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gambian akara recipe

Akara, which is also known as black-eyed peas fritters or Acaraje, is a very delicious, deep-fried beans cake made from black-eyed peas paste.It is a vegetarian-friendly meal eaten in most parts of West Africa and Brazil.. These delicious bean paste fritters go by the name of akara or koose in Ghana and are known variously in West Africa as kose, accara and kosai. This akara recipe brings back fond memories of the foodie arguments I have my with mum. View all posts by MyGambian Kitchen, Your email address will not be published. A guide on how to cook Jollof Rice (Benachin). Kanni Sauce for Akara(Black-eyed Pea Fritter), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTaMvtePojY. Above: Akara Gambian cuisine at Boss Lady in Kotu. Step 2: Put melted butter, sugar, milk and eggs in a bowl and mix thoroughly with a fork and set it aside. Domoda is one of the most popular dishes from the Gambia. The great thing about akara is that you can eat them as a tasty warm snack, serve chilled with a dip or as a side with a stew, 100g of okra, trimmed and finely sliced, or used diced peppers, Join our Great British Chefs Cookbook Club. 4. Welcome to “my Gambian Kitchen”, home of mainly great Gambian and other African recipes. (it is best to do a heat test by dropping a little bit of paste in the oil and when you hear a sizzle and the paste floats on top, then the oil is ready). If the balls sink to the bottom of the fryer, the oil isn't hot enough, and if they brown immediately without having time to cook through to the centre, the oil is too hot, Remove from the oil, drain on kitchen paper and leave to cool slightly before serving warm, or leave to cool completely and chill before serving. Akara is a snack that is originally from Nigeria but that has migrated to a number of West African countries as well as Brazil. This recipe page indludes ingredients, cooking method and a picture of … then you should have this courses on your list of must-eats! Always check for recipes at www.mygambiankitchen.com Proceed to step 6. Zoe Adjonyoh is a writer and cook from South-East London. Gambian variations of fish, beef and chicken. The dish can be described as being similar to a barbecue. Akara is commonly eaten as a snack or breakfast food, but it has many variations, as with much of West African food, it has travelled well. Things are much easier now because of the many kitchen hacks. Now, you don’t have to soak the beans for hours and then peel, but just use your blender or food processor. We hate spam. https://www.allnigerianrecipes.com/breakfast-recipes/akara-recipe In a processor, pulse the 1 onion and red pepper to coarsely chop. Easy Gambian food. Required fields are marked *. Step 3: Put flour, salt, and baking powder in a deep bowl and stir throughly. Akara is a deep fried Nigerian Snack and breakfast meal made with ground de-hulled(peeled) brown or black-eyed beans and spices. Add soaked peas and puree to a paste. Thank You, Receive great tips, tricks, giveaways and recipes delivered straight to your inbox, just a click away, Sign Up Now. Your email address will not be published. Step 6 : use an ice cream scoop  or your hand to drop the paste in the oil. Put some vegetable into the frying pan enough to deep fry the mixture Heat the oil until you can get the smell of the hot oil Add some onion into the hot oil, to release flavour needed for the akara frying Scoop the blended mixture one after the other into the oil with a small spoon Apr 18, 2020 - Ingredients: Beans, Cooking Oil, Tomato Paste, Fresh Tomatoes, Onions , Onion Leaf, Seasoning Cubes Jumbo, Salt Please Subscribe to my channel for more cooking and fashion decoration. https://youtu.be/oLy9ChtJj7g Akara – Black Eyed Peas Fritters. Step 4: (Optional): Dice each egg in eight pieces as shown below ( can use shrimp), Step 5 : Put the oil in a pot and heat the oil on medium heat for 3 mins. Her pop-up restaurant and supper club has been making waves in the foodie scene – both in London and Berlin – and is helping to bring traditional and contemporary Ghanaian food to an audience outside of the Ghanaian community. Gambian food is similar to most foods eaten in Western Africa, such as pepper soup, vegetable soups, and the popular jollof rice. If you ever find yourself in The Gambia and you are in for some Gambian food (why not?) FYI: Don’t skip step 3 and repeat mixing with a spatula in between frying. Akara(bean fritter) is delicious and not difficult to make, but the peeling process of the beans could be tedious. She wanted to serve up special chicken and chips etc. All photos on this website are ours, please do not copy or use our photos without prior permission. It is actually a fried cake or fritter that is a common breakfast staple or fast food. You will commonly find Nigerian akara being sold by street sellers on their own or as part of what is locally called 'akara burger', where a local bread favorite called 'agege bread' is stuffed with several pieces of akara.

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