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mold resistant 2x4 studs

But the biggest problem you have, and that all basements have, is a vapour barrier sealing organic materials in with wet concrete. I would just hate to finish the basement and have issues when this would be the time to solve them and correct it. I've have a dehumidifier running and it's at about 38%. I am interested in going with the solid XPS panels solution for my basement walls as it will be pretty cheap to finish (around 2400$ CAD including drywall and paint) and I can do it myself. How to Remove Mold from Tile Grout: Best... How to Prevent Mold in Closet: Causes and... How to Clean Mold from Windows Including Glass,... How to Tell if Mold has been Painted Over? Ventilate the room by opening doors and windows. So how would you vapour proof and insulate the floor in this below-grade basement scenario? Read more here – Why basements are moldy and how to fix them. The process of treating mold can be cumbersome and tricky but there is no need to lose patience because eventually, it works out well enough. That is correct about the wall assembly, but I have no poly on the walls. Best regards. Although many people successfully find a procedure on how to treat mold on wood studs, there is still a fraction who is clueless about the complete guide. If the stud wall is done I'd at least go with the Roxul rather than fiberglass, and avoid the poly and go with the vapour retarder paint so it can dry a bit inwards. But yes, we would put rigid foam boards against the wall THEN the stud wall, you don't want to have organic material exposed to moisture, particularly having a source of moisture on one side and an impermeable or semi-impermeable layer to follow. What you did on the walls sounds about right, so if you're happy with the price and work load I wouldn't necessarily switch to spray foam unless you're sick of doing the work because it will likely cost you more. However, I was wondering if this technique can still be used if a waterproof membrane was installed on the exterior of the foundation wall. I just wanted to make sure I understand what you are recommending correctly. Like moisture, high humidity levels are also unhealthy as they encourage mold growth. It also allows for the addition of a radon evacuation stack, which is the perforated tube and T-junction in this image. Another considerable improvement in keeping basements mold-free is to ensure adequate ventilation. It is important to know that there are numerous microscopic mold spores in the air when any surface is affected by the fungus. Basement mold and mildew can easily be avoided with better designed walls. Being sprayed directly onto concrete walls, it ensures an even and total protection. It a must have, they invented it for a reason. But regarding that you don't want to finish your basement, what do you mean? Put 2" foam boards down. Nice article. You may hear that EPS is somewhat moisture permeable; this is true, but only slightly so and not enough to be a problem. XPS has a slightly higher R value per inch, but like SPUF, the blowing agents are exponentially more harmful, about 200 times more than EPS. Specifically we can prevent damage to buildings and building contents in the basement areas, save money and avoid these potential health problems by controlling moisture, where humidity in the air condenses, and by so eliminating mold growth. For field applications, assume approximately a 40% conversion when using a quality electric or airless sprayer. Also, can exterior stucco cause breathing problems if it's used inside? I am not sure how to insulate over it because I don't want to leave an air gap against the wall above the membrane (it will end about 5' from floor). Without a poly barrier the moisture shoud be able to dry to the interior, unless there is something else really wrong going on here. Frame a 2x4 stud wall at 24" centres leaving a gap of at least one inch between studs and concrete. FrameGuard® mold-resistant wood is coated wood combining a blend of anti-mold chemicals with borate technology, alleviating problems from mold, termites and decay-causing fungi. What would you suggest to do? As for how to fix your basement, you really would need to remove everything and start fresh. I ask this because it seems to me that mineral wool is completely permeable to moisture (unlike the foam products), so it would seem important to compensate for that by adding in a vapour barrier. Along with removing contaminants from the air, there are health consequences from having either too much or too little moisture in our homes. Invest in a high-quality ventilation system if you feel doors and windows are not fulfilling the purpose. Does Pine Sol Kill Mold? Item #5053. I think the poly is exterior as well. 2-in x 4-in x 92-5/8-in Southern Yellow Pine Stud. Basement insulation diagram for mold growth prevention © Ecohome, How to Find Qualified Green Building Professionals, Compare budget options and special offers for manual humidity meters here, See here to compare humidity meters online including smart trackers and alarms and find special offers and reviews, good quality discounted HRV or ERV system, get a humidity monitor and track humidity levels, see here, How to choose between an ERV & HRV system for basement ventilation & Mold prevention, 'How to build basements that don't stink', Joe Lstiburek, the most recognized name in building science, 'best practices for basement construction', MDF is a heavily processed wood product very susceptible to moisture damage, Preventing moisture when you insulate your basement, Building better basements: how to insulate your basement properly, Why are Basements Moldy? I get where you're going with that thought and its a good question, but no, the drywall should not be at any increased risk without a vapour barrier. Bleach and mold exposure are harsh on the skin and overall health. We got our vapour retarder primer from Benjamin Moore but it was not zero voc, only 'low' voc, I'm really not sure what other manufacturers offer. Notice the difference between the studs against the foundation and the studs that formed an interior division wall; the vapour barrier did not protect the exterior wall from damage and mold growth. I can't imagine how you are going to apply that comfortbatt without a stud. I keep seeing conflicting information about EPS vs XPS ridged foam. The process of treating mold can be cumbersome and tricky but there is no need to lose patience because eventually, it works out well enough. All of our employees pride themselves on being hard working, safe and professional. You may have an exterior damp-proofing spray on foundation walls but likely not a proper drainage mat and perimeter drain or basement flood prevention measures. That's great news that the walls were dry. If you've got a crawls space with damp, mold, odor & cold issues, here's how to insula…, Condensation on windows is a pain in winter and runs down the wall can mean hidden issues in our homes - What causes fogged up windows, how big a problem is it…, A slab-on-grade home or building is more affordable, more comfortable and more Eco-friendly. For this reason, you cannot afford the weakening of the studs as it can be disastrous. If the concrete is acting like a sponge and we place rigid foam against it , is there not a chance for a mold to grow between the two? Whilst cracking open a window if your basement has them is fine if the humidity conditions outside are favorable, that's pretty hard to judge; so a better alternative is to choose a good quality discounted HRV or ERV system with an automatic electronic humidity control. Have long wanted to at least finish the walls to make it a bit more livable (maybe leave the ceiling joists as is) but have always been worried about mold. It's easy to build a basement better, or to finish an existing basement correctly, we just need to realize that they behave differently than above grade walls and to build accordingly to effectively deal with the humidity found underground - and by doing so, stop the conditions that promote mold growth. There are bacteria, viruses, moulds and mites that will show up on either end of the spectrum if your air is either too humid or too dry.

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