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retail performance review examples

✗ He analyzes minor issues and lets larger problems fester and grow. ✓ He decides the most appropriate solution to an issue by considering the pros and cons of it very cautiously. ✓ He has a positive attitude that clearly demonstrates her enjoyment of what she does. ✗ When a major problem arises, we frequently turn to him for his creativity in solving problems. ✗ His average time per call is too high. ✓ His cheerful attitude makes others feel good when he’s around. ✓ He is sincerely interested in what others have to say and listens fully before responding. ✗ He confuses the employees through different directions and guidance. ✓ He gives of himself to make sure the job is well done. Performance reviews look at both quantifiable and non-quantifiable items. ✓ He has a special ability in connecting people and he applies this ability well as a manager. ✗ He has an overly sensitive and pessimistic personality. He crosses the line of the company’s corporate ethics. A performance review template might comprise of data collected of an employee with regards to certain and relevant criteria on which the performance will be evaluated for appraisals, terminations, and transfers. Download. ✓ He is willing to get her hands dirty with his employees to ensure the job gets completed on time. ✗ His experience and knowledge doesn’t reflect that listed in his application. He can extract the details which make a big difference when dealing with our clients. ✗ He can be a creative person with many interesting ideas but he cannot successfully to tap into it. ✗ He tends to resist activities where the path is unknown. ✓ He promotes cooperation well to ensure staff work as a team to meet deadlines. ✓ He demonstrates his knowledge of his job on a daily basis. hr.fiu.edu. ✗ He finds it difficult to perform his duties without assistance or supervision. ✓ He shows good intentions in all her workplace behaviors. ✗ He tends to leave work for others to do; while most of his coworkers are willing to work late to finish the project. ✗ He is unaware of his job requirements. His complaints build resentment within his team. ✗ He is not liked by those colleagues working with him despite the good impression the management team has of him. ✗ He is unwilling to accept even minor changes. ✓ He is very studious. One of the best ways to do that is to use performance appraisal phrases. ✗ He is generally a good member of staff but his attitude sometimes lets him down. ✗ He needs to work on being more resourceful on tasks and projects. ✓ He works well with clients. ✓ He is creative and finds ways to correlate ideas with actions. Keeps managers/employees updated by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear code. He has a very strong personality and this has caused a rift on our team. ✓ He works toward an organized and comfortable working environment. ✓ He takes on new responsibilities with minimal guidance or direction. ✓ He fulfils his duty is by finding new challenges for himself. ✓ He is always exact when he performs his duties. ✓ He gained the respect of the employees. He always thinks twice before acting so his performance is always accomplished well. ✗ He does not know how to use his time appropriately to complete his assignments. ✗ He often works in an unprofessional manner. ✓ He can be counted on to carry out assignments with careful follow-through and follow-up. File Format. ✗ He is a team player most of the time, but frequently we have problems with his follow through when other teammates need help. ✓ He maintains a calm and composed demeanor under stressful situations. ✗ He doesn’t always communicate the right information to his staff to ensure they are successful with their tasks. He consistently overlooks the innovate employees reporting to him.

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