the Undergraduate Catalog of the university. Across all fields of study, Lipscomb University awarded 733 undergraduate degrees in 2017 - 2018. The online catalog is not updated until the new edition is issued each year. Welcome to the Online Undergraduate Catalog. You’ll develop a holistic study of chemistry and then dive into your niche, with hands-on research experiences accompanying both. The online catalog management system (acalog™) contains a number of features to assist you, including advanced search options, intuitive navigation, and a personal portfolio to store favorite programs and courses.If you are new to our online catalog and would like to learn more, take a guided tour through the Catalog User Guide . Advertising Accelerated Bridge Program, B.A. Marketing, Professional Relationship Marketing Concentration, B.B.A. Or prepare to mold young minds at the primary and secondary levels. Its primary mission is to integrate Christian faith and practice with academic excellence. After class, there are more than 100 clubs and organizations to get involved in, from jazz bands and social clubs, to fitness classes. Theology and Ministry, Missions Concentration, B.A. Marketing, Marketing for Entrepreneurship Concentration, B.B.A. Lipscomb University If you want to work with individuals with disabilities outside the classroom, this is the degree for you. We work with other departments to help students prepare for teaching K-12 (art, theatre, health and physical education, instrumental and vocal music). You'll have the chance to take part in departmental productions and in the Nashville theatre scene, too. This is the official Campus Store of the Lipscomb University Bisons! Theology and Ministry, Youth Ministry Concentration, B.A. Theology and Ministry, Preaching Concentration, B.A. Students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge through six major areas of study including: American Studies Major B.A. Management, International Business Concentration, B.B.A. Lipscomb University Academics. Lipscomb University is a private Christian liberal arts university in Nashville, Tennessee.It is affiliated with the Churches of Christ.The campus is located in the Green Hills neighborhood of Nashville, between Belmont Boulevard to the west and Granny White Pike on the east. CollegeData is your source for facts & information on Lipscomb University. Management, Entrepreneurship Concentration, B.B.A. Your options are endless: statistics, calculus, geometry, abstract algebra, topology, differential equations and many more! LIPSCOMB University is a private coeducational institution whose principal focus is undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences, combined with a number of undergraduate professional and preprofessional fields and master's degree programs. Lipscomb University follows a direct cost policy regarding institutional aid for all students. Visiting Undergraduate Students. Javascript is currently not supported, or is disabled by this browser. The College of Education partners with our other academic departments to help you master a wide range of subjects and embark on a lifelong career. Most of our undergraduate students will graduation with either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. Become a well-rounded theatre practitioner committed to artistic and academic excellence. Marketing, Strategic New Media Concentration, B.B.A. Lipscomb University 2020-21 Undergraduate Catalog. or B.S. Yes No Please indicate your legacy relationship: Environmental & Sustainability Science - Social Science, Communication, and Policy emphasis, B.S. The course offerings and requirements of the institution are continually under examination and revision.

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