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The Heir Hunters®

Heir Hunters Associations

The original Heir Hunters Association was founded in 2009 and they said that they were unbiased and not Heir Hunters nor were they connected with any Heir Hunting firm. They described themselves as a unique independent body designed to create greater awareness of the role and importance of Heir Hunters in modern society. The family behind the Heir Hunters Association then began to operate as a commercial enterprise under the name of Heir Hunters Researchers Ltd.

Heir Hunters who were involved with the association and also operating on a commercial basis then established the Federation of Probate & Asset Researchers Ltd. (FPAR). They describe themselves as a trade association that represent its members and assists them to maintain superb professional standards within the probate and asset research industry.

Two further associations have been set up by Heir Hunters to represent people working within the probate genealogy industry.

The International Association of Professional Probate Researchers, Genealogists & Heir Hunters (IAPPR) has been set up by Danny Curran of Finders International and The Association of Probate Researchers.(APR) has been set up by Heir Hunter Neil Fraser of Fraser & Fraser.

Here at The Heir Hunters® we welcome any independent association that seeks to regulate the industry and make it more professional.

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